Accredited Early Childhood Programs #associate #degree #early #childhood #education


Capital Community College
A.S. Early Childhood Education

Housatonic Community College
A.S. Early Childhood Inclusive Education (formerly available as A.S. Early Childhood Education or A.S. Early Childhood Education with Special Education Option)

Manchester Community College
A.S. Early Childhood Education

Middlesex Community College
A.S. Early Childhood Education

Northwestern Connecticut Community College
A.S. Early Childhood Education

Norwalk Community College
A.S. Early Childhood Education–Career Program
A.S. Early Childhood Education–Transfer Program

Quinebaug Valley Community College
A.S. Early Childhood Education

Three Rivers Community College
A.S. Early Childhood Education



Miami Dade College
A.S. Early Childhood Education (General, Infant/Toddler, Preschool, and Education Administrator tracks)


Chattahoochee Technical College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Care Education

Gwinnett Technical College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Care and Education




Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana (Indianapolis)
A.S. Early Childhood Education
A.S. Early Childhood Education
(transfer track to Ball State University)
A.S. Early Childhood Education
(transfer track to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)

Ivy Tech Community College-Gary
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education
A.S. Early Childhood Education

Ivy Tech Community College-Kokomo
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education
A.S. Early Childhood Education
(transfer track to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)
A.S. Early Childhood Education
(transfer track to Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne)

Ivy Tech Community College-Northeast/Fort Wayne
A.S. Early Childhood Education
(articulating to Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne Elementary Education)
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Ivy Tech Community College-Southern/Sellersburg
A.S. Early Childhood Education
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education


Johnston Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Martin Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood

McDowell Technical Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Nash Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Richmond Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Robeson Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood: Administration Track
A.A.S. Early Childhood: Articulation Track

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Sampson Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

South Piedmont Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Stanly Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Wake Technical Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Wayne Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education



Central Ohio Technical College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education Technology (formerly known as A.A.S. ECD Technology, Teaching Option and A.A.S. ECD Technology, Early Childhood Development)

Cuyahoga Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Lakeland Community College

A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Owens Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education Technology


Oklahoma City Community College
A.A. University Parallel Child Development
A.A.S. Technical and Occupational Child Development

Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City
A.A.S. Early Care Education

Tulsa Community College
A.S. Child Development Child and Family, OSU Transfer Option
A.S. Child Development Human and Family Services/Early Care, NSU Transfer Option
A.A.S. Child Development Center Director Option
A.A.S. Child Development Early Childhood Option
A.A.S. Child Development Infant/Toddler Option

Western Oklahoma State College(full degree available online)
A.S. Early Childhood
A.A.S. Child Development


Portland Community College
A.A.S. Early Education and Family Studies

Southwestern Oregon Community College(full degree available online)
A.S. Childhood Education and Family Studies
A.A.S. Childhood Education and Family Studies



Delaware County Community College
A.A. Early Childhood Education

Harcum College
A.A. Early Childhood Education

Harrisburg Area Community College
A.A. Early Childhood–Elementary Education–Early Care and Education Track
A.A. Early Childhood–Elementary Education–Pre-Teaching Track

Lehigh Carbon Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education Early Intervention

Montgomery County Community College
A.A. Education in the Early Years: Birth Through Fourth Grade

Northampton Community College(full degree available online)
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education: Infant to Grade 4

Pennsylvania College of Technology
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education


Community College of Rhode Island

A.A. Early Childhood Education and Child Development



Aiken Technical College
A.A.S. Early Care and Education

Central Carolina Technical College
A.A.S. Early Care and Education

Denmark Technical College
A.A.S. Early Care and Education

Greenville Technical College
A.A.S. Early Care and Education

Horry-Georgetown Technical College
A.A.S Early Care and Education

Midlands Technical College
A.A.S. Early Care and Education

Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College
A.A.S. Early Care and Education

Piedmont Technical College
A.A.S. Early Care and Education

Spartanburg Community College
A.A.S Early Childhood Development–Early Care and Education (formerly known as A.A.S. Advanced Child Care Management and A.A.S. Infant/Toddler)

