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Best Used Cars under 10000

A used car purchase can be tricky, especially under $10,000. Below you will find my best picks that consistently score high in quality, customer satisfaction and have above average reliability as used cars.

I classify this article into 3 different types of cars: Economy, Mid-Size and Luxury. A car for under $10k will generally have 75k on the odometer for economy and mid-size cars and up to 100k for luxury models.

Keep in mind that a good car can be made into a bad car by bad ownership. That is why I created the “10 Easy Steps ” tutorials. Having my 10 Easy Steps as your guide will enable you to safely determine if the car you are about to purchase will continue to be reliable and safe.

You will be searching for cars online and you will definitely want to have a Carfax account. I could not operate as a car buyer without one and nor should you. It is the beginning of a process that will provide you valuable information on each car you find online. Get the plan where you have unlimited searches. Click here to get the best Carfax deal on that.

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So now here are the best cars to buy for under $10k

Economy Category:

Toyota Corolla 2008-2009

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