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Aug 29 2017

Car Camping in Europe #car #supermarket

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Car Camping in Europe

Car camping is an adventurous way to experience Europe. (Photo: Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images )

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There are many reasons for car camping in Europe. It is a great way to meet friendly people, visit incredible sites, save money and experience the outdoors while keeping a flexible travel itinerary. Many international travelers to Europe do not know that car camping is an option, choosing to stay in hotels and utilize public transportation. Nevertheless, car camping has many advantages, especially for travelers who lust after discovery and adventure.


European campgrounds are much cheaper than hotels, offering a strong financial incentive for travelers. Depending on your route and length of stay, car rental could also result in a savings over public or private transportation. Although some travelers might not like setting up camp every time they change location, they will be spared the inconvenience of lugging baggage from taxis or train stations to hotel rooms. Car camping in Europe allows greater flexibility for travelers to accept the invitation to visit new friends, spontaneously attend a music or arts festival or migrate to a more balmy climate, not being restrained by hotel reservations and cancellation fees.

Camping Considerations

Campgrounds are plentiful throughout all of Europe. The general details of camping in Europe will likely be similar to camping in your home country, although European campgrounds are characterized by function more than beauty. Many European campgrounds are simply grassy fields packed with tents and trailers. Some forbid open fires, so bring a camp stove for cooking. Many tourist information centers can point you to good campgrounds, or you can find that information online. Research campgrounds in advance if you want to avoid dirty, dangerous or congested locations.

Transportation Considerations

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