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Sep 15 2016

Black Friday special: the cheapest cars on sale in the UK

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Black Friday special: the cheapest cars on sale in the UK

If you want to achieve (admittedly basic) personal four-wheeled transport in exchange for small amounts of money, there has never been a better time to be alive. In celebration of the bargaintastic bonanza that is Black Friday, we’ve corralled together a countdown of very cheapest cars on sale in the UK right now, and they prove you can get really quite a decent amount of Stuff for a very sensible amount of cash. Wheels, metal, seats, sometimes even a steering wheel, all yours for less than the price of a posh watch.

No longer is cheapness an excuse for terribleness, either. Many of the cars on the coming slides are rather excellent. Others are as terrible as you’d expect, and are best avoided unless you are actively threated with physical violence for not buying one.

Before you start calling us out, please note these prices do not take into account any ‘special deal’ you might be able to negotiate with your dealer by means unspecified. These are just some very cheap, often very good cars which cost less than a one-way, first class flight to Sydney. Or 25,000 packets of custard creams. Which one would you choose?

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