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Vehicle Leasing Pays

Ever considered vehicle leasing? In recent years car leasing and van leasing have become a preferred means of acquiring transport over owning one’s own car. The reason being is that leasing a car not only provides a tax incentive for businesses, but it also allows a vehicle’s projected depreciation to be managed over a fixed term.

On top of this, vehicle leasing also provides you with freedom from the negotiation of part-exchange prices and lets you regularly change your vehicle every time you take out a new car lease . whilst avoiding the maintenance costs associated with running an older vehicle. The way vehicle leasing works is that you pay an agreed sum of money by way of monthly installments over an agreed period (usually two to four years) for the vehicle leasing, but do not actually own the car or van. At the end of the term, you simply hand the vehicle back; take out a new car lease (usually on a new vehicle); or pay an agreed sum to purchase the vehicle you’ve been leasing.

Depending on the contract, you may need to put down a deposit at the start of the car lease or van leasing or make a lump sum payment at the end.

How often have you dashed out of the house in the morning, rushing to get the children to school and then make your own way to work? And your car won’t start! Imagine stepping into a new car and simply turning the key, enjoying a smooth and comfortable ride. But you can’t afford a new car, right? Car leases represent new car ownership without the financial strain!

The Leasing Option

At Lease4Less we will open up your world a little to considering leasing a car on a personal contract hire as a genuine alternative to car ownership.

Car leases are so beneficial because you have full use of a new vehicle for the agreed period of time set out in the leasing contract, at the end of this period you simply hand the vehicle back and negotiate a new car lease . Car leases allow you to upgrade your car every few years when you renew your contract hire .

We offer various leasing schemes at Lease4Less suitable for both business and private drivers. Leasing a car with your company car allowance could mean gaining the ability to choose a car you actually like, instead of simply taking what is on offer from your company, you may even benefit from paying lower tax because leased vehicles are not classed as a benefit in kind!

Maintenance packages can be worked into the plan with most car leases, another reason why leasing is so popular with both businesses and private individuals.

Contract Hire

Instead of purchasing fleet vehicles, many businesses see leasing a car as a cheaper and more prudent alternative. By dealing with Lease4less for your company car leases and van leasing requirements, you gain the advantage of our purchasing power, and benefit from our car and van leasing options.

With the contract hire method of leasing a car, a business pays a set monthly fee for the vehicles they have chosen, this provides a business with far greater control over their monthly outgoings. Because of the fixed and predictable monthly payment, many companies find that they are able to invest more money into inventory or marketing, whereby they would have previously needed to hold those funds in reserve. Leasing a car also has many more advantages over ownership for the vast majority of businesses.

In the case of contract hire vehicle leasing, we can also take care of maintenance. It makes good business sense to fund a fleet of vehicles through contact hire, and leasing a car can certainly remove the problems normally associated with company car ownership.

All vehicles can be hired on a long term contract hire basis. The rates of such car leases will be fixed for the time frame you choose.

Van Leasing

Running your own fleet of vans just invites problems like wear and tear on the fleet, clocking up mileage and the obvious service and repair costs. The simple answer is to take out a van leasing scheme with us. Our van leasing schemes run for anything from two to five years. We give you fixed terms at the start of your van leasing agreement.

Certain types of van leasing schemes allow the company the option of buying the vehicles at the end of the van leasing term. The company will agree to pay us a fixed monthly fee for the duration of the van leasing agreement.

Vehicle leasing makes a lot of sense. Not only do companies and private individuals gain access to cars way above their normal price range if they take advantage of car leases or a vehicle leasing contract, but with leasing a car, costs are also kept to a minimum on maintenance,repairs and the general wear of the vehicle.

At Lease4Less you will get a professional service during your entire affiliation with us, whether you’re looking for individual car leasing . van leasing . company fleet car leases, or any type of vehicle leasing.

Unless otherwise stated all car leasing and van leasing examples are based on an initial payment per vehicle, followed by 35 monthly payments. Mileage 10,000 per annum; non-maintained. All Business User rentals are plus VAT. All Personal User rentals include VAT. All offers are subject to status and a credit acceptance fee. If example refers to a Finance Lease, then a residual payment may be applicable (Please contact us for details). All photographic images are for illustration purposes only and may not depict the relevant model. Alternative models and contract periods available. E & OE.

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