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Associates vs Bachelors

Hi hpatel84,
to Allnurses!

You will want to check into schools that have accelerated BSN programs and make sure you have the necessary pre-requisites (e.g. A P, microbiology, statistics, nutrition, etc.). Sociology is one of the pre-reqs, so you’ve got that covered!

Next, you should see what else the school requires in addition to pre-reqs and undergrad GPA. Some schools require the GRE or another standardized test. Some will require you to write an essay or submit letters of recommendation.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I am currently in an ABSN program.

Oh thank you so much for answering those questions! I have some other questions too! What are they looking for inparticular regarding schools in nursing and do you think it is a good idea to maybe try a Associates also just so I dont’ waste time. Have you heard of anything about how easy or hard it is to get into a Asociates-BSN program, i think its like an RN-BSN program or would that just be a waste of time?

You’re welcome, Hetal.

– Different programs look for different things. For example, one of the main criteria for an accelerated BSN program would be that you would have to have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field. A 3.0 undergrad GPA is also usually the norm for these programs.

– I am not sure what the exact requirements are to get into an ADN program (associate’s in nursing). I hear these have waiting lists sometimes.

– Since you already have a bachelor’s degree, you would be an eligible applicant for an accelerated program. You could also go for your ADN (associate’s in nursing) and then do a bridge program (RN-to-BSN). You would definitely need your BSN if you want to become a CRNA.

Hi everyone!
I am a Georgia resident, currently working on a four year degree, but would like to switch to the field of nursing. I am planning on completing a CNA course this month, then do my LPN. The problem I am having is the prequisits. I have just two of them and would like to start the LPN course shortly after. Does anyone know of any accredited online courses that I can take to avoid these waiting list? I am engaged to be married soon and do not have a lot of time to wait around as I will have a family to support.

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You could also go for your ADN (associate’s in nursing) and then do a bridge program (RN-to-BSN). You would definitely need your BSN if you want to become a CRNA.

*** Not necessarily. A bachelors degree IS required for CRNA school but lots of schools accept degrees other than a BSN. You could go to CRNA school with an ADN and a bachelors in something else. My best friend just left for CRNA school. He has an ADN, a BS in biology and will graduate CRNA school with an MS in biology.
A BSN may be a better bet though.

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