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How to Choose the BestBudget Car Insurance

Choosing the best auto insurance policy means selecting a policy that provides the most coverage at a price you can afford. Budget car insurance does not mean slashing and burning valuable coverage, but it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, either.

Limits of Liability

Most states have minimum liability requirements for auto insurance. Higher limits equal more coverage when you need it most-after an accident. Rather than starting at the bottom and working up to higher limits, start with higher limits and work your way down. You’ll be amazed; the price of one week’s worth of Starbucks can literally buy you thousands of additional dollars in liability limits.

Protection for Your Car

Most lenders will require you to carry collision and other-than-collision coverage as part of your car insurance policy. Once the loan is paid, the decision on how to insure your vehicle becomes yours, along with the title. If the cost to repair or replace your vehicle if damaged in an accident is too much for your budget to bear, keeping this coverage is important. If your attitude is “I’m not putting another dime into that piece of junk regardless,” you may not want to include it as a part of your budget car insurance.

If your budget enables you greater capability to pay out-of-pocket expenses, consider raising your collision and other-than-collision deductibles. Many insurance companies offer deductibles of $1,000 or more and will gladly offer a hefty discount in return.

Don’t Sacrifice Service

A trusted insurance agent is worth his or her weight in gold — just ask anyone who has been through a claim. If you feel comfortable doing business with an agent you know is superior but are skeptical due to the few extra dollars added to your budget car insurance, consider bending your budget a bit. Doing business with someone you know has your best interest in mind and will be there when you need them will provide substantial returns over time.

Learn how easy and convenient shopping for auto insurance can be. Get your free auto insurance quotes today!

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Budget Car Sales

“The Kia Store East has moved into the lot where budget. “

“If you enjoy high pressure sales tactics and. “

If you enjoy high pressure sales tactics and stereotypical used car salesmen at their absolute worst, you’ll love Budget. You can expect up to three sleezy salesmen JOGGING toward you the moment you step onto their lot. These are the worst kind of vultures. Lots of handshakes and BS. Not finding what you’re looking for? No problem. They’ll find you something better! After all, you didn’t really want one of those silly Hondas because as all well informed buyers know, they are the least dependable cars ever built. So don’t worry about deciding on a car now, wait untill you get to Budget and they will choose one for you.

Our neighbors, an elderly couple in their 80’s, actually got suckered into buying a car from these slime balls. Appearantly, when they were told that no Cadillacs were in stock the sales jerk marched them into the office and began to play the numbers game with a Grand Marquis. They said no and got up to leave when the sales manager jumped between them and the door and actually screamed at them. They were so frightened by this guy that they bought the car. Lies, intimidation, screaming. All in a days work for the guys at Budget.

Personally, I never made it as far as the sales office. I was trying to leave after what was already a bad experience when I noticed that the vultures had all flown away. WRONG. They just went for backup! I’m almost to my car when I hear the distinct sound of desperate footsteps sprinting and a fake Rolex rattling. I kept walking without looking back. Seconds later I see what seems to be a streak of glowing polyester blow past me. You guessed it! Standing between me and my car is a car salesman with his hand extended. Still, I keep walking. He begins to raise his voice. Still walking toward my car I finally say I’m not interested in buying a car. This seems to enrage him. He then jumps 6 inches from my face and begins to stare me down. I politely asked him to step away from my personal space to which he replied You a f**kin’ racist You see, I’m white and didn’t give him the commission to which he was entitled just because I walked onto the Budget lot, therefore I’m a racist. And by the way, this guy was the manager.

I can’t give you any solid information on information on the service dept. but can’t imagine that it would be any better.

