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Convertible buying guide

Getting started

Buying a convertible has little to do with practicality and everything to do with enjoying the open-air driving experience. In years past, convertibles were fair-weather-only cars, but modern convertibles require far fewer compromises than the ragtops of yore. Many models can shed their tops in 25 seconds or less, and some convertibles even allow you to raise and lower the top while driving at slow speeds (a nice feature if you’re lowering the top when stopped at a light and the light turns green).

Several convertibles feature a retractable hardtop, a folding metal roof that stows in the trunk at the push of a button. With the top raised, these hardtop models minimize some inherent convertible compromises by providing better insulation from noise and weather, increased interior security, improved visibility, and better resistance to fading and wear than a car with a soft top. But when lowered, they can consume much of the available trunk space.

Check our Car Brand Report Cards to learn more about each automaker.

That said, today’s soft tops are much better insulated against noise and weather, and all now come with glass rear windows instead of the flimsy, scratch-prone plastic windows that were common years ago.

What hasn’t changed is that soft-top convertibles remain more susceptible to break-in and theft than hardtop vehicles. An opportunistic thief with a sharp knife can easily have at the contents of your convertible. Soft-top convertibles also require more diligence to protect them from the elements, and some automakers warn against taking convertibles through automatic car washes with brushes or high-pressure water jets.

Since a car gets much of its structural rigidity from the roof, convertibles require extra bracing to minimize wear-inducing structural flex. Today’s convertibles are better engineered and tend to have more rigid construction, which minimizes body flex and improves handling.

Note that not all convertibles are true convertibles. The Fiat 500C has a full-size sunroof that slides as far back as a convertible top, but the side roof rails always stay fixed in place. This design benefits from added rigidity and a top that can be opened and closed at highway speeds, but it doesn’t deliver the same open-air feel as an ordinary convertible.

Key things to consider

To narrow your choices, decide first how you plan to use the car. Are you looking for a true sports car or a four-seater that happens to have an opening roof? Is this a car that you plan to drive every day or just on sunny weekends? For an everyday car, comfort, convenience, and fuel economy are important considerations. If driving is your passion, the fun quotient might trump practicality.

As always, price is a key factor, and convertibles usually cost significantly more than an equivalent fixed-roof car. If your budget is modest, your choices will be commensurately limited, and a used model may be a good alternative. In the sporty-car arena, you’ll want to look at cars that focus on handling prowess, but for top-down cruising, ride comfort, wind noise, and back seat and trunk space are also important considerations.

The powertrains for convertibles usually range from small four-cylinder engines, as found in the Fiat 500C and Mini Cooper convertibles, up to the powerful V8s in American muscle cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang. Fuel economy is typically worse with a drop-top than that of the fixed-roof version of the car due to the added weight, and driving with the top down may lower fuel economy even further.

Because top-down driving is the whole point of a convertible, the ease of deploying the top is crucial. Where available, choose a power top with a latch-free design. If the top does have latches, be sure to try them out at the dealerships”some latch designs can easily break fingernails, while others require the strength of Hercules to muscle the top closed. Some power top designs can be raised and lowered when the car is moving at low speeds, a very useful feature. Among those few models with a manual top, some let you undo a latch or two and toss the roof back, while others make you get out of the car and fiddle with the folded roof. Simpler tops are better.

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Top 10 Australian 7 seater Suv s and 7 seater cars of 2015

Posted by AutoCarAustralia – September 10, 2014 – Comments Off

These days’ cars with larger capacities are becoming more and more popular. One of the prime reasons for this has been the availability of more space that actually counts for a lot. People who have large families find it a lot more comfortable to get into large SUVs (sport utility vehicles) and drive around for their transport purposes. So space and comfort are the new norms that people are looking for these days, and therefore an assessment of the current market throws out the top ten 7 seater Suvs of 2014. One must note that there may be other known vehicles of such types from other manufacturers, but these have been right up there in terms of a number of aspects and hence, this listing. One can also use these as a basic reference, if they are planning to get a 7 seater car soon.

Here’s the list of the top cars in the category of Australian family Suvs and cars

The Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 boasts of an incredible modern design and outlook. The price of this vehicle basically falls between $37,000 and $50,000. It comes with a turbo diesel engine, and has a towing capacity of 2500 kg. It also features a six speed manual and automatic transmission. The interiors of this SUV are functional and have a luxurious design and feel. Leather seats and dashboards are also present which only but add to the overall charm. This vehicle can be an excellent purchase, as it offers a customer great value for money.

The Audi Q7 is easily one of the best among the lot, if you are indeed looking for 7 seater car options. It fits the description as put forward by the manufacturer and is easily among the most elegant of the seven seater options that one can find in the market at present. Thus, it is largely classified as a luxury SUV. The price range of the Q7 falls in $80,000 to $92,500, which is obviously on the expensive side of things but that is just about right for a vehicle of this type. One can opt for several options in its choice of engines like that of diesel, petrol and even environment friendly choices that are available. Such options decrease nitrogen oxide emissions by a massive 70 percent, something that is really worth looking out for. The car features very well decorated interiors and there is also the Multi-Media interface, which adds better control ability to the car. For those who prefer a more sporty outlook and performance, the Q7 is also available in that domain.

The Kia Carnival is perhaps one the most popular cars among Australians and hence, in the overall Australian market. It is also a highly affordable model, and costs associated with the vehicles operation are low and affordable. Several surveys among customers indicate that this vehicle easily beats the whole lot of its other competitors in terms of expenditure. Besides, the car also offers spaciousness, reliability, comfort and easy driving. Another thing worthy of note is the fact that the Kia Carnival comes with 8 seats!

The new member of the Odyssey family recently replaced the earlier popular model. It is widely believed that this was done to basically challenge the Kia Carnival on a number of fronts, and mainly the market position.

The overall exterior look of the car has seen a complete remodeling, which gives it a more van like appearance. The interiors have also been highly improved to suit the changing taste and style of people. It comes equipped with a single tier media system and has seats that feature a reclining function. Pretty much like the car it is being poised to throw a challenge to, the Odyssey also offers eight seats.

The BMW X5 is easily the best selling luxury SUV in Australia, and that too obviously for certain good reasons. There is also a recent 2014 model that interested parties can look forward to. The price bracket for this elegant make from the house of one of the best car makers is around $100,000 and $148,000. The 2014 edition of the car is basically slightly wider and longer. It also offers three engine options for buyers. The turbocharged diesel engine can, in fact, get you from 0 to 100 km/h in a matter of just 6.9 seconds. Also, the vehicle offers a highly stable option and offers premium luxury features. It certainly deserves to be included in this list of the top ten 7 seater SUVs in Australia.

The Toyota Kluger is one for those who love something that comes at a higher price and yet offers very good value for it. This seven seat car model comes with V6 engine and offers a two wheel drive. It is capable of towing loads whenever necessary. The Hyundai Santa Fe is probably the next one on this list that offers very similar features like the Kluger. One thing to note about the Kluger, as well as the Santa Fe is that neither of them is actually pretty luxurious, but they have a nice sporty aura around them.

A lot of people might actually want to consider the Holden Captiva. Though it is actually a brisk seller in this category and comes with less power compared to the others, one always has that option to get an upgrade to a higher powered engine and other features. Besides, all that it actually has got is enough to satisfy most of what seeks in a SUV, without even making a hole in the pockets. However, there is one major drawback and that is not being very well known as a brand might give it a much lower resale value compared to the known brands out there.

The first thing that one notices about the Dualis is that it comes with 7 seats and that too under $30,000. The vehicle comes with CVT (continuously variable transmission), and therefore offers the best fuel efficiency. You can also look forward to lots of storage, spacious interiors and good overall handling features with the Dualis. It even has a chilled glove box. This comes in handy when you have a few juice boxes and want to keep them cool and also for cooling off your sunglasses from the extreme heat conditions when required.

The Ford Territory is probably the king of the lot for SUVs in the $40,000 range. It also comes from a notable maker, i.e. Ford, and offers all that you expect from a very good maker in the industry. It offers very good driving experience, along with a list of many other notable features.

In its price range perhaps another Suv capable of providing some stiff competition would be the Toyota Prado. It manages to match the Territory on a number of features and aspects. It even boasts of a five door model, which makes accessing back seats easy.

If looks happen to be what is your prime concern, rather than space, the Audi A7 is the one to consider. However, in case you are looking for a more spacious option, the Q7 is probably the right one to go for.

Best 7 Seater Suv Comparison Table

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Super Car Hire | Prestige Keys

September 15, 2015

Welcome to Prestige Keys

We are a Luxury Car Hire and travel company. Our specialities lie in offering the most beloved vehicles this planet has to offer for any occasion which allows you to be behind the wheel of one of our machines.

Whether its Supercar hire, Prestige Car Hire, Sports Car Hire, Rolls Royce Hire, Limousine Hire, 4 4 Hire or Executive Car Hire with our Corporate service including Chauffeurs and Security, we are the No.1 choice in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Scotland, Essex, Luton, Oxford and many other areas all around the UK. Our service is nationwide and we offer delivery to any location within the UK mainland.

Our huge fleet allows us to bring to you some of the most elite marques in the world such as Rolls Royce Hire, Ferrari Hire, Lamborghini Hire, Ferrari Hire, Porsche Hire, Maserati Hire, Mclaren Hire, Bentley Hire Aston Martin Hire. 

We have a new Hyper-car Chauffeur service for Weddings, Proms and Special Events. We are proud to say we offer now the La Ferrari, Mclaren P1 and the amazing Porsche 918 spyder. 

Also check out our Wedding Packages whilst you visit our website to make your day extra special with a huge saving on costs and the special offers we have on the right hand side.

Fill in our Contact form  on the left hand side and a team manager will be in touch with you within 72 hours. If your enquiry is more urgent then please call us on our 24 hour booking line +(0044) 7792781873.

We hope you find what you re looking for on our site and look forward to hearing from you so we can get you into one of our luxury vehicles

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Luxury car buying guide

Getting started

Luxury vehicles are available as in sedan, coupe, convertible, and SUV body styles, and in a wide variety of sizes and shapes within those categories.

