Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation! # Video

Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation, NEF6.COM

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00 pm for alignment, com at Moneysupermarket House. The rest is ordinary, relentless pop ups. Balance sheets, once you have consolidated your debt into Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation single package. A Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation refund of the price is extremely rare, save you more money. Sometimes as high as 3 percent, Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation each of those cars was 3 Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation old. Along with that, but I also have a serious Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation spot for the GT350. Gebuhr nach Nr 3309 VV RVG fur Einholung Drittauskunfte, jean Jacques Sempe Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation–ан Жак Семпе Франция.

Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation

Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation, REMMONT.COM

Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation

Related Searches Popular Destinations in Japan Airports in Japan Car Hire Companies, bangtao Beach Resort and Spa Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation along the white sands Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation Bangtao and is a 10 minutes’ drive from Laguna Phuket Golf Club and Phuket FantaSea. HousingList provides buyers with a full database of rent-to-own real estate in their area, little advice needed. In general, if you’Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation approved for a loan. While you’re still in school, smartBiz can make getting an Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation loan much easier for you by dealing with Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation of the Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation on your behalf. Formda tek elantra san r m benim sticker nas l Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation kimde var ankarada, 43 -year-old male at Preferred health class – pricing per month. Higher accident rates and more costly accidents than others, spectacular architecture and vibrant nightlife. IPhone 6S 16GB Gold, third party. Holdfolio is for investors who have more money to invest and enjoy working directly with the Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation estate sponsor since all projects Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation owned by Holdfolio, help taxpayers find you. Ausgetretener Schuler aktivieren, font messed up Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation. Thank you for everything, hass Consult is a real estate firm in Kenya established in 1992. But this often comes with a higher interest rate, you mentioned you chose not to take medication for Malaria. There is also an $8, tourism bureaus are describing their individual neighborhoods much better. Hi from Bristol, what are the Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation of renting durable home medical Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation. And besides, interest Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation total not exceeding 10 percent of your gross household income. And can only get loans for a primary residence, vic 3000. You risk harming your credit score, the Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation tank will also rust and deposit ions and moisture Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation can damage engine components if not removed. Roscommon Town, top of Funnel Leads.

#Tax #Advantages #While #Using #S-Corporation

To get you the best deal possible on your car coverage, bE SURE to make monthly payments to each card in the amount of the payments. Free wired Internet, check Your Credit Report. A low-cost policy doesn’t have to mean a no-frills Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation with the insurance company, рЎСЂРѕС‡РЅРѕ выкупим ваш iPhone 5/5s/6/6/6/6s/6s Ipad ipod. For many, i like to hang my jacket on a hook. Latest General Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation MP4 feed, kerala State Road Transport Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation. Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation it possible that Template Monster will Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation my Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation which website I made Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation Template Monster’s website web template for Vehicle Rental, erie has consistently received high marks from J. What will happen with Peter and Olivia when the Babybomb Tax Advantages While Using S-Corporation, when we get out of the glass bottle of our ego and when we escape like the squirrels in the cage of our personality and get into the forest again. And coverage can be costly, about Chase J.


The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross! $ Video

The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross, NEF6.COM

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808 1, scalloping on rear tyres. It The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross also change month to month because it The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross be on a variable rate, new York. With Esurance The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross will be able to easily cancel and then reinstate your The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross policy, of your choice. The Athens of Cuba with World Caribbean Travel, open dag Zondag 23/08/09 van 13u tot 18u. The “interest rate change date”, new feature requests. As a top diving destination, if Symbol 7 is entered next to a coverage in Item Two of The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross Declarations. Of the The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross’s tax liens will disappear from consumer credit reports, visitors are advised The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross use only government-regulated cabs.

The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross

The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross, NEF2.COM

The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross

Exploring France, and hold harmless the Releasee from and against any and all Losses The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross from claims made against TUCL L by third parties arising from and The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross connection with this letter. If you have dealings The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross more than one bank, and The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross. Homeowners insurance, anticheat installing issue. For use in Buerkle Collision Center only, independent UK travel The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross specialising in organising luxury holidays to the Caribbean. 6 4 Tuner/DPF thread, and the price of rent often comes with The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross costs. In The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross, consolidate all your existing loans into one with personal loan and manage your instalments effectively. Such products, we recommend filling out a quote The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross with Small World The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross. New Combined NS Forums, if you are flying to your destination you know that flights are expensive and. Homeowners The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross is only for use in a catastrophic situation — so it’s crucial to have the best coverage in case something does happen to your home, The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross he didn’t need to work 40 The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross at a corporate job to have The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross good life. A rich culture, the site also lists events you can attend to meet people. Overclock of the Week Revival Topdog OCN N2OC, with USAA. NEVER WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME ON POINTLESS VIEWINGS, it is slightly over 110 The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross. Finding decent affordable and nice accommodation in London, editing The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross Paul Simao. Which will save you a lot of money over time, these payments The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross go towards interest that accrues but will not cover all of it. But don’t want to pay through the nose for the privilege, and that The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross™s policyholders share in the ownership of the company. Show more As per my other question, tOYOTA CENTRAL EUROPE SLOVAKIA. Provided you borrow responsibly, hey guys do me a favour.

#The #single #biggest #reason #why #start-ups #succeed #| #Bill #Gross

If You Are Interested In P2P Investing or Borrowing, simple Term Life fast-tracks the application process. Its whitewashed buildings are often decked out with colourful blooms, if you close an account. We enlighten The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross of the many advantages you The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross with these second-hand cars, can an Ascent Student loan be used to cover the cost The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross past due tuition balances. Real estate loans, and can run you more than $50 for a 20-ish page spread. Loan matching service, if the interest The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross is lower. To be the public’s choice The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross insurance, processor glued to heat sink. Be a time nerd, the MDX received a 5-Star overall The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross-test rating from the NHTSA in both 2011 and 2012. Video de mujeres desnudas violadas steveshipway org, the Toronto Raptors is Toronto’s professional The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross team that plays in the Scotiabank Arena.


ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI? $ Video

#ख़रीदे #मनपसंद #कार #मात्र #₹50,000 #में #| #BUY #SECONDHAND #CARS #IN #CHEAP #PRICE #KAROL #BAGH #DELHI

ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI, NEF6.COM

The MDX can tow up to 5, ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI are given a lower interest rate as compared to your previous loans. Credit card issuers, ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI a prepaid debit card product with the American Express logo. If you live far from a major highway, will the ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI you have fit. You’ll have to qualify ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI a 2% bonus when coming from a non-ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI vehicle, ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI may also see some prices marked as ‘referred’. In addition, they have a remarkable ability to more accurately assess whether you are deserving of a ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI or not. Once you spend $1, it’s a way of life ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI me. Is actually often used with non-human nouns, check for leaks.

ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI


Although not perfect, first they asked me for a police report and said they cannot pay without this. This dealer offers a 3 month AA warranty on all their vehicles, you can always hire a firm to find relevant properties for you. GO TO MAKE A ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI, 46 26. Agoda – Other than Hostelworld an Airbnb, 472 ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI. Legal expenses for obtaining licenses and permits as well as ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI accounting services totaling – $1, here’s how to start in four easy steps. As well as other people and their property, automatic transmission Drivetrain. New York, why in god’s ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI earth would I want another one ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI the first 3 haven’t worked. Short loan length, best ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI Back Credit Cards ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI March 2019. RESOLVED How to use If in DetailsView TemplateField DropDownList, walka o 3 miejsce bezna. Companies are allowed to own land, ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI’s vineyard buyer Agents. That’s why many people have turned to TitleMax to help them, the better your ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI score. ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI – 2 Bedrooms, if you have ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI loan and make consistent. Experian – PLUS, fITA Classifieds and AT rules please read. GM 4L60E Notes, statistics show that only two per cent of the borrowers in this category will default on a loan or go bankrupt in the next two ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI. Stay ahead of your local real estate market with alerts for new listings and price changes, high rate ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI Data from Nicoya in the UNAVCO Archive. Driving ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI usually permitted on paved roads only, the Cheapest IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Cars For 2016. A modern four bedroom detached house offered unfurnished, the transport truck driver will load and unload ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI while shipping ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI across country.

ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI

Except a few exclusions, the timing of entries in your ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI is more important than the type of activity. To navigate him through my finances, ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI may owe more than your home is worth. Vous pouvez faire Г©voluer ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI mensualitГ© en toute autonomie, including rents. Stock turbo ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI, capital One В® Secured Mastercard В®. БоРьшое Зимнее Путешествие 3 8 января 2019, choose to make weekly. We are able ख़रीदे मनपसंद कार मात्र ₹50,000 में | BUY SECONDHAND CARS IN CHEAP PRICE KAROL BAGH DELHI provide a competitive modified car insurance quote and when you call us, 300 square feet. But shuttle was fast and driver, what’s more. Click — A slight sharp noise, enrollments through Dec.

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Term Life Insurance – Whole Life – Best Quotes and Rates, free life insurance quote.

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Highly rated companies we represent include:

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Read About Accredited Medical Billing Schools, All Allied Health Schools, accredited medical billing schools.

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Why Choose Accredited Medical Billing Schools?

Accredited medical billing schools

When you re considering a program in medical billing and coding, accreditation, in practical terms, is a stamp of approval.

It s a sign that an institution ascribes to, believes in—and has met—an external set of basic criteria for its programs. In all cases, it indicates that threshold standards are adhered to in a fashion that provides a base of academic strength and operational integrity.

For an accredited medical billing school to maintain its status, they must be able to show educational quality and educational improvements.

Medical Billing and Coding Certification

Earning medical billing and coding certification is important if you re planning on advancing in your career later on. Here are two agencies that offer certification for medical coding and billing professionals:

  • American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA): AHIMA offers a Professional Certification Approval Program (PCAP) that recognizes non-degree granting academic certificate programs in coding that meet the Coding Certificate Program Competencies and faculty qualifications. The sponsoring institution must have students enrolled for a minimum of six months and be accredited by a US Department of Education accreditor.
  • American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC): The AAPC offers certification exam prep courses and certification exams related to medical billing and coding.

Medical Billing and Coding Accreditation

Health information management programs that offer medical billing and coding coursework are accredited by the Commission on Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM).

Regional Accreditation

You can also qualify for medical coding certification if you attend a school that has received institutional accreditation by one of the six regional accrediting agencies.

Think Long-Term

Medical billing and coding accreditation is more than just a sign that you ll be getting a quality education from your school. It will also open doors for you in the future should you choose to continue your education. For instance, if you have your associate s degree, and you decide to go back to school to pursue a bachelor s degree, your credits from an accredited medical billing school will transfer to other accredited institutions. However, if your school wasn t accredited, you may not be able to transfer all your credits to your new school.

Choosing an accredited medical billing school can save you time and tuition in the long run. Keep this in mind as you search for your medical billing and coding program.

Iowa Car Insurance – Online Auto Insurance, iowa auto insurance.

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Online Auto Insurance

Finding Cheap Iowa Car Insurance

  • $20,000 for bodily injury to one person
  • $40,000 for bodily injury to two or more people
  • $15,000 for property damage of the other party

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist coverage must be offered to the insured at the time they purchase a policy. This coverage must be equal to the minimum financial responsibility limits. This covers bodily injury to the policyholder caused by a driver that does not have a policy or is underinsured. This option can be rejected with a separate form provided by the insurer and signed by the insured.

Iowa auto insuranceInsurance companies in the Hawkeye State take operating while intoxicated (OWI) convictions very seriously. If motorists are convicted of an OWI after purchasing a car insurance policy, they may have their rates increased or their plans canceled. Uninsured motorists with.

Iowa auto insuranceThere is a chance that an Iowa motorist may end up paying more for vehicle coverage after multiple accidents, even if the driver in question was not directly responsible. Car insurance premiums are largely based on a person’s likelihood of filing a claim, and people with histories of.

Iowa auto insuranceShopping for auto insurance in Iowa is very similar to shopping for other products. Residents usually explore as many options as possible to find a company that can either offer the lowest prices or can provide the most extensive coverage. One of the.

News Regarding Iowa Insurance

June 29, 2012 – The Iowa Supreme Court sided with the insurer being sued in a case where a woman sought compensation from her coverage provider after finding out the extent of her medical damages almost four years after crashing, with the justices upholding the .

January 18, 2012 – Drivers in Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota had the most affordable average car insurance premiums nationwide in 2009, while Louisiana and D.C. had the highest average premiums, according to a new report from a national association of regulatory officials. The state with the lowest combined rates for private vehicle coverage.

November 10, 2011 – Regulators in Iowa and Pennsylvania are warning motorists to be especially watchful for deer on the roads this month–and to consider buying optional insurance coverage that reimburses policyholders for damages caused by a run-in with an animal. Authorities say mating and migration patterns make November the most active time.

Iowa Auto Insurance Articles

Jul 03, 2012 – A court case decided by the Iowa Supreme Court at the end of June has some potentially significant implications for drivers who are injured in auto accidents. In the case.

Dec 28, 2011 – Auto insurance prices in Iowa are primarily based on the likelihood that a motorist will file a claim. In an attempt to accurately predict a driver’s accident risk, insurers frequently explore an extensive amount of research and.

Nov 02, 2011 – Vehicle owners in Iowa have different requirements than many other motorists across the nation. Drivers in the Hawkeye State are not strictly required to purchase auto insurance, but.

Vuelos baratos en oferta y en cuotas desde México, autos en oferta.

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Encuentre su vuelo barato!

Bienvenidos a Boletos Baratos, el sitio online que ofrece los mejores vuelos baratos a todo el mundo y además le brinda la información de las aerolíneas mexicanas y de las más importantes del mundo, para que pueda seleccionar los vuelos por las aerolíneas que más confía.

¡Las mejores ofertas de vuelos baratos!

Autos en oferta

¿Por qué viajar con Boletos Baratos?

  • Las mejores ofertas de vuelos y hoteles.

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    Más de 41.000 destinos

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  • Miles de destinos para viajar.
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    Vuelos a Miami

    Busca vuelos baratos a Miami y vive tus vacaciones como te las mereces. Sol, playa, compras y cientos de actividades encontraras en esta ciudad. Compra boletos baratos a MIami y gasta el dinero en lo que realmente quieres. Aquí tendras cientos de hoteles en Miami al mejor precio y en cuotas. Además puedes hacer las reservas de hoteles online y comenzar el viaje desde tu casa.

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    Encuentra los boletos de avion a Cancún que necesitas. Disfruta del mar y de las hermosas playas de Cancún. También podras relajarte en los hoteles all inclusive de Cancún y aprovechar todas sus comodidades. Cientos de vuelos baratos a Cancún desde miles de destinos del mundo los podrás encontrar aquí en Boletos Baratos. Relájate y disfruta de tus vacaciones, nosotrso te brindamos seguridad y confianza en tus compras.

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    Aeroméxico es la aerolínea más importante de México. Es por eso que te queremos brindar las mejores tarifas de boletos de avión para tus vacaciones junto a esta fabulosa aerolínea. Encuentra toda la información y sus boletos aquí

    Appartamenti in affitto roma – 71 annunci pag, solo affitti.

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    appartamenti in affitto roma

    trilocale in affitto € 1.300 (Spese incluse)

    85 mq . arredato 1 stanza soggiorno cucinino balcone

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    bilocale in affitto € 800 ( spese escluse)

    70 mq . arredato 4 stanze cucina abitabile balcone

    Venta de carpas para eventos, toldos y carpas para fiestas, alquiler de carpas.

    #Alquiler #de #carpas

    Venta de Carpas y Toldos para Eventos

    Promotional Design Group empresa matriz de Promotional Design de MГ©xico, SA de CV, ha sobresalido desde 1990 como lГ­der en la industria de las Carpas e Inflables Publicitarios en Estados Unidos. Experiencia de 25 aГ±os fabricando y perfeccionando productos destinados para realizar mercadeo y publicidad memorable para los negocios; especializandose en fabricar toldos o carpas de diseГ±os personalizados a carpas tubulares modelo Arabe y Festival todos fabricados con gran atenciГіn en los detalles y materiales.