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1997 Cadillac Seville

2006 Ford Taurus

Email for Price

2006 Hyundai Tiburon

Special $4,995

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Email for Price

2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2004 Mitsubishi Lancer

2005 Hyundai Sonata

Special $3,495

2006 Chevrolet Impala

2007 Ford Focus

2003 Nissan Altima

Special $3,495

2004 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

2004 Chevrolet Malibu

2003 Dodge Stratus

Special $2,995

2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

2004 Mazda MAZDA6

2002 Toyota Camry

1999 Mazda Protege

2003 Chevrolet Impala

2006 Pontiac G6

Special $4,995

2005 Mazda MAZDA3

Special $4,500

2004 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

Email for Price

2005 Mazda MAZDA6

Special $3,995

1987 Harley-Davidson Sportster

Email for Price

2008 Nissan Versa

Special $4,995

2004 Mitsubishi Galant

2005 Chevrolet Impala

2005 Ford Focus

2004 Kia Optima

Special $2,995

2005 Toyota Corolla

2005 Mitsubishi Galant

2003 Hyundai Elantra

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There are a number of companies that offer transportation services to collect your car from the seller and deliver it to the docks. Like shipping companies, Auto Transportation companies also offer you two ways to get the vehicle moved. Driving it on an ‘open’ car carrier or transporting it inside an enclosed trailer. In our opinion both forms have their usage, we generally make the call based on the value and condition of the car. Naturally, ‘enclosed’ is the more expensive, but it’s also safer. On occasions, truck drivers will stop over night and leave the carrier unattended. There is a third way to transport a car that is sometimes used, and that is to pay someone to physically drive the car to the docks, you can ask the particular transportation company if they offer this service, so do, some don’t. This method is fine if the port isn’t too far away, typically these drivers carry their own insurance which, should damage or theft occur, would cover the cost of the car. A fourth possibility is transport by Railroad. Within the United States though, we can not recommend it.

On the subject of cost. Prices for moving vehicles across the United States can vary quite a bit. One factor to consider is where the vehicle is to be picked up. If it’s on a main route, then it’s likely to be cheaper than if a driver has to make a big diversion to collect it. Also, transport companies, like airlines and shipping companies, hate empty spaces, so if it turns out that your car will fill a space that would otherwise go empty, chances are you’ll get a deal!

As a guide, we suggest you budget $750-$1000 for coast to coast ‘Open’ transport, $1200-$1500 coast to coast ‘Enclosed’. From the Mid-West to the nearest coast budget around $750 ‘open’ and around $1000-$1200 ‘enclosed’. There are of course variables, but these numbers should put you in the ‘Ball Park’.

It is almost always better if at all possible to get the car running and driving. It will make your life easier finding a transport company to pick it up, and some shippers won’t touch cars that they can’t drive onto the ship. If a car has been in storage a long time, ask the seller if he could recommend a local mechanic who could come out, put some fresh petrol in the car, charge the battery and get it going before the trucker picks it up.


There is one very important difference in trucking services that we feel you should be aware of. Some companies own and operate their own fleet of trucks. Although these companies are typically more expensive, they offer many advantages over those that don’t. Most important is that they accept full liability for your vehicle whilst it is in their possession. It’s usually insured and a ‘damage report’ (similar to the one used when you rent a truck or car) is completed and signed off on by you at the time of pick up and delivery of your car.

Some companies simply act like ‘travel agents’. They arrange ‘passage’ for your car on a transporter that is going in the direction of where you want your car to end up. This sometimes can mean that your car is loaded and off-loaded several times onto different transporters to get it where you want it to go. Naturally, the more people that handle the car, the greater the chance of it getting damaged. When it does arrive at it’s destination with a dent that wasn’t there when you last saw it, whom do blame? With so many people involved, one points the finger at the other and so on, leaving you with a major headache and no one to accept liability.

The bottom line is use your discretion, and ask questions. It’s very easy to be ‘penny wise and pound foolish’ with trucking companies. If the car has a few dings and dents in it anyway, go for the cheapest method. However, if your car is ‘dent-free’, spend the extra bucks and either take out an insurance policy that covers damage to the car whilst in transit, or use one of the companies that have their own trucks and are willing to cough up for any damage to the car that happens whilst it’s in their care.

United States of America

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Buying or Selling an Automobile in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Lemon Laws

Massachusetts has laws that protect consumers when buying or leasing a new car. and buying a used car that does not meet expectations. These Lemon Laws require dealers to provide consumers with a written warranty against defects that impair a used vehicle’s use or safety, and require private parties to disclose any known use or safety defects.