Types – SUVs

What makes a luxury vehicle

What you will pay

Key things to consider

Luxury cars can be so comfortable and enjoyable that once you’ve experienced the luxe life, going back to a mainstream car feels like a major downgrade. But this exclusive driving experience comes at a price, literally, in the form of the initial purchase and ownership costs, both of which typically far exceed those of more humble vehicles. Before committing to a luxury model, realize that nearly all of today’s mainstream models are better equipped than luxury cars from just a few years ago. Many offer uplevel comfort and safety features that were once the exclusive domain of prestige-brand models. These well-equipped mainstreamers cost thousands less than luxury-branded models, but often lack the thoroughness of design, special atmosphere, and prestige of a proper luxury car. Ultimately, it’s an individual choice as to how your money is best spent. Luxury cars tend to do very well in our tests due to their performance and comfort”but so do some well-appointed models from non-luxury brands.

When buying a luxury car, one must look carefully at the standard equipment list, especially on European cars, which sometimes offer little more than brand cachet in their lower-spec models. Features you might expect to come standard, such as metallic paint, backup camera, and genuine leather upholstery, may be offered as extra-cost options, and high-end, high-tech features are often bundled in expensive option packages. Most of these optional extras are priced far higher than similar features in mainstream cars, and we’ve seen several models which offer enough high-priced options to nearly double the price of the car. If you want to avoid option confusion, consider American and Japanese brands. For instance, Acura is notable for offering many luxury must-haves as standard equipment, with a minimal number of optional choices.

Note, though, that some high-end features add more complication than real functionality. That said, the rapid advances in active safety systems are well worth your attention, as many systems are helpful (blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert) and some a proven lifesavers (collision-mitigation systems). Once the lone purview of the luxury class, these systems are becoming widely available. It is best to try any unfamiliar features before putting much weight on them in your purchase decision. Your salesperson should be able to explain and demonstrate any features.

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Compare the car rental deals at Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport is the gateway to Australia for most international visitors and is certainly a busy place. Renting a car there can be daunting, but we make it easy so that you can fly in and be on your way with minimum fuss. With options from major international brands such as Hertz and Avis and smaller, local companies such as East Coast Car Rentals, you will be spoilt for choice.

There are plenty of places your Sydney Airport car rental could take you! Head north to Newcastle or all the way up to Queensland, where Brisbane and the Gold Coast provide endless entertainment and the beaches of the Far North offer idyllic relaxation. South of Sydney is the beautiful New South Wales coast, which eventually leads to Victoria. Melbourne, Australia s wonderful capital of culture and AFL, is just a day s drive from Sydney.

For real adventure, head inland and across the Outback to Alice Springs. Driving in the Outback is simply stunning, for the sheer magnitude of the landscapes. It can be a challenge, however, and there are a few things to keep in mind. Service stations can be few and far between, so don t let the gas tank or food supplies run low. Leave plenty of clear space if you re attempting to overtake a roadtrain, and carry plenty of spare water and a cellphone. Mostly, enjoy the ride and the view!

Special Events in Sydney

Holidays and special events are a great time for a car rental holiday in Sydney. But you will need to make plans early to beat the rental rush and snag the right vehicle before they sell out. Obviously the Christmas and New Year period gets busy, as does Easter, thanks to a four-day weekend.

Australia Day is a real celebration.It s the official national holiday and a great time to be in the country. Celebrated in the height of summer on January 26, you can look forward to community concerts, festivals and BBQs in many backyards. Get in quick to rent a car from Sydney Airport for this wonderful Aussie event.

Sydney Car Rental Experts

There are many reasons to book your Sydney Airport car rental with us. We work hard to make sure we are bringing you the best deals, the easiest booking process and a wide range of options from the many suppliers we have on board.

  • Our lowest price promise means we strive to have the best prices on the internet, and will match a better price you are quoted on a different site (terms and conditions apply).
  • Most vehicles have free cancellation.
  • Our friendly customer service team is on hand to help 24/7 with any queries during weekdays and 12 hours a day on weekends.
  • You can filter your search results by pick-up style, class, rental fleet, transmission and more to find the perfect vehicle for your needs.

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Available vehicle categories: Compact Cars & Sedans

Discover Sydney Australia with a rental car

The city of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia, is full of things to do. On you next holiday trip to Sydney, book a car rental with us and we will make sure you get to all the places you want to in comfort and style. With car rental stations conveniently located at Sydney Airport, we are easy to find. When you rent a car with us, you have many choices of vehicles. Our cars come in many sizes and styles so everyone can find the car they need to suit their holiday needs. From sporty convertibles for scenic drives to roomy vans for family trips, our fleet of cars has it all. If you would rather be driven around by someone else, we offer car hire services. Our drivers are safe and reliable and will make sure you get where you are going safely and in style.

What to see in Sydney Australia

Sydney is located on the Tasman Sea so walks along the beach and water activities are popular pastimes. The Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk is a six kilometer trail that shows off the beauty of the Australian coast. Along the walk you will find beaches and parks where you can rest, swim, and picnic. There are also cafes to stop in for a bite to eat. Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens offer free walking tours nearly every day of the year and train tours available on weekdays. Besides the lush landscaping and blooming flowers, sightings of lizards, eels, and Australian birds are possible. The gardens have a shop and restaurant available for visitors so it is easy to spend the whole day in the area. The Australian National Maritime Museum is a must for anyone interested in the ocean. This museum is home to one of the largest fleets of historic vessels in the world which includes both a submarine and a destroyer. Their permanent exhibits include displays of information about past sea journeys, naval traditions, and some Australian history. They have visiting exhibitions as well so you can find out what will be there while you are on your Australian holiday.

What Sixt rent a car offers in Sydney Australia

Sixt has three car rental locations in Sydney Australia where you get the chance to rent a car at low prices and a wide selection of vehicles. Our name in Sydney is Red Spot Car Rental. so do not get confused if you see Red Spot when you land in Sydney and not Sixt. Sixt offers one way car rentals, convertibles. cheap vehicles, SUVs and so much more. No matter what type of car transportation you are looking for in Australia, Sixt has your rental needs covered.

Wherever in Sydney you choose to go, let our rental cars and car hire services help you get there safely.

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The World of Cars Online

The World of Cars Online  was a virtual world based on the Cars film series. The game was under development with Open Beta, which launched on March 1, 2010. There was a sneak peek of the World of Cars called the Test Track which started in October 2008 and ended in November 2009 to make way for Open Beta. When the game finally opened on June 29th 2010, each car was awarded 2,010 coins, a founders plaque, and an Open Beta plaque (For users that joined during the Open Beta event). It was closed on Feburary 8, 2012.


Carburetor County

Pro Tracks



Racing is a main component of the World of Cars Online. Besides racing for different quests against computer players, you’ll also be able to participate in multi-player racing against your friends. There are hazards in the game and boosters. Examples of Hazards are oil slicks and a hay bales. You’ll be able to obtain different Hazards from Sarge

Types of racing- Solo Multi In solo the player shall race against the computer, and in multi the player can race against other players.



The World of Cars Online allowed users to customize their own Car, chat with other players, decorate your own yard, race against friends, and complete different quests with all of your favorite characters. As you explored and played games you’d earn different badges such as a Tractor Tipping Badge. The website has also hinted that it might have been possible to be other vehicles like trains and fire trucks, but that never happened.

Game Closing

The World of Cars Online was closed on February 8, 2012 at an unkown time. Disney is expected to refund up to $8,000 in membership fees that cannot be concluded with game time.

The game never picked up as much as other Disney MMORPG’s. The total member count was about 60,000. The majority of those members were inactive and unpaid. Many gamers began playing during Open Beta and left once payment was required to continue.

Many miss World of Cars Online. Some people have asked. “Will you make Cars Land Racers ?” Disney said that they would, and recommend users go to the official Cars site.

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Top 10 Car Rental Tips

08/28/2006 (updated 07/09/2009) – By Warren Clarke, Automotive Content Editor,

Remember when people rented cars mainly for the purpose of vacation transportation? These days, things have changed. The car rental industry has grown by leaps and bounds; the most current estimates available (for 2008) put annual car rental revenue at a whopping $21.9 billion. Airport rentals have historically been the main revenue driver, but that segment has remained virtually flat over the past decade and a half; the industry’s growth is due almost entirely to the explosion of the “home-city” rental market renting from a neighborhood location.

Those renting from neighborhood locations do so for a host of reasons. Some need an extra-large truck for that move across town. Some need a comfy hauler for a cross-country family road trip or a weekend of furniture shopping. And others crave a glamorous high-end cruiser for a fun-filled night out.

Whether you’re an airport renter or a home-city renter, we’ve got a list of tips designed to help make your car-rental experience as pain-free as possible for your bank account.

1. Surf the Net.

As is the case with many purchases, you’ll usually find the best rates on the Internet. Shop around. Buying online will afford you the luxury of seeing what rates look like on any vehicle your heart desires, without the inconvenience of having a salesperson breathing down your neck. Also, many companies offer special discounts to people who rent online. Rates will obviously vary from company to company, depending on vehicle availability, location and other factors. But rates aren’t the only variable to consider. Consider hours of operation, for example; some companies may close earlier on weekends. Depending on your schedule, this might be a crucial issue for you.

2. Go weekend.

Rates are typically cheaper on weekends. At one company we surveyed, you could rent a subcompact on a weekday for $64.99. When we opted for a weekend rental, the figure plummeted to a far more reasonable $22.99. If you’ve got some flexibility with your rental arrangements, opt for weekend rental. Your pocketbook will be eternally grateful.

3. Weekly does it.

Weekend rates are great, but weekly rates are usually the best of all. At one company we surveyed, a subcompact went for a weekday rate of $56.99. That same car could be rented on a weekly basis for just $252.99, a savings of more than 30 percent if you used the vehicle for all seven days, and more than 10 percent if you returned it after five days. If you plan on using the vehicle for five days or more, choose the weekly rate.

  • 4. Think twice about insurance.

    When renting a car, you’ll be offered a collision damage waiver (CDW) and a loss damage waiver (LDW). The first covers you in the event of a collision, while the second covers any loss to the rental company. Both kinds of coverage are a good idea, but not if they duplicate coverage already included in your own insurance policy. Most insurance policies offer liability coverage to protect you if you injure someone in an accident; some also cover rental-car damage via comprehensive and collision coverage. Check your policy or call your insurance agent to verify coverage before signing up for a vehicle. If you’re renting the car with a credit card, your card provider may pay for vehicle damages associated with an accident. Check with your card company ahead of time to make sure.

