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Aug 3 2017

Car Leasing in Europe – Car Lease in Europe for 2015 & 2016 – Peugeot Open Europe Car Leasing, Renault Eurodrive Car Lease, Citroen DriveEurope Car Leasing Vacations in France. #used #trucks #for #sale

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The Lingo Explained

Leasing a car and renting a car are not the same thing. Knowing the difference between the two can save you thousands of dollars.

Leasing is actually a tax free buy back programme endorsed by the French government to encourage tourism – and boy does it work!

You pay for a minimum of 17 days and then a low daily rate thereafter. This programme has been offered for many years and each year over 100,000 people use this tax free programme.

The paperwork is all done well before you leave and there is just one set of forms to be completed. Please note that at least 6 weeks notice is required because the car has to be ordered and registered and the paperwork sent to France.

There are only 3 companies allowed to sell the tax free lease programme viz: Renault Eurodrive. Peugeot Open Europe and Citroen DriveEurope. We will automatically compare all three companies and send you the best deal.

When completing the form, if you are not sure which car would be best, let us know how many persons will be travelling or the name of the Australian car that you think will best fit your needs and we will offer you a similar sized French car.

Travelling in Europe between November and March?

Please note all Renault, Peugeot and Citroen lease vehicles are fitted with Standard tyres before leaving the factory. Standard tyres are not suitable for all weather conditions. Between November and March or April in some countries eg Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc it is compulsory to fit winter tyres or carry chains or both. It is the clients responsibility to check the requirements for each country they intend to visit. We highly recommend this link from the Automobile Association in the UK

If winter tyres are required, Peugeot and Renault now offer a few vehicles with winter tyres. If the vehicle you want can not have winter tyres fitted, you will need to purchase your own, at your own expense and have them fitted by an authorised dealer. The original tyres will need to be stored and re-fitted before the lease vehicle is returned. This is an expensive option. For short term requirements this could make a rental car a better financial proposition. Please do not hesitate to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced consultants.

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