Apr 11 2020

Edmunds used car comparison #Edmunds #used #car #comparison

Edmunds used car comparison

Crossover SUV Comparison

Sort of a mouthful, but crossovers have crossed to the mainstream. Let’s bat around the Mazda CX-9, Hyundai Veracruz, Honda Pilot, GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook and Ford Freestyle (which supposedly will be face lifted for ’08).

With such a big grouping, a little off-topic drift will be tolerated, so don’t get too upset if someone tosses an SRX or Edge or similar into the mix.

(and thanks for the suggestion Jason)

That’s good to know that the sun and heat seem to get filtered out. Hope you enjoy your new Acadia.

As far as others replying to my subject Title or to any other subject for that manner – if you’re not actually replying to the subject Title, it would be better to use a new subject title to keep things straight.

I’ll get the ball rolling. All these vehicles are 3-row cuvs. (The Edge doesn’t qualify!) As we’ve shopped some of ’em differences became apparent. The storage space behind the third row is a biggie. Also, the comfort of that third row varied widely. The availablity of hid xenon headlights, a power liftgate and an easy entry/exit were also issues. Some of the most expensive possiblities i.e. Audi Q7/Acura MDX/Volvo xc-90 were absolutely unacceptable for various reasons. (Have you seen the inflatable “spare” in the Q7, for example. ) One of the least expensive possiblities i.e. the Pacifica is. not bad. As a car nut, I appreciate the 6-speed trannies now available and I think I’ll like having bluetooth capablity. Having a rear view camera is also a nice bonus since some friends have told me visiblity is poor in their cuvs.

We’re eagerly anticipating the imminent arrival of our Mazda CX-9 GT. Other than the current unavailablity of the PLG, it looks like a real winner on paper. I’ll let youse know when we get it next month!

I looked at and test drove most of these in search of a replacement for my 2002 Acura MDX. Key issues for me included, in no particular order: (1) comfort / accessibility of the third row seats, (2) decent power / acceleration, (3) safety features (including side curtain airbags and stability control, along with a reasonable amount of space between the 3rd row headrests and the back glass; I worry about intrusion into the third row in the event of a rear end accident), (4) creature comforts (leather seating, heated front seats, decent sound system, overall quality, etc.), (5) capable four wheel drive or all wheel drive system (primarily for snow; I live in Salt Lake City and drive regularly up the canyons to the ski resorts), (6) overall looks, (7) handling, and (8) last, but not least, price.

In addition to the crossovers you listed, I looked at the 2007 Acura MDX, the Lexus RX350, the Toyota Highlander and the Nissan Morano (some of which, I know, don’t have a third row). I also looked at and test-drove the Toyota 4Runner, the Nissan Pathfinder, the Nissan Armada and the 2007 Tahoes/Yukons.

The reactions of my wife and three teenagers were a key part of my analysis. They have liked my MDX very much. Nothing like family harmony.

In the end, I ordered an Acadia (silver SLT-1 with ebony interior, sunroof, trailer package and convenience package). It clearly had the best third row seating, and seemed to represent the best overall value. Not half bad looking, either.

Surprised the heck out of me. :surprise: I have long been a foreign car snob (my last half-dozen vehicles have been Hondas, an Acura and a Lexus). I thought I never again would buy a domestic vehicle.


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