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Jul 31 2019

Advanced Diploma In Pharmaceutical Sciences, pharmaceutical internships.#Pharmaceutical #internships

Advanced Diploma In Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Advanced Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences aims to further participants’ competencies in pharmacy practice so as to provide better patient health outcomes and customer experience and to develop organizational and management skills so that they progress to be role models in their practice domains.

Post-Diploma Certificate in Patient Care Services (Compulsory)

Module 1: Medication Management [45 hours]

This module will reinforce participants’ knowledge and application of the medication reconciliation process which includes best practices in obtaining medication history and reviewing for discrepancies such as drug identity, labelling instructions, expiry date, storage conditions and compatibility with other medications and/or nutritional supplements. Administrative procedures required during medication reconciliation such as proper documentation, referencing from health records and appropriate communication with care-givers and other healthcare professionals will also be covered.

Module 2: Patient Education [60hrs]

Participants will be taught how to conduct pre-screening of ambulatory patients which include weight and height measurement and techniques for gathering relevant information such as medical and familial history. The module will also provide opportunities to practise and apply patient counselling skills in areas such as smoking cessation, administration of medications, use of diagnostics and monitoring devices, heart failure, diabetes mellitus, acute coronary syndrome and asthma. Participants will be expected to recommend appropriate medications for minor ailments and provide relevant advice on disease management at the end of the module.

Module 3: Patient Care Services Project [45hrs]

Participants are expected to complete a project as part of the on-the-job training. The nature of the project will be based on the modules that are taught in the post-diploma certificate and should be of relevance and applicability to the healthcare institutions.

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