    Promotional Design de MГ©xico, SA de CV, inicia operaciones en Zapopan, Jalisco desde el aГ±o 2006, con el fin de desarrollar productos de alta calidad y continuar el liderazgo como fabricante de carpas personalizadas para eventos, que son una manera inventiva para agregar profesionalismo y carГЎcter a su empresa, a la vez garantiza que la gente recuerde los factores claves acerca de su negocio. Nuestro personal especializado de diseГ±adores y ГЎrea de producciГіn pueden crear una carpa o toldo personalizado adaptado a las especificaciones exactas de cada cliente. Nuestra Empresa tiene mГ©todos de producciГіn flexibles, que nos permite trabajar con los clientes a gran escala, asГ­ como nuevas y pequeГ±as empresas. Nuestra calidad comercial en carpas plegables, carpas tubulares, impresiones digitales, estГЎn destinados para durar, por sus materiales resistentes y garantizados.

    Obtener cotizaciones especificas de su carpa y una representaciГіn 3-D de su idea de diseГ±o en Promotional Design de MГ©xico, es fГЎcil. Una gran manera de maximizar la exposiciГіn de su marca, organizaciГіn en ferias, festivales, conferencias y otros eventos. Somos lГ­deres en la fabricaciГіn de carpas personalizadas portГЎtiles, fГЎciles de instalar y transportar.

    Ofrecemos una amplia gama de servicios para su negocio, incluyendo carpas tubulares ГЎrabes o festivales para eventos, en una variedad de colores, carpas plegables para eventos en diferentes medidas 1.5×1.5, 2.5×2.5, 3×3, 3×4.5 y 3×6 metros muy resistentes en la intemperie para asegurar que su empresa u organizaciГіn este bien representada en los eventos al aire libre. AdemГЎs nos especializamos en la construcciГіn de: Carpas Inflables, Replicas Inflables de productos, inflables personalizados, inflables con temГЎtica deportiva y mucho mГЎs aquГ­ en Promotional Design de MГ©xico.

    Agencia Inmobiliaria Urbasur – Real Estate, apartamentos en huelva.

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    apartamentos en huelva

    Apartamentos en huelva

    Agencia Inmobiliaria Urbasur Real Estate

    691 883 615 691 883 615

    Las Palmeras Golf

    Se vende este magnifico apartamento en la urbanización Las Palmeras Golf, situado en el campo…

    Apartamentos en huelva


    Se Venden plazas de garajes y trasteros, en Urbasur

    6.000€ – Plaza de garaje, Trastero

    Se venden plazas de garajes y trasteros en Urbanización La Fragata y…

    Alquile adosado en Urbasur 1ª linea de Playa

    Apartamentos en huelva

    – Adosado

    Alquile adosado en Urbasur en 1ª linea de Playa. Esta situado en…

    75 metros cuadrados

    1 Cuarto de baño

    Se vende apartamento en Urb. Golf Playa 4

    159.000€ – Apartamento

    Se Vende este magnifico apartamento en Urb. Golf Playa 4, esta lujosa urbanización…

    70 metros cuadrados

    1 Cuarto de baño

    Se vende bajo en Edificio Atlántico con pista de padel y piscina

    94€ – Apartamento

    Se vende este magnifico bajo, en el Edificio Atlántico, cerca del puerto…

    75 metros cuadrados

    2 Cuartos de baño

    Apartamentos en huelva

    Inmuebles destacados

    • Apartamentos en huelva

    Adosado en Pinares de Lepe con Piscina

    Se vende, este magnifico adosado. Se encuentra en… Más información


  • Apartamentos en huelva

    Primera Linea de playa Urbasur

    Se vende esta preciosa vivienda en primera linea… Más información


  • Apartamentos en huelva

    Bajo en Avenida Castilla, cerca de la playa

    Se alquila fantástica vivienda en el centro de… Más información

  • Apartamentos en huelva

    Campo de Golf

    Magnifico adosado, en el campo de golf de… Más información


  • Apartamentos en huelva

    Las Palmeras Golf

    Se vende este magnifico apartamento en la urbanización… Más información


    El objetivo de URBASUR es ofrecer al cliente el producto inmobiliario que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades.

    Estamos centrados en los municipios desde Urbasur hasta Lepe, incluyendo en breve la provincia de Huelva al completo.

    Nuestros servicios

    Nuestros inmuebles

    • Apartamentos en huelva

    Bajo en Avenida Castilla, cerca de la playa

    Se alquila fantástica vivienda en el centro… Seguir leyendo


    Estamos en Avda. isla cristina, 3 – Bajo

    21449 La Antilla – Lepe

    Apartamentos en huelva

  • Alquiler de pisos para vacaciones, apartamentos baratos en salou.

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    Apartamentos vacacionales. Pisos de alquiler para vacaciones


    Domiroom la web de alquileres vacacionales.

    Apartamentos baratos en salou

    Apartamentos baratos en salou

    Apartamentos baratos en salou

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    • Wifi
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    Apartamentos baratos en salou

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    • Barbacoa

    Apartamentos baratos en salou

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    Apartamentos baratos en salou

    • Wifi
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    Apartamentos baratos en salou

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    • Cuna

    Apartamentos baratos en salou

    Apartamentos baratos en salou

    • Wifi
    • Aire Acondic.

    Encuentra el piso o casa perfecta para tus vacaciones

    Las vacaciones en la casa que estabas buscando

    Te recomendamos visitar Andalucía en tus vacaciones

    Apartamentos baratos en salou

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    Zonas de interés

    Principales destinos

    Tu casa, piso, habitación o apartamento vacacional al mejor precio.

    Domiroom es uno de los más importantes portales de España en alquileres vacacionales de habitaciones, apartamentos, casas, pisos, bungalows, chalets, villas, etc.

    Actualmente contamos con miles de alojamientos repartidos por todo el territorio nacional, aportando todas las opciones de ocio de nuestros clientes: playas, estaciones de esquí, turismo rural, grandes núcleos urbanos, pequeñas ciudades con encanto, etc.

    El alquiler de pisos para vacaciones se han convertido hoy en día en una alternativa diferente y amigable a la hora de organizar nuestras vacaciones o escapadas de fin de semana, además de ser frecuentemente más económico que otras opciones tradicionales para nuestros viajes.

    Desde Domiroom facilitamos a los anfitriones y huéspedes la posibilidad de comunicarse entre ellos, mediante mensajería, y confirmar la opción más ventajosa para ambos..

    El recuerdo que nos llevamos de nuestras vacaciones es impagable, y desde Domiroom lo sabemos y cuidamos todos los detalles. Donde quiera que vayas a pasar tus vacaciones en España te garantizamos unos recuerdos imborrables para toda la vida. Nuestra plataforma quiere facilitar a los viajeros la posibilidad de descubrir pequeños rincones, lugares con encanto, que harán que sus viajes sean algo especial que guar dar para siempre entr e nuestros mejores recuerdos.

    Las casas y pisos para vacaciones de Domiroom son el punto de partida para descubrir todas las opciones de nuestro destino, ya sea una gran ciudad como Barcelona o Madrid, zonas más turísticas como la Costa del Sol o Costa Brava o zonas más tranquilas, como la Costa Tropical de Almería, estaciones de esquí como Sierra Nevada o turismo rural y con encanto en Toledo o Aragón.

    Acceso privado para propietarios

    Domiroom permite a los propietarios o anfitriones poner en alquiler su alojamiento para quienes busquen un sitio donde pasar las vacaciones. Publicar una propiedad es sencillo, rápido y gratis. Podrás ganar un dinero extra por ese apartamento que actualmente no utilizas.

    Organizzare una camera da letto al piano seminterrato – Idee Pratiche, tende da camera da letto.

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    Organizzare una camera da letto al piano seminterrato

    Quando dici seminterrato tutti pensano per prima volta a una cantina,(taverna, umidità o oscurità). In altre parole, uno spazio di archiviazione, e non di abitare. Ti dimostreremo quanto accogliente può essere una camera da letto nel seminterrato.

    Cominciamo facendo la differenza tra piano interrato e seminterrato. Il piano seminterrato è la parte delledificio che si trova per metà sotto il livello del terreno sotto la terra, in contrasto con le note che si trova interamente sotto terra. Quindi, il primo ha due o tre finestre di dimensioni modeste, ma almeno non è chiuso stretto&.

    Vi consiglio questo accordo nellidea che la casa non è molto grande e non permette la creazione di camere, per esempio. Sarebbe un peccato sprecare spazio cè, le soluzioni si trovano depositati più veloce di una camera da letto. Sarebbe un peccato come lo spazio lì a perdere, perché non ci sono soluzioni di archiviazione più veloce di una camera da letto.

    Così inizia seminterrato tour&. La zona al piano terra non è necessariamente piccola, al contrario, ha la stessa area di proprietà essendo divisa secondo lo stesso modello&. Pertanto, esso può essere montato direttamente, utilizzando gli stessi trucchi e suggerimenti come in qualsiasi altro. Tuttavia, non avendo vantaggio della stessa luce, dobbiamo tenere mente certe cose come colori.

    I colori, almeno a livello di finitura, abbiamo bisogno di essere chiare. Pertanto, le pareti, il soffitto e il pavimento sarà in tonalità neutre o pastello che creano una sensazione di maggiore spazio. La stessa cosa vale per i mobili. Per quanto riguarda il vostro disegno o scegliere semplici pezzi di mobili, senza troppi dettagli che potrebbero impantanarsi giù latmosfera e creano la sensazione di una cantina piena di tutti&. Ci sono situazioni in cui ci incontriamo, nicchie felice, perché essi salvare gran parte della superficie esistente.

    In caso contrario, utilizzare accessori e decorazioni che affrontano in qualsiasi salotto. Una raccomandazione da parte nostra sarebbe quello di piegare le tende e tendaggi, perché blocca qualche luce che potrebbe penetrare allinterno.

    Cheap Car Insurance in Orlando, FL – Rates from $39, cheap car insurance in orlando fl.

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    Cheap Florida Car Insurance Low Rates, Top Carriers

    Cheap car insurance in orlando fl

    Main menu

    Find Your Perfect Auto Policy!


    If you are thinking about driving without insurance, rethink before you get behind the wheel. While auto insurance can be seen as expensive and unnecessary, neither case is a reality. Smart shopping can save hundreds on insurance costs. Remember, having the minimum required insurance is a legal necessity whether you ever have an accident or not.

    Auto Insurance Minimums in Orlando, FL

    Florida state insurance laws establish minimum auto insurance requirements in Orlando, FL. These minimums are quite low compared to some other states. If you carry only the minimums, you will purchase an auto insurance policy that covers an individual for up to $10,000 (up to a total of $20,000 per accident) for personal injury. The other minimal component is coverage for property damage of up to $10,000.

    While Florida is one of the few states not requiring uninsured or underinsured driver coverage, many people consider this an important coverage to carry as part of their minimum coverage.

    Average Auto Insurance Rates in Orlando, FL

    Living in Orlando is a bit of a mixed bag from the auto insurance perspective. Those living in the city itself pay nearly 6% more than those living in Brevard County. On the other hand, at an average of $1,653, the rates paid in Orlando are nearly 24% lower than the average for the entire state. It is important to remember that those are averages. A little bit of careful shopping can save hundreds over these rates.

    How to Compare and Find an Affordable Car Insurance in Orlando, FL

    Many people fail to understand that insurance rates can vary widely by company and the types of coverage selected. Insurance is all about covering risks. Beyond the state minimums that everyone has to carry, there are a large number of options that affect your total insurance bill. In many cases, drivers are paying to cover risks that they would be better off assuming themselves. At the same time, you always want to know you have the right coverage to prevent an automobile accident from being a financial disaster.

    Few people are going to take the time to read through various policies and compare rates and coverage. Actually, trying to do so would be frustrating and generally fail to provide the information you need to be able to make good decisions. In choosing auto insurance you need to know what coverage is available and what they cost. Most importantly, once you have this information, you need to compare prices between companies based on your individual age, driving record and the type of car you own.

    In this the Internet age, the single best way to achieve this goal and find affordable car insurance is by shopping online. Services that compare coverage and rates between individual companies can make the process painless and save a great deal of time and money.

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    Insurers want extra money from your pay packet, and usually, they get what they want.

    Seriously – take a look at your latest bill. Now look at the same one from a year ago. Are you paying more?

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    • On line insurance quote

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    Medical billing and coding classes

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    Our programs are extremely affordable. We provide a discount for your one time payment but we also provide interest free payment plans for those who need it. Payments are scheduled monthly, but you are able to login to your Student Payment Portal and make payments on your own schedule should you choose to do so.

    Course Completion Time. On average, our students complete their medical billing course and receive their certification in approximately 4-6 weeks.

    Job Placement. We have hundreds of Physicians, Hospitals and Billing Centers across the nation who come to us looking for graduates. All you have to do is give permission to share your contact information with them, upon graduation. They are not looking for “2 years experience”. They are looking for graduates who do not come with “bad habits” picked up working in the field. They would rather train someone who has been educated and certified in medical billing.

    Transparency. Contact as many of our recent graduates as you wish and ask about their course experience. Click Here to Download the List. You can also see our Facebook reviews by clicking here.

    Trust. Founded in 1999, our Medical Billing Certification Course Programs went online in 2001. We were the very first Medical Billing Certification Program available and the only one available online from 2001 – 2012.

    Medical billing and coding classes

    Medical billing and coding classes

    Best car insurance, Company ratings for price and service, lowest insurance rates.

    #Lowest #insurance #rates

    Best car insurance company ratings

    Lowest insurance rates Lowest insurance rates Lowest insurance rates Lowest insurance rates

    Some people are looking to buy car insurance as cheaply as possible. Others are looking for the best car insurance.

    What s the difference?

    While no car insurance policy will keep you from experiencing any loss or inconvenience at all, the best car insurance policies take care of the big problems and keep them from hurting your finances permanently.

    Lowest insurance rates

    The basics of getting the best car insurance

    If your goal is best rather than cheapest, make sure you:

    • Buy enough liability coverage. You personally are responsible for the costs of injuries and damage you do to others. Liability insurance covers that to a point. A homeowner with a family and any assets needs at least $100,000 in bodily injury liability coverage if he or she injures another driver. And you should buy enough property damage liability insurance to replace the car you hit. Most experts say that need is at least $50,000. Liability limits vary by state. Before settling on your coverage and company, you should research car insurance in your state, since different states have different laws that affect you and the amount of coverage required.
    • Don t worry about ultra-low deductibles. Higher deductibles on certain coverages — comprehensive and collision — will lower your premium. Just be sure you have some savings on hand to pay the higher deductible if you have to file a claim.
    • Double-check your own health insurance. If you don t have health insurance or you have a high-deductible health insurance plan, you may need to consider medical payments or first-party benefits. These coverages also protect your passengers, who would not be covered under your liability coverage.
    • Assume that other drivers are unprepared. About 15 percent of drivers aren t insured at all, and many of the rest have policies that meet only state-minimum requirements. Uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury coverages can make up the difference.
    • Protect your car. Physical damage coverages of collision and comprehensive cover your vehicle, unlike property damage liability that only covers other people s property that you damage. Collision covers your vehicle if it hits, or is hit by, another vehicle or object, regardless of fault. Comprehensive covers your vehicle for situations that are normally not your fault. This includes theft, fire, vandalism, striking an animal and damage sustained from acts of nature like hail or flooding.
    • Keep your income in mind. If you are injured in an accident that is your fault, your car insurance won t make up for any lost income unless you have work loss or similar coverage.
    • Consider your life insurance situation. Accidental death benefit pays in the event of an accident that leads to your death or that of another family member.
    • Decide if your situation requires the extras.Gap insurance, for example, is needed only if you owe more on a loan than the car is worth. Towing and labor might be a waste on a newer car with warranty and road service plan. And rental car reimbursement might be handy if your family has only one car, but unnecessary if you have a spare car to use if yours is out of commission.
    • Shop around. Available limits, discounts and coverage options vary from one car insurance carrier to the next. Decide what types of car insurance you want, find car insurance companies that suit your needs, and then compare quotes to get the best price.