    There’s one caveat. The collision damage waiver covers “loss of use,” the charge levied by the rental car company to cover its lost income when the vehicle is out of service. In most states, auto insurance policies don’t cover this loss, so if you have an accident, you may wind up having to pay this charge out of your own pocket. As such, getting the collision damage waiver may be a good idea.

    5. Book early.

    It’s not just a clich ; the early bird really does get the worm, and he usually gets it much cheaper than everyone else. Rates depend on how many vehicles the company has on the lot at the time the rental is made, so sooner is better. Reserve your car at least a week in advance.

  • 6. Think twice about prepaid gas.

    Typically, renters have two choices when it comes to fuel: You can pay for a full tank of gas in advance and bring the vehicle back empty (or less than full), or you can opt to refuel it yourself just before returning it. Rental car companies suggest that paying in advance will add convenience and that the low rates offered will save you money. Well, they’re right on the first part but wrong on the second. Paying in advance is an added convenience; if you want to save yourself the hassle of a trip to the gas station or avoid a last-minute rush when you’re trying to make a plane, pay away. But unless you plan on using the entire tank of gas, prepaying will cause you to pay for more fuel than you’ve actually consumed. From a financial standpoint, prepaying is a bad idea unless you’re absolutely certain that you’ll use the full tank.

  • 7. Be careful of upgrades to larger vehicles.

    Sometimes, rental car companies will offer free upgrades to larger vehicles. They do this mainly because compacts tend to be in high demand. This sort of upgrade may seem like a great deal for you, the renter. If having a larger vehicle will genuinely enhance your rental experience, then take the upgrade. But if you have no real need for the extra space, it’s cheaper to decline. Larger vehicles burn more gas, so that “free” upgrade isn’t really free you’ll wind up paying for it at the pump.

    8. Steer clear of airport pickups.

    Picking up a rental car at the airport can be more expensive due to taxes and fees. Try looking at nearby neighborhood locations to save money. A recent Travelocity study showed that renting at an airport costs more than 11.5 percent more on average than renting at a neighborhood location. Texas airports were the chief offenders, but airports in states like Arizona, Ohio, Maryland, Missouri and New Mexico also cost renters more in taxes and fees.

  • 9. Got kids? Seat ’em yourself.

    If you’re traveling with a little one, you can save yourself some coin by bringing your own child safety seat. One rental company we surveyed charged almost $10 per day for child safety seat rental. Obviously, this can tack a significant amount onto your car rental expenses, so if you’re able to, bring your own child safety seat. If you’re renting a minivan, though, know that some rental minivans include integrated child safety seats at no extra cost.

    10. Join the club.

    Many of the larger companies offer club membership in which members pay a yearly fee in exchange for certain perks and privileges. These clubs can save you money with benefits like free rental days and airline miles, but you’ll likely only see savings if you’re a frequent renter. If you fall into this category and use rental vehicles more than occasionally, go clubbing.

  • Top 10 Cheap Used Cars under 1000 Dollars Reviews 2015 #auto #reviews

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    Top 10 Cheap Used Cars under 1000 Dollars Reviews 2015

    With many used cars now selling for less than 1000 dollars on the Internet, finding the best one can be an arduous task. Fortunately, it is not impossible. Instead of buying a friend’s old car or the first cheap one you find in an online car dealership store, here are the top 10 best cheap used cars selling for less than 1000 dollars:

    10. 2009 Mercury Milan Premier

    Are you a student or an on-the-road salesperson? Are you looking for an economical and low-maintenance 1000-dollar used car for commuting to work or school daily? This 2009 Mercury Milan Premier fits this profile well. Even though it is used, it is in pristine condition. Its engine and transmission system are in good working condition. Its electrical system is also in good working order, while its body lacks rust and or unsightly dings. No hefty repairs needed.

    9. 1996 Honda Odyssey EX

    For people with large families or those that like traveling with friends and relatives for adventures, this 1996 Honda Odyssey EX is a cheap four-door minivan, with a powerful 2.2-liter straight engine. It has a curb weight of 3483 pounds, runs on gasoline, and generates up to 130 horsepower while on the road. Its mechanical components are in perfect state. It interior is very comfortable, while its sturdy body and array of safety features make it an excellent everyday car.

    8. 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT

    This 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT is a 210 horsepower heavy-duty vehicle with an impressive towing capacity of approximately 5300 pounds. It has a 22.5-gallon tank, runs on E85 fuel type, and overall, looks and runs amazing. Its battery, suspension system, and drive-train are in excellent state. Its interior is comfortable (leather seats) and clean, while its body and wheels are well maintained. It has a sunroof and an original Rear TV Entertainment System.

    7. 2007 Infiniti M Sport Sedan

    With this 2007 Infiniti M Sport Sedan, the fact that you are paying less than 1000 dollars for a car does not mean that you sacrifice quality. This four-door vehicle is stylish and has a well-maintained 3.5-litre V-engine that generates up to 275 horsepower on the road. This is impressive, considering the paltry sum of money you pay to own it. It has a rust-free 20 gallon tank, comfortable leather upholstery, a high performance entertainment system (console mounted DVD player and MP3), a rear camera, heated and cooling front seats, GPS navigation, stability control, and power steering.

    6. 1986 Chevrolet Corvette Hatchback

    For those that love vintage cars, but do not have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a classic restored model, this used 1986 Chevrolet Corvette Hatchback is not only cheap, but also offer value for money. Its stylish and streamlined body is in mint condition. Although not as economical and today’s contemporary vehicles, its 5.7-liter V8 TPI OHV engine is powerful, while its four-speed automatic transmission system shifts seamlessly. It has a Rear Wheel Drive drive-train and responsive safety features.

    5. 2003 Honda Accord

    If you have a 1000-dollar budget and want a fully loaded mid-size Sedan with an excellent reputation, this base model of the 2003 Honda Accord is ideal. Its well-maintained engine generates approximately 185 to 278 horsepower depending on the road and environment. Its mechanics (drive-train, transmission, suspension system, and wheels) and electrical (power steering, power locks and windows) are in excellent state. It is fuel-efficient, has a well-maintained body, and an immersive entertainment system.

    4. 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

    This used 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 offers superior performance at a reasonable price. In addition to its clean-finished ebony leather interior, key features that rank it among the best in top 10 cheap used cars under 1000 dollars reviews 2015 include: 1) Engine – the fitted 7.0-litre V8 engine with 6-speed transmission is in excellent state. It generates up to 505 horsepower. 2) Mechanics – its fitted mechanical components are high grade. For less than 100 dollars, you get chrome wheels, key-less button push start, a sturdy drive-train, and a dual performance exhaust.

    3. 2005 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer

    If you travel with family often and like SUVs, this used 2005 Ford Expedition Edie Bauer sets the benchmark for quality cheap used cars selling for less than 1000 dollars. It has a well-maintained body and a 5.4-litre Triton engine. Its spacious design accommodates seven passengers comfortably, while the programmable positions for the driver’s seat ensures that you are as comfortable as possible when driving long distances. Other interesting features that users find to be invaluable are its heated dual power folding mirrors, automatic controls, heavy-duty trailer tow, and HD cooling system.

    2. 2001 Ford Escape

    Because of its performance and fuel efficiency, 2001 Ford Escape Titanium is one of the best SUVs for everyday use. If you are among millions of its fans, but cannot afford a brand new one from the showroom, you can easily find a good used one for less than 1000 dollars. Its stylish design and gorgeous black leather interior is eye-catching. Its engine generates up to 321 horsepower, while its 6-speed automatic transmission system shifts perfectly.

    1. 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe LS

    This 2001 edition of the renowned Chevrolet Tahoe LS brand is a flexible and highly reliable used car, with many innovative features. Its well-maintained body is aesthetic. Its engine and transmission system are reliable, while its interior is comfortable.

    Top 10 Luxury Cars, Top Ten Luxury Cars #floor #mats #for #cars

    #luxury cars

    Top 10 Luxury Cars

    #10 – 2016 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

    The standard features of the BMW M6 Gran Coupe Base include 4.4L V-8 560hp engine twin turbo, 7-speed auto-shift manual transmission with overdrive, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), integrated navigation system, side seat mounted airbags, curtain 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags, driver and passenger knee airbag, airbag occupancy sensor, automatic air conditioning, 20 forged aluminum wheels, cruise control, ABS and driveline traction control.

    #9 – 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE

    The standard features of the Jaguar F-TYPE Base include 3.0L V-6 340hp engine intercooled supercharger, 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), integrated navigation system, side seat mounted airbags, driver and passenger side airbag head extension, airbag occupancy sensor, automatic air conditioning, 18 aluminum wheels, cruise control, ABS and driveline traction control.

    #8 – 2016 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

    The standard features of the Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600 Base include 6.0L V-12 523hp engine twin turbo, 7-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), integrated navigation system, side seat mounted airbags, curtain 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags, rear side-impact airbag, driver knee airbag, airbag occupancy sensor, airbag childseat sensor, automatic air conditioning, 20 AMG aluminum wheels, cruise control, distance pacing, ABS and driveline traction control.

    #7 – 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

    Three Steps To Trading in Your Used Car #sale #cars

    #trade in value of car

    Three Steps To Trading in Your Used Car

    1 of 4

    You’re getting ready to buy a new or used car. The car you currently drive is in good enough shape and may have some value to it. Should you sell it yourself or trade it in?

    Simply put, if you want the most possible money for your vehicle, you’re better off selling it yourself. However, this takes time and perhaps more effort than people are willing to invest. Forty-eight percent of all car purchases in 2013 included a trade-in, according to Edmunds data.

    Trade-in offers are typically less than you’d get in a private-party sale because the dealership must factor in the cost to recondition the vehicle and make a profit when it resells it. The plus for car shoppers is that trading in your car can be very convenient. If you follow these tips, you can get the most for your trade-in.

    Step 1: Appraise Your Car’s Trade-in Value

    To determine if you’re being offered a reasonable price on your trade-in, you first must know what your car is worth. Use the Edmunds car appraisal tool and look for the trade-in True Market Value (TMV ). Read “How Much Is My Car Worth” if you need tips on how to appraise your car. Print out the results page and take it with you to the dealership. You also can pull up the trade-in value on the Edmunds smartphone app.

