Jun 25 2020

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Jack Matte Wins 1923 Wisconsin State Championship with a Model “T” Ford Racer

This interesting set of images was taken by photographer Roman B.J. Kwasniewski on October 7, 1923, after Jack Matte and his riding mechanic won the 1923 Wisconsin State Dirt Track Racing Championship. The photos apparently were taken in front of a house that he and his family lived in at 840 Grove Street in Milwaukee,…

Columbia Pilot Car for the 1910 All Connecticut Reliability Contest

This large and impressive experimental six-cylinder 1910 Columbia with its designer Charles E. Reddig behind the wheel was used as the pilot car for the three day 1910 All Connecticut Reliability Contest which began on May 19, 1910. The Columbia was manufactured in Hartford, Connecticut, between 1897 to 1913 by the Pope Manufacturing Company, that…

Parking Lot Series: Pre-War Cars Fill Downtown Boston Facility

Today’s feature image taken in the early post-war days of a downtown Boston, Massachusetts commercial parking lot contains for the most part pre-war automobiles and a small number of new post-war cars. The oldest vehicle in this view appears to be a 1928 or ’29 Model “A” Ford and while there are a handful of…

Quick Cash In A Flash At Kranz Motor Sales

Krantz Motors Sales was a small used car lot selling common everyday vehicles located in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the intersection of West Lake Street and Garfield Avenue. None of the inventory is really noteworthy, although the ways this operation made its profit is. There is a saying in the used car business that the day…

Gold Coast Of Long Island: Glen Cove New York Street Scene

To finish out the week here we have this street scene image taken from above the intersection of School and Bridge Streets looking east down Glen Street located near the center of the City of Glen Cove, New York. The photo was taken on November 11, 1958, and the great majority of the automobiles on…

Four Fun Friday Kodachrome Car Photographs No. 204

The white finned 1950s Cadillac convertible in today’s lead image is either returning from a voyage or about to head off to parts unknown. Identifying the year and model of the car should not be very hard for the experts, and hopefully there are enough clues in the photo to tell us where the vehicle…

The Kar Press: Crushing Cars for Profit In Lynwood, California

While finding the photos for the recent post covering the EPA Documerica Project, a number of other interesting photos of wrecking yards turned up along with this well-known image of a Kar Press car crushing machine. A bit of research led to the “Los Angeles Times” where this photo by Larry Sharkey for the newspaper


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