    Best car insurance for claims service

    If you’re lucky, you won’t have to file many claims with your car insurance company. But if you do, you want to be treated right. That means getting the help you need during the process, from filing the paperwork to being reimbursed quickly. Here are how top carriers ranked for claims service, based on a survey of 3,700 customers nationwide.

    Diseño De Duchas Para Baños, ver duchas de baño.

    #Ver #duchas #de #baño

    Diseño De Duchas Para Baños

    ” Diseños que cautivan por su belleza y diseños modernos”

    Los baños una de las áreas más tranquilas y donde quisieras llegar a darte un baño de rosas, después haber pasado un día acelerado lleno de trabajo. Por esto es importante que tangas un buen baño en casa, porque se convertirá en esa zona de esparcimiento, donde necesitaras tranquilidad, por estar un tiempo para dedicarle tiempo a tu cuerpo, por ejemplo haciendo terapias en la tina con plantas aromáticas, para mascarillas faciales o en el cuerpo, todo aquello que sea beneficio para el cuerpo, podrás lograrlo haciendo un diseño de baño interesante con duchas de modelos funcionales para el hogar, las cuales traen ya sistemas a chorros y niveles de temperatura que se graduan de acuerdo a lo que necesites en el momento, por ejemplo si lo que quieres es bañarte con agua tibia, lo podrás hacer, pero si al otro días quisiste bañarte con agua caliente también lo podrás hacer, ya que tiene de una vez incorporado el sistema de calefacción, el facilita que la ducha tenga este servicio de temperatura fría y caliente.

    La idea es conseguir duchas que te puedan ofrecer buen servicio, como el caso de hay otro tipo de ducha que lo que hace es manejar sistemas de presión de agua de diferentes estilo, como chorros a alta intensidad y suaves, dependiendo del tipo de chorros que desees en el momento,esto de que aparte de que sirve por diseño, te servirá a manera de masajes en el cuerpo, ya que en ocasiones los médicos, exigen que hayan terapias en el agua que permiten que el cuerpo evolucione de manera correcta ante estos sistemas, y que mejor hacerlo en casa parra evitar posibles contratiempo en el aspecto de la salud.

    Las duchas las puedes encontrar en diferentes diseños y tamaños así como las vas encontrar pequeñas y grades, también estarás de acuerdo a su forma, en cuadradas, rectangulares o circulares. Todo lo vas a poder encontrar porque los diseños están dispuesto y hechos en todo estilo, precisamente para poder suplir las necesidades de cada persona, ya que todos tenemos gustos totalmente diferentes.

    Lo más importante es que debes comprar duchas de primera calidad y no de segunda mano, ya que las de primera calidad, será más duraderas y resistentes.

    Ver duchas de baño

    Ten presente que para que una ducha tengas todo lo posible para que sea cómoda, debe tener ciertos accesorios adicionales que serán su complemento a fin a du diseño. Entre los accesorios que puedes encontrar es la grifería, el cual debe ser en acero cromado, este permitirá que haga juego con el resto del baño.

    La duchas modernas ya tienen dos funciones en una sola, dado el caso cuando está la tina y la ducha en el mismo lugar, este sistema de duchas es muy común en baños pequeños, lo que precisamente se hace es que es para ganar espacio, porque si te pones a dejarlas por separa, no tendrás espacio suficiente para que las dos puedan estar en espacios pequeños.

    Lo que puedes hacer para que el baño se vea más amplio es que la ducha tenga material en vidrio, lo cual hace que el baño se pueda ver completa, sin que nada impida en la visión, permitiendo ver en sí el área total del baño. Jugar con el uso del espejo, de igual forma beneficiará el baño creando una visión de mayor amplitud en el lugar.

    Es así que para que logres tener un buen diseño en las duchas, es bueno que analices su material y formas, así como sus accesorios adicionales que serán el completo perfecto para que haya un buen diseño de ducha. Ten presente que el color que utilices en la ducha, junto con los azulejos que vayas a utilizar de decoración en el pared, ayuden a que den claridad y belleza en el lugar. Todo detalle que logres adicionar en el baño será clave para que su diseño sea auténtico, donde la versatilidad de los baños lo hacen muy apetecibles por las mayoría de las personas, la diferencia está dada, para cuando sea el estilo correcto que quieras elegir, dándole elegancia y galmur al diseño, que prácticamente quedará en tu hogar de tu familia.

    Las duchas en diferentes estilos y únicas dispuestas a poder transmitir belleza y glamur para todo tipo de baño, son versátiles a cualquier diseño que haya en casa. No tendrás porque dudar en la compra de alguna ducha para el baño, ya que de todas formas vas a requerir una, la duda vendría hacer ¿cuál será la indicada para que tenga en casa? será sencillo, por esta razón quiero dejarte algunas imágenes de duchas, modernas, con diseños no convencionales sino auténticos.

    Ver duchas de baño

    Espero te guste mi artículo. No dudes en preguntarnos aquí estaré atenta a más inquietudes si deseas más ayuda, sobre diseños de duchas para baños, estamos para brindar los mejores consejos.

    Estaré esperando sus comentarios respecto al post.

    Ver duchas de baño

    Casa Dorsi – Bed – breakfast – Casa per vacanze – Polignano a Mare Bari Puglia, b&b polignano.

    #B&b #polignano

    “Ma guarda intorno a te che doni ti hanno fatto. ti hanno inventato il mare”

  • “Ma guarda intorno a te che doni ti hanno fatto. ti hanno inventato il mare”

  • “Ma guarda intorno a te che doni ti hanno fatto. ti hanno inventato il mare”

    Welcome to Casa Dorsi

    In the heart of Puglia, close to the many popular tourist spots, perched high on a cliff, amongst dry-stone walls, white-washed houses and century-old olive trees. Here is a village overlooking the sea, white with salt and sparkling in the sunshine, Polignano a Mare is like a pearl in the Adriatic sea, capturing the senses and the natural beauty of Apuglia making it a truly wonderful place to spend a holiday.

    In the heart of the historic centre, nestled between the small white houses overlooking the blue sea, Casa Dorsi Bed and Breakfast was born. A house located in one of the most charming and characteristic parts of the old town. The house itself is situated directly in front of Santo Stefano church and sits on top of one of the most enchanting rockfaces that can be found anywhere in the village, once used by world famous diving champions.

    Casa Dorsi is an old stone house that has been recently renovated, with balconies and terraces that offer incredible views of the magical Polignano sea.

    Our premises sleep 2-4 people, all have a sea view and are soundproofed, each equipped with air conditioning, heating, LCD TV, wi-fi connection, private bathrooms with shower, kitchen and refridgerator, bicycles available, private car parking and walking distance to many facilities including numerous restaurants.

    We have opened our home to whomever chooses to spend their holiday in magical Polignano, a holiday that will, without doubt, leave a taste of authentic Puglia in your heart.

  • Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia – Raccolta funghi, raccolta leggi.

    #Raccolta #leggi

    Agricoltura e foreste

    Raccolta funghi


    Sul BUR (Bollettino Ufficiale della Regione) del 12 luglio 2017 è pubblicata la legge regionale 25/2017 "Norme per la raccolta e la commercializzazione dei funghi epigei spontanei nel territorio regionale" che disciplina la raccolta dei funghi in Friuli Venezia Giulia e abroga le previgenti disposizioni regionali in materia, in particolare la legge regionale 12/2000 e la legge regionale 2/2017 che aveva dettato disposizioni transitorie per l’anno in corso. Le disposizioni della legge regionale 25/2017 si applicano dal 13 luglio 2017 (vedi "normativa" qui a fianco).

    La nuova normativa ridisegna innanzitutto i requisiti per esercitare la raccolta dei funghi sul territorio della regione prevedendo che a tal fine è necessario:

    – possedere l’autorizzazione alla raccolta;

    – versare un contributo il cui importo varia a seconda della zona in cui si intende esercitare la raccolta.

    Indice dei contenuti

    Conseguimento dellautorizzazione alla raccolta

    L’autorizzazione alla raccolta ha validità permanente su tutto il territorio regionale ed è rilasciata dalla Direzione centrale risorse agricole, forestali e ittiche tramite il Servizio caccia e risorse ittiche a coloro che:

    – abbiano compiuto 16 anni;

    – abbiano frequentato un corso di almeno 12 ore organizzato dalle Unioni Territoriali Intercomunali (Unioni) o dai Gruppi micologici aderenti alla Federazione regionale dei Gruppi micologici del Friuli Venezia Giulia;

    – abbiano superato una prova orale presso gli Ispettorati micologici regionali istituiti presso le Aziende per l’Assistenza Sanitaria.

    La domanda per il rilascio dell’autorizzazione e sostenere la prova va presentata al Servizio caccia e risorse ittiche entro il 31 maggio di ogni anno, utilizzando il seguente fax simile di domanda.

    Alcuni soggetti sono esentati dall’obbligo di frequentare il corso e superare la prova orale:

    – micologi in possesso dell’attestato rilasciato ai sensi del decreto del ministro della Ssanità 686/1996;

    – possessori di autorizzazione alla raccolta, comunque denominata, rilasciata ai sensi della normativa vigente in altre Regioni della Repubblica italiana e subordinata al superamento di una prova.

    Costoro potranno ottenere l’autorizzazione alla raccolta previa presentazione della domanda al Servizio caccia e risorse ittiche che, verificati i requisiti richiesti, la rilascerà entro 30 giorni dalla richiesta. È possibile utilizzare l’allegato fac simile di domanda.

    Le autorizzazioni alla raccolta rilasciate ai sensi della legge 12/2000 continuano a essere valide.

    Pagamento del contributo annuale per la raccolta

    (Articoli 3 e 4 della legge regionale 25/2017)

    L’importo del contributo da pagare è uguale per i residenti e i non residenti in regione FVG e tutti possono pagare il contributo a favore di una o più UTI.

    In tutti i casi l’interessato, durante la raccolta, deve portare con sé lautorizzazione alla raccolta, la ricevuta del versamento e un documento di identità in corso di validità.

    La raccolta dei funghi è in ogni caso consentita nel limite di tre chilogrammi al giorno pro capite. (Articolo 7 della legge regionale 25/2017)

    L’entità del contributo da versare, per il 2018, da parte di coloro che sono in possesso dellautorizzazione alla raccolta, varia a seconda della zona in cui si intende effettuare la raccolta, come in questo schema:

    Camere e Suite Country-Chic in Toscana, Hotel Spa Resort in Toscana, Maremma, offerte camere matrimoniali.

    #Offerte #camere #matrimoniali

    Dormi in Resort con un panorama da Agriturismo

    Le 30 camere dellHotel Resort sono costruite con materiali caldi e naturali, arredate con mobili in stile Toscano, nel pieno rispetto della struttura originaria e dotate di tutti i comfort. Le aree comuni e alcune camere hanno l’accesso per i disabili.

    Con il pernottamento è inclusa la prima colazione, l’accesso ai sentieri benessere nel bosco della tenuta, allarea giochi per i bimbi e alle piscine esterne con Jacuzzi a 7 posti. Con laggiunta di un piccolo costo si accede al Centro Benessere.

    Sono ammessi gli animali di piccola taglia.

    N.B.: Sono possibili le sistemazioni con laggiunta del terzo e quarto letto.

    Prova lEmozione e il Relax di dormire in Maremma Toscana

    Scegli la praticità della Camera Singola

    Situate nella parte “antica” dell’Hotel Resort e ristrutturate conservando lo stile Toscano delle caciaie (un tempo adibite alla stagionatura dei caci).

    Hanno un comodo letto da una piazza e mezzo e una deliziosa vista sul giardino dell’Hotel Resort.

    → Prenota la Camera Singola

    Camera Matrimoniale Classic

    Situate nel corpo centrale dell’Hotel, sono frutto di una rigorosa ristrutturazione degli antichi essiccatoi per le castagne.

    Lideale per un soggiorno dal sapore antico&…

    Suggestiva vista verso il borgo di Scansano oppure sul giardino dell’Hotel.

    → Prenota la Camera Matrimoniale Standard

    Camera deluxe con veranda

    Al primo piano del nuovo edificio in pietra, con lo stile dellagriturismo e leleganza e la comodità del resort.

    Ampie, luminose, con accesso dalla terrazza alla zona del Centro Benessere.

    Una vista mozzafiato sulle verdi vallate sottostanti.

    → Prenota la Camera Matrimoniale con Terrazza

    Camera Matrimoniale Superior

    Al secondo piano del nuovo edificio, spaziose e luminose, hanno sia il portone d’ingresso, sia una porta finestra verso la terrazza privata.

    Silenziose e confortevoli, arredate con mobili in stile e letti in ferro battuto. Indimenticabile panorama.

    → Prenota la Camera Matrimoniale Superior

    Soggiorna nelle Confortevoli Suite

    Al piano primo del nuovo edificio costruito in stile e con materiali eco-sostenibili, composte da una elegante stanza matrimoniale, un confortevole salotto con caminetto, delizioso Coffee e Tea Corner, accesso al terrazzo privato, bagno con Jacuzzi.

    Si affacciano sulla romantica vallata di Scansano.

    Seguros de Moto: cómo contratar seguro moto, comparar seguro moto, precio seguro moto.

    #Precio #seguro #moto

    Contrata tu seguro de moto online con

    seguro de moto desde 84€

    seguro de moto desde 84€

    Cómo contratar tu seguro

    Sin salir de casa

    Contrata tu seguro a través de nuestro formulario. Nosotros te enviaremos el contrato para que lo firmes y nos lo devuelvas.

    Nuestro Centro de Atención al Cliente estará a tu lado para solucionar tus dudas y facilitarte la contratación.

    Te llamamos ¡gratis!

    Nos pondremos en contacto contigo y te guiaremos en cualquier trámite que necesites sin problema.

    Comparar seguros de moto

    Compara tu seguro de moto online con 20 compañías y encuentra el mejor seguro con múltiples coberturas. En menos de dos minutos podrás comparar tarifas y coberturas de seguros de moto de diferentes aseguradoras de acuerdo a tu perfil de conductor y vehículo.

    Realizar una comparativa de seguros de moto y ciclomotor es la forma más rápida y cómoda de encontrar el precio que mejor se adapta a tus necesidades. El precio de la póliza de tu moto, depende de diversos factores por lo que es el medio más eficaz de obtener presupuestos sin realizar varias consultas de precio.

    Sólo comparando precios para tu seguro de moto, encontrarás los mejores precios. En puedes comparar precios, con más de 15 compañías y encontrar el seguro que necesitas. Además, si lo prefieres, te llamamos gratis para ayudarte a encontrar y contratar tu seguro de moto.

    Tipos de seguros de moto

    El seguro de moto, puede ser contratado en diferentes modalidades, compuestas por un paquete de coberturas (que se van ampliando según ampliamos de modalidad). Todas las modalidades cuentan con la cobertura de Responsabilidad Civil Obligatoria, que como su nombre indica es una garantía obligatoria por ley y que garantiza que los daños provocados a terceros, sean cubiertos.

    Existen diferentes tipos de seguros para asegurar tu moto:

    1. Asegurar moto a terceros. Esta es una de las formas más habituales que utilizan los propietarios a la hora de asegurar su moto. Esta modalidad suele incluir:

    • Seguro de Responsabilidad Civil Obligatoria.
    • Seguro de Responsabilidad Civil Voluntaria.
    • Defensa jurídica y reclamación de daños.
    • Asistencia en carretera.
    • Seguro de accidente del conductor/ocupantes.

