Mar 19 2020

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Carsales new cars

Thread: Carsales – Where have all the cheap new cars gone?

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Carsales – Where have all the cheap new cars gone?

I know there’s a carsales thread, but it was devoted to functionality; to helping nerds make the buttons work better

But my question is about the pricing. Its totally changed.

For many years it was an awesome price discovery tool, because you could stand in a car yard talking to a salesperson, then excuse yourself to look at your phone and then find the cheapest equivalent car in the country.

There was always some yard that had sold their brand value out completely and run to the bottom on price. Much to the benefit of the savy shopper who could use it as a baseline in their negotiations.

Surely every single dealership didn’t wise up to the fact they were giving away almost all the margin they had.

Considering a new car, and now have no way of checking prices efficiently

Anyone got the skinny on whats changed.

Nothing has changed that I can see. The bargain new cars and demos are all still there

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What sort of car is it? could be a brand specific issue – I know Toyota no longer allows that sort of undercutting of the market by advertising cheap demos.

Haven’t seen any other brands stop yet. BMW and Merc have some sort of policy in that regard but it appears to be roundly ignored. Something like no advertising of discounted new or demo cars until they have reached 1500km. Funnily enough all the bargains supposedly had 1520km or thereabouts on them but when you picked it up had much less.

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yeah, I know some brands are prone to discounting, others are not

in fact, this is the reason carsales used to be good – because instead of comparing RRP you could compare what they actually sell for, which for some brands is RRP, others not even close

Toyota have never been big discounters, Mitsubishi are shockers, Subaru not much, Ford, 20% off for some models

Realise there are blips like on run outs of new models etc, but I believe across the board, there are way fewer outlier prices for new cars (not demos)

For eg when we looked at small run arounds I saw Swifts for $14.5k (now $15.7k), i30s for $18k (now $21k) , Fiestas for $13.5 (now $19.4k), Focus for $19.5k (now $27.3k. )

On any give week, for months on end one of them would be cheap, but not all, but then in the following week, another brand would be going cheap.

Maybe its week Aussie Dollar and I’ve just stopped looking for a few months.

Guess that’s why I asked the question, if others things they’re still cheaper on there than advertised elsewhere, then its just a general price rise, but to me it looks like a shift in strategy, or policy or something macro


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