Registration and Insurance

Separately, residents can apply for new plates or transfer an existing registration to a vehicle gifted by or purchased from a friend or family member. To do so, they will need:

Once collected, these materials should be taken to the nearest full-service RMV branch office .

For information on registering recreational vehicles, use resources from the Massachusetts Environmental Police .

Sales Tax

Sales tax equal to 6.25 percent of the vehicle’s purchase price is collected when a vehicle is bought from a dealer. In private sales, 6.25 percent of the purchase price or 6.25 percent of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) trade-in value — whichever is higher — is collected on the purchase of any new or used vehicle in Massachusetts. If no clean trade-in value is available, a default value agreed upon by both the RMV and Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) will be used.

If a vehicle is purchased outside of Massachusetts and sales tax is not paid in another state, sales tax must be submitted to Massachusetts by the purchaser. However, if sales tax was paid to the state of purchase, taxes may still be due to Massachusetts depending on the reciprocity relationship between states. A car purchased from a family member — or received as a gift — may be exempt from sales tax.

Vehicle Titles

A title is a document that indicates who has legal ownership of a vehicle. Anyone planning to buy or sell a used car (model year 1981 or newer) must have a title to transfer ownership so the buyer can register the vehicle. Without this, it cannot be registered.

Vehicles older than model year 1980 purchased by the current owner before November 26, 1990 can be registered without a title, as long as the bill of sale and a copy of the last registration for the vehicle are available.

Seven-Day Grace Period

In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90 Section 2 — also known as the Massachusetts Seven-Day Registration Transfer Law — if you transfer ownership or lose possession of a motor vehicle, you have a seven-day grace period to transfer registration to a new vehicle.

This period begins on the date you transfer ownership or lose possession of the first vehicle and ends at 5 p.m. seven calendar days afterward. For example, if you transfer ownership of your car at noon on July 1, the grace period would end at 5 p.m. July 8.

To qualify for this grace period the following conditions must be met:

  • You have an active registration and are at least 18 years of age
  • The newly acquired vehicle or trailer must be of the same type and have the same number of wheels as the previous vehicle or trailer
  • You must carry the transfer documents, which show the registration number to be transferred, in your vehicle
  • You have lost possession of or disposed of your previous vehicle
  • The registration plates must be attached to the newly acquired vehicle

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2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

Purchasing a well-maintained Used Car, Truck, or  SUV in San Diego | Used Car Dealer San Diego

Kearny Mesa Subaru is here to simplify the process of buying a used car. Our finance department   will find the car loan or lease option that works best for your budget. You can start the car loan process for your used car in San Diego by completing Kearny Mesa Subaru’s online finance application. If you have not found a vehicle you are interested in, we also have a complete inventory of new Subaru vehicles. Call our greater San Diego new and used car dealership today, and talk to our friendly staff.

If you cannot find your ideal vehicle in our current pre-owned inventory, check out our handy CarFinder   tool. After specifying a search period (1 to 8 weeks) and providing vehicle details, we’ll begin the search process for you and send you a notification when a matching vehicle arrives in our inventory.

At Kearny Mesa Subaru we stock an extensive inventory of used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. With some of the most competitive prices on used cars in San Diego, El Cajon, National City, and Carlsbad. Kearny Mesa Subaru can find one that fits within your budget range. Our skilled auto technicians perform a detailed inspection on every used car at Kearny Mesa Subaru. Test drive a used car at our dealership, located at 4797 Convoy St. and drive away in a pre-owned vehicle which satisfies all of your needs.

Remember to browse the Pre-Owned Specials  page for up-to-date promotions, or check out Kearny Mesa Subaru’s New Car Featured Vehicles, highlighting new cars  and used cars.

* Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this site, absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed. This site, and all information and materials appearing on it, are presented to the user “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement. All vehicles are subject to prior sale. Price does not include applicable tax, title, and license. Not responsible for typographical errors.