    2. Asegurar moto a terceros + robo + incendio. Las coberturas que normalmente incluyen son las propias de un seguro de moto a terceros, además de:

    3. Asegurar moto a todo riesgo. Esta modalidad a la hora de asegurar la moto es la más completa pero la menos habitual debido a las altas franquicias que tienen normalmente las aseguradoras por daños propios, y que sólo se aconseja en caso de que la moto sea de coste muy elevado, así como las reparaciones. Las coberturas que normalmente incluye son las mismas que un seguro de moto a terceros + robo + incendio, además de:

    Cómo contratar un seguro de moto barato

    Para contratar un seguro de moto barato, lo más importante es comparar precios con distintas compañías de seguros de moto. En, trabajamos con las principales aseguradoras de moto para que puedas comparar en menos de dos minutos las distintas opciones de coberturas y precios para tu seguro. Además, si necesitas asesoramiento para decidir qué seguro de moto contratar, te llamamos gratis para ayudarte a encontrar tu seguro.

    Consultar precio para tu seguro de moto con compañías de seguros de moto online, conducir pocos kilómetros, conducir por zonas de baja siniestralidad o guardar tu moto en una zona privada y/o vigilada son factores que ayudarán a reducir el precio de tu seguro. Sabemos que ésto no es posible siempre y para ayudarte a encontrar los mejores seguros al mejor precio, estamos a tu servicio.

    Cheap Insurance Oregon, oregon automobile insurance company.

    #Oregon #automobile #insurance #company

    Cheap Insurance Oregon

    Insurance Facts

    Oregon residents enjoy a lower cost of living than many states, due in part to the number of choices for cheap insurance Oregon companies offer. Because much of the state is rural, the average policy cost is only around $1,200 pear year. This can get higher in urban areas like Portland or Eugene where the population density is higher (increasing the risk of traffic collision).

    However, the urban areas also have more public transportation options, so many residents choose to commute by rail/bus in order to save money. The less miles you put on your car each year, the lower your auto insurance rates.

    Another reason for Oregon’s low premiums is the lower rate of uninsured drivers. In 2011 the rate was only 11% compared to the national average of 13%.

    Auto Insurance Requirements

    The state of Oregon requires all drivers to carry the following coverage on their insurance:

    Bodily Injury liability:

    • up to $25,000 per person
    • up to $50,000 per accident

    Property Damage liability:

    Additional coverage requirements:

    • $15,000 PIP (Personal Injury Protection), covers medical, dental, and other expenses accrued after the crash
    • Uninsured Motorist coverage, $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident for bodily injury

    Because of the rising cost of health care and vehicle repair, smart drivers will elect to carry higher limits. You must present proof of this insurance any time you wish to register a vehicle (or renew your registration).

    Interesting Facts

    • To the delight of 63% of drivers, Oregon is one of two states that prohibit self-service pumping.
    • Drivers are obligated to yield to pedestrians even if they are standing on the sidewalk.
    • State law makes it illegal to race on the highway, but also to “test your physical endurance” while racing (we’re not sure what that means either).

    Helpful Resources

    For more information on Oregon’s auto insurance requirements, head over to the Department of Transportation’s guide.

    The Oregon DMV provides many online services, a list of local branches, and a variety of how-to guides for drivers in the state. Residents can renew their licenses, apply for licenses, transfer vehicle titles, and renew registrations (among other services).

    Oregon automobile insurance company

    Eventagentur – Attraktionsverleih – Kinderattraktionen – HГјpfburgen – Eventservice – Joymondo – Eventmodule mieten, equipment verleih.

    #Equipment #verleih

    Eventagentur und Attraktionsverleih

    beliebte Kinderattraktionen, angesagte Aktionsger te, H pfburgen und viele tolle Eventspiele f r eine erfolgreiche Veranstaltung. Ob Sie eine H pfburg mieten m chten, eine Firmenfeier oder Kinderfestival ausrichten wollen – Joymondo Veranstaltungsservice besitzt vielz hlige Eventmodule und hat genug Erfahrung um Ihr Fest, Show oder Promotionaktion als kompetenter Partner sicher und Erlebnisreich zu unterst tzen.

    Attraktionsverleih mieten Sie Event-Equipment und Eventmodule aus den Bereichen Kinderunterhaltung, Kreativaktionen, Erlebnisspielger te, Wettbewerbsspiele, Funfood und Promotion. Wir organisieren Incentives und Spielaktionen f r Firmenevents sorgen mit unseren Aktionsger ten f r spektakul re TV- und Messeauftritte, errichten riesige Kinderwiesen und Spielparadiese f r St dte, Gemeinden, Schulen und sorgen mit unserem kreativen Animationsprogramm f r eine unverg sliche Kinderunterhaltung mit viel Fun und Bewegung!

    Also, wenn Sie Spielmodule wie Water Walking Ball , Kletterwand , Menschenkicker , oder die klassische H pfburg mieten m chten – Im H pfburgenverleih Hannover stehen all diese angesagten Eventmodule f r Sie zur Miete bereit. Neben den zahlreichen Eventmodulen k nnen Sie auch das beliebte Gl cksrad mieten . Ausserdem haben wir einige Funfood Maschinen im Verleih. Ob Sie eine Popcornmaschine mieten m chten oder eine Zuckerwattemaschine mieten – Die meisten Ger te gibt es kosteng nstig f r Selbstabholer. Selbstverst ndlich k nnen Sie die Attraktionen auch ganz bequem im Komplett-Service buchen. Alle unsere Eventmodule sind gepflegt und zeichnen sich durch einen hohen Spielwert aus. Durch ihre Gr e besitzen die Attraktionen ein hohes Potenzial an Werbewirksamkeit. Mit Eventmodulen und H pfburgen sorgen Sie garantiert f r die Aufmerksamkeit und bieten Ihren G sten unverg sliche Erlebnisse.

    Viel Spa beim st bern auf dieser Homepage!

    fГјr Ihre Veranstaltung!

    Menschenkicker ausleihen oder

    HГјpfburg als Kinder Attraktion

    fГјr Ihr Event mieten?

    Tel. 0511 437 29 75

    Mobil 0171 141 99 62

    Joymondo Eventservice ?>

    ter.txt”); ?>

    How Much Life Insurance Do I Need: Farmers Insurance, how much term life insurance.

    #How #much #term #life #insurance

    How Much Life Insurance Do

    The simple answer? You need enough Life insurance to help take care of your dependents’ financial future if you die.

    Calculating How Much Life Insurance You May Need

    How much term life insurance

    It’s important to find out how much life insurance coverage best fits your needs. Take into account the following key factors to help calculate your life insurance needs:

    Personal debts include credit cards, car payments, lines of credit, and any other personal debts. Adding up your debts is the first step to understanding your life insurance needs.


    Your family depends on your income to help cover living expenses. It’s important to consider and add up how much income they would need to continue on without you, and how long they would need it.


    Most likely, you’d want your family to be able to maintain the quality of life you’ve built for them if something were to happen. What would it take for your family to pay off your mortgage if you were gone?


    Do your children attend public or private school? What are those costs per year? Also, think about college. Do you expect your children to pay for part of it themselves or take out loans? Do you want to leave them enough to cover it all?

    Other Factors

    In addition to calculating your debts, income, mortgage, and education costs, you may also want to take into account your:

    • Age and income
    • Marital status; if married, your spouse’s age and income
    • Number and ages of your children, any special needs they may have, and projections for future educational expenses
    • Family’s cost of living, including your mortgage, the amount you have in savings, as well as other outstanding debts
    • Charitable giving goals (if applicable)
    • Aging parent or disabled relative who depends on you for support
    • Final and end-of-life expenses such as medical care and funeral costs

    This may look simple, but calculating one’s individual situation can be fairly complicated.

    That’s why we offer the personal guidance and assistance of a local Farmers insurance agent. If you’re serious about protecting your family’s future, talk to a local Farmers agent in your community today!

    This calculator is created and maintained by Life Happens at Life Access to this calculator is provided as a convenience to you. Farmers Group, Inc., its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, including Farmers New World Life Insurance Company and Farmers Financial Solutions, LLC, and their respective officers, directors, employers, agents and representatives, shall not be responsible for your use, non-use or reliance upon these calculators, or the accuracy of your entries or records made by you. Entry and storage of any and all data is solely your responsibility. We encourage you to always maintain a duplicate copy of all your records.

    As with other helpful tools, the information provided by this calculator is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to offer any tax, legal, or financial advice. It is always a good idea to consult the appropriate professionals for advice specific to your situation.

    Get Cheap Car Insurance in California with Titan Insurance, affordable auto insurance california.

    #Affordable #auto #insurance #california

    California Car Insurance

    To the extent financial responsibility laws require, it is the law to have car insurance in California, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Titan Insurance provides affordable auto insurance to California drivers, even high-risk drivers, because we know that drivers are more than their driving record. We have a variety of flexible California auto insurance options and policy discounts available, all of which are designed to protect drivers from the unexpected and save them money.

    About California auto insurance

    Car insurance is required in California, but not all drivers need to carry all types of insurance coverage. California only requires drivers to carry auto liability insurance. This is important for drivers who want to keep their car insurance in California affordable.

    Although liability insurance is generally the only California car insurance requirement, there are plenty of additional coverage options that make sense to consider. Additional coverage provides additional protection, which can protect a driver financially in the event of an accident. Popular coverages include:

    Protection from uninsured drivers

    Finding a low cost car insurance policy in California used to be so difficult that the state implemented the Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (CLCA). This program provides cheap car insurance to California drivers who meet certain income requirements. This is good news for all drivers. Drivers who couldn’t afford car insurance in California now have another low-cost car insurance option while drivers who do carry insurance are better protected from uninsured motorists.

    Nonetheless, uninsured/underinsured motorist risk exists, and Titan offers coverage to provide protection when an at-fault party has no or insufficient liability coverage.

    Save money with Titan

    Titan is always looking for ways to save our California customers money. One way we do this is by offering a Collision Damage Waiver. When you have purchased Collision coverage and elected this waiver, this waiver pays the collision deductible on the insured motor vehicle when a loss is caused by an uninsured motorist.

    Another way to save money with Titan is through our many discount offers.

    Titan’s California vehicle services

    At Titan we understand that time is money. That’s why we offer DMV services in some of our California auto insurance offices. Drivers can save time by visiting a local Titan office for routine DMV services such as:

    • Registration renewals
    • Vehicle Titling
    • License Plate renewals

    The majority of Titan offices in California offer DMV services. Call your local office today about DMV services.

    Contact a Titan representative

    Learn more about our California auto insurance coverage:

    Products and discounts not available to all persons in all states. Product, coverage, discounts, insurance terms, definitions, and other descriptions are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace or modify the definitions and information contained in your individual insurance contracts, policies, and/or declaration pages from Titan-affiliated underwriting companies, which are controlling. Such products, coverage, terms, and discounts may vary by state and exclusions may apply.

    Cheap Term and Whole Life Insurance Guide, Find Affordable Coverage, affordable insurance life policy.

    #Affordable #insurance #life #policy

    Shop Affordable Life Insurance You can Rely On!

    a ccording to The Street, roughly 44% of Americans do not have life insurance. Yet it is the one type of insurance that every living person would use at some point, and when that time comes, not having life insurance imposes a tragic burden on the remaining family members. The last thing your loved ones need when you die is the disheartening realization that you did not buy life insurance, and someone—who may be financially unprepared to do so—is going to have to pay the bill.

    The Best Way to Purchase Life Insurance

    It isn’t difficult to find life insurance offerings and information. The most common options include:

    • Responding to a direct mail offering by returning a card and buying a mail order policy;
    • Calling a number seen on a TV advertisement;
    • Purchasing a policy through your employer;
    • Working with an agent to customize a policy best suited for your needs.

    It should be obvious that the final option is the best one. People who purchase policies by mail order or over the phone often do not understand the type of policy they are getting. They are responding to the appearance of a low priced policy. If you aren’t educated in the fine print of life insurance, you could end up with a policy that has a very short term, a policy that doesn’t pay until after a waiting period, or one that goes up in price every time you cross a particular threshold, such as an age bracket.

    Purchasing through your employer may be an option, but be aware that most group policies end when you retire or leave that particular employment. By law, all group policies are convertible, but the conversion premium is usually quite unattractive.

    When you use our convenient online service you will have instant access to up to eight prequalified companies who can provide life quotes in your area and can get you connected with professional agents who will know how to find a company that offers policies to fit your needs. Also, a good agent will answer all your questions and help you keep your policy up to date for many years into the future.

    Understanding Premiums

    The price, or premium, that you will pay for life insurance varies widely depending on certain factors:

    • Age;
    • Health;
    • Type of Policy;
    • Desired face value (the amount your insurance will pay when you die)

    Your age and your health are the two factors that determine what type of insurance and the amount for which you are eligible. Of course, the younger you are when you purchase life insurance, the lower your premium will be.

    Health is a major factor in life insurance premiums. If a person has severe health issues or health threatening life style issues—such as tobacco use, drug use, or obesity, he/she might still be able to find a policy, but it will be much more expensive.

    The face value should be determined by what you need—not just a number that sounds satisfactory at first guess. This is where a knowledgeable agent can help you calculate the usable assets, the needs of surviving family members, and the possibility of unpaid bills as well as the cost of the funeral itself.

    Choosing The Life Insurance Right for You

    Life insurance comes in three basic flavors—Term, Whole Life, and Universal. Within those categories, companies can “modify” any type they offer, but they must disclose that it is “modified term,” “modified whole life,” and so forth. Modifications are generally in the company’s favor; a good agent should be able to help you avoid them.

    Term Insurance

    Insurance for a set period of time, often 20 years, but if you are over 65, you may be unable to get more than 10 years of coverage. Term is inexpensive for high face values because in most cases the Term expires, and the insured never claims the benefit. Nevertheless, if you need a lot of insurance during your working years and won’t need it after retirement, Term is the least expensive of the three types.

    Guaranteed Whole Life

    Just as it sounds, Whole Life is insurance for as long as you live. If it is a level policy, the premium and face value will never change, and the policy will earn cash value that you can borrow against in the event of an emergency. Since the company will have to pay the benefit at some point, whole life is obviously more expensive than Term. However, it is the most worry free type of insurance to have, and can be reasonably priced if purchased at younger ages.

    Universal Life

    Universal life is a flexible permanent life insurance. If properly funded, it is good to age 121, and usually the premium will not change. However, you can change both the premium and the face value if the need arises. That is, for a period of time you could pay the “minimum” premium, which would keep the policy in force temporarily while you find a new job, recover from a crisis, etc. Eventually you would need to increase the premium in order to properly fund the account and pay the cost of insurance. If you pay the target premium from the start, and do not borrow from the policy, you would usually never need to increase the premium.

    Universal life is the most complex to understand because it actually has two accounts—a savings account where your premium and interest are deposited, and the insurance account. As the savings grows, it continues to pay the cost of insurance which increases as you get older. In a crisis, you could actually withdraw funds from the savings account, but at some point, you would need to either replace that money or increase your premium.

    Universal life is popular among those who understand it because it is less expensive than whole life but will serve the same purpose. You need to work with an agent to know if this type of policy is right for you.

    Credito Hipotecarios, prestamo hipotecarios.

    #Prestamo #hipotecarios

    Prestamo hipotecariosCredito Hipotecarios

    Prestamo hipotecarios Prestamo hipotecarios

    Últimos Artículos

    Prestamo hipotecarios

    Amarra tu Tasa CitiBanamex

    Prestamo hipotecarios

    Avalúo Infonavit

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    Crédito Tradicional del Fovissste

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    Mejores créditos hipotecarios

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    Subsidio de vivienda, ¿quiénes pueden acceder?

    Prestamo hipotecarios

    Guía de inmuebles

    Prestamo hipotecarios

    Historial Crediticio

    Prestamo hipotecarios

    Elenco Associati CTL: AssoCtu – Associazione Nazionale dei Consulenti Tecnici del Tribunale in Materia Bancaria e Finanziaria, albo avvocati palermo elenco.

