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Budget Car Sales

“The Kia Store East has moved into the lot where budget. “

“If you enjoy high pressure sales tactics and. “

If you enjoy high pressure sales tactics and stereotypical used car salesmen at their absolute worst, you’ll love Budget. You can expect up to three sleezy salesmen JOGGING toward you the moment you step onto their lot. These are the worst kind of vultures. Lots of handshakes and BS. Not finding what you’re looking for? No problem. They’ll find you something better! After all, you didn’t really want one of those silly Hondas because as all well informed buyers know, they are the least dependable cars ever built. So don’t worry about deciding on a car now, wait untill you get to Budget and they will choose one for you.

Our neighbors, an elderly couple in their 80’s, actually got suckered into buying a car from these slime balls. Appearantly, when they were told that no Cadillacs were in stock the sales jerk marched them into the office and began to play the numbers game with a Grand Marquis. They said no and got up to leave when the sales manager jumped between them and the door and actually screamed at them. They were so frightened by this guy that they bought the car. Lies, intimidation, screaming. All in a days work for the guys at Budget.

Personally, I never made it as far as the sales office. I was trying to leave after what was already a bad experience when I noticed that the vultures had all flown away. WRONG. They just went for backup! I’m almost to my car when I hear the distinct sound of desperate footsteps sprinting and a fake Rolex rattling. I kept walking without looking back. Seconds later I see what seems to be a streak of glowing polyester blow past me. You guessed it! Standing between me and my car is a car salesman with his hand extended. Still, I keep walking. He begins to raise his voice. Still walking toward my car I finally say I’m not interested in buying a car. This seems to enrage him. He then jumps 6 inches from my face and begins to stare me down. I politely asked him to step away from my personal space to which he replied You a f**kin’ racist You see, I’m white and didn’t give him the commission to which he was entitled just because I walked onto the Budget lot, therefore I’m a racist. And by the way, this guy was the manager.

I can’t give you any solid information on information on the service dept. but can’t imagine that it would be any better.

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