Mar 19 2020

Cars near you #Cars #near #you

Cars near you

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Government Auto Auctions USA – How To Buy Cheap Cars For Sale Near You

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Get Started Here To Buy Cheap Cars For Sale Near You & Save!

When buying second hand cars you can’t be forgiven for wanting to have you cake and eat it too, that is, a good reliable car, van or ute at a cheap price!

Trying to find a car that has low mileage with a low price can be damn hard sometimes impossible.

The nature of buying second hand cars hasn’t changed much but with the advent of the internet we’ve got a lot more tools allowing us to save time, money and headaches when trying to find a good used car at a low price.

Most car buyers usually sort second hand cars on various used car websites from low price first but cars with low prices usually have high miles and cars with low miles usually have high prices!

So, after doing some research online I’ve discovered Government Auto Auctions where having the best of both worlds is possible and the best thing is, the vehicles are right under your nose – being in your local area!

Now, you’re probably asking yourself & if not you should be, “Why are the cars so cheap?”

Well, in a democracy their are winners, losers and people sitting on the fence waiting for the next opportunity and if you happen to be one of those people sitting on the fence you could find your next vehicle with up to 90% savings off the book value price.

How Can This Be True?

Well, according to Gov-Auctions every day thousands of Americans default on their car loans or lease payments.

As a result their new or almost new car gets repossessed or seized by the financial institution and auctioned off in a hurry because the cost of storing the car outweighs the banks ability to try and make the lost money back (same with police auctions, etc.).

Consequently, lucky people who have access to direct sources where these repo cars are being sold find themselves overwhelmed by dirt-cheap offers that look unbelievable to the average car buyer.

This is real and is being taken advantage of by many car dealers as well as a very small number of public citizens.

The US Government also needs to sell its own vehicles after a certain time due to their policies and overall financial considerations. These vehicles have been written down and offered to the public.

Also to help you further, grab my free used car inspection tool kit so you can get your hands on tips and tools to do these 3 important and necessary checks so you can protect yourself from getting ripped off. Just go to:

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