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Aug 13 2017

Car hire in the USA – one way rental charge – Road Trips Forum #used #cars #denver

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Car hire in the USA – one way rental charge

Hi there,

I m looking to rent a car for a road trip in the USA. I m picking the car up in Seattle. and dropping off in LA. From the research I ve carried out thus far, this would almost certainly incur a one-way (drop off) charge of approximately $300 (differs from company to company). In addition, this fee has to be paid to the car rental office, and cannot be paid in advance as part of the booking.

As hlo says, if you book with an international third party consolidator (like HolidayAutos) then sometimes they have free one way deals on. They are usually certainly worth jumping on, and those same consolidators will normally quote for all the necessary insurances that you will need.

I, too, can tell you little about HA with respect to using them for USA car rentals. As you aren t the first person to mention them this week, and I ve not seen reference to them on this forum before, I have to guess that they are newly in the USA car rental market. I have used them several times, happily so, within Europe for car rentals.

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