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Apr 21 2017

Best GPS – Compare GPS Navigation Reviews #car #transportation

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Best GPS

Article Contents

  • Best all-around GPS
  • Best Budget GPS
  • Best GPS for Europe
  • Best Motorcycle GPS
  • Best Handheld GPS
  • Best Golf GPS
  • Best Marine GPS
  • Best Aviation GPS

Even though many new cars sold today have the option of adding an in-dash navigation system, nothing beats the convenience of having a portable unit. However, one glance at the market can confuse anyone who simply wants a GPS navigator with useful features and good performance. We ve narrowed down the selection and categorized them with respect to their particular advantages. For more information about how to pick a good GPS, have a look at the buyer s guide below.

Best all-around GPS:

The following picks were selected due to their outstanding combination of features, performance, and value for money. If you’re shopping for GPS navigators, you’ll likely want to consider these models first.

TomTom VIA 1535TM Automobile Portable GPS Navigator

Best Budget GPS:

These days, there are plenty of “budget” GPS options available for less than $200. Some of the better models offer large screens, text-to-speech capabilities, and lifetime map updates from the manufacturer.

Best GPS for Europe:

Best Motorcycle GPS:

Most people think motorcycles can t have the same comforts as automobiles but any hardcore rider will tell you they can be outfitted with a wide variety of luxuries such as high-performance stereo systems, air conditioning, and of course GPS systems. A lot of motorcyclists like to travel and the further you get away from main roads, the more important a GPS system becomes.

Garmin Zumo 660LM Motorcycle GPS

The road can be a rough place, but the Zumo 660LM from Garmin can handle it. Shock-resistant, UV-resistant, and weatherproof, this unit can endure even the most hardcore conditions. The device is entirely hands-free with voice prompt directions and connectivity with cell phones and external audio. Read Full Review

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