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FSSAI License | FSSAI registration

Online Registration Process. Apply Now.FSSAI Online Registration is the basic and the must need for all the Food Business operators, whether they may be wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, traders, Re-packers, etc. There are different types of FSSAI Registration or FSSAI License & the type depends upon the annual turnover or the size of your Food Business.


Get FSSAI License

FSSAI Food license is a statutory requirement in order to run a Food Business in India. Here, At FSSAIFoodLicense, you can register fssai license online and learn about the following:

What is FSSAI?

FSSAI Full form and Description

FSSAI full form is basically the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is the governing and regulatory body for ensuring the safety of food products delivered to the consumers. Sometimes it is also referred to as the Food Authority of India. The Food Safety and Standards Act empowers FSSAI to exercise the powers in addition to carrying out the functions specified to them by the Government of India as well as the Ministry of Health and Family Affair. The Ministry of Health and Family also acts as a consultant for the FSSAI Food License . FSSAI is legally, a body corporate which means it is a legal organization and its headquarters are located at New Delhi, the country’s capital. FSSAI Offices are also located in other states throughout the country to enable Food Business Owners(FBOs) to register their business under the guidelines of the regulatory body.

What does FSSAI do?

FSSAI, empowered by the Food Safety and Security Act of 2006, sets the standards for healthy and consumable food products based on facts backed by science. The Food Authority of India also helps regulate the storage, production, distribution as well as the sales of the food products deemed safe to consume for the buyers of these food items. In addition to this, the food regulatory body also ensures that the food products are free from impurities and adulteration.

FSSAI absolutely does not entertain the sale of sub-standard and impure ingredients as they enforced their authority by prohibiting the sale of Nestle’s famous Noodles Maggi over an issue of high lead quantity in the products. Read more on Maggi’s issue with FSSAI . All institutions dispensing or producing food products have to undergo FSSAI’s standard test and are marked with a FSSAI mark for safe consumption. All restaurants are also instructed to display their FSSAI license in order to assure customers of safe food handling practices. Therefore, it is mandatory for Food Business Owners (FBOs) to acquire the FSSAI license no matter what the scale of their operation.

What is FSSAI license number?

FSSAI license is basically a 14- Digit registration number which is printed on food packages.Every food item in India has to be marked with the FSSAI logo and has to display the 14 digit-license number after they have under gone the food safety checks under the Food Safety and Standards Act. In addition to this, the food regulatory body has also instructed all restaurants and food eateries enlisted on the food aggregator apps like Zomato and Swiggy to display their fssai license number on the application and also give a hygiene rating for the food prepared by the restaurant. Failure to prov >Swiggy, Zomato de-list hundreds of restaurant without FSSAI license number.

14- Digit FSSAI License Number

FSSAI mark on food Items

FSSAI license number on Swiggy App


The registration for a FSSAI License is statutory and mandatory for all the FBOs regardless of the nature and scale of their operations. Every single food business be it wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, traders, Re-packers, etc. everybody has to perform FSSAI registration procedure in order to avoid hiccups in their operations because of Non-compliance to FSSAI’s guidelines. There are different types of FSSAI Registration & the type of FSSAI Registration depends upon the annual turnover of the Food Business or installed capacity or it could also depend upon the installed capacity and a mix of all the factors put together.

At FSSAIFoodLicense, we are committed to providing the most convenient, simple and quick FSSAI registration for Food Business Owners (FBOs) across the country. Call us to get your FSSAI license no. and FSSAI registration done in a flash from one of the top FSSAI consultants in the country! In addition to helping you acquire new FSSAI license, we also enable FBOs to continue their food business operations via FSSAI renewal. To successfully renew your FSSAI license, a simple FSSAI Application form B has to be used. FSSAI licenses vary on the type of operation and scale of the business(turnover). Depending on these factors, the license is classified as follows

  • Central License
  • State License
  • FSSAI Basic Registration

Let’s look at who is eligible for which type of registration based on the scale of their operation and turnover.