Technical College of the Lowcountry
A.A.S. Early Care and Education

TriCounty Technical College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Development

Trident Technical College
A.A.S. Early Care and Education Child Care Professional Career Path
A.A.S. Early Care and Education Child Care Management Career Path
A.A.S. Early Care and Education Special Education Career Path

Williamsburg Technical College
A.A.S. Early Care and Education

York Technical College
A.A.S. Early Care and Education



Chattanooga State Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Dyersburg State Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Motlow State Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Nashville State Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Northeast State Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Pellissippi State Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Walters State Community College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education


Collin College
A.A.S. Child Development

Eastfield College(full degree available online)
A.A.S. Child Development Early Childhood Education

Houston Community College
A.A.S. Child Development

San Antonio College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Studies

San Jacinto College – Central Campus
A.A.S. Child Development/Early Childhood Education

St. Philip s College(full degree available online)
A.A.S. Early Childhood Studies
A.A.S. Early Childhood Studies – Language and Literacy Specialization

Wharton County Junior College
A.A.S. Early Childhood/Child Development



Milwaukee Area Technical College
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Консалтинговые отчёты: Использование формата вычисляемых документов (CDF), examples of platform as a service.#Examples #of #platform #as #a #service


Формат вычисляемых документов

Использование и примеры формата

вычисляемых документов (CDF)

включающий примеры, видео и пр.

  • Examples of platform as a service Консалтинговые


  • Examples of platform as a service Инвестиционные


  • Examples of platform as a service Презентации для


  • Examples of platform as a service Автоматические


  • Examples of platform as a service Инфографика

    и блоги

  • Examples of platform as a service Учебники
  • Examples of platform as a service Журнальные


  • Examples of platform as a service Информационные


  • Examples of platform as a service Приложения по

    Консалтинговые отчеты

    Позвольте вашим клиентам самостоятельно изучать возможные сценарии и заинтересоваться результатами с помощью интерактивных диаграмм на базе вычислений, осуществляемых в реальном времени.

  • SQL Server – How to Setup a Data Source in SSRS to MS Access, MS Excel, and CSV Files #ms #access #crm


    SQL Server How to Setup a Data Source in SSRS to MS Access, MS Excel, and CSV Files

    Not all data will come from a SQL Server database when you are creating reports in SSRS. There will be times you will need to create a data source to .CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, and MS Access databases.

    Recently, I had a customer request setting up sample data sources to these types of files to help the developers complete a migration project.

    Items Needed to be Installed on the SSRS Server

    The first thing you will need are executables from Microsoft to enable OLEDB and ODBC connections to the source data. SSRS will not be able to use ODBC or OLEDB until the specific drivers for these types of files are installed on the server.

    You will need to download and install the following on your SSRS server. While these look to be just for MS Access, they include the drivers for connecting to Flat files and MS Excel as well.

    NOTE: I would recommend installing the 64 bit version first, and then the 32 bit version to help save some time troubleshooting the issue of trying to install a 64 bit version once the 32 bit version is already installed.

    For Testing

    The system is ready to set up the data sources once the drivers are installed on the server. For testing purposes, I have a folder containing sample files for the different types of data sources I would like to connect to:

    How to Create a Data Source for MS Excel Files (.xls. xlsx)

    We will need to create an ODBC connection on the server to the Excel file before creating a data source in Report Manager.

    1. Create a system DNS using the Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)

    2. Create a meaningful name for your data source. The name will be used later in SSRS when creating the connection string.

    3. Make sure to select the correct version of Excel you are wanting to connect and then select Workbook button:

    4. Navigate to the location of the document and select the file. Complete the process of creating the system DSN.

    You will now be able to create and test your data source in SSRS.

    Creating the Data Source in SSRS

    1. Open the Report Manager and navigate to the folder structure of where you would like to save your data source. Select New Data Source .

    2. Give your data source a descriptive name. Create a good description of the data source for documentation purposes.

    3. Select ODBC as your Data Source Type from the drop down menu.

    4. Your connection string is Dns=xxx , where xxx is the name you gave your system DSN.

    5. Make sure to test your connection, and then select OK.

    When writing your query for the report, you will reference your sheet in the excel file which has the data you are wishing to display on the report.

