Jul 2 2020

How to renew my vehicle registration #How #to #renew #my #vehicle #registration

How to renew my vehicle registration

Renew My Registration

You may renew your registration online only if you received a mailer from the SCDMV notifying you that additional fees or insurance verification is due.

  • Your property taxes must have been paid to the appropriate county.
  • The county must have notified the SCDMV of your payment.
  • You must provide your insurance company name unless you have self-insured or uninsured motorist status.
  • You must have a valid VISA, MasterCard, or Discover card that will be charged the amount due.

Please make sure that the address shown on your registration certificate or renewal document is correct. If it is not correct, update your address.

Update my address
Why haven’t I gotten my sticker?
You may hear a sticker referred to as a decal or a registration decal.

In this state, you must pay your personal vehicle property taxes before a license plate can be renewed and a new decal issued. You can pay both the vehicle property taxes and renewal fees at the county treasurer’s office. After you pay your taxes, the plate or registration decal is mailed to the customer from the SCDMV the next working day.

If you have an adjusted tax bill, owe a penalty, or must have your registration corrected to reflect a senior citizen discount, please visit an SCDMV branch.

Can I pay my taxes online?

If you live in a county listed below, you may pay your taxes and registration fees online. You must pay at the county treasurer’s office if you live in another county.

I paid my taxes, but I didn’t get my sticker.

If you do not receive your license plate or decal within ten working days, you may get one at an SCDMV branch. The SCDMV only accepts original paid property tax receipts.

Find an SCDMV branch
While most renewals are processed without problems, two types of errors occasionally occur:

  1. The registration renewal fee was not paid when the taxes were paid.
  2. The renewal is late and requires an additional fee.

If you received a notice that your renewal was not processed for a reason above, you may complete your renewal online.

Renew my registration
Why does my plate or sticker have a different expiration date from my registration?

You may be issued a license plate or registration decal that shows a different expiration date than shown on your vehicle registration. This is necessary because personal vehicle property taxes must be paid on a yearly basis while registration fees are collected on a two-year basis.

Vehicle Owners

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles


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