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Used car values fall for third consecutive month

The average value of a used car in February fell by 1.7% to £7,814 compared to January, according to the monthly BCA Pulse Report

It was the third consecutive month of decline although year on year values were up 6.6%.

Values of used cars are set to soften further as higher volumes enter the market during the busy March plate-change month.

BCA’s UK operations director Simon Henstock said: “Levels of trade were steady during February, with plenty of interest in retail ready cars, but buyers were rather more wary of poorer condition vehicles.

“With a greater volume of stock expected to reach the marketplace in 2015, buyers have a lot more choice and vehicles requiring repair and refurbishment need to be sensibly valued to compete.  For cars with cosmetic damage, SMART repairs are a cost effective option for sellers, meaning their vehicles can be quickly processed and presented in the best possible condition.”

“Looking ahead, most commentators are expecting a strong March for new car sales and, as every new car sale typically generates a chain of used car activity, there will be greater volumes from fleet and contract hire sources as well as increasing numbers of dealer part-exchange vehicles.  This could impact on residual values in the weeks ahead and BCA is recommending that volume vendors appraise their sale stock closely to ensure it is valued in line with market expectations.”

Henstock said further softening could be expected in in the run up to Easter and with the General Election on 7 May.

“In addition, the Easter break and the spring Bank Holiday are nearly upon us and the dynamics of the wholesale market are likely to change over the coming weeks.  Retail demand typically softens post-Easter as the focus turns towards the summer holiday rather than changing the family car.

“The General Election also begins to loom large on the horizon, and we should expect a little uncertainty in the wholesale markets in the run up to May 7th.

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1. Do you have to see my car before purchasing it?

Answer: Not necessary! We are able to complete most of the necessary transactions via fax or email. Your description of your vehicle will move this process right along. When you accept our offer, we will pay you immediately.

2. How will I get paid for my car?

Answer: 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS SM will issue a corporate check or make an arrangement for cash payment.

3. What if I owe more money than my car is worth?

Answer: This is a common situation called negative equity. In this situation, 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS SM will make the payment in certified funds to your lien holder overnight. The difference between the value of your vehicle and the amount owed, is payable directly to 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS SM. We have payment options available.

4. What if I owe less than my car is worth?

Answer: If you owe less than your car is worth, that is called positive equity. You will be paid first and then we will pay your loan off overnight.

5. Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

6. How long does the process take?

Answer: 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS SM is fast. It only takes about 20 minutes.

7. Are their any fees associated with selling my car to 1-800-WE-BUY CARS SM ?

Answer: There aren t any processing fees for selling your car to 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS SM .

8. How do I get my car to 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS. SM

Answer: You can bring your car to us by driving it in or 1-800-WE-BUY-CARS SM we arrange for a professional free pick up.

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car book value

Welcome to NADA.com. Choose the NADA site that s right for you: Consumer Business Association.

New Cars, Used Cars, Car Reviews and Pricing – Edmunds.com

Calculating car book value can be quite a monotonous process for those who are untrained in its nuances. Thankfully, several websites offer an easy method .

Which Car Book Value Estimator is the Industry Standard .

The car book value estimator that is the industry standard is The Black Book when you are talking about car dealer or professionals in the industry.

How to Use NADA Bluebook Used Car Book Value Price Guide

May 22, 2010 . Discover how to use NADA for trade-in and retail value. Learn the various pricing categories and what they mean when buying or selling a .

How much is that car worth?

Find the car s book value. The first thing you should do to assess a used vehicle s true worth is to check its book value. This is the figure you ll find in .

Algebra 2 question? – Yahoo! Answers

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Can t sell cars on GTA V?

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Right after the Beach Bum Package and 1.06 Update came out, I have notice my option to sell cars have disappeared! I can’t sell any cars.

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Killzone3265 21 Nov 2013

are you sure you aren’t just trying to sell the free cars?

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are you sure you aren’t just trying to sell the free cars?

It’s my personal car that I just want to get rid of, but get money off of it, instead of destroying it or replacing it.

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-Hurry-up 21 Nov 2013

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BoJack Cognac 21 Nov 2013

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