    Example: select * from [Sheet1$]

    Creating a Data source to .CSV file

    For this process, you will use OLEDB to connect to the data source. The main item to note is the data source is defined to look a directory instead of a physical file. If you use a central location for all the .csv files to be located, you will only need to create one data source in SSRS. The queries inside your report will dictate which file the report is pulled from. If you are worried about security, you could set up multiple locations for the files and create individual data sources for the structure.

    Unlike connecting to a MS Excel file, you will not need to create a SYSTEM DNS before creating your data source in SSRS.

    Navigate to the location you would like your data source to be stored in Report Manager and select new data source.

    Give your data source a meaningful name and don t forget to provide a description for documentation purposes.

    For your Data Source Type select OLEDB. You will be using the Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider which was installed with the executables during the system set up listed above.

    For your connection string, your provider is Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 and the source is the path to the folder which contains your file. For this example, we are assuming the file does not contain a header row. (HDR=No in the properties)

    Your connection string will look something like this.

    Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=D:SampleDataSourceFilesSampleDataSourceSampleFiles;Extended Properties= text;HDR=No;FMT=Delimited

    Once your Data source connection has been created, you can test it by creating a simple report. Below is an example of a query you would use in Report Builder to display the information from a file called samplecsv.csv .

    Example: select * from samplecsv.csv

    To Create a Data Source to an MS Access database (*.accdb files)

    To create a data source to an MS Access database, you will use OLEDB Data source type. The sample shown below is a connection to the MS Access 2010 version of the Adventureworks database.

    For your connection string, your provider will be Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 and your source will be the physical location of the .accdb file.

    After the Data sources have been setup, I always like to create a couple of quick same reports to insure they are working as expected.

    This process was testing on the following architecture:

    Windows 2012R2, SQL Server 2014, Reporting Services 2014

    Windows 2008r2 SP1, SQL Server 2012, Reporting Services 2012

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Feedback is always welcome.

    If you have questions on getting Data Sources set up in SSRS or need assistance with configuring SSRS for performance or SQL Server in general, reach out to us! XTIVIA can assist you with your Reporting Service needs.

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    St Augustine Plumbing Services #st #plumbing #services


    Water damage is a terrible thing to go through; however, it helps to know that Plumbers FL Services will be there quickly and efficiently when needed. Christian and Carlos make a great team. They are friendly, polite, and hard working. They are a credit to the Plumbers FL, and I’m glad they were here to help me. Thank you Christian and Carlos and the Plumbers FL crew. I always call Plumbers FL, and recommend their services to neighbors and friends. Thank you.

    We have used Plumbers Florida many times in the past. The technicians are always pleasant, professional and do outstanding work. Our last experience was with William who went above and beyond our expectations. His communication skills and advise were spot on. As well as just a really, really nice man.

    Plumber St Augustine, FL

    There are many tasks that fall under the jurisdiction of a plumber. However, we re going to focus on three key ones that can greatly save you money. If you re still need a plumber but are not in St Augustine, no need to worry, these tips will work for you as well.

    Plumbing Companies Inspection

    Home buyers check a lot of things before buying a house in St Augustine. This includes checking the design of the house, the space, cost, available fixtures and what not. However, not many people think of getting a plumber to check the water systems in the house as well. Doing so can help you identify problems such as leaking storage tanks, rusted piping, clogged drains and other plumbing hazards. By yourself, the chances of discovering these faults are slim. The plumbing contractors report will help you re-negotiate for the house bearing in mind the extra plumbing repairs that may need to be done. Alternatively, you could opt out of the deal and seek another property.

    Plumbing Contractors

    The water heater is one of the largest contributor of energy bills in most homes, St Augustine included. As a result, addressing problems stemming from your water heater can see those bills decline significantly. One of the things your plumber can check is insulation. Insulating your heater adequately ensures that heat does not escape through the linings and walls necessitating continued heating. If you have an old water heater, plumbers can recommend buying a newer one with energy-saving technology applications. This will see you save about 15% every month on heating alone.

