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Best 4-door, AWD cars for the snow and cold

Best 4-door, AWD cars for the snow and cold

Whether driving in the rain, snow or mud, any of Bankrate’s five best all-wheel-drive, four-door cars for winter driving are foul-weather champs.

In putting this list together, Bankrate weighed price, safety and overall reliability.

All-wheel-drive systems aren’t cheap. Consequently, there are only a handful of AWD cars that cost less than this list’s $35,000 price ceiling. From those, Bankrate weeded out any car that didn’t earn the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s top score of “good” in front-offset and side-impact crash tests.

Finally, each car had to post an overall score of 70 or higher out of a possible 100 in tests performed by Consumer Reports, measuring a car’s safety, reliability, maintenance costs, ride quality, performance and owner satisfaction.

In each case, the AWD is a system that operates without driver input, making its own decisions regarding when to redistribute some amount of torque from the front wheels to the rear wheels.

Every car on this list has power windows, door locks and outboard mirrors as well as air conditioning and at least six air bags.

Prices are before destination charges, and the fuel-economy numbers are Environmental Protection Agency estimates. Pick the one that best suits your taste and budget, and prepare to thumb your nose at Old Man Winter.

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