    It is important to accurately take stock of all the car’s options and to be honest about the condition level. Note that only a small percentage of cars will actually be in “outstanding” condition. Most cars that are well maintained will be in “clean” condition. When in doubt about the condition level, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

    Step 2: Get a CarMax Estimate or a Dealership Quote

    We recommend taking your vehicle to CarMax for its first appraisal. Show up early and you can get in and out in about 30 minutes. CarMax will give your vehicle a detailed inspection, along with a written appraisal that’s good for up to seven days.

    At this point, you can either take the CarMax offer or go to other dealerships to see if they’ll make a better offer. In our experience, we’ve found that CarMax offers more for your trade-in.

    If you are “upside down” or “under water” on your car loan, however, you’ll have to pay CarMax the difference between what you owe and what the vehicle appraised for. If you’re not prepared to do that, trading in at a dealership might be a better option.

    Don’t have a CarMax nearby? Call the used-car manager of your local dealership to set an appointment for an appraisal on your vehicle. Timing is critical here. Whereas CarMax might have at least two appraisers, most dealerships will only have one person appraising potential trade-ins. If you show up on a Saturday afternoon, you could be waiting for a while. Try to schedule the appraisal for a weekday in the morning, when things are less hectic.

    Keep in mind that the trade-in price you’re offered at the dealership (or CarMax, for that matter) can vary depending on a number of factors, including the car’s condition level, the dealer’s current inventory and how likely it is that the car will sell. There may also be special promotions around trade-ins. More about that later.

    If you have a CarMax appraisal, you will already have a reference point to compare the dealer’s offer. If not, you may want to try to get two dealers’ appraisals.

    Here’s a good strategy you could try: Take your car to a dealer other than one that sells your car’s brand. For example, take your Toyota Camry to a Chevrolet dealer. This way, your car won’t be competing with six other Camrys on the lot. A non-Toyota dealer (which is very likely to sell used cars of other brands) may offer you more for the Camry than the Toyota dealer would.

    Step 3: Negotiate or Close the Deal

    Once you have appraisals, you have a couple of options. You can either take one of the offers you have, or negotiate (not an option for CarMax) for a better price. If the CarMax offer is the highest, sell it there. If you have your paperwork in order, you could be done in 30-40 minutes. If you are upside down on the car and need to fold the loan balance into your next car’s financing, however, the dealership is the best place to do so.

    If you’re deciding between two dealerships with similar offers, you may want to lean toward the one at which you intend to buy your car. This gives you some leverage, since you’re giving the dealership business on both the trade-in and the car purchase.

    The first trade-in offer at a dealership is often on the low end, so there’s room to negotiate. Say something like this: “I intend on buying a car from you today, so if you can improve on the trade-in price, I’d love to give you my business.”

    Another strategy is to use Edmunds TMV as a guide. Say something like this: “I’ve done some research on this car and it looks like the Edmunds trade-in value is slightly higher than your offer. I realize it’s an average, but can you beat this price?”

    Sometimes this will work, sometimes it won’t. But if you’ve solicited more than one offer, you should have some options. If you keep getting the same offers for your trade-in and none of them seem to be what you had in mind, you may have to temper your expectations. This may very well be the market value of the car, no matter what you think it should be worth.

    At this point, you can either bite the bullet and take what you’re being offered, or try to sell the car yourself. Some people may even choose to keep the car as a daily driver, rather than pile the miles on the new car.

    You may be able to make timing work to your advantage. Target the end of the month, when the dealer may be more willing to give you an attractive offer, or look for special promotions, such as when the dealership may offer extra cash as part of a trade-in event that’s meant to beef up the used-car inventory.

    Keep negotiations for the new car and your trade-in separate. The trade-in amount should be written in the contract as a credit against the purchase price of the car. In some states, you only pay sales tax on the difference between the new car and the trade-in. This means that on top of what you receive for your trade-in, you are paying less sales tax on your new car. This tax advantage is a net savings for you and could make you decide that trading in is worth it.

    Common Trade-in Mistakes

    We’ve just gone over the steps on handling the trade-in like a pro, but the truth is, there are some fairly common mistakes that people make when they’re trading in a car. Here are some and how to avoid them.

    Bringing a freshly cleaned car: A former car salesman told us that there’s no better way to spot a person who will be buying a car that day than to look for someone who arrives with a sparkling-clean car.

    You might be thinking, “Don’t you want the car to be clean so it can make a good impression?” The truth is, a little bit of dirt won’t change the value of the car. That’s not to say that you should bring in a car with a bunch of fast food bags and soda cans strewn about, but don’t feel the need to have the car detailed beforehand. This way, you can play your cards close to the vest about whether you really intend to buy that day.

    Repairing the car: People sometimes try to fix dents on their cars or throw on a new set of tires, thinking it will substantially add to the value of their trade-in. This seldom works. The dealer can usually fix flaws and put on new tires for substantially less than you can.

    Overestimating the value: People tend to get sentimentally attached to their cars and often think they’re worth more than they actually are. They look for the car’s highest value on an appraisal site and treat it as though it were set in stone. The truth is that appraisals are averages, meaning some people are offered less and others more. Rather than fighting over the car’s value, your efforts might be better spent on negotiating the price of your new car.

    Hiding information: Some shoppers fib about a trade-in offer they’ve received in the hopes that the dealer might try to beat the imaginary offer. This rarely works. An experienced appraiser will either see right through the inflated offer or call the bluff by asking to see the estimate in writing. If your offer is for real, display it proudly. This is where the CarMax in-writing offer comes in handy.

    Also, some shoppers wait until the last minute to mention that they have a trade-in as part of the car-buying deal. This is one of the top Car Buying Myths out there. It’s best to be up front about the trade-in from the very beginning.

    If you follow these steps and sidestep the common pitfalls, the trade-in process will run smoothly. The key is to know what your car is worth, shop around and be realistic about the offers you get.

    Thousands of Classic Cars – Buy & Sell Classic Cars #reviews

    #buy cars online

    Find a Classic

    Spotlight Ad

    Featured Ads

    Sonora, CA 1925 Dodge Business Coupe

    $9,500 Medford, OR 1967 Plymouth Valiant 100

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    Browse, Buy Sell Vintage Autos – About

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    Old Car Online was built for enthusiasts like you to browse, buy and sell. Take a look around at our current collection of classic cars for sale or sell a car yourself!

    This Ford can drive itself in motorway traffic and park while you wait #cheap #cars #under #1000

    #luxury cars

    This Ford can drive itself in motorway traffic and park while you wait International Business Times 17 hrs ago

    Alistair Charlton

    Autonomous driving is no longer reserved for luxury cars, as Ford reveals plans to bring driverless systems – including one which can park a car without the driver being inside – to our roads very soon. The systems will be affordable alternatives to those already offered by BMW and Tesla.

    Called Traffic Jam Assist, the first system works alongside the car’s cruise control and uses cameras and radar to monitor road markings and surrounding traffic. When driving in stop-start traffic on a busy motorway, the feature can be switched on via the steering wheel; it then takes control of the steering, brakes and accelerator.

    Shown off for the first time in Germany, the system will keep the car in the centre of your lane, a safe distance from the vehicle in front, and below the speed limit (which the driver sets before switching the system on). It also works, unlike current cruise control systems, after the car has come to a halt, with it setting off again to keep up with the flow of the traffic.

    Drivers must keep a loose hold of the steering wheel, as they are instructed to with Tesla Autopilot. and if they do not then a series of visual and audible warnings will raise the alarm. Resting your arm on the door and a fingertip on the wheel is enough to tell the car you are ready to take control if necessary.

    Making any input through the wheel, pedals or indicator stalk switches the system off. Unlike Tesla Autopilot. the Ford cannot autonomously switch lanes when the driver flicks the indicator. A feature similar to this appears in the 2016 BMW 7-Series. allowing the car to keep itself in lane on the motorway.

    For many drivers, fighting heavy traffic on the way to work leaves them stressed, angry and exhausted, even before the work day begins. Traffic Jam Assist helps the driver maintain the distance to the vehicle ahead and helps to keep the vehicle centred in the lane. The system aims to reduce driver stress in dense traffic scenarios, said Reid Steiger of Ford Europe’s Automated Driving division.

    A car which parks itself – with no driver inside

    Next up is Remote Park Assist, an upcoming feature which will let car owners park in tight spaces without even being in the car. They park near the space, step out, then use the car fob to tell the car to park itself. The system works in reserve too, so drivers can extract their car from a tight space if someone has parked too close to them. Again, this system is also available on the new 7-Series, but Ford will bring it into the hands of drivers on a much lower budget.

    Remote parking has been in development by Ford for some time, having first been demonstrated to IBTimes UK back in 2013. The technology has presumably come a long way in the last two years, but Ford is still refusing to say when remoter parking – and the autonomous motorway traffic driving system – will be available to consumers.

    Three new Proton cars heading to the UK in 2014 #used #cars #indianapolis

    #proton cars

    Three new Proton cars heading to the UK in 2014



    Proton Suprima S, Exora Bold MPV and Preve saloon heading to UK in 2014

    Proton is planning a major relaunch in the UK with three new models set to be offered early in 2014.

    Leading the charge will be the Suprima S hatchback, and will be joined by the Exora Bold MPV and Preve saloon.

    The Ford Focus rivalling Suprima S was launched in Proton’s home market of Malaysia earlier this year, with a 1.6-litre 138bhp turbo engine.

    It was initially offered with a seven-speed CVT gearbox, but according to respected Malaysian website a six-speed manual will also be available in the UK. The power output is likely to remain unchanged.

    The Suprima S on sale in Malaysia delivers a 0-62mph time of 9.9 seconds and promises 35mpg. It was benchmarked against the Focus, VW Golf, Peugeot 308 and Mazda 3 during its development.

    The Proton UK website is highlighting the relaunch, with both the MPV and saloon featuring prominently on its home page.

    Both models are also fitted with the 1.6 turbo in Malaysia.

    Proton sells a limited range through its UK dealer network at present, with only the Gen-2, Savvy, Satria Neo and Ecologic on offer.

    The World of Cars Online – Disney Wiki #buy #cheap #cars

    #world of cars

    The World of Cars Online

    The World of Cars Online is a virtual world based on the Cars film series. There was a first sneak peek of the World of Cars called the Test Track which started in October 2008 and ended in November 2009 to make way for Open Beta. The game was under development with Open Beta, which launched on March 1. 2010. When the game finally opened on June 29, 2010, each car was awarded 2,010 coins, a founders plaque, and an Open Beta plaque (for users that joined during the Open Beta event). After nearly two years of operating, The World of Cars Online closed February 8. 2012. Disney cited low-quality as the reason behind the closure.