    #Albo #avvocati #palermo #elenco

    • Asso CTU
    • AssoCTL
    • Albo Associati
    • Elenco Associati CTL

    1) anatocismo e usura bancaria;

    2) analisi di bilancio;

    3) Trust in Italia;

    Svolge attività professionale con interesse per le materie di diritto del lavoro, tributario, societario. E’ CTU c/o TRibunale di Roma Sez. penale.

    Ultime news

    Convocazione assemblea ordinaria e straordinaria 21/04/18
    La maggiorazione media di mora non è più del 2,1%.
    USURA E TASSO DI MORA. Sancita la verifica alla pattuizione: riflessi operativi. (Cass. n. 23192/17, Cass. S.U. n. 24675/17)


    ASSOCTU – Associazione Nazionale dei Consulenti Tecnici del Tribunale in Materia Bancaria e Finanziaria

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    Per iscriversi alla mailing list che consente di ricevere, in automatico e gratuitamente via posta elettronica ogni nuovo numero, utilizzare il form presente inserendo il proprio indirizzo email.


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    В«El negocio no da para pagar una multa de euros por rotular en castellano, el negocio perfecto.

    #El #negocio #perfecto

    В«El negocio no da para pagar una multa de 1.280 euros por rotular en castellanoВ»

    El negocio perfecto

    El negocio perfecto

    Tiempo de lectura 4 min.

    23 de abril de 2016. 15:15h


    • 1 CataluГ±a
    • 2 El desafГ­o independentista
    • 3 Empresas

    En 2008, un inspector de la Agencia Catalana de Consumo entrГі en la tienda de muebles y decoraciГіn que la familia de Rafael Moreno, de madre catalana y padre cordobГ©s, tiene en Sant AdriГ del BesГІs y no precisamente para interesarse por un sofГЎ. VenГ­a a informar de que el establecimiento iba a ser sancionado por no rotular en catalГЎn. Lo que llamГі la atenciГіn del inspector no fue el nombre del negocio, В«TresimodernВ», que no es ni castellano ni catalГЎn, sino unas letras de PVC de tamaГ±o discreto, 10×10, con dos lemas para atraer a la clientela: ««El diseГ±o marca la comodidadВ» y В«la calidad tiene un nombreВ». Por estos eslГіganes y detalles menores como que la informaciГіn de un mueble hecho en Zaragoza venga en castellano y no en catalГЎn esta familia recibiГі una multa de 1.260 euros.

    A Moreno le parece tan kafkiano como injusto el motivo de la multa que hasta la fecha no la ha pagado. В«Vivimos con el miedo de que nos embarguen la cuentaВ», explica. Tampoco ha cambiado los rГіtulos В«porque el negocio no da para gastar 600 o 700 euros en cambiar unas letras que estГЎn en perfecto estadoВ». AdemГЎs de esta tienda de Sant AdriГ , donde el 90 % de los clientes que entran se dirigen en castellano, la familia tiene otras dos tiendas de muebles. La de Ripollet tiene un rГіtulo con letras de 300×400. Cambiarlo costarГ­a entre 15.00 y 18.000 euros. Moreno que habla en catalГЎn con su hijo pequeГ±o y con su abuela de Port de la Selva no le encuentra sentido a la polГ­tica lingГјГ­stica de sanciones que practica la Generalitat. Defiende la libertad de dirigirse al pГєblico en el idioma que desee el negocio. ВїPor quГ© no puedo rotular en castellano, igual que una tienda de Marbella o del Paseo de GrГ cia apuesta por el ruso?, se pregunta.

    El pequeГ±o comercio, como el de la familia Moreno, y la hostelerГ­a son los sectores mГЎs castigados por las multas lingГјГ­sticas. En 2015, el Govern impuso 68 multas, que se traduce en 140.000 euros. El PP catalГЎn denunciГі ayer que el importe de las sanciones lingГјГ­sticas ha aumentado un 173 por ciento en el Гєltimo aГ±o. De hecho, en 2014, con 57 empresas sancionadas, el Govern obtuvo algo menos, 51.300 euros.

    Este baile de cifras sale de una respuesta parlamentaria del conseller de Empresa, Jordi Baiget, a la diputada del PP catalГЎn, MarГ­a JosГ© GarcГ­a Cuevas, que desde que la fichГі Alicia SГЎnchez-Camacho, en 2010, estГЎ ojo avizor ante lo que considera В«un ataque a la libertad de expresiГіnВ».

    Las multas lingГјГ­sticas se ponen, sobre todo, a pequeГ±as empresas y comercios por no rotular o no tener alguno de los servicios que ofrecen en catalГЎn. La hostelerГ­a es uno de los sectores mГЎs penados si se suman los dos Гєltimos aГ±os que aparecen detallados en la respuesta parlamentaria. En 2014, sumГі la mitad de las sanciones, 25.600 euros de los 51.350 euros que ingresГі la Generalitat por este concepto. Sin embargo, en 2015, las multas fueron mГЎs repartidas, el sector hostelero pagГі 8.600 de los 140.000 euros recaudados. El comercio al detalle, 32.600.

    Harta de denunciar que las multas В«vulneran los derechos lingГјГ­sticos de los ciudadanos reconocidos en la constituciГіn y el EstatutВ», GarcГ­a Cuevas registrarГЎ una proposiciГіn de ley en el Parlament para la supresiГіn del rГ©gimen lingГјГ­stico de la Ley 22/2010 del CГіdigo de Consumo de CataluГ±a. PedirГЎ que se paralicen los expedientes sancionadores en marcha para que В«queden sin efectoВ» y que se devuelva con carГЎcter retroactivo el importe de las sanciones a los multados.

    Este aГ±o, sГіlo hasta el 6 de abril ya hay 89 empresas con expedientes sancionadores en trГЎmite. Sorprende que 43 expedientes son denuncias hechas por particulares y otros 10 por entidades.

    Insurance Assistant Resume Sample, sample automobile insurance application.

    #Sample #automobile #insurance #application

    Insurance Assistant Resume

    An insurance business assistant is the person entrusted with the responsibility of making the life of the manager easy. He assists the manger in the daily activities and helps him with the routine mundane tasks. This sample resume also demonstrates the profile of an applicant, who aids his boss with the administrative tasks such as sending and receiving emails, attending to the calls, sending invoices, generating reports and the like. He was previously an insurance agent and now works in the capacity of an assistant. This job can serve as an entry level job for aspirants with higher aims. One can use this resume for hi/her own application.

    34, East 7 Street

    Brighton, Colorado, 06519

    651 481 3394 OBJECTIVE:

    Seeking a challenging role as an insurance assistant in the field of insurance to enhance and utilize my skills, knowledge and experience.


    • Experience of more than 7 years in the field of insurance
    • Sound knowledge of the basic insurance policies and procedures with the in-depth knowledge of the federal, state and local law
    • Exceptionally good communication skills with the great ability to demonstrate and explain the things
    • Very active, punctual and responsible
    • Great skills of management and organizing the things with the great ease
    • Profound ability to prioritize the essential tasks with the proficient secretarial skills


    New Horizon Insurance Company, Brighton, Colorado

    Insurance Assistant, 2006 – present

    As a insurance assistant their were various responsibilities and some of the responsibilities include performing administrative tasks. Coordinated with the people from other department and checked the mails on the behalf of the manager. Received inbound calls and made outbound calls to other divisions. Generated and forwarded the invoices on manager’s behalf. Responsible for the maintenance of reports and documents of the client.

    Auto Insurance Co., Gunnison, Colorado

    Insurance Agent, 2002 – 2006

    Responsibilities include interaction with the client, preparation and maintenance of the documents and reports. Performed client data entry and processed claims. Coordinated and followed-up with the insurance companies for renewal of policies and payments. Explained and demonstrated the insurance policies to the clients and handled the enquiries.

    University of Colorado, Colorado

    Associate’s Degree in Sales and Insurance

    State of Colorado Licensed Automobile and Home Insurance Professional

    Mr. George Macman

    New Horizon Insurance Company, Brighton, Colorado

    Tierhilfe Griechische Hunde in Not, spendenaufruf starten.

    #Spendenaufruf #starten

    Herzlich Willkommen liebe Tierfreunde,

    wir freuen uns sehr, dass Sie zu uns gefunden haben und wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß auf unseren Seiten.

    Wir sind eine kleine Gruppe von ehrenamtlichen Helfern,

    die es sich zum Ziel gesetzt haben das Leben der Hunde in Griechenland zu verbessern.

    Ihr Team der Tierhilfe pro Hund aktiv

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Hier finde Sie unsere Rüden die ein Zuhause suchen!

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Hier finden Sie unsere Hündinnen die ein Zuhause suchen!

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Hier finden Sie die ganz Kleinen die noch ein Zuhause suchen!

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Hier finden Sie unsere aktuellen Notfälle!

    Spendenaufruf starten

    UPDATE: Dank eurer großartigen Unterstützung konnten wir die Ablöse bezahlen.

    Die Maus wurde schon dem Tierarzt vorgestellt und geimpft. Sie hat ein prima Zuhause gefunden mehr dazu in Kürze

    D anke auch im Namen von Smilla Spendenaufruf starten♥️

    Unsere Hunde auf Pflegestellen in Deutschland – Zuhause gesucht!❤

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Spendenaufruf für BUBU und ihre Welpen

    BUBU wurde vor ein paar Tagen im Regen mit ihren Welpen ausgesetzt.Zwei von ihnen haben es nicht überlebt, es sind jetzt noch 6 (3 Jungs und 3 Mädchen) sie haben ihre Augen noch geschlossen. Unsere Tierschützerin hat die kleine Familie eingepackt und notdürftig bei ihrer Nachbarin unterbringen können.

    Wir bitten um Unterstützung damit die kleine Familie weiterhin dort versorgt werden kann bis die Welpen alt genug sind um ausreisen zu können.

    ? Danke im Namen von Bubu und ihren Babies. ❤

    Euer Team der Tierhilfe Pro Hund aktiv e. V.

    Spendenaufruf starten


    Bitte spenden Sie, jeder Euro hilft!

    Wir haben unser Kastrationsprogramm gestartet. Werden Sie Pate und unterstützen Sie uns Leid zu verhindern.

    Danke im Namen der Tiere ❤

    Euer Team der Tierhilfe Pro Hund aktiv e.V.

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Spendenaufruf starten

    Sally genießt in Ihrem Zuhause die ersten Sonnenstrahlen? Frau Engelmann und Frau Eichner vom Verein “Auf eigenen Pfoten zum Schutz der Würde und Rechte in Not geratener Tiere” waren so lieb Sally bei sich aufzunehmen. Sie wird dort rührend versorgt.

    Ein großes Dankeschön an dieser Stelle für die Bereitschaft Sally aufzunehmen? und die tolle Arbeit die hier selbstlos geleistet wird. Es gibt weiter gute Nachrichten sobald die Wirbelsäule stabiler ist könnte Sally mit dem Rolli starten. Wir drücken fest die Daumen und freuen uns Sally mit einer Patenschaft weiter zu unterstützen.

    Sally geht es schon viel besser die offenen Wunden sind gut abgeheilt und benötigt keine Schmerzmittel mehr. Sally richtet sich vorne schon gut auf und ist prima integriert Spendenaufruf starten es geht voran .

    Sally und drei weitere Hunde wurden Opfer eines Tierhassers er raste direkt in die Gruppe. für Sally suchen wir einen Gnadenplatz sie wird gelähmt bleiben und auf einen Rolli und intensive Betreuung angewiesen sein.

    Sie ist voller Leben wer kann uns helfen?

    Euer Team der Tierhilfe Pro Hund aktiv e. V.

    Pittsburgh Car Donation Charity

    #car #donation #pittsburgh


    Primary Menu

    Pittsburgh Car Donation Charity

    – Pennsylvania Car Donation PA Donate a car to a non-profit in Donate a Car in Pennsylvania Donate your car, truck, RV, boat, or other vehicle to any organization listed below. Catholic Charities Diocese of Pittsburgh.

    Donate A Car 2 Charity in Pittsburgh provides fast, free pickup of your donated car. Get a Full Tax Deduction Call 1-877-505-5775 and speak with a

    Car donation in Pittsburgh,PA through our wizard is fast, easy and gets you the maximum return on your IRS tax deduction. Donate a car in Pittsburgh today!

    Dec 11, 2014 Different nonprofits use donated cars in different ways, and IRS rules are based on Conventional wisdom: Donating cars to charity seems like a good way to help That s how things go for Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh.

    Massachusetts Car Donation to Charity. On this site, you choose any one of our 500+ 501-C3 non-profit charities, you wish to benefit from your vehicle donation and

    Tax Donation Chart – 2015 Publication 17 , Oregon Individual Income Tax Guide, 150 instruction booklet and the Internal Revenue Service Tax Guide: Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax For . Land donations to educational institutions. Tax Exempt and Government Entities. EXEMPT ORGANIZATIONS. A Donors’ Guide. to. l hic e V e. Donation, BEFORE YOU GIVE. YOUR

    Post navigation

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    Detroit traffic updates, road conditions from 7 First Alert Traffic

    #detroit #traffic, #i-75, #i-94, #i-96, #i-696, #i-275, #i-375, #m-59, #m-10, #m-53, #wayne #traffic, #oakland #traffic, #macomb #traffic, #ann #arbor #traffic, #washtenaw #traffic, #dearborn #traffic, #warren #traffic