    Plumbing Services

    Everyone needs a plumber at one time or another. When you have leaking faucets or burst pipes, the sooner you can get your plumber to fix the damage the better. Emergency plumbing services are aimed at addressing just that. This will see you avoid damage to your carpets, furniture, walls or basement and save a lot of money in the process. For your plumber to respond to your emergencies adequately, make sure they operate within the St Augustine Area.

    Context-aware security #context-aware #security


    Security Intelligence Platform

    The Exabeam Security Intelligence Platform provides organizations of all sizes with comprehensive, end-to-end detection, analytics, and response capabilities from a single security management and operations platform. Exabeam provides elastic scalability through the use of a modern big data and machine learning architecture that ingests and analyzes data at any scale; all at a predictable cost. This means organizations no longer need to choose between adhering to security budgets and adding additional data sources that would minimize their security blind spots.

    Delivering on the Promise of SIEM

    Exabeam represents the first security management platform to fully deliver on the initial “promise of SIEM”: complete visibility into modern threats with automated and intelligent response. Exabeam delivers what SIEM products do not.

    This platform includes five key components:

    Exabeam Log Manager. Exabeam Log Manager offers the high performance of a modern data management system without the volume-based pricing models that have typically prevented customers from taking full advantage of the data they have available. To do this, Exabeam built Log Manager on the popular open source Elasticsearch stack and combined its components with the additional functionality enterprises demand of their security solutions. Exabeam Log Manager operates at lightning-fast speeds and can be scaled far beyond the capabilities of legacy data management technologies. Since Log Manager was designed for security data management, it includes context-aware capabilities that improve ease of use for security analysts. For example, Log Manager parses raw data logs, network, endpoint, etc. into a security information model and formats records based on their types, highlighting the most relevant fields for easy visual scanning by human readers. Finally, Exabeam streamlines the Elastic user interface with several custom built components that greatly improve security analyst workflows.

    Exabeam Advanced Analytics. Exabeam Advanced Analytics is the world’s most-deployed User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) solution. Advanced Analytics detects insider threats, compromised accounts, and data loss via deep learning and specialized statistical risk models. With the ability to accurately model the behavior of users, entities, and even security alerts from other security solutions, Exabeam can quickly detect complex threats, prioritize security alert investigation, and slash the response time of incident investigations. By automatically recreating entire attack chains, and piecing together both normal and anomalous behavior of users and entities, Exabeam dramatically reduces the time and effort security analysts must spend on investigations. Based on a patented session data model, Exabeam creates, in seconds, automatic incident timelines that show all activity good and bad across multiple IP addresses, devices, and credentials. Exabeam Advanced Analytics amplifies the abilities of SOC and IR staff by automating the manual drudge of investigations, thus freeing up resources for more proactive security initiatives like threat hunting.

    Exabeam Incident Responder. When Exabeam detects an insider threat or other incident, the job isn’t completed. Organizations must still respond efficiently and effectively to the newly discovered threat. Exabeam Incident Responder automates a firm’s response procedures through the use of incident workflows and playbooks. Incident Responder includes prebuilt playbooks for many of the most common incident types that response teams face, such as malware alerts, phishing incidents, data loss alerts, departed insider issues, etc. Exabeam playbooks can also be modified, allowing customers to create and share their own playbooks.The benefits of automated, guided response are clear: reduced response time, fewer human induced errors, and improved productivity for incident response teams. Incident Responder can perform automatic actions (e.g. resetting a user password or containing an infected endpoint machine) or guide manual actions by IR staff. Exabeam IR workflows tie together the many specialized security technologies that already exist within most organizations.

    Exabeam Cloud Connectors. Today’s IT environments are complex and distributed; often including a variety of cloud based services which serve critical functions like file storage, email, CRM and more. Exabeam Cloud Connectors offer direct log collection capabilities for a host of popular cloud based services including, Box, Office365, and others. This set of pre-built connectors augments the natural log collection capabilities of Exabeam Log Manager to easily report and analyze users’ cloud activity and behavior alongside activity on internal systems.