    The World of Cars Online allowed users to customize their own car, chat with other players, decorate their own yard, race against friends, and complete different quests with all of their favorite movie characters. There were also different mini games to earn coins such as Mater ‘s Tractor Tipping. As users explored and played games they earned badges such as a Tractor Tipping Badge. The website also hinted that it might be possible to be other vehicles like trains and fire trucks.

    Racing was a main component of the World of Cars Online. Besides racing for different quests against computer players, users were able to participate in multi-player racing against friends. Hazards were used to slow down other players behind you. Examples of Hazards would be an oil spill and a hay bale. Different Hazards were available to obtain from Sarge.


    The World of Cars Online is was closed on February 8, 2012, just 9 days after another MMOG, LEGO Universe, closed. Disney is expected to refund up to $8,000 in membership fees that cannot be concluded with game time.

    The game never picked up as much as other Disney MMORPG’s. The total member count was about 60,000. The majority of those members are inactive and unpaid. Many gamers began playing during Open Beta and left once payment was required to continue.

    Many miss World of Cars Online. But, some people have asked, “Will you make a World of Cars 2 ?” Sadly, Disney said that they wouldn’t, and that they recommend users to go to the official cars website.

    The Most Unique Cars and Trucks on the Road Today #car #starter

    #unique cars

    The Most Unique Cars and Trucks on the Road Today

    1 of 29

    In a world where everything is done according to conventional wisdom, every car would be a Toyota Camry. They’d all be the same front engine, front drive, MacPherson strut front suspension and they’d all look pretty much the same.

    Thankfully, not every vehicle on the road is built with conventional wisdom in mind. In fact, certain cars and trucks are successful because they throw conventional wisdom out the window and do things however they see fit. Here we celebrate the unique cars and trucks out there that keep us from going over the cliff into a world of the permanent Camry.

    Maintaining Tradition

    Every sane engineer knows there’s no good reason for the 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera to carry its engine in the rear. Except of course that Porsche has been building rear-engine sports cars for 65 years and Porsche’s buyers like them that way. And in overcoming the disadvantages and exploiting the advantages of the rear-engine layout, Porsche has consistently produced one of the best sports cars on the road.

    In addition to its odd placement, the Porsche 911 also uses a flat-6 engine, another unique trait. Subaru and Scion are the only other companies selling cars with horizontally opposed engines in the United States. The rear-drive BRZ sports car and its twin (built by Subaru) the 2013 Scion FR-S. use the low center of gravity and compact size of the latest 200-horsepower, 2.0-liter Subaru flat-4 to produce an amazingly well-balanced and fun car.

    Some traditions are worth holding onto.

    Door Jamming

    Arrive at an event in a conventional car and no one is likely to notice you get out unless you’re wearing a pastel leisure suit. So for those with more conventional sartorial tastes who still want to get attention, there are unconventional doors.

    Dramatic doors have become almost required in the world of exotics. Lamborghini’s current scissor hinges have become almost as much a part of the builder’s legend as the Countach and Miura. Who’d buy an 2012 Lamborghini Aventador without them?

    Then there’s the Koenigsegg Agera R’s doors that pivot up on posts so the paparazzi know someone with intimate knowledge of a Kardashian has arrived. The 2012 McLaren MP4-12C uses doors that each use one large single hinge. Pivoting on that hinge, they fly up and away from the car as if they were flapping wings. Spectacular carbon-fiber wings.

    On the original 1954 300SL, the gullwing doors were there because the car’s complex tubular chassis made them necessary. When Mercedes-Benz put gullwing doors on the 2012 SLS AMG. it was because they looked cool. And they look cool.

    Rolls-Royce does dramatic doors, too. In the current Phantom and Ghost sedans, the rear set of doors open suicide style, while both doors in the 2012 Phantom Drophead Coupe are also rear-hinged. For a dramatic entrance, nothing beats a shapely pair of legs emerging elegantly from a set of suicide doors.

    More Than a Few Ways To Build a Suspension

    For almost 80 years virtually all American cars had rear-wheel drive with a solid rear axle in the back. But now there’s only one, the 2013 Ford Mustang . Of course, the big advantage of a solid rear axle is that it’s cheap. But the advantages of independent rear suspension better handling, better ride motion isolation are too much to ignore. When the Mustang is redesigned for 2015, it will have an independent rear suspension. And that will be that for how American rear-drive cars used to be built.

    Meanwhile Chevrolet’s new C7 Corvette will sustain another tradition at least a few more years: leaf springs. As has every Corvette since 1963, the C7 will rely on transverse-mounted leaf springs to support its all-independent suspension. Leaf springs had long been the default suspension system for the tail end of American cars, usually with two holding up either end of a solid rear axle. The Corvette’s suspension is more sophisticated than that, but it’s still the last holdout for the leaf spring in cars.

    Power Comes About in Many Ways, Too

    America may have been built with iron, but it’s being remade in aluminum. The last iron-block V8 engine available in American cars is Chrysler’s Hemi. The lighter weight of aluminum likely means the Hemi’s magnetic future doesn’t stretch too far over the horizon.

    If you’re interested in something a little more exotic, consider Volkswagen’s W12 engine. Used in everything from the Phaeton to the Audi A8 to the 2013 Bentley Continental GT . this intermingling of two V6s wedges 12-cylinder performance into the space of a typical V8.

    BMW and Volvo don’t bother with such complexity. Instead they are the only manufacturers still producing inline six-cylinder engines for their cars. The advantages of inline-6s (their natural balance and excellent torque production) have been overwhelmed by the proliferation of more compact V6s that are easier to fit into front-wheel-drive cars. But since all BMW-branded cars are rear-drive machines, that’s not a problem for the company.

    And Then There’s the Truly Outrageous

    The 2013 SRT Viper and Bugatti Veyron are both built to be insanely fast and radically provocative. And that has led them both to be singularly eccentric.

    Not only is the Viper the only car powered by an overhead-valve, pushrod V10 engine, it’s the only car left that’s offered solely with a manual transmission. In fact, it may wind up being the last car offered solely with a manual transmission.

    Finally, there’s the Bugatti Veyron 16.4. It takes Volkswagen’s W12 engine one step further by mashing two V8s together to make the world’s only W16-powered car. And as if that wasn’t enough, Bugatti’s engineers then added four turbochargers to push the car’s output past 1,000 hp. Add in the Veyron’s $1 million-plus price tag, and it’s about as unique as it gets these days.

    Body Parts

    It’s an open question whether the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is a convertible, but the top is at least removable. And if you want something with four doors that’s fully open to the sunshine, it’s the only vehicle in the running. And with enough practice, you can get pretty good at putting the top up and down.

    Meanwhile, if four doors is too much and two doors is two little, there’s Hyundai’s three-door Veloster . There’s a longer one on the left for the driver, and two shorter ones on the right for passengers. While previously there have been three-doors in America like the Saturn Ion coupe, right now the Veloster is alone in this niche market. It is a niche, right?

    Leaf springs are still the standard for pickup truck rear suspensions, however. But the don’t-call-it-a-Dodge Ram 1500 has adopted coil springs to produce a better ride, making it the only half-ton truck to do so.

    Ram is also alone in still offering a straight-6 engine in its trucks. The 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel available in the Ram 2500 and 3500 is the last straight-6 offered in an American pickup.

    Meanwhile, the Ford F-150 is the first (and only) mainstream, full-size pickup available with a turbocharged gasoline engine. Combining direct injection with two small turbos, the EcoBoost engine is rated at 365 hp and a massive 420 pound-feet of peak torque. Considering its strong performance, solid fuel mileage and massive sales, the EcoBoost isn’t unlikely to remain the only turbocharged truck engine for long.

    The Japan Car Experience #euro #car

    #japan cars

    Japan On Wheels – The Japanese Car Experience

    Japan On Wheels

    Harrison Wheeler

    Since moving to Japan, cars have become a big infatuation of mine. I never used to pay much attention to cars really – they were handy devices that, as long as they got me from A to B on time, and had a decent stereo of course, I was content.

    I guess I’m not your typical ‘car-guy.’ Japanese cars however, have oodles more character than ours in Canada. I mean, plenty of cars have CARisma (sorry!), but the majority seems to be boring run of the mill sedans or, god save us all, SUVs.

    Here in sunny Japan they’ve got a variety of cars that match the peculiarity of their manga characters: cute and sometimes even ridiculous, but most importantly efficient. The list of Japanese cars is long and colorful – here are a few to give you an idea.

    (Please note that although these descriptions may smell of mockery, they’re really not. It’s a celebration of their oddities!)

    Bubble cars

    Somewhere between a Volkswagen beetle and a giant soap bubble. One would half-expect this car to blow off with a good gust of wind and burst into vehicle oblivion.

    Tonka-Farm Trucks (e.g. Mitsubishi Mini-Cab)

    Unbeknownst to us, Tonka the toy truck factory has taken their toys out of the sandbox and made them road-worthy here in Japan.

    These trucks are slow, inefficient and are incredibly frustrating to drive behind. Miraculously they can carry massive amounts of materials, from towers of hay and rice stalk to several tons of metal scrap. No one taller than 150cm or younger than 106 years of age can drive it though.

    Cubes (e.g. The Nissan Cube – go figure)

    Resembling a Rubik’s Cube gone mobile. No one factored in the aero-dynamics here. As the name suggests, this is just a box on wheels. Funny to the power of three.

    Comic Space Vans

    R-2 D-2 the car

    Yes, it’s actually called R-2. Unconfirmed reports state that the C-3P0 motor-bike has been spotted somewhere outside the Degoba System.

    Flying Saucer Mobiles (e.g. The Nissan Toppo)

    This car has a lot of space on top, which begs the question as to why Japanese people are driving it. One could imagine this thing taking a corner too fast, spinning out of control, going air-borne and landing in an American corn field, making for another newsworthy UFO sighting.

    Lawnmower K-cars (e.g. The Suzuki Alto)

    Maxing out at a breakneck speed of 60km an hour, this one is in a special category of Japanese lightweight cars.

