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Sep 16 2016

Car Bulbs, Headlight Bulbs, Wiper blades, headlamp bulbs, Xenon Bulbs: Autobulbs Direct Ltd

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UK’s No.1 Car Bulbs and Wiper Blades Specialist

Welcome to provides a range of car bulbs. motorcycle bulbs. wiper blades and vehicle accessories at prices considerably lower than most high street retailers. With free shipping on orders over Ј20 and a selection of brands including Philips, Osram, Ring and Bosch, is your one stop shop for replacement car bulbs. upgraded Xenon HID and LED bulbs. windscreen wipers and accessories.

Standard Replacement Headlight Bulbs

We have a wide range of headlight bulbs available, including our own entry level ABD Prime range, as well as bulbs from Philips. Osram. Ring and Twenty20. The headlight bulbs are available in a wide range of fittings, including H1. H4 and H7. plus many others.


Standard Sidelight, Indicator and Tail Light Bulbs

The side and tail light bulbs on cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks are critical safety items – faulty indicator bulbs or brake light bulbs mean other vehicles and pedestrians have much less chance to react. We have a wide range of replacement sidelight bulbs, indicator bulbs (including amber), brake light bulbs and tail light bulbs (including red). The most common types are the 382 and 501 bulbs, but many more types are available.

Upgraded Xenon and HID Headlight Bulbs

If you want brighter headlights, or to get bulbs with the distinctive white or blue tint, ABD has a choice of Upgrade Xenon Bulbs and Xenon HID Conversion Kits .

Upgrade Xenon bulbs provide a quick and simple way to boost light output, and to change the colour of your headlights. They use traditional filament bulbs with added Xenon gas and tinted glass to produce brighter, white or slightly blue tinted light. Products like Osram Night Breaker +110%. Philips X-treme Vision +130% and Ring Xenon Ultima +120% as well as the Hybrid range from Twenty20. These bulbs are a road legal, direct replacement for your standard headlight bulbs, and are available in most common bulb types: H1, H3, H4, H7, H9, H11, H13, HB3 and HB4. There is also a range designed specifically for motorcycles.

HID Conversion Kits adapt your standard headlights to use the Xenon HID bulbs seen in some modern cars, such as BMW and Mercedes. Suitable for cars, motorcycles, vans and other vehicles, Xenon HID lights are 300% to 400% brighter than standard halogen bulbs, and come in a wide range of bulb types. We also have replacement HID Bulbs for vehicles with factory fitted HID headlights.

Upgraded and LED Sidelight, Indicator and Tail Light Bulbs

As well as standard replacement bulbs, we also have a range of upgraded sidelight, indicator and brake/tail light bulbs. LED Bulbs provide a cleaner, whiter light, and complement any of our Xenon or HID upgrade headlight bulbs. They are available in white, amber and red, and with 20,000 hours life should outlast the vehicle! We also have Silver/Chrome indicator bulbs that are ideal if you have clear lenses on your indicators – no more visible amber bulb. (commonly known as the ‘fried egg effect!’)

Wiper Blades

We recommend that the majority of motorists replace their wiper blades once a year for optimum performance. Worn or damaged wiper blades can leave dangerously obscured windscreens, create irritating noise and fail when you need them most. We have a range of wiper blades from Bosch. as well as our quality own ABD range which have been thoroughly tested to meet our high standard. There is also our Classic Car range, Wiper Refill Blades and car specific front and rear wiper blades and arms available.

The Bosch range includes their Standard, Super Plus, Spoiler and Bosch AeroTwin flat blade system. The ABD wipers also come in Universal Standard, Spoiler and Flat/Aero Wiper blades. You can buy most wiper blades as singles, or save by purchasing a twin or triple pack.

Interior Light Bulbs

As well as standard replacement bulbs for dashboards and panels we have coloured festoon bulbs for internal lighting, and a wide range of Internal LED bulbs which provide long life, a range of colours and a distinctive look. We also have LED Strips and daytime running lights that can be used both internally and externally to customise the look of your vehicle.

Accessories and Other Items

We have a constantly changing range of other items, such as HID torches, European travel items. power inverters and more. Don’t forget to regularly check our Clearance Offers Page for the latest discounts and offers.

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