    Exabeam Threat Hunter. Where Exabeam Advanced Analytics uses machine learning techniques to notify an analyst about emerging threats, Exabeam Threat Hunter enables security analysts to search and pivot across multiple dimensions of user activity to find sessions that contain specific unusual behaviors or find users that match certain criteria. For example, an analyst might ask to see “all sessions where a user logged into the VPN from a foreign country for the first time, then accessed a new server for the first time, after which FireEye created a malware alert.” This level of analysis across disjoint activities and systems would be difficult if not impossible with the traditional query language approach of most SIEMs.Designed around a simple point-and-click interface, Threat Hunter enables even junior analysts to ask new and complex questions of their organization’s behavioral data without needing to learn a proprietary query language. Analysts can easily pivot through and drill down into user sessions to follow complex, multi-stage attacks. With Threat Hunter, machine learning provides intelligent answers, in addition to alerts.

    Home – Laurens County Public Library #lexington #public #library


    1000 Books Before Kindergarten: Curious George at the Library

    Sat, Aug 19, 10:00am – 12:00pm

    We’re celebrating Curious George with a special story time and conversation about what makes us curious. Participate in fun activity stations and giveaways. Curious George-approved snacks will be served. Everyone who is currently signed up for 1000 Books Before Kindergarten is invited, but families can sign-up at the event. Every child will receive a board book provided Read More

    At the Library: Eclipse on the Lawn

    Mon, Aug 21, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

    Join us at the library to watch and celebrate the total eclipse! The grounds are a perfect spot to watch and we will have eclipse glasses available to use. The library and the meeting room will be open for cooling off and we will have plenty of sun tea, moon pies, and other celestial snacks, Read More

    Afternooners: Welcome Back!

    Wed, Aug 23, 3:30pm – 5:00pm

    To welcome back our Afternooners, we are having a special program featuring scavenger hunts, giveaways, and pizza! Teens 12-18 are invited, parents are always welcome to observe.

    One Hour Basics: Google Drive

    Tue, Aug 29, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

    Want to access resumes, presentations, or other documents from any device? Need a source for online collaboration with your team members? Interested in a new way to keep track of your busy schedule or business spending? Join us for an introduction to Google Drive, a FREE web-based productivity suite and file storage system to help Read More

    Laurens Headquarters Library

    1017 West Main Street
    Laurens, SC 29360
    (864) 681-READ (7323)
    Fax: (864) 681-0598

    Mon, Tues, Thurs 9AM-8:30PM
    Wednesday 9AM-6PM
    Friday 9AM-5PM
    Saturday 9AM-1PM

    Clinton Public Library

    107 Jacobs Highway
    Clinton, South Carolina 29325
    (864) 833-1853
    Fax: (864) 833-9666

    Mon & Wed 9AM-6PM
    Tues & Thurs 9AM-8PM
    Friday 9AM-5PM
    Saturday 9AM-1PM

    Florida Homeschool Evaluators and Tutors

    Florida homeschool evaluators and tutors are listed by County. We recommend that you speak to several prospective evaluators before selecting one. Ask about their evaluation style so you can be sure it will be a good fit for your family. You may also want to ask for references. Please understand that while we ask everyone who wants to be listed here to specify their certification credentials, we are not able to validate this information. Ask to see your chosen evaluator s Florida teaching certificate!

    A note about the symbols used:

    U This evaluator is Unschooling friendly
    S This evaluator is familiar with evaluating Special Needs children
    T This evaluator offers Testing
    TU Designates a Tutor















    Indian River














    Palm Beach

    Ben Malley TU
    Phone: 561-245-1181
    City: Delray Beach
    Education/Experience: Over fifteen years of experience assisting students ages 8 – 18 to achieve success in school life. Certified teacher/ tutor with extensive postgraduate studies/work in education, psychology, and mentoring.
    Subjects and Grade Levels: All levels (K-12th ) of English, Math, Physical Science, and Social Science. FLVS, PBVS, ESL/ESOL, Student Athletes, SAT/ACT prep.
    Rate: $50/hr with discounts for long-term clients





    Saint Johns

    Saint Lucie

    Santa Rosa








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    • Get a free online loan eligibility assessment without accessing your credit file.
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    Financial Services Online

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    Access the latest share market info, trading tools and advice to help you get started or to improve your investment performance.