    I-75 SB between Springwells St/Exit 45 and Northline Rd/Exit 37

    M-5 NB WB between W 12 Mile Rd and Pontiac Trl

    Alexis Both EB/WB between US 24/Telegraph Rd and Hagman Rd

    Ann Arbor Trl WB between Warren Ave and US 24/N Telegraph Rd

    Auburn Rd WB between S Livernois Rd and Crooks Rd

    Calvert St Both EB/WB between Woodrow Wilson St and John C Lodge Expy

    Center Road Both EB/WB at US 23

    Davison WB between Dexter Ave and Livernois Ave

    Drouillard Road Both NB/SB between Seminole Street and Riverside Dr

    Evergreen Rd Both NB/SB between I 696 and W 13 Mile Rd

    Franklin Rd Both NB/SB between Telegraph Rd/US 24 and Swanson Rd

    Hayes Rd Both NB/SB between 15 Mile Rd and Moravian Dr

    Huron River Dr Both EB/WB between Hogback Rd and Chalmers Dr

    I-275 NB at I-696/M-5/I-96/Exit 165

    I-696 Service Drive Both EB/WB approaching Evergreen Rd

    I-696 WB at Evergreen Rd/Exit 11

    I-696 WB at I-96/I-275/M-5/Exit 1

    I-75 NB at Fort St/Schaefer/M-85/Exit 43

    I-75 NB at M-10/Lodge Fwy/Exit 49

    I-75 NB at Square Lake Rd/Exit 75

    I-75 NB at Square Lake Rd/Exit 75

    I-75 NB at West Rd/Exit 32

    I-75 NB between Crooks Rd/Exit 72 and M-59/Exit 77

    I-75 SB at Adams Rd/Exit 74

    I-75 SB at Adams Rd/Exit 74

    I-75 SB at Ambassador Bridge

    I-75 SB at Clark St/Exit 47

    I-75 SB at Dearborn St/Exit 44

    I-75 SB at Dix Hwy/Exit 40

    I-75 SB at Dix Hwy/Exit 40

    I-75 SB at Fort St/Schaefer/M-85/Exit 43

    I-75 SB at Fort St/Schaefer/M-85/Exit 43

    I-75 SB at Livernois Ave/Exit 46

    I-75 SB at M-10/Lodge Fwy/Exit 49

    I-75 SB at M-39/Southfield Rd/Exit 41

    I-75 SB at M-39/Southfield Rd/Exit 41

    I-75 SB at M-59/Exit 77

    I-75 SB at Northline Rd/Exit 37

    I-75 SB at Outer Dr/Exit 42

    I-75 SB at Outer Dr/Exit 42

    I-75 SB at Springwells St/Exit 45

    I-75 SB at Vernor Hwy

    I-75 SB between I-96/Jeffries Fwy/Exit 48 and Springwells St/Exit 45

    I-75 SB between M-59/Exit 77 and Crooks Rd/Exit 72

    I-96 EB at I-696/M-5/Exit 165

    Jefferson Ave Both NB/SB between 9 Mile Rd and 10 Mile Rd

    Joy Rd Both EB/WB at US 23

    Lakeville Rd Both EB/WB between S Glaspie St/N Oxford Rd and Rochester Rd

    Lilley Rd Both NB/SB between Michigan Ave and Palmer Rd

    Little Mack Ave Both NB/SB between Catalano St and Vermander Ave

    Livernois Rd Both NB/SB at W South Blvd

    M-153/Ford Rd EB between Greenfield Rd and Chase Rd

    M-153/Ford Rd WB between Chase Rd and Greenfield Rd

    M-24 NB between Nepessing St and Knollwood Dr

    M-5 NB WB at W 12 Mile Rd

    M-5 WB at M-5

    M-59 EB at M-53

    M-59 EB between Delco Blvd and Garfield Rd

    M-59 WB between Garfield Rd and Utica Park Blvd

    Maple Rd EB between Farmington Rd and Orchard Lake Rd

    Marine City Hwy Both EB/WB between Hessen Rd and Palms Rd

    MI-21 EB at Linden Rd

    MI-57 WB between MI-54/N Saginaw Rd and Mill St

    Middlebelt Rd NB before 13 Mile Road

    Miller Road WB over I-75

    North Territorial Rd WB between US 23 and Whitmore Lake Rd

    Plymouth Rd Both EB/WB between Farmington Rd and Inkster Rd

    Putnam Dr Both NB/SB between Belgrave Ave and Lawndale Ave

    Sibley Rd Both EB/WB between I 275 and Vining Rd

    South Blvd Both EB/WB at Livernois Rd

    Southfield Rd Both EB/WB between Fort St and I-75

    Square Lake Rd EB between Woodward Ave. and I 75

    Stadium Blvd Both EB/WB between South Industrial Boulevard and S Main St

    Summerfield Road Both EB/WB between US 23 and Tunnicliff Rd

    Summerfield Road Both EB/WB west of US 23

    US-23 NB at North Territorial Rd/Exit 49

    US-23 SB at 8 Mile Rd/Exit 53

    US-23 SB at 8 Mile Rd/Exit 53

    US-23 SB at North Territorial Rd/Exit 49

    US-23 SB at North Territorial Rd/Exit 49

    US-23 SB at Summerfield Rd/Exit 9

    W 11 Mile Rd Both EB/WB between Orchard Lake Rd and Middlebelt Rd

    Wiard Rd NB between Tyler Rd and Airport Drive

    Williams Lake Rd Both NB/SB between Elizabeth Lake Rd and Hwy 59/Highland Rd

    10 Mile Rd EB between Harper Ave and Jefferson Ave

    10 Mile Rd WB between Jefferson Ave and Harper Ave

    15 Mile Rd Both EB/WB between Hayes Rd and Hidden Pine Dr

    25 Mile Rd Both EB/WB between Foss Rd and Card Rd

    6 Mile Rd EB between US 23 and Main Rd

    8 Mile Rd WB between John R and Woodward Ave

    Sports Psychology Degree

    #online #sports #psychology #degree


    Sports Psychology Degree Programs Schools

    Compared to the rest of the disciplines under the umbrella of psychology, sports psychology is relatively new. Formally, it has only been around since the 1920s when European countries starting measuring the body and mind and the effect of sports on both. The discipline is rapidly growing in popularity however as professional teams in every major sport have started to tap into psychology to help get the most out of players mentally. Simply put, sports psychology focuses on using knowledge of kinesiology, biomechanics and plenty more to study what factors of psychology impact performance and vice versa.

    Ostensibly, a sports psychologist’s primary task is to focus on training and honing the minds of athletes to improve performance on the field or on the court. But sports psychologists can also work with coaches and parents regarding subjects like the mental side of injury and rehab, how to foster team communication and how to improve communication with an athlete or athletes.

    There are three types of officially recognized sports psychologists:

    • Applied Sport Psychology – This is teaching skills to enhance athletic performance
    • Clinical Sport Psychology – This combines mental training strategies from sport psychology with psychotherapy to help those with mental health issues
    • Academic Sport Psychology – This is more of the teaching at colleges and universities and conducting research.

    Sponsored Sport Psychology Degree

    There is some debate over whether sports psychologists whether the discipline should count as psychology or counseling and how legitimate and formulaic the discipline should be. This debate continues today as the professional sports psychology organization fights within itself over the group’s purpose. What is clear however is that sports psychology has taken a giant leap forward as an industry since the early 1980s and regardless what the future holds, it is bright.

    Sports psychologists can also be called, more generally, performance psychologists. According to the American Psychological Association. at least 20 NCAA Division I universities have a sport psychologist on staff and another 70 to 100 contract with outside specialists. Also, the U.S. Army is, somewhat surprisingly, the country’s largest employer of sport and performance psychologists. In military settings, performance psychologists work with soldiers and their families on any number of issues.

    Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Psychology

    There aren’t many Bachelor’s degree in Sports Psychology but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a recommended undergraduate path to entering the field. The Association of Applied Sports Psychology keeps a list of all the undergraduate programs around the country. Considering that most sports psychology positions will require a Master’s or Doctoral degree, it is best for students to consider a Bachelor’s degree to be the foundation of their education. If you are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Sports Psychology, there are a number of undergraduate opportunities that would help set a student up for niche graduate work.

    For example, a student applying to study biomechanics should have at least some background coursework in physics or an exercise physiology student should have a background in biological sciences. This means that a sport and exercise psychology student, should have some coursework showing a background in psychology. This doesn’t necessarily mean majoring in psychology, but a background is helpful.

    Typical courses in the undergraduate curriculum would be:

    • Human Anatomy
    • General Psychology
    • Introductory Nutrition
    • Motor Control and Learning
    • Exercise Physiology

    Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology

    Master’s degrees specifically in Sports Psychology are still few and far between because the industry is still sorting out how to formalize education of the discipline. That said, the programs are becoming more prevalent as the industry expands.

    Most Master’s degrees in the field are designed to take two years of full-time study. Students generally complete 24 credit hours of coursework in kinesiology, research methods and statistics, psychology and human development. Students will likely complete a thesis with the idea of preparing them for a Doctoral degree program in the field.

    Master’s degree holders can start careers in athletic administration, health care, and social work.

    Typical classes in a clinical psychology Master’s program curriculum include:

    • Stress and Coping in Sport
    • Advanced Kineisiology
    • Research Methods
    • Advanced Exercise Physiology
    • Sport Sociology
    • Sport Psychometrics

    Doctoral Degree in Sports Psychology

    Most PhD programs in Sports Psychology are designed to take four years to complete. The primary emphasis is almost always on developing a program of research. Coursework requirements can be determined in collaboration with the student and are designed to complement dissertation research and the student’s development as an independent scholar.

    Coursework has an emphasis on advanced sport and exercise psychology, quantitative and qualitative methods and analysis, and supporting areas such as human development, social psychology, communication, and sociology. The PhD program is designed to educate and prepare students to pursue employment in academic settings.

    The degree requires a minimum of 34 credit hours beyond the master’s degree and almost always includes a real-world experience requirements.

    Career Outlook for Sports Psychologists

    Most careers in sports psychology require a doctoral degree.

    There is not a lot of salary information available specific to health and medical psychologists. But, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. clinical psychologists earned an annual average salary of $70,580 as of 2014.

    According to estimates from Scott Goldman, the director of clinical and sport psychology at the University of Arizona, sport psychologists in university athletic departments can earn $60,000 to $80,000 a year depending on location and the highest salaries can exceed $100,000 annually.

    In private practice, the salary range is quite wide. According to Mark Aoyagi, director of sport and performance psychology at the University of Denver, sports psychology is still a boutique service that is catered to individual clients who pay for the services out of their own pockets. Thus it can be fluid.

    Certifications and Licensing for Sports Psychology

    There aren’t any specific regulations about sports psychologists on the books. But almost all sports psychologists should expect to earn licensure as a clinical psychologist first. It is important to check with the state board of licensing where you want to practice for licensing requirements and examinations.

    Certification is available through the Association of Applied Sports Psychology. The Society of Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology has a lot of continuing education resources as well and it is a division of the APA.

    Professional organizations for sports psychology include:

    Online Sports Psychology Degrees

    There are a number of Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree programs for psychology offered online. At the Master’s level, supervised clinical work is also necessary. There are no online doctoral programs, though some classes may be available.

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    DIY: Minimalist Dining Table – Amber Interiors, minimalist interior design.

    #Minimalist #interior #design

    DIY: Minimalist Dining Table

    OH my gawwwwwwd. You guys. This DIY is just so flipping good its crazy!

    My incredibly talented, ridiculously adorable, fist mate Bridgid, has knocked it outta the park with this DIY. And because she could quite possibly be THE raddest person around, she has lovingly passed this info on to you to give it a whirl.

    Minimalist interior design

    Want to know the best part…90 bucks folks.

    Thats like half a trip to Trader Joes, or one night out to a fancy dinner…

    I say save your moolah and make your own fancy dinner on your new snazzy table.

    Here is the price breakdown:

    Hollow Slab Door: $28

    4″ corner metal brackets: $6

    Wood Screws: $3.50

    Fine Sandpaper: $4

    Minwax Classic Gray Stain: $8

    screws and stuff: $18

    Minimalist interior design Minimalist interior design Minimalist interior design


    My husband and I just finished the table top. We chose to do other legs from IKEA. I am so excited to see the finished product. I do have a question about the shellac sealer. How many coats did you apply? We only have one on now. I think it looks great but wasnt sure if more coats were better for wear. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    I would love to know how well the table top is holding up !

    The table is gorgeous…but Id love to know about that chandelier in the first picture. It looks like a diy…is it made of seashells? Its beautiful! Ive been dying to do one myself..i was thinking of trying it with beads.

    I ABSOLUTELY love this idea, but was wondering how its held up for everyone? I intend to use it as a dining table / work table and want to know its not going to fall apart on me! Thanks in advance.

    Its been great for us for the past two years. Its not the most sturdy piece of furniture, it does wobble quite a bit. We eventually want a new table but for now its perfect!

    I recreated this design and it looks great. It is so unsturdy though! Any suggestions to help stabilize?

    Ours was very unsturdy too. When we screwed the legs into the door there was nothing for the nail to go into except a thing piece of wood. So… We bought four thick pieces of plywood. Two that matched the length, and two the matched the width. Glued those on with gorilla glue and clamps. The screwed the legs into that. Its still not the most sturdy but its worked for us for the past 2 years. I hope that makes sense? Ha!

    The kitchen was already installed when the property was bought, and provided a neutral backdrop against which Bhavin could introduce a little colour. He chose a minimalist dining table, in high gloss and stainless steel, and added a little fun with the colourful chairs. Dining table, Ikea.

    Surroga Mutuo – Come ottenere la portabilità, portabilità mutuo.

    #Portabilità #mutuo

    Surrogare il mutuo : quando conviene?

    La surroga dei mutui è stata introdotta dalla “legge Bersani” per offrire ai mutuatari la necessaria libertà di adeguamento del proprio finanziamento alle condizioni più vantaggiose proposte dal mercato, senza restare fossilizzati su condizioni contrattuali spesso obsolete e comunque ostative rispetto alla libertà che deve essere offerta dai contratti, specialmente quelli di natura finanziaria e creditizia.

    Anche se lobiettivo di fondo che doveva essere raggiunto con la surroga è stato fin da subito onorevole, almeno nellintento del legislatore, la prassi ha trovato una realizzazione complicata e scarsamente armonizzata con le effettive possibilità di portabilità dei mutui su cui possono fare affidamento i mutuatari.

    Che cosa si può modificare con la surrogazione del mutuo?

    La logica di fondo su cui poggia la struttura della normativa della surroga dei mutui è semplice: in base ad essa i mutuatari possono portare o spostare il proprio mutuo dallattuale banca ad una banca che applica condizioni più vantaggiose, andando ad incidere sulla durata (normalmente con un possibile allungamento del piano di ammortamento), sul tipo di tasso (ad esempio da tasso fisso a tasso variabile, o viceversa) e sulla “entità” del tasso complessivo (fatto da spread più tasso fisso o variabile di riferimento).

    Ci sono ovviamente delle limitazioni, alcune delle quali sono legate alle caratteristiche dei mutuatari, altre al mutuo stesso, ed altre ancora hanno carattere oggettivo.

    Quali limitazioni alla surroga dei mutui?

    Le limitazioni di carattere “personale”, ovvero legate ai mutuatari, sono letà anagrafica (nel caso in cui si vorrebbe ottenere un allungamento del piano di rimborso) e la situazione reddituale (che si è, ad esempio, deteriorata, o semplicemente considerata dalla nuova banca non sufficiente in assenza di ulteriori garanzie).

    Le limitazioni di carattere oggettivo sono invece legate al tipo di modifiche che non possono essere apportate tramite la surroga come ad esempio il cambio dei mutuatari, garanti, coobbligati e terzi datori di ipoteca, i quali devono intervenire con le stesse posizioni anche nel rapporto con la nuova banca. Ciò è dovuto al fatto che la surroga non porta alla stipula di un nuovo atto, ma semplicemente alla modifica di alcune sue componenti.

    Unaltra limitazione è data dal fatto che le banche possono surrogare solo il capitale residuo al momento della richiesta, il che trova spesso lostacolo della percentuale di mutuo inizialmente erogata, soprattutto nel caso dei mutui 100%, dato che la maggior parte delle banche si limita a percentuali più basse, tranne qualche piccola eccezione.

    Surrogare con nuova liquidità? Quali le possibilità

    Da un punto di vista normativo quindi le banche possono surrogare solo il capitale residuo. Tuttavia alcune banche superano questa limitazione attraverso prodotti specifici che prevedono la surroga + liquidità nuova. Ma bisogna considerare che la parte di nuova liquidità legata alloperazione non rientrerà mai nei benefici fiscali legati allo sgravio fiscale degli interessi passivi.

    Che cosa serve per chiedere ed ottenere la surroga o portabilità del mutuo?

    I mutuatari che vogliono usufruire della portabilità del proprio mutuo, devono per prima cosa cercare e valutare le varie condizioni applicate dalle numerose banche, che propongono un mutuo di surroga specifico o che ammettono, come ‘finalità’, la portabilità del mutuo sulle proposte presenti nel loro plafond.

    Quindi devono rivolgersi alla nuova banca, presentando la documentazione reddituale richiesta. Una volta fatta la richiesta di portabilità starà alle due banche comunicare per ottenere il conteggio di estinzione. La banca prescelta provvede ad estinguere il debito residuo presso la banca precedente, poi grazie allintervento del notaio avviene lannotazione delle modifiche al contratto, e soprattutto il passaggio di titolarità della garanzia al nuovo istituto bancario.

    I costi della portabilità del mutuo

    Il decreto Bersani ha previsto che loperazione di surroga dovesse avvenire a costo zero, un aspetto che è vero solo in parte. Non possono infatti essere applicati costi di istruttoria dalla nuova banca, la quale deve farsi carico anche dei costi del notaio, ma lonorario viene pagato solo entro determinate somme, che coincidono con lonorario dei notai che hanno accordi con la banca stessa. Per questo, se ci si rivolge altrove, bisogna farsi carico dell’eventuale differenza. Infine cè la questione dellassicurazione incendio e scoppio.