    Japanese car manufacturers typically assign a letter to each new model pre-production and this one got a K . The K-car was specifically designed as a cheap vehicle that simply ‘did the job.’ If that means cutting the lawn on Saturday mornings, they were right. Believe it or not, some of the K-cars are Turbo Charged. (It cuts AND it mulches.)

    The Smarty

    Aside from being prime eye-candy, Japanese cars are typically made to be more fuel efficient, eco-friendly vehicles.

    The most obvious of these is the new gas-electric hybrid, the Smart Car. Needless to say, the name suits the car perfectly. Sure, you might think it looks like the equivalent of Hotel-Pillow Mint on the road but, in the case of the Smart Car, looks aren’t something to be mocked. It not only has stylish lines but takes the prize for the most environmentally sound car on the market. What’s more is that it’s the first of its kind to sell internationally and succeed at edging into the old-school car economy. The technology for alternative fuel-based cars has been a possibility for years and finally it has come to fruition! Honestly, it’s a huge milestone!

    Editor’s note – The Smart Car was originally developed by DaimlerBenz and the Japan-only variant is called the Smart K.

    The Ogre

    On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is the Smart Car’s older and uglier cousin – the gross, gas-guzzling SUV. Of course, the SUV is available in Japan and enjoys unprecedented popularity, but it really doesn’t suit Japan’s tiny roads and its similarly tiny people. An entire Japanese village could fit in an SUV, whereas in the West they are typically used as a one-person weekender wagon. Any car that has an acronym as a name has got to be ridiculous: Sports Utility Vehicle? I prefer Sick Unnecessary Vanity.

    Imagine then the entire range of Japanese wheels lined up next to one another – a veritable menagerie of trippy’ characters, engines revving – a Pokemon convoy ready to spread insanity over landscapes unreal. Car owners in Japan see them in the same way – most cars are decorated in detail on the inside as well as on the outside. ‘100-yen Stores’ sell all the trinkets necessary to bring your motorized alter-ego to life – dress it up in leather-print seats, drape feather boas over the console, assemble a team of stuffed animals for the back windshield, a neon light for the gear-shift – and you’re not just driving a car anymore. You’re driving a veritable charisma ‘wonder wagon!’ You’re piloting a personality capsule! A mood mobile! You’re Japan on wheels.

    At first glance, the humor value of Japanese cars cannot be denied, but it has to be said how just how ‘smart’ Japanese cars really are in comparison to Western designs.

    Seeing a K Car next to an SUV in Japan is quite a contradiction. In one lane is an embodiment of Japanese humility; a cutesy decoration on the landscape that also happens to reliably get us to work on time without excessive waste or pollution. In the other lane is North America’s massive attitude; the apparent king of the road, ignorant of its over-indulgent consumption of fuel and pollutant output – the true emblem of excess.

    I do believe that we in the West could take a page out of Japan’s automobile book and go for cute and efficient over attitude and gluttony. Sorry to say that Japan obviously likes the SUV look too, otherwise they wouldn’t be on their streets. The majority of SUVs on Japanese streets are produced by Japanese manufacturers after all.

    Interesting to note, is that Ford is scheduled to come out with an electric/gas hybrid SUV – an attempt to redeem its anti-eco attitude. I haven’t the faintest idea of what this new SUV hybrid will be called, but if it were up to me, I’d name it the Ford Hypocrite.

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    The world – s wealthiest people and the cars they drive #car #parking #games

    #the car people

    Drivestyles of the rich and famous: World s wealthiest people and the cars they drive

    What about American billionaire Bill Gates? While the one-time world’s richest man has been seen driving to and from the Microsoft offices in a Ford Focus, it’s his other ride that has gathered more attention.

     Alice Walton

    Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud

    Sir Richard Branson

    Yet another media magnate that enjoys splashing his cash around is Richard Branson. The eccentric British businessman is the founder of the Virgin Group and whose total fortune is worth an estimated $4.2 billion according to Forbes. Never one afraid of operating outside the box, Branson s eccentricity is perhaps best witness in his choice of vehicle: a $125,000 + Gibbs Aquada amphibious car which he often uses to zip across the English Channel.

    So what kind of car would you drive if you were among the world s wealthiest? Sound off in the comment section below.

    The Trade Centre Wales #trade #in #car #value

    #cheap cars uk

    2014 Nissan Juke Acenta 1.6 *



    Apply Now!

    All above pictures are for illustration purposes only. MPG Figures are obtained from laboratory testing and intended for comparisons between vehicles and may not reflect real driving results.

    Please call or email for daily stock updates. Prices valid until 01/12/2015

    Cash Price: £5999 Deposit: £99 Credit Amount: £5900 59 Monthly Installments: £126.68 Total Amount Payable: £7898.80 (Incl Deposit) Final Payment: £325.68

    APR Representative: 11.9 (Fixed)

    Subject to status, you must bring both parts of your driver s licence utility bill dated within the last 90 days.

    The Old Car Barn Classic Cars for sale #buy #car #online

    #old cars

    People have a variety of passions. We are no different. Our business is educational consulting. Our company, Quality Leadership Resources ( ) takes much of our time. However, our interests are varied and working with classic cars is, at best, a strange combination

    The Old Car Barn grew out of a passion for classic automobiles. Creating a home for treasures of yesteryear has grown into an opportunity to appreciate and preserve the past while enjoying the walk down nostalgia lane.

    I was a high school junior when my dad bought my first car. It was a 1937 Ford that had been stored for years in a barn used as a chicken roost and a shed for cattle. Cost $45. I have owned a number of automobiles since that time, but the feelings associated with the first one continue to churn. Without looking I can guarantee you that the ’37 Ford is in better condition than I am!

    The Old Car Barn is open for you to browse, reminisce about times past, purchase or sell classic automobiles, meet friends, and enjoy. When our doors are open, you are welcome!

    The Difference Between Antique and Classic Cars #renault #cars

    #antique cars

    The Difference Between Antique and Classic Cars

    It can be difficult to distinguish between antique and classic cars since all too often, the terms can seem interchangeable. However, there are officially differences between them as defined by different organizations. The definitions are quite rigid for both antique and classic cars although the definitions probably aren t what most people will expect.

    Classic Car

    Definitions do vary about the distinction between antique and classic cars but the Classic Car Club of America states that to be called a classic car, a vehicle must have been made between 1925 and 1948 and has to be fully restored and running. It doesn t matter where the car was built and other factors do come into play, such as whether or not the vehicle has power brakes or other qualifying items.

    It s extremely rare that any other vehicles are added to the classic car list maintained by the group. However, the definition of a classic car can vary greatly depending on which organization is involved. In some states, it can be a car that s more than 15 years old and fully restored.

    Most people would imagine antique cars to be older than classics cars but that s actually not the case. According to the Antique Car Club of America, to be an antique car the vehicle has to be more than 25 years old, completely restored and in full running order. The definition of an antique car does vary from state to state with some giving 20 years as a minimum but as a general rule of thumb, the vehicle does need to be more than 25 years old.

    The Best Japanese Used Cars. #rent #a #car #prices

    #japanese used cars

    The Best Japanese Used Cars

    Known for their quality and reliability, any attempt to compile a list of the best Japanese used cars faces the risk of overlooking many a great vehicle. 7 used cars from Japan make up this list. 4 of the Japanese vehicles are from Honda. This can be directly attributed to Honda s dedication to quality, reliability and technology.

    Honda s understanding of the automobile market is apparent with 4 of these Japanese vehicles being sedans. 2 of these are some of the top selling passenger cars in the United States.

    Here are the best used cars from Japan:

    • Toyota Camry: The Camry is a mid-size car made by Toyota since 1980. In the U.S, the Camry has been the best selling car for 9 of the last 10 years starting in 1997. Reliability, economy, comfort and performance make the Toyota Camry one of the world s most popular car.
    • Honda Accord: The Honda Accord is a mid-size sedan manufactured by Honda since 1976. It is available as both a 2 door coup and a 4 door sedan. The Accord is one of the top selling Japanese cars. Arguably the most reliable car in its class, the Accord is one of the most sought after used Japanese cars.
    • Acura Legend/RL: This was the car that Honda used to debut its Acura luxury brand. Renamed the RL in 1996, it continues to remain the standard by which all other luxury brands are measured. The Acura sedan possesses the typical mix of Honda reliability, performance and technological innovation.
    • Mazda Miata: The Mazda MX-5 Miata re-introduced America to the roadster. A 2-seat, convertible sports car, the Miata has kept true to its roots in the 3 generations since its debut in 1989. Extremely dependable, inexpensive and just plain fun to drive makes the Miata one of the best used Japanese car you can buy.
    • Subaru Impreza: Introduced in 1993, the Subaru Impreza has not sold in the same numbers as some of the other Japanese vehicles on this list. But that means little to Impreza owners. Among the most loyal of car buyers, they have nothing but praise for Subaru s standard all-wheel drive and flat 4-cylinder engine. Typically well maintained and durable, a used Subaru makes an excellent choice for a purchase.
    • Honda Odyssey: Chrysler invented the Minivan. Honda perfected it. The Honda Odyssey has been rated number 1 in its class by virtually ever automotive publication since its debut in 1994. If you are going to buy a used minivan, make it a Honda Odyssey.
    • Honda CR-V: Honda s first in-house designed SUV, it has quickly become one of the most popular Japanese vehicles in its class. Comparable to the Toyota Rav-4, it just edges it out for this list due to Honda s noted reliability.

    There are many other used Japanese vehicles that could be considered among the best. The Nissan Sentra, Toyota Corolla and the Scion TC among others are all fine vehicles, but if you stick to those listed above you would be hard pressed to go wrong.

    The Gilmer Mirror – Leasing v Buying Your Next Car #car #batteries #online

    #best car lease deals

    According to, more than 25 percent of new American cars are now financed by lease instead of loan, and most of the people making that choice are under age 35.

    It’s all about the lowest possible monthly payment.

    Yet for drivers young and old, leasing has grown substantially because it can also be done with little or no money down and the chance to get a newer, better car for less money overall.

    The main disadvantage? You won’t own the car unless you buy it at the end of the lease, which may or may not be a good deal.

    Experian Automotive – a division of the major credit reporting service – reported in mid-2015 a nearly $100-a-month savings for those who lease cars versus those who buy their cars by loan. Their numbers showed the average monthly payment for a brand-new leased vehicle was $394 a month against $483 for a new vehicle purchased by loan.