    Stock market education, online trading, investment advice and free downloads. GO >>

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    Home – Down Town Denverdentist #denver #cosmetic #dentists


    Cosmetic Dentistry of Colorado

    Creating Sensational Smiles in Denver Since 1999

    Dr. Radz and the Cosmetic Dentistry of Colorado team welcome you to Denver’s best in dental and oral care. Here, we work to ensure that our patients feel comfortable and confident that they receive the best that dentistry has to offer. The award-winning Dr. Radz has trained at some of the most prestigious institutions in dentistry and continues to build upon this foundation through regularly attending continuing education courses. Dr. Radz has shared his knowledge about cosmetic dentistry worldwide, has published over 150 articles in dental journals, is recognized by his peers locally and is listed as one of 5280’s Top Dentist.

    Cosmetic Dentistry of Colorado strives to provide the upmost in personal care and to deliver positive, lasting results that are designed to make you look good and improve your oral health. Whether you come to us for minor smile enhancements like tooth-colored fillings or dental crowns, or something more advanced like a
    smile makeover. our Denver dental office features the latest dental technology. products, and procedures to make your smile dreams reality!

    Schedule a Visit:

    Write a Google Review:

    Patients Testimonials

    “Going to the Dentist is not something that I am normally looking forward to….but going to Dr. Radz’ office is actually a pleasant experience!”

    “I went in to get my teeth whitened and to discuss a plan of action for straightening my lateral incisors. I have had braces twice, and still my teeth have shifted slightly over the years. Dr. Radz and his staff made a plan of action with great confidence, and I am so thankful to have such care for my smile!”

    “This practice is beyond what anyone can expect. From the modern facilities to the professional staff, I couldn’t ask for a better option. Being new to the area I was a bit nervous because I picked this place from my network with no prior knowledge, but I am more than pleased. The street parking was a turn off at first, but after only my first visit, I would pay the garage parking and it would still be worth it. The staff is incredible and knowledgeable, I can’t say enough good things, I’m glad I chose this place! ”

    Home – The Center – San Diego LGBT Community #family #lawyer #san #diego



    The Center offers a wide range of counseling services through its Behavioral Health Services programs. Services include individual, couple/family, and group counseling. Counseling services are also available for gender transitioning, same-sex relationship violence and those who are HIV/AIDS infected or affected.

    Latino Services

    Latino/a Services offers a wide variety of culturally and linguistically appropriate services, ranging from case management to social activities to Mi Familia, which provides family support in Spanish-speaking groups.

    Senior Services

    The Center’s Senior Services and our “50 and Better Club” strive to create a safe place for those 50 and up to access important resources and referrals related to health care, social services and other community activities.

    Youth Services

    The Center offers a wide variety of services and resources for youth, including the Hillcrest Youth Center for LGBT youth and allies ages 14-18, and Sunburst Youth Housing Project for homeless youth ages 18-23.

    HIV Services

    HIV-positive individuals, couples and families are welcome at all Center programs and activities. In addition, The Center has services specifically designed for the HIV/AIDS community.

    Family Services

    Family Matters serves approximately 400 LGBT parents and their children (of all ages) each month. It offers support and educational opportunities for parents and prospective parents, as well as playgroups and social opportunities for families throughout San Diego County.

    Transgender Services

    Discussion groups, advocacy, referrals, social events, workshops and more.

    What is the San Diego LGBT Community Center?

    The San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center, Inc. (d.b.a. The Center) is the nation’s second oldest and one of the largest LGBT community centers. Functioning as the LGBT community’s anchor organization, The Center is led by a 15-member board of directors, employs more than 50 paid staff and utilizes more than 1000 community volunteers to achieve its twin goals of promoting LGBT health and human rights. The Center provides direct program services to the many different facets of the LGBT community, including men, women, youth, seniors, families, LGBT Latino community members and their families, and those living with HIV. Last year The Center provided more than 61,000 direct service visits to San Diego community members, and through its events, activities and advocacy, touched the lives of thousands more.