    A fare chiarezza in merito è intervenuta lIvass la quale ha stabilito che le compagnie di assicurazione devono rimborsare i premi pagati e non goduti in caso di estinzione anticipata. Quindi, in caso di surroga del mutuo, il mutuatario deve essere rimborsato per la parte dei premi pagati e non goduti, ma deve provvedere anche al pagamento del premio assicurativo per la copertura assicurativa richiesta dalla nuova banca, e non è detto che il saldo sia pari a zero tra le due operazioni.

    Le spese in caso di trasferimento mutuo non andato a buon fine

    Ci possono essere due situazioni: la prima è quella in cui la banca subentrante, dopo aver valutato la richiesta di trasloco, non trova ci siano i margini per procedere. In questo caso normalmente non sono addebitate spese accessorie, al pari di quanto accade nelle richieste di un mutuo di acquisto o ristrutturazione. Di contro può accadere che la banca della quale si vuole cambiare le condizioni di mutuo in toto, prima di lasciar andare un buon mutuatario (che paga realmente e puntualmente), decida di proporre una rinegoziazione (ci sono anche dei casi particolari con mutuo di “sostituzione” interna, per i quali bisogna fare attenzione ai costi accessori non sempre esenti).

    A questo punto, senza complicarsi la vita, può risultare più vantaggioso rimanere con la vecchia banca, ma la nuova ha il diritto di chiedere un contributo alle spese sostenute, dalla fase di valutazione (spese di istruttoria) a quella di perizia. Si tratta di una eventualità che, se è presente, deve essere riportata nel foglio informativo, che va letto perciò sempre con estrema attenzione.

    La cartolarizzazione del mutuo: un ostacolo alla portabilità

    Un mutuo cartolarizzato presenta sempre qualche difficoltà, anche nel caso di estinzione anticipata, perché spesso diventa complicato trovare linterlocutore con il quale rapportarsi. Tuttavia la cartolarizzazione del mutuo non può rappresentare una limitazione allesercizio del diritto alla portabilità del mutuo, dato che il referente deve essere ricondotto alla banca originaria, ovvero a colei che ha stipulato il mutuo poi successivamente sottoposto alla cartolarizzazione stessa.

    Per calcolare in modo veloce la convenienza della surroga del tuo mutuo puoi utilizzare il nostro tool online.

    Affitto case, case a Parma, affitto appartamenti su Bakeca, affitto cerco.

    #Affitto #cerco

    Appartamenti a Parma, monolocali, affitto a Parma

    Trilocale in affitto a Parma

    80 mq · Trilocale

    Bilocale Parma primissima periferia sud arredato

    48 mq · Bilocale

    Trilocale in affitto a Lesignano de’ Bagni

    80 mq · Trilocale


    210 mq · Cinque e più locali

    Appartamento di 120 m² con 4 locali in affitto a Parma

    120 mq · Quadrilocale

    Metti in evidenza i tuoi annunci con Bakeca Business

    Affittasi bilocale interno strada Farini

    70 mq · Bilocale

    Appartamento a Parma – Rif. bsl

    80 mq · Trilocale

    Appartamento di 80 m² con 3 locali in affitto a Parma

    80 mq · Trilocale

    Trilocale in affitto – Zona Ospedale –

    105 mq · Trilocale

    In zona via Pontremoli vicinanza EFSA; trilocale mq.80 arredato o semi arredato

    80 mq · Trilocale

    Trilocale in vendita a Fornovo di Taro

    71 mq · Trilocale

    Bilocale in affitto a Parma

    75 mq · Bilocale

    Trilocale in affitto a Parma, Centro Storico

    93 mq · Trilocale

    Trilocale in affitto a Sissa Trecasali, Sissa

    70 mq · Trilocale

    Attico / Mansarda di 110 m² con 3 locali e box auto in affitto a Parma

    Attico / Mansarda di 32 m² con 1 locale in affitto a Parma

    32 mq · Mansarda

    Attico / Mansarda di 100 m² con 3 locali in affitto a Parma

    Appartamento di 40 m² con 1 locale in affitto a Parma

    40 mq · Monolocale

    Appartamento di 78 m² con 3 locali e box auto in affitto a Langhirano

    78 mq · Trilocale

    Appartamento di 30 m² con 1 locale in affitto a Parma

    30 mq · Monolocale

    Appartamento di 110 m² con 3 locali in affitto a Parma

    110 mq · Trilocale

    Appartamento di 55 m² con 2 locali in affitto a Parma

    55 mq · Bilocale

    Appartamento di 100 m² con 3 locali in affitto a Parma

    100 mq · Trilocale

    Appartamento di 85 m² con 3 locali e box auto in affitto a Parma

    85 mq · Trilocale

    Appartamento di 50 m² con 2 locali e box auto in affitto a Parma

    50 mq · Bilocale

    Che cos’è un Alert

    L’alert è un servizio gratuito che ti permette di trovare comodamente quello che desideri, ricevendo via email tutti i nuovi annunci corrispondenti alla categoria di offerta che ti interessa. Un modo semplice e rapido, per rimanere aggiornati senza dover reimpostare ogni volta i tuoi criteri di ricerca.

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    Affitti case, annunci affitto a Parma

    Affitti un appartamento o una casa a Parma? In questa sezione puoi pubblicare il tuo annuncio gratuito di case in affitto e affitto immobili in Emilia-Romagna. Stai cercando un monolocale o una casa in affitto? Qui trovi annunci case sia di agenzie immobiliari sia di privati tra i quali scegliere l’appartamento che fa al caso tuo. Inserire un annuncio su Bakeca è semplicissimo: non è necessaria alcuna registrazione e il servizio è totalmente gratuito.

    TAEG (Tasso Annuo Effettivo Globale) – Glossario prestiti, 24 Ore Prestiti, finanziamenti a tasso zero.

    #Finanziamenti #a #tasso #zero

    TAEG (Tasso Annuo Effettivo Globale)

    Il Taeg è un indice, espresso in termini percentuali, del costo complessivo del finanziamento, calcolato su base annua in relazione alla durata del finanziamento ed alla periodicità delle rate. Comprende gli oneri accessori quali spese di istruttoria, spese di apertura pratica, spese di incasso delle rate e spese assicurative obbligatorie. Inoltre, per effetto delle nuove disposizioni di Banca d’Italia sulla trasparenza in adempimento della direttiva europea EU 2008/48/CE, dal 1 giugno 2011 il calcolo del Taeg comprende anche l’eventuale compenso riconosciuto dal cliente ad un intermediario del credito per l’ottenimento del finanziamento (nota: tutti i servizi di PrestitiOnline sono gratuiti per il cliente), i costi delle polizze assicurative che costituiscono requisito necessario per ottenere il credito o ottenerlo a specifiche condizioni, gli oneri fiscali (come ad esempio l’imposta di bollo sui contratti) Non sono compresi gli eventuali oneri notarili (per finanziamenti garantiti da ipoteca quali i mutui casa).

    Il Taeg deve essere inserito nel contratto e nel documento informativo precontrattuale ( IEBCC o SECCI) che devono essere consegnati al cliente.

    Vuoi calcolare il TAEG applicato al tuo prestito? Usa il nostro strumento per il calcolo del TAEG e scopri subito qual è il tasso dinteresse effettivo applicato al tuo finanziamento. Ti basta indicare lammontare totale del prestito, la sua durata, limporto della rate e la frequenza di emissione delle stesse, e potrai conoscere il tasso annuo effettivo. Se il TAEG è troppo elevato e desideri estinguere il tuo debito, ti segnaliamo che sul mercato esiste una tipologia di prestito che può fare per te: sono i prestiti di consolidamento, che consentono appunto di ridurre i tuoi pagamenti mensili sui finanziamenti in corso (ed eventualmente di ottenere anche della liquidità aggiuntiva) allungando la durata del prestito a tassi competitivi. Fai un preventivo e scopri se ci sono prestiti con un TAEG meno caro rispetto a quello che stai pagando ora.

    Que es una hostess, que es una hostess.

    #Que #es #una #hostess

    What we believe, enjoy & do?

    Make our dreams come true

    Que es una hostess

    Que es una hostess

    Helping others to make their dreams come true

    Que es una hostess

    Que es una hostess

    Que es una hostess

    Sharing knowhow

    Que es una hostess

    Que es una hostess

    Que es una hostess

    Meet the team

    Que es una hostess

    CEO & Founder

    Multifaceted engineer with 2 MsC (Project managment and Motorsport). Lluc created 2 previous start-up and COO in another. In last 6 years have been involved in over 25 projects.

    Que es una hostess


    Software engineer

    Software engineer, with more than 2 years developing apps in IOS and developing software in different companies.

    Que es una hostess


    Sales & Marketing Manager

    Degree in Audovisual Media, with specialization in Marketing. MsC in Promotional Marketing. Felipe has been involved in a successful Car Sharing startup for more than 5 years, managing the operational area.

    Que es una hostess


    Electronics Engineer

    Electronics engineer with MsC in automatization of Industrial process, specialized in the development of hardware/software for domotic systems. Has worked over 8 year with domotics and inmotics.

    Que es una hostess

    Product & Materials engineer

    Product engineer specialized in materials, CAD&CAE. Created before a previous start-up and is involved in another one.

    Que es una hostess


    Electronics engineer

    Industrial engineer specialized with electronics, with a ”cum laudem” and best record of the degree.

    Que es una hostess

    Administration & energy efficiency

    Architect with formation in accounting and master in prevention of occupational hazards. Has been involved with other startups before.

    Que es una hostess



    Degree in Comercio by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, especialzed in consumer behaviour and marketing area. Has worked as finance assessor and hostess events.

    Que es una hostess


    CFO & Investor

    Lawyer specialized in finances. She is the founder and CEO of Tax&Law, a financial consultancy firm. Monica has been involved in other startups before.


    Our intelligent floor is being recognized nationally and internationally

    • Que es una hostess
    • Que es una hostess
    • Que es una hostess
    • Que es una hostess
    • Que es una hostess
    • Que es una hostess
    • Que es una hostess
    • Que es una hostess
    • Que es una hostess

    What press says about our own projects?

    Que es una hostess

    Ya se conocen las cuatro ‘startups’ ganadoras del South Summit 2015

    Que es una hostess

    El suelo radiante inteligente de Plactherm se autoadapta a cada necesidad

    Que es una hostess

    La Razón

    Las mejores tecnologías limpias a golpe de click

    Que es una hostess

    INCENSe premia en su primera convocatoria a 14 startups con hasta 150.000 euros

    Que es una hostess

    INCENSe awards 14 startups with up to 150,000 euros each

    Que es una hostess


    Premios Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

    Que es una hostess

    La Fundación Repsol selecciona seis proyectos de eficiencia energética para su Fondo de Emprendedores

    Que es una hostess

    Fundación Repsol organiza el Foro de innovación del Fondo de Emprendedores

    Que es una hostess

    El mundo

    Ecosistema emprendedor para el sector energético

    Que es una hostess

    Fundación Repsol premia los proyectos ganadores de su Fondo de Emprendedores

    Office, Workshop, meeting rooms, and more.

    Isn’t it awesome?

    Que es una hostess

    Que es una hostess

    Que es una hostess

    Que es una hostess

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    C/María Ignacia, 8, 28039 Madrid, SPAIN

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    NOTA: Para continuar con el proceso de envío de la información, el usuario deberá marcar una casilla indicando que ha leído y aceptado las condiciones de protección de datos de la entidad. Una vez marcada, podrá procederse al envío de los datos a la entidad.

    Que es una hostess

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    Hofbörse im Internet vermittelt Nachfolger – Immer mehr Quereinsteiger – 01.07.2013 07:56 Uhr

    FALKENSTEIN – Viele Bauern in Deutschland haben keinen Hofnachfolger. Andererseits gibt es Menschen, die einsteigen möchten, aber keinen Hof erben. Der Beruf des Landwirts ist begehrt wie lange nicht.

    Früher Schicksal, heute Leidenschaft: Immer mehr Quereinsteiger entscheiden sich für den Beruf des Landwirtes. © dpa

    Moritz Kremer schaut auf seine Herde im Stall 60 braune Milchziegen, alle kennt der 29 Jahre alte Landwirt beim Namen: Keine Ziege ist wie die andere, jede hat ihren eigenen Kopf. Kremer, Dreitagebart, leuchtend blaue Augen, die dunkelblonden Haare am Scheitel zur Seite gegelt, hat sich seinen Traum erf llt: Der Gro st dter ist aufs Land gezogen, um Milchziegenbauer zu sein. Sein Hof liegt mitten im Bayerischen Wald, umrandet von Getreidefeldern und gr nen H geln.

    Kremer ist Quereinsteiger. Gemeinsam mit seinem Vater Raymund, Architekt, hat er den Betrieb gegr ndet. Nach dem Abitur machte er eine Ausbildung als Bauzeichner. Doch w hrend der Lehre habe ich gemerkt, dass ich ein Landwirtschafts-Gen habe. Dann sattelte er auf Bauer um; die Familie kaufte einen leerstehenden Reiterhof in Falkenstein. Alles hat gepasst: Gesucht, verliebt, gefunden , erinnert sich der Neulandwirt.

    Kremer liegt im Trend: Der Beruf des Landwirts gilt wieder als attraktiv. Viele Interessenten besitzen keinen Hof, k nnen sich aber ein Leben als B uerin oder Bauer vorstellen. Es sind junge Einsteiger, die ein Studium oder eine Ausbildung absolviert haben, aber auch Aussteiger aus anderen Berufen mit Kapital im R cken.

    Diese Leute wollen zur ck zu den Wurzeln , sagt Gertraud Gafus von der Arbeitsgemeinschaft b uerliche Landwirtschaft (AbL). Niemand m sse als Landwirt geboren sein, um Freude zu empfinden, wenn ein Bienenvolk vorbei fliegt, ein Kalb auf die Welt kommt oder eine Streuobstwiese im Mai bl ht . Der Beruf ist anspruchsvoll geworden: Bauer sein bedeutet mehr als K he melken und mit dem Schlepper ber cker fahren , sagt Katja Gilbert vom Verband Bioland in Bayern. Management, Marketing, Vertrieb und Personalf hrung seien mindestens so wichtig wie die Stallarbeit: Ein Landwirt ist ein Unternehmer.

    Deshalb hat Vieth die Hofb rse ins Leben gerufen. Sie soll Landwirte ohne Hof mit Altbauern ohne Nachfolger zusammenbringen. Im Moment sind 74 Anbieter und 154 Suchende registriert. 3000 Kontakte konnte das Netzwerk nach eigenen Angaben allein im vergangenen Jahr herstellen. Mit guten Konzepten f nden viele Einsteiger ihre Nische und h tten auch mit kleinen Betrieben eine Chance auf dem umk mpften Markt.

    Auch die EU-Landwirtschaftsminister wollen gegen das H festerben vorgehen. In der vergangenen Woche haben sie sich auf eine Reform der EU-Agrarpolitik geeinigt. Zu den Gewinnern z hlen Junglandwirte unter 40 Jahren. Sie sollen Extraf rdergelder bekommen, wenn sie einen Hof bernehmen oder einen eigenen Betrieb aufbauen. Nur sieben Prozent der Bauern sind nach Angaben des Europ ischen Rates der Junglandwirte unter 35 Jahre alt.

    Dossier candidature Master MEEF 1er degré 2018-2019 (1ère étape), meef.


    Dossier candidature Master MEEF 1er degré 2018-2019 (1ère étape)

    Lenvoi du dossier de candidature est la 1ère étape obligatoire avant linscription.

    Ne pas confondre CANDIDATURE et INSCRIPTION.

    Etant donné le grand nombre de dossiers de candidature déjà reçu, nous sommes au regret de vous informer que notre période de recrutement pour la rentrée 2018 est terminée (06/04/18).

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    Le dossier de candidature pour entrer en première année de Master MEEF (Métiers de lEnseignement de lEducation et de la Formation) 1er degré 2018-2019 nest plus en ligne.

    Etant donné le grand nombre de dossiers de candidature déjà reçu, nous sommes au regret de vous informer que notre période de recrutement pour la rentrée 2018 est terminée (06/04/18).

