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Aug 14 2017

AA Car Valuation Service #car #lots

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AA Car Valuation Service

AA Car Valuation For Members/Non-Members

The Automobile Association provides members/non-members with free used car valuations. As such, a motorist can simply select the vehicle’s manufacturer and model from a menu, e.g. Ford Mondeo. He/she is then presented with a list of valuations by year, e.g. 2008 is £7,198 and 2009 is £8,726.

This information is frequently updated based on the average price of the cars for sale in the company’s database. As such, if there were two Ford Mondeos from the same year that cost £5,000 and £6,000, the valuation would be £5,500. It therefore assumes that the sellers – who clearly want to receive as much money as possible – have priced their cars correctly. Furthermore, it is important to remember that the valuation is fairly vague. Why? Because it does not account for factors such as the vehicle’s: engine size, transmission type, trim level, mileage, condition or any optional extras such as (say) built-in satellite navigation. All these factors, of course, could influence the value. The motorist might therefore benefit from cross–referencing with a more comprehensive source such as the Glass’s Car Guide.

AA Vehicle Inspection Car History Check

The Automobile Association’s Vehicle Inspection Service also clarifies value – and the motorist can choose from either a basic or comprehensive package. The former is a one-hundred and fifty-four point check that covers the major mechanical components and requires the inspector to check for signs of accident damage such as bent body panels and new paintwork. The latter, in contrast, is a two-hundred and six point check which also assesses certain electrical functions and includes a ten mile test drive. Both packages include a written report that is complete within one day and (if necessary) can be used to adjust the valuation. The cost of this service ranges from £128 to £345 according to the type of vehicle, etc. The Automobile Association’s Comprehensive Car History Check, in contrast, relates more to the vehicle’s paperwork. It therefore reveals whether it is subject to outstanding finance which means it could be repossessed by a finance company. The Car History Check also confirms that the vehicle has not been stolen or written-off following a collision. This service costs £20.50 for a single vehicle and £6.20 for a series of five – and once again helps the motorist establish the car’s price.

History Of The Automobile Association

The Automobile Association was formed in 1905 during a meeting of motoring enthusiasts. Its purpose was to champion the cause of drivers and – surprisingly by modern standards – help them avoid speed traps. The company’s first patrol men travelled by bicycle rather than van, had no uniform, and only worked weekends in Portsmouth and Brighton. However, by 1912 there were nine-hundred and fifty bicycle patrols throughout the country. The role of these men was to help motorists with mechanical problems and to emphasis any dangers on the road. Furthermore, from 1912 the company started inspecting/classifying hotels. Its now famous star rating was derived from the system used to assess brandy as the company’s secretary had once been a wine and spirit seller. The Automobile Association then continued to expand its range of products/services and is now one of the most recognised brands in the country.

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