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Oct 5 2017

APC Back-UPS 450VA Battery Back-Up System Black BN450M – Best Buy #apc,back-ups #450va #battery #back-up #system,bn450m,ups #battery #backup #devices,computers




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APC – Back-UPS 450VA Battery Back-Up System – Black

Good Product but No Battery Replacement Posted by: bob5000 from: on Bought this UPS to replace a malfunctioning one by a different manufacturer. Like the small size and ability to hang on wall. This will provide power to our gateway and one switch. I have purchased over 12 APC UPSes over the years, and have also used other manufacturers. Have always come back to APC. Kicking this one star since this unit does not have a user replaceable battery and there is no mention of this on the Best Buy website, in the information from APC listed on the website, or on the box. It is not until you buy it and get it home and read the manual that you find this out. This is a new version and the older version has a user replaceable battery. Generally, I have had to replace batteries every 3-4 years, so with this unit it is throw it out and buy another one. Usual battery replacement cost is $25, and a new unit is $50 so that is a bummer. If this does not bother you, then it is a good product. I am considering returning it and buying something else.

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Good UPS Posted by: SouthernGent from: on I needed a new UPS to keep our phones and networking running. Also needed to be easy to mute. This one fit the bill.

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Space Saver Posted by: Rockinrebel from: on While writing this review it sounded to alert me of a problem. The computer continued to work, never lost internet or even my viewing of my monitor as all are plugged into the UPS. Have now purchased four and could not have had better results! The kids are happy too never getting booted off a game or having to reboot to a computer.

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Good product Posted by: Andy from: on Works as advertised. I do wish that it had a DSL surge protection feature.

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Does the job Posted by: techguy from: on Smaller battery but enough to get everything shut down without loss when the power goes down.

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Detected wiring fault, saved my pc Posted by: jellyberry from: on Pro: The wiring fault detector saved my new pc Con: I would love to have seen a usb port to connect to the pc with status etc.

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Apc – Back-ups 450va Battery Back-up System Posted by: Sblair from: on Bought it for my big screen tv, Play station, Blue-ray and cable box. Works great when the power flickers, no interruptions.

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Backup Posted by: Dotdot from: on This backup Holds a lot, therefore, we shouldn’t need another one for a while, we have lots of pictures of our kids and grandkids that are precious to us

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Apc – Back-ups 450va Battery Back-up System Good Posted by: OncedMac from: Eau Claire, WI on The battery pack is narrow and fits much better under the desk, I set this up for my parents to provide power to there router, saves me from resetting it when the power goes out and sometimes did not power up correctly. Lasts for about 60 mins on the little router.

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Great UPS for small systems Posted by: Dave from: on I purchase these APC UPS’s all the time for installing telephone systems. They work great and we never have a problem with them. Highly recommended!

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