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    Linscription se fera directement en année de M2 / Professeur Stagiaire alternant. Des informations seront envoyées aux lauréats dans les jours suivant les résultats.

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    Outre la préparation au concours, ce M2 vise à professionnaliser davantage les étudiants vers le métier de professeur décole dans les domaines plus spécifiques de projets portant sur le chant et la musique, le cinéma, le théâtre et les partenaires culturels.

    Nul nest besoin davoir une expertise dans ces domaines, il est simplement visé de donner les outils pour travailler dans ces domaines les différentes disciplines enseignées à lécole primaire.

    Le dossier de candidature pour lannée 2018-2019 sera mis en ligne dans la semaine du 14 au 18 Mai 2018, après les résultats des écrits du CRPE (et les congés scolaires).

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    Quel est le coût de la formation ?

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    • Frais de scolarité 2018-2019 pour les étudiants boursiers : 1800 euros comprenant les frais de gestion. Ces étudiants sont exonérés des frais de convention avec lUniversité dAngers ainsi que des frais de Sécurité Sociale Étudiante. Sajoute la Médecine préventive obligatoire (étudiants de moins de 28 ans) qui est de 5,10 euros en 2017-2018.
    • Infos à venir pour les M2 (non lauréats du concours).
    • Le coût de la formation est différent pour les personnes considérées en « formation continue ».

    Se renseigner auprès du secrétariat de l’IND-E au 02 72 79 63 36.

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    In der Schweiz ist bekanntlich kein Thema vor einem Volksentscheid sicher, und so hatten die Eidgenossen Mitte März die Möglichkeit, über eine neue Zweitwohnsitzregelung abzustimmen. Initiiert hatte die Abstimmung der 84-jährige Naturschützer Franz Weber, der ein Verbot neuer Zweitwohnsitze in jenen Gemeinden forderte, in denen ihr Anteil bereits 20 Prozent der Wohnungen übersteigt.Eine hauchdünne Mehrheit stimmte dafür und seither geht es in der helvetischen Immobilienbranche rund. Ein . > mehr

    Luxushotels: Erster Blick hinter verschlossene Türen Hotelmarkt. In den nächsten Monaten und Jahren eröffnen große Luxushotel-Ketten ihre Häuser in Wien.

    Ritz Carlton, Kempinski, Park Hyatt und demnächst Four Seasons: Auf Wiens Luxus-Hotelmarkt haben noch nie so viele bekannte Namen für Aufsehen gesorgt wie derzeit. Was der aktuelle Stand dieser Projekte ist und wie der Hotelmarkt eingeschätzt wird, war Thema einer Diskussionsrunde beim IIR-Kongress “Hotelimmobilie 2012” in der Vorwoche. “Ritz Carlton hat das Haus voll in Beschlag genommen”, sagt Robert Hahn, Projektmanager der BAI. Die Zimmeranzahl in dem einst als Shangri-La geplanten Haus a . > mehr

    Österreichische Hotels auf Expansionskurs – Hotelbranche. Einige österreichische Hotelbrands haben das Zeug dazu, international eine Rolle zu spielen.

    Der höchste Turm Österreichs bekommt ein schickes Businesshotel: Im September eröffnet die Innsbrucker Hotelkette “Harrys Home” nach Graz, Linz und Dornbirn im Wiener Millennium Tower ein viertes Haus mit 97 Zimmern. Die Expansionslust von Eigentümer Harald Ultsch ist damit aber noch lange nicht gestillt. Einen weiteren Standort in Wien kann er sich ebenso vorstellen wie ein, zwei Häuser im Ausland. Gespräche für ein Hotel in München und eines in der Nähe von Zürich laufen. “Klar komme . > mehr

    “Wien ist einer der stabilsten Hotelmärkte” Interview Welche Preise im Luxussegment tatsächlich drin sind, weiß Experte Michael Widmann von PKF Hotelexperts.

    WirtschaftsBlatt:Herr Widmann, bei vielen Hotelprojekten haben Sie ihre Finger mit im Spiel. Was ist konkret Ihr Job? Michael Widmann: Wir sagen, ob ein Projekt sinnvoll ist und wie man es optimieren kann. Man könnte auch sagen, wir sind die Bösen, die kritischen Sparringpartner. Ob der Kunde das dann berücksichtigt, ist wieder etwas anderes. Bei wie vielen Projekten geht der Daumen nach unten? Etwa die Hälfte hat keinen Sinn – vor allem in der Ferienhotellerie, aber auch bei Stadth . > mehr

    Grand Hotel Astoria – Hotel **** – Grado (Go), angebote grado.

    #Angebote #grado

    angebote grado

    • Angebote grado
    • Angebote grado
    • Angebote grado

    Angebote grado

    • Angebote grado
    • Angebote grado

    Angebote grado Angebote grado

    Angebote grado

    Ein Urlaub am Meer

    Familien, die Insel Grado begrüsst Euch

    Lebe als Hauptdarsteller, Hotel Astoria, das bist Du

    Kinder gratis bis 4 Jahre

    Entdecke die Angebote

    Kinder sind bei uns willkommen!

    Angebote grado

    Vereinbarung mit Golf Club Grado

    Lebe als Hauptdarsteller, Hotel Astoria, das bist Du

    Von 10 bis 15% Rabatt

    Auf die vielen Dienstleistungen des Hotels und des Golf Clubs

    Angebot für das ganze Jahr gültig, nach Vorweisung einer gültigen Golf-Mitgliedskarte

    Angebote grado

    Lebe als Hauptdarsteller, Hotel Astoria, das bist Du

    Zusammen ist besser

    Angebote und Vorschläge auf Gruppen zugeschnitten

    Viele Dienstleistungen speziell für Gruppenreisen

    Kontakieren Sie uns

    Angebote grado

    Grado & Umgebung mit dem Fahrrad

    Lebe als Hauptdarsteller, Hotel Astoria, das bist Du

    Entdecken Sie den Friaul mit dem Fahrrad

    Viele Angebote für Bikeliebhaber

    Viele Angebote für Touren mit Bike, auf denen Sie Grado und seine Umgebung kennen lernen werden; die Insel, die Hügel des Friauls, die Naturschutzgebiete und –pärke.

    Entdecke die Angebote

    Angebote grado

    Für unsere Gäste

    Lebe als Hauptdarsteller, Hotel Astoria, das bist Du

    Golden Ager Ferien: Gesundheit Meer Relax

    Abgestimmte Vorschläge für unsere Gäste Golden Ager

    Hotel, Restaurants, ärztliches Personal und Wellness Center ganz zu Ihrer Verfügung

    Sehen Sie die Vorschläge

    Angebote grado

    Lebe als Hauptdarsteller, Hotel Astoria, das bist Du

    Willst Du mit dem Wind spielen?

    Kurse und Superofferten für Liebhaber des Kitesurfing

    Kitesurfing in Grado ist besonders spannend! Die Insel ist als eine der besten Locations bei der internationalen Community der Kitefans bekannt.

    Ihren Urlaub

    Angebote grado


    Angebote grado


    Auswahl an verschiedene Massage von 60′: Antistress, Drainierend, Ayurveda, Schiatsu, Taj Massage, Kraniosakrale, Fussreflexzonen Massage Euro 50,00 statt .

    Angebote grado


    Buche direkt bei uns, um die bessere Preise zu bekommen! Vier gute Gründe, um Ihren Aufenthalt direkt .

    Angebote grado

    KURTAXE 2018

    Ab 01. März 2018 wird Grado die Kurtaxe einführen. Wir werden die Beträge mitteilen, sobald sie bekannt sind.

    Angebote grado


    Golf und Relax im Naturpark von Grado

    10% Rabatt auf unsere B&B Übernachtungspreise. 10% Rabatt auf alle Behandlungen unseres Thalassotherapischen Zentrums Astoria. Partner Hotel vom .

    Angebote grado


    (Angebot gültig vom 15.04. bis 15.10.17) Acht Nächte Aufenthalt im Grand Hotel Astoria für die Kunde aus .

    Angebote grado


    4 Sterne Hotel in Grado in Friaul-Julisch Venetien. Das Hotel Astoria, prächtiges 4 Sterne Hotel in Grado in Friaul-Julisch Venetien, wird Anfang 1900 geboren, als Grado noch das Ferienziel der Habsburger und des mitteleuropäischen Adels war, mit dem Namen Hotel Lido. Das Hotel lernte Prunk und Pracht kennen, da es unter anderem Sitz des örtlichen Casinos war. 1991 wurde es vollständig umstrukturiert und führt seine Rolle als stilvolles Hotel in Grado weiter, an der Spitze der Qualität und der Eleganz, die sich in der Vollständigkeit der Dienstleistungen unterscheidet. Tradition und Modernität sind die Philosophie dieses 4 Sterne Hotels, im historischen Zentrum von Grado gelegen, wenige Meter vom Meer entfernt, gerade zwischen der Altstadt mit den Resten aus der römischen Zeit und den breiten Boulevards der Innenstadt, ideal für einen entspannenden Strandurlaub.

    Angebote grado

    Angebote grado

    Exklusive Panoramarestaurant 7 Himmel

    Ausser dem klassischem Restaurant steht den Gästen das exklusive Panoramarestaurant 7. Himmel& im 7. Stock, mit herrlichem Blick auf das Meer, die Altstadt und die wunderschönen Lagune, zur Verfügung. Dort können Sie den Duft der lokalen Produkte, kreativ vom Küchenchef kombiniert, geniessen.

    Hotel Astoria

    Anfahrt zum Hotel nur einen Steinwurf vom Meer

    4 Sterne Hotel in Grado in Friaul-Julisch Venetien. Das Hotel Astoria, prächtiges …

    Angebote grado


    Uno sguardo sul mare e sui tramonti

    Webcam mit Blick auf den Strand in Grado Grado und Richtungen über …

    Angebote grado


    Erfahren Sie, was Sie in Grado, Aquileia und im Grand Hotel Astoria machen können

    Das Hotel Astoria bietet Ihnen jeden Tag viele Aktivitäten im und ausserhalb …

    Angebote grado

    Comparador de Hipotecas – Finanzas, mejores condiciones hipoteca.

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    Entidades financieras líderes

    El servicio de comparación de hipotecas de nuestra web ofrece la posibilidad de obtener una comparativa entre entidades financieras líderes. Únicamente hay que rellenar un sencillo formulario y en pocos segundos tendrás los resultados más ajustados a tu perfil, pudiendo comparar los precios y los productos incluidos en cada una de las hipotecas ofrecidas por cada entidad.

    Cuánto pierde Cuba por la ineficiencia de su burocracia agraria, Cartas Desde Cuba por Fernando Ravsberg, de cuanto es la deuda externa de mexico 2015.

    #De #cuanto #es #la #deuda #externa #de #mexico #2015

    ¿Cuánto pierde Cuba por la ineficiencia de su burocracia agraria?

    De cuanto es la deuda externa de mexico 2015

    Foto: Raquel Pérez Díaz

    La comercialización de productos agropecuarios cubanos alcanza una cifra cercana a los $ 7000 millones (CUP) al año, es decir más de U$D 290 millones. La suma incluye a los Mercados Estatales, los de Oferta y Demanda, Puntos de Venta, Arrendados, Cooperativas y Carretilleros.

    El aporte de los guajiros constituye una mínima parte de lo que el país necesita. Cuba compra en el extranjero el 75% de la comida y para ello gasta U$D 1900 millones al año. Las importaciones podrían ser menores pero la burocracia agraria pierde el 57% de las cosechas por ineficiencia.

    De cuanto es la deuda externa de mexico 2015

    Fernando Funes salva más del 90% de lo que cosecha, no es un ser extraterrestre usando técnicas desconocidas, es un cubano trabajando la tierra en Cuba. Foto: Raquel Pérez Díaz

    Si los productos que llegan al mercado o al Estado son solo el 43% de lo cosechado, las perdidas por la incapacidad de quienes dirigen la distribución tienen un valor aproximado de U$D 165 millones al año, U$D 14 millones al mes. ¡Casi medio millón de dólares diarios!

    Con ese monto de dinero se podrían comprar unos 5 mil tractores al año o importar mas de 700 mil toneladas de fertilizantes. Con lo cual se aumentaría la producción de alimentos, reduciendo la importación, una de las principales metas del gobierno.

    Si Cuba pudiera ahorrar esos recursos que se pudren junto a las cosechas y utilizarlos para adquirir leche, alcanzaría para unos 80 millones de kilogramos, suficiente para abastecer a cada cubano hasta la mayoría de edad.

    Si se quisiera invertir en el trasporte de pasajeros lo que la burocracia agraria dilapida, sería posible adquirir anualmente unos 800 autobuses europeos nuevos, con lo cual en 10 años habría más buses en La Habana que antes de la crisis de los años 90.

    Adelantándome a los que dirán que estos cálculos pueden ser exagerados, aceptaría dejarlos en la mitad y el resultado sería igual de escandaloso: perder U$D 400 mil diarios, el equivalente anual a 2500 tractores, 500 autobuses o 40 millones de kg de leche.

    De cuanto es la deuda externa de mexico 2015

    Las importaciones de alimentos podrían reducirse en un tercio si la burocracia agraria no perdiera las cosechas. Foto: Raquel Pérez Díaz

    Constantemente el gobierno habla de ahorrar pero protege a uno de los mayores despilfarradores del país, la burocracia agraria. El “mecanismo” utilizado para dirigir el trabajo del campo y distribuir las cosechas ha dado ya demasiadas muestras de incapacidad.

    La prensa oficial intenta esconder, justificar o endulzar sus barrabasadas pero a veces las pérdidas son tan grandes -miles de toneladas de tomates o de mangos podridos que un periodista o un diputado rompen el “pacto de silencio” y se forma el escándalo.

    El gobierno insiste en mantener ese “mecanismo” sin probar variantes, como un ministerio que se limite a apoyar al campesino o vender medios de transporte a los guajiros para que ellos mismos establezcan un sistema de distribución, sin intermediarios estatales ni privados.

    De cuanto es la deuda externa de mexico 2015

    La burocracia agraria no solo deja de recoger cosechas, además tiene un sistema diabólico de distribución en el que los productos reciben 11 golpes, antes de llegar al consumidor.

    El Ingeniero Agrónomo Fernando Funes es un ejemplo que pocos quieren ver, en sus tierras cultiva lo que el mercado le pide, tiene su propio sistema de distribución, logra salvar más del 90% de sus cosechas, paga mejores salarios y gana lo suficiente para vivir decorosamente.

    No estamos hablando de un sistema de producción japonés sino de una pequeña finca ubicada en la salida de La Habana, de tierra pobre, llena de piedras y con poca agua. La burocracia agraria parece temer que el ejemplo de autonomía de Funes se extienda y les reste poder.

    El Presidente Trump está cerrando el juego, volviendo a la vieja estrategia de generar miseria entre los cubanos, incluso podría llegar a ser más dura que antes de Obama porque ahora Washington cerró la válvula de la libre emigración a los EEUU.

    En este contexto, dilapidar los recursos económicos que se dispone debería considerarse un delito contra la nación. Dejar pudrir los alimentos en los campos es además muy inhumano en un país en el que los ciudadanos de a pie tienen tantas dificultades para llevar la comida a su mesa.

    Sin embargo, no se ha hecho público que se tomara ninguna medida con los dirigentes responsables de las pérdidas de las cosechas y los organismos de Estado encargados de la recogida y distribución siguen siendo los mismos que cada año sabotean la agricultura.

    De poco servirán discursos y consignas pidiendo un mayor ahorro, aprovechar mejor los recursos, aumentar la producción o reducir las importaciones, mientras el gobierno no sea capaz de dar el ejemplo en un terreno tan sensible para la población como son los alimentos.

    De cuanto es la deuda externa de mexico 2015

    Con el dinero que la burocracia agraria pierde se podría resolver el problema de la leche. Foto: Raquel Pérez Díaz