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Aug 1 2017

Auto accident glovebox checklist #auto #accident #checklist


7. Take pictures of everything surrounding and involved in the car wreck, just be sure and keep safe while taking the photographs. These photo s should include all car drivers, each car, truck, and-or motorcycle in the motor vehicle accident. These pictures should show any and all property damage, skid marks and the location on the pavement where the automobile accident occurred. More pictures the better. Don t forget your cell phone can probably take descent photos, but is it probably best to keep a disposable camera in your auto glove compartment. Pictures will help your insurance company determine how much you should be paid, so their value cannot be underestimated.

8. Schedule an appointment with your physician. Sometimes there are injuries right after an accident takes place, but many people who are injured do not realize it right after an accident, so see your doctor.

9. Create an auto accident diagram.

10. Before speaking to any insurance company representative, make sure to speak to an experienced auto accident lawyer first. In most instances the insurance companies will try to settle right away and unfortunately for less than you may need, especially when injuries with long term consequences are involved. For a free legal consultation regarding your auto accident, contact the motor vehicle accident attorneys at the Law Office of Steven L. Weiner Associates . Our law firm has law offices located throughout California to best serve you and your family.

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Motor Vehicle Accident Checklist –Place in Your Glovebox

1. Check to see if you or any passengers with you were hurt or injured in the automobile collision. Call “911” for medical help if anyone needs medical attention. If someone is unconscious, it is best not to move them unless absolutely necessary as moving them could compound their injuries. If you must move an accident victim, make sure to keep their head and neck supported throughout the move process.

2. Safely first – get out of the way of traffic. If your car does not function, turn on your warning lights or open your hood to warn other motorists in the area.

3. Call the police if the auto accident involves damage, injury or death.

Telephone Numbers: (Home) _______________________________________________________

Insurance Company: ____________________________________________________________

Policy Number: _________________________________________________________________

Coverage Limits (liability):________________________________________________________

5. Obtain police officers information:

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