    Que es el Centro Communitario LGBT de San Diego?

    El centro comunitario lesbico, gay, bisexual, y transgenero de San Diego, Inc, The Center es uno de los mas grandes y mas antiguos centro comunitario LGBT de la naci n. Funcionando como organizaci n pilar para la comunidad LGBT, The Center esta dirigido por una junta directiva compuesta por quince miembros. The Center emplea a mas de 50 empleados y utiliza mas de mil voluntarias para alcanzar ambas metas que son promover la salud y bien estar de los miembros LGBT asi como los derechos humanos de estos. The Center provee servicios a diferentes miembros de la communidad LGBT incluyendo, hombres, mujeres, jovenes, ancianos, familias, comunidad Latina/o y sus familiares y aquellas paersonas viviendo con el VIH. El a o pasado mas de 61,000 miembros de la comunidad aprovecharon los servicios del centro y atraves de sus eventos, actividades, y apoyo, hacienda la diferencia en la vida de muchas miles mas.

    LGBT-Affirming Senior Housing

    Interested in the senior housing community under construction in North Park? You can find details about the project, as well as answers to questions about the timeline, interest list, application process and more at .

    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017, Casino Night

    Don’t miss the third annual Center Casino Night, a fun-filled evening of mock gaming with food, drink (including the oh-so-popular bourbon bar), music and truly fabulous prizes! If you were there last year, you know this is a do-not-miss event. If you missed it – time to find out what all the fun was about! Proceeds from this event support The Center’s many community programs.

    Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017, AIDS Walk & Run

    Each year, more than 8,000 individuals, teams, social clubs, local businesses, schools and universities, faith organizations will come together for AIDS Walk & Run to remember those who have been lost to the disease and raise funds to support the more than 20,000 San Diegans living with HIV/AIDS. Please join us for San Diego’s largest HIV/AIDS fundraising event and be part of this incredible experience. Find out more at or find us on Facebook..

    February 2018, Tantrums & Tiaras

    Tantrums & Tiaras: Battle of the Bar Queens is an event like no other. What can you expect to see? A high-quality spoof of beauty pageants, of course, complete with a “talent” showcase. Local companies sponsor contestants, none of whom have any experience, as they compete to be crowned the next community Queen! In collaboration with Mo’s Universe, you can expect an evening of wigs, glitter and hilarity, all for a great cause! Join the fun and cheer for your favorites. For tickets and more information, visit

    Thursday, April 26, 2018, Dining Out for Life® San Diego

    Looking for awesome restaurants, bars and businesses? See the 2017 list of participating locations !

    On the last Thursday in April each year, thousands of San Diegans Dine Out to Fight AIDS. Dining Out for Life® is an international fundraising event involving the generous participation of restaurants throughout the country. Restaurants and bars across San Diego pledge to donate 25-100% of that day’s food and liquor sales to benefit HIV/AIDS services and prevention programs at The Center. Visit us at or find us on Facebook!

    Friday, May 18, 2018, Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast

    The Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast is designed to bring together more than 1,000 diverse San Diegans – business, labor, Democrats, Republicans, all communities, all ages, all San Diegans who support equality and justice – to celebrate the memory of this influential civil rights activist. Proceeds benefit the social services programs of the San Diego LGBT Community Center. For more information, find us on Facebook.

    TBD, 2018, Pachanga de Frida (Happy Birthday Frida)

    Featured Sponsor

    We Need Your Help

    No matter what strikes your passion and heart most deeply — youth, seniors, families, housing, equality work — there are a menu of giving opportunities to help support the more than 61,000 service visits for LGBT San Diegans that we provide every year!

    Every dollar you can give helps to support the services, projects and programs that make a difference for so many in the LGBT San Diego community. You don’t have to give thousands to make a difference in lives. give what you can and together we can all keep making a difference!

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