FSSAI Basic Registration

Petty food-businesses i.e. food businesses with very small scale operations localized one particular area of the city and do not exceed their annual turnover by ₹ 12 lakh have to go for a basic FSSAI registration. Basic registration could also be valid for . distributors, marketers and retailers subject to eligibility rules. The validity of said basic FSSAI registration is 1-5 years and is issued by the state governments to the Food Business Owners(FBOs).

FSSAI State License

All businesses involved with any food operation process like storage units, manufacturers, marketers, retailers, transporters with a small to medium scale of operations will need to acquire the state FSSAI license. The FSSAI state license is applicable for FBOs who are able to generate a turnover between ₹ 12 lakhs and ₹ 20 crore. The validity of the state license could be in between 1 year to 5 years at max. The state government is responsible for issuing the FSSAI state license to respective Food Business Owners.

FSSAI Central Food License

The Central government in association with the Ministry of Health and Family affair have mandated acquiring a central license for Food Business Operators who rake in an annual turnover of over ₹ 20 crores. These could include a large variety of Traders including fully export-oriented units, operators and importers associated with the central government and its related agencies. Central Food License has to obtained by institutions delivering food at airports and seaports as well. In addition to this, if food business owners have multiple branches of a restaurant or any other food joint with branches spreading across the multiple states, they have to obtain a central license for the main branch/head office as well.

FBOs without FSSAI licensing are open to being penalized by the Food Authority under the non-compliance rules of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. Check at the bottom for the fines and fees levied for non-compliance with FSSAI’s guidelines.

Type of License Price
Basic Registration ₹ 4,499
State Registration ₹ 10,499
Central Registration ₹ 17,499

Do you require a FSSAI Food License ? Here at FSSAIFoodLicense, we provide you with a one-stop shop for any and all services related to food business such as FSSAI renewal, catering license, food service license, or resolving queries related to Food Licensing. We enable food business owners to acquire FSSAI License all over India across various cities and states like Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Haryana, etc with pocket-friendly FSSAI registration fees. You can also easily check your FSSAI License status as we follow up with the authority every step of the way on the FSSAI license procedure.

FSSAI has established its regional offices all over the country across all the states of the country to help enable FBOs to acquire the state licensing for the safety of food delivered to the consumers


Many times as a Food Business Owner it is difficult to determine what license to go for State or Central. Here, we list down the eligibility criteria so you can look up your type of business and swiftly proceed to acquire your food license.

Basic FSSAI Registration

Basic FSSAI registration is applicable for all food businesses and related activities like storage, sales, distribution, repacking and labelling for which the annual turnover does not cross Rs. 12 lakh or for food businesses which have a maximum turn over of Rs. 12 lakh Annually.

State FSSAI License Eligibility

The following FBOs can apply for a state FSSAI license

  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Meat processing Units and Slaughtering Units
  • Propreitary Foods
  • Food Procesing Units inclusive of corresponding retailers and repackers
  • Vegetable Oil Processing Units as well as Production Units
  • Dairy Units inclusive of Milk Chilling units

Central FSSAI License Eligibility

The following Food Business Owners have been deemed eligibile to obtain the FSSAI central license by the regulatory authority

  • 5 Star Hotels and above
  • All Food Businesses inclusive of retailers, distributors, suppliers, and caterers mentioned for state license could apply for central license if their operations are at larger scale.(

20 crore or more)

  • Restaurants/ Food processing and handling chains with multipe branches across various states have to obtain the Central FSSAI license for the main branch/head office
  • 100 % export oriented food processing/production units
  • Food processing units, relabellers, and repackers who are processing more than 2 Metric Tonnes per day excluding grains, cereals, and pulse milling units
  • Refrigerated storages holding a capacity of 10,000 Metric Tonnes or more
  • Wholesalers with their annual turnovers amounting to Rs. 30 Crores or more
  • Food Catering services located at airports as well as seaports
  • Based on Annual Turnover has to either apply for simple FSSAI Online Registration in FORM A with FSSAI or apply for Licensing in FORM B.


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