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Better Than a Car Auction

Why enter a bidding war when you can get exactly what you want on

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Once upon a time, throwing the dice on a car auction site was the best way to get top car for bottom dollar. But with the wealth of information you’ll find at, you don’t need to gamble. Become informed on what a car is worth. search for a car in your area, polish your negotiating skills. and go into the car-buying process informed. has tools you may not find on popular car auction sites tools that can really make a difference in the car-buying process.

Articles About Buying a Used Car

There are literally millions of used cars available, from all types of sellers. Where do you begin to sort through all of the options?

  • Used Vehicle Inspection Guide
    Get a good feel for the condition of a used car using the checkpoints in this vehicle inspection guide.
  • Decoding the Car Window Sticker Mystery
    Dealerships put car window stickers in large print and stick them right there on the window. But how do you read them? Here’s some information to explain what all the facts and figures mean to you as the consumer.
  • Overcoming 3 Common Car Shopping Emotions
    We tend to think of ourselves as analytical and logical people. But the moment we step onto a dealership lot and see the car we’ve always wanted, logic tends to go right out the window. Learn how you can control three emotions that could impact you the most when it comes to car shopping.
  • Buying a Used Car Facts for Consumers

    If you are buying a used car, read this consumer advice from the US Federal Trade Commission.

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