    So would leasing be a good deal for you? Don’t decide without research, qualified advice and a thorough look at your finances. Start with the major pros and cons:

    Pros:  Lower down payments and monthly payments than required with a conventional auto loan; low repair costs thanks to factory warranties typically tied to the term of the lease (usually three years); easy drop-off or trade-in once the lease expires; and lower sales tax expense because the lease is based on only three or four years of use.

    Cons:  You’re essentially renting a car, not buying it – payments are cheaper because you’re really only paying interest and depreciation expense and not receiving any equity in the vehicle; annual mileage caps (usually 12,000-15,000 miles) come with stiff penalties if you exceed those limits; and potentially steep fees for excessive wear-and-tear on the car or early termination of the lease.

    Pros:  Freedom to put as much or as little mileage, wear-and-tear and modification on the vehicle as you choose; long-term (100,000 miles or over) car ownership with good maintenance can be much more economical long term; and because you own the car, you can sell at any time.

    Cons:  You’ll generally require a higher down payment than a lease; monthly loan payments are generally higher because unlike leasing, you’ll be taking ownership of the car once it’s paid off;; once factory warranties expire, you’ll take on full maintenance costs for an aging car that may or may not be expensive; and you’ll have more cash tied up in a depreciating asset for as long as you own the car.

    All these positives and negatives aside, it’s important to know that with loans and leases most details are negotiable, so it’s important to do your research. Start by estimating how much car you can actually afford ( ) and seek out qualified financial and tax advice to shape how you’ll approach the best possible deal for your financial situation.

    For many, leasing requires more extensive study because this form of financing is relatively new to most drivers and the terminology ( ) can be daunting. But generally, the best deals depend on two major factors – negotiating the lowest price on the vehicle going in and making sure it’s a vehicle that has a high estimated post-lease value. In short, the lessor’s ability to keep making money on a high-value leased vehicle allows a lower monthly payment at the start.

    Bottom line:  If you need a vehicle, it pays to evaluate whether lease or purchase makes the most sense for you. Know your needs and get advice so you can make the most affordable choice for you.

    Nathaniel Sillin directs Visa’s financial education programs. To follow Practical Money Skills on Twitter: .

    Missed one of the weekly Practical Money Matters articles?

    Below are links to five of his most recent columns. As always, they are free to download and use.

    The Best Used Cars For Under $1000. #car #value #website

    #cheap cars under 1000

    The Best Used Cars For Under $1000

    Finding used cars under 1000 dollars can be a tough task. However, it is not an impossible task. There are many different places where you may be able to find a good, working used car for under $1000. Online sites offer many used cars where you can find dealers or even private owners looking for a little cash. Of course, there are risks involved like the fact that the car can be a stolen car, or that there are problems that are being undisclosed to you, the buyer, but you may find a good deal. Another excellent place to look would be at auctions. Police auctions are popular because cars that are taken into their possession later get sold. Also, unmarked police cars are also sold as well. There are great benefits to these auctions. They disclose anything that is wrong with the vehicle and that is something many used car dealers don t share.

    Used cars may be cheap cars, but that does not mean that they are not drivable. There are many good cars out there that may have tons of mileage and a low cost. Buying a car for this cheap is a budget tightening move and you should know that you will be spending a lot on repairs and gas compared to newer cars.

    So what are some of the best cars out there that are under $1000 dollars?

    Honda Accord

    The Honda Accord is one of the most efficient vehicles out there. Many people out there boast of still driving their early 1990s Accord and have no problems with it. They have decent fuel efficiency, but they last for an extremely long time. These cars can get up into the 200,000 plus mileage range and still feel brand new. An early 90s Accord shouldn t cost more than a grand, and shouldn t cost you much in the future as opposed to other used cars.

    Foreign Cars

    Foreign cars are built extremely well. The luxury car makers such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc, strive to have their cars on the market for a long time, and this is evident when you drive around. There are many early 90s cars from these companies that still look good, are classic cars, and really efficient. These cars may cost more to repair when it happens, but you know you are getting a high quality vehicle when you buy a luxury car. Just because it isn t the newest 2010 model doesn t make it a good car. Finding one for around $1000 may be tough, but many elderly people sell these and you can get a good deal on them.

    Overall, finding a used car under $1000 may be tough, but definitely not out of the realm of possibility. There are always risks involved because used cars are obviously more prone to breaking down so repair costs can be high. However, there are definitely good options out there if you are on a tight budget.

    The Classic Car Show – The Classic Car Show #rental #car #insurance

    #classic cars

    Exclusive offer Get 15% discount on the Jaguar Heritage ’57 collection when you spend £75 or more

    Jaguar Heritage ’57 collection

    Launched in October 2014 at the Paris Motor Show, this collection is inspired by the 1957 Le Mans winning no.3 ‘Ecurie Ecosse’ D-Type and celebrates 60 years of that iconic model.

    Signature items include a Jaguar Heritage leather jacket and a leather race holdall made from the world-renowned Pittards leather, plus a carefully selected range of additional pieces including holdalls, wash bags, iPad cases and leather wallets, each featuring iconic imagery. The full collection is available now through Jaguar’s global dealer network, and online at

    This collection combines superb craftsmanship with timeless design, and viewers of The Classic Car Show who spend £75 or more on items can enjoy an exclusive 15% discount when they visit – just quote TCCS15 at the checkout.


    Win A Pre-Owned Rolex Explorer worth £3,500 from Watchfinder & Co.

    Classic watches, like classic cars, have an innate nostalgia that makes them irresistible. From the meshing gears to the smooth, sweeping hands, the craftsmanship that goes into making fine, luxury watches is what makes theme such a pleasure to own. They serve more than just to tell the time; they are examples of the finest handcrafted engineering, wearable art that will last a lifetime.

    If you want to win a pre-owned Rolex Explorer worth £3,500. you can enter at by clicking here .

    Suvs #car



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    Super Cheap Car Rental Announces Winner of Contest – Auto Rental News #used #cars #charlotte #nc

    #rental cars cheap

    Super Cheap Car Rental Announces Winner of Contest

    December 2, 2015

    Sarah Jane Cass with her prize from the contest. Photo courtesy of Super Cheap Car Rental.

    Super Cheap Car Rental has announced the winner of its Not So New Car Rental Giveaway Contest. Sarah Jane Cass received the 2006 Toyota Corolla.

    To participate, contestants submitted a selfie to Facebook with a short caption that explains why they love Super Cheap. The photo with the most likes on Facebook would win the 2006 Toyota Corolla, according to the company. Cass posted her selfie and received the most likes.

    Cass said that she rents from Super Cheap Car Rental when visiting Los Angeles.

    “I had nightmares in the past with big car rental companies,” said Cass. I had really lovely email conversations about pricing and what it would include before I booked. I just didn’t have any surprises and having zero excess charges I think it’s a really great plus, as well.”

    Voting was from April 1 until Oct. 1.

    For more information, click here to visit Super Cheap Car Rental s Facebook page.

    Texas Buy My Ride – #1 Car buyer in Dallas, TX #car #games #1

    #cars for cash

    We buy all cars !

    TexasBuyMyRide is the #1 Used Car Buyer in Dallas Texas!

    Who is TexasBuyMyRide ?

    TexasBuyMyRide is geared toward you, the seller. We buy your used car for top dollar, above what Dallas dealerships offer.

    The process is fast, easy, and FREE.

    TexasBuyMyRide gives you CASH. up to 85K for your used car in Dallas, Texas.

    Within minutes, you will be receiving a top dollar CASH OFFER for your car, running or not.

    We know cars, trucks, and motorcycles! I can offer you CASH for your car, up to 85K!

    TexasBuyMyRide is the #1 Used Car Buyer in Dallas Texas!

    What kind of cars does TexasBuyMyRide buy?

    TexasBuyMyRide buys classic cars, used cars, cash for clunkers, junk cars!

    All cars, not a problem.

    Looking for a used car or truck for sale in Dallas Texas or Fort Worth?

    We have what you need and can make you a CASH offer FAST or provide you with a great car at an Amazing price!

    We Buy Junk Cars Dallas Texas!

    We Pay Cash for Cars!

    We Buy Used Cars in Dallas!

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    We Buy Used Cars all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex!

    Do you have a high-end luxury or sports car or do you just want cash for your clunker?

    or fill out our BuyMyRide 60 second Sell My Car Form and receive a CASH offer for your used car, truck or van within minutes.

    Don t wait, get a Fast Free Instant quote right now or call 469-333-2800 for immediate assistance.

    Something to Consider!

    Did you know that we pay almost 10 % to 20% higher on average, than most one-price dealers like Carmax and others?

    In most cases, we can offer you more CASH because we are more flexible! We have lower overhead, a wide assortment of inventory, and we can purchase a car in any condition.

    TexasBuyMyRide is the #1 Used Car Buyer in Dallas Texas!

    Tamiya RC Car #comprehensive #car #insurance #comparison

    #rc car

    DJI Special

    What’s Hot

    Handheld Gimbal


    RC Cars

    Tamiya RC Car

    WL Toys Car

    1/10 Buggy

    1/10 Drifter

    1/10 Rally

    1/10 Rock Crawler

    1/10 Sport Rally

    1/10 Touring

    1/10 Truck

    1/16 or 1/18 Cars

    1/18 Buggy

    1/18 Drifter

    1/18 Racer

    1/18 Short Course

    1/18 Truck

    1/18 Truggy

    Mini Toy RC Car

    The Best Auto Insurance of 2016 #cheap #car #rental

    #auto reviews

    Auto Insurance Reviews

    Auto Insurance Review

    Finding the Best Auto Insurance

    Finding good, affordable auto insurance requires some searching, but it’s worth the effort. By law, anyone who drives needs to have the minimal level of state required insurance, and those who have a vehicle loan are required to carry more than minimal coverage. If you are involved in a serious accident, you’ll be glad to have as much coverage as possible to handle medical bills and car damage. Generally, the more coverage you have, the higher your premiums will be, although this is not always the case. That’s why it pays to compare quotes.

    We compared the 12 largest auto insurance companies that provide coverage for individuals in most areas of the U.S. Even though USAA is one of the largest companies, it was excluded since its plans are only available to those with military connections. AARP was also excluded because its plans are provided by The Hartford Financial Services Group, which we have reviewed separately.

    While comparing insurance companies keep in mind that premium rates vary greatly based on numerous factors, and some services might not be available in your area. In addition, while it is rather straightforward to find upfront information about insurance companies, it’s difficult to discover details about how well claims are processed and paid.

    What Affects Car Insurance Rates?

    Insurance rates are carefully calculated based on numerous factors. Personal factors include age, location, average miles driven, gender, marital status, education and driving record. Financial factors include the replacement cost of the car, repair costs, claim history, insurance history and credit score.

    To give you an idea of what a low-risk insured person might look like compared to a high-risk person, see these two extremes:

    Low-Risk: A 40-year-old married female who is college educated and lives in a low-incident area. She also has a better than average credit rating, a good driving record, steady previous insurance and no claims in over five years. The car has low repair costs and is not tied to a bank loan. She might only be required to pay $60 to $90 per month for insurance.

    High-Risk: A 23-year-old unmarried male without a college education who lives in a high-incident area. He would have spotty or bad credit, a DUI or other major moving vehicle violation, has been without insurance in the past and has recently submitted claims. The car is expensive to fix and a there is a loan on the vehicle. This person’s premium may be over $300 per month. In this case, some insurance companies may even deny coverage.

    As you can see, numerous factors contribute to your premium. In addition, there are no protections in respect to gender, education, location or credit discrimination. Insurance companies are allowed, to the best of their ability, to calculate the risk of insuring individuals. If you are in the high-risk category, you might have to take a higher rate until you can build up a better history and or perhaps trade to a lower-priced, paid-off car. To learn more about the basics of auto insurance see our articles about auto insurance .

    If you are in the low-risk category, you may save some money by bundling your auto insurance with other plans such as homeowners or umbrella insurance. Some insurance companies also offer discounts to those who pay premiums in advance or by automatic payment. Discounts aren’t always listed on the company’s website, so you’ll want to ask about discounts before you enter a new contract so you can get the best possible rate.

    Obtaining Auto Insurance Quotes

    First and foremost, get more than one quote. We recommend that you obtain three quotes from three different insurance agencies. In our research, we learned that in most cases you can obtain ballpark quotes with just your basic information. However, eventually you will have to submit your social security number, VIN and other personal information to actually obtain the insurance coverage. Most will check your credit reports and driving status as well before they will provide coverage.

    You can obtain a quote by visiting the insurance company’s website. On the website, you can enter your zip code or state information and obtain a quote in only a few minutes. You’ll need to enter your basic information such as name, address and car make. You will also be asked about your driving history, credit and average driving distances. The company will most likely mention a few discounts, but you should also ask about additional discounts before you sign up.

    Possible discounts you might be eligible for include: good driver, good student, senior, hybrid vehicle, safety features, security features, multiple auto, defensive driving course discounts, farm vehicle, automatic payments, pay in advance, teen discounts and more. We noticed that Allstate specifically seems to offer a wide range of discount options. Many also offer discounts to military personnel or government employees, so it is worth asking about if you are associated with these organizations.

    The 0% Financing Craze: A Good Deal? #price #of #used #cars

    #interest free cars

    The 0% Financing Craze: A Good Deal?

    By By Sean Tucker | Nov 12, 2008 09:04 a.m.

    At the moment, more than a third of the new cars for sale in the United States can be purchased with zero-percent financing offered through car manufacturers. Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Infiniti, Mercury, Chrysler, Mazda, Lincoln. the list of automakers offering interest-free financing deals just keeps growing. Commercials touting the offers with annoying songs and shouting announcers have taken over television and radio — and the craze has probably just begun.

    The most aggressive auto incentives of the year traditionally appear just after Thanksgiving weekend. With 2008 shaping up to be the worst year for auto sales in perhaps two decades, we expect that the number of these offers will actually increase shortly.

    But do these offers make any sense for car shoppers?

    Up to a point, they do. But some buyers might be better off exploring other options.

    Credit Concerns

    The deals are typically limited to buyers with very good credit, in a time when many Americans have seen their credit ratings battered by slow economic conditions.

    Dealers are reluctant to say exactly what the cut-off point for the offers is — they don’t want to scare away a potential customer on the phone. But three Toyota dealerships we called shared with us that buyers need at least a 650 FICO score to qualify for that brand’s highly-touted zero-percent financing offers. Two Ford dealerships told us 700 was their minimum, while a third said 750.

    Knowing your own score is one of the first steps to negotiating a good car deal. But keep in mind that in 2007, the average American FICO score was 678 — and that was in better economic times when more people were able to easily make payments. Automakers are competing for a dwindling pool of buyers with good credit, and they’re wary of buyers with anything else. These financing deals aren’t available to a fairly large portion of the population.

    High Monthly Payments

    Assuming your credit is in shape, another key consideration is how much money a car will take out of your monthly budget. This is another area where interest-free financing loses some of its luster.

    Let’s say, for example, you’re interested in a 2009 Mazda6 iTouring model with the Convenience Package and a moonroof. The vehicle has an MSRP of $25,745, but you’ve talked the dealer down to $24,000, and you have $3,000 available to pay down.

    You can accept Mazda’s interest-free loan offer for 36 months, and pay $583.33 per month.

    Or you can accept Mazda’s other current offer on the car: 3.9 percent financing for 60 months. With that deal, you’ll pay $378.18 per month.

    The low monthly payment is enticing and might help some Americans stay within their budgets. The U.S. Department of Transportation says that most Americans now keep a car just over seven years — so even under the longer-term loan, you’ll probably pay off the car before you give it up.

    But be clear on what you’re paying in the long run. Over the life of the loan, you’d pay $1,691 more in interest than with the interest-free loan. And you’ll eliminate the car payment from your monthly expenses two years later than you would with the zero percent offer.

    Forgoing Rebate Offers

    With many of today’s offers, buyers have a choice: Accept zero-percent financing, or a cash-back rebate that can outweigh the benefits of interest-free financing.

    Let’s say, for example, you’re looking to put down $2,000 on a $33,315 loaded 2008 Chrysler 300 Limited. You could go with Chrysler’s offer of zero-percent financing over 36 months and pay $33,315 by the time you’re done paying for the car.

    Or you could accept Chrysler’s $5,000 cash back offer instead, then apply that money toward a $7,000 down payment on the car, financed at a 6.9 percent rate (that national average for car loans last year) for the same 36 months through a bank or credit union outside the dealership. You’d pay a total of $2,716 in interest on the car over the life of that loan — and minus the dealer’s $5,000, you’d have parted with $31,031 of your own money over three years — $2,284 less than with the zero-percent deal.

    The rebate, then, makes sense but only if it’s as high as Chrysler’s. We ran the same scenario with several Toyota, Mazda and Nissan offers that have rebates in the $2000 to $3,000 range, and the zero-percent deal often came out on top. We had to work for quite a while to find the example of the 300, where the rebate is large enough to outweigh the financing offer.

    Read the Fine Print

    By now, you’ve figured out the catch. These examples use prices near MSRP for each car, and in today’s market, a savvy negotiator can knock prices down significantly, right?

    That raises another concern. Having dealer financing as your only financing option can knock your ability to negotiate off-kilter. Even if you’re interested in the dealer’s financing deal, make sure you negotiate the vehicle price first, before you even start talking about financing. It also helps to have a financing offer from a bank or credit union. In today’s automotive market, with sales so slow that several of the world’s largest automakers are teetering on bankruptcy, it may be possible to significantly negotiate down the price of the car in the first place — and you’ll be more successful at that if you walk in the door the first time with outside financing in hand.

    If you’re still tempted, we’ll offer one final word of caution on interest-free financing: Read the contract carefully before you sign it. Many of the offers say that if you are late with a single payment, the rate increases. You could find yourself locked into a high-interest loan if you’re not careful.

    The catchy jingles don’t change the basics of buying a car: Know your credit score, secure financing first, and go home and sleep on it before you sign anything. In fact, go home and do the math. You may well realize that the dealer’s zero-percent offer just doesn’t beat what you can do at the bank yourself, with the dealer’s cash rebate as a downpayment.

    U.S. News Best Price Program

    Texas Repossessed Cars #cash #for #cars

    #repo cars

    Texas Repossessed Cars

    Posted by admin on March 06, 2010


    One of the best ways to find repossessed cars in Texas is probably to use the old tried and tested methods of calling the repo companies, credit unions, police departments and government agencies to see if they have repossessed cars for sale at upcoming auctions. They sometimes advertize these auctions but it can be a hit and miss affair whether you ll get to know about them in time.

    I ve listed many companies in Texas that might be involved with repossessed cars sales below. Use ctrl F to search for your town. Mostly these are public auto auctions, but not all some are dealers only.

    There s a great site that provides all of the repossessed cars auction information for you right to your computer and lists thousands of live and online auctions at the touch of a button taking all of the hard work and time out of it for you. Check out their site and look at the testimonials. For a small one-off fee (and there is a March special offer!) you get amazing value and you re almost guaranteed to save thousand on your next car.

    Here is another site that gives you a free trial. You should try The Government Auctions website, where you can sign up for a free trial and check for repos and government surplus cars in your area. Just sign up for the free trial you can cancel after a couple of days if you don t find what you re looking for but there are some great bargains to be found there Click the picture below to see what they have to offer.

    The 5 Cheapest SUVs for Sale #used #cars #st #louis

    #used suv

    The 5 Cheapest SUVs for Sale


    Whether you are shopping for a new or used vehicle, getting the cheapest SUVs possible can help save you money. It is important to make the right decision by choosing a reliable vehicle that offers plenty of safety and comfort features.

    Start your search for a new SUV here

    Ford Explorer

    The Ford Explorer is an excellent value whether you are looking for a new or used vehicle. Simply put, with the large number of Explorers on the road, they depreciate quickly. This depreciation is offset on new vehicle purchases by a variety of employee/supplier discounts and rebates offered to buyers. These low selling prices when new also translate to cheap prices when buying used.

    Nissan Xterra

    For buyers shopping for a mid-size SUV, the Nissan Xterra offers a variety of options that provide for capable off-roading and passenger comfort. Not only does the Xterra offer lots of comfort features, it also has a five-star crash test rating, and a starting price of $22,450 when new. The Xterra has been available for years, so you should be able to find a lot of used examples in your area for sale at excellent prices.

    Chevrolet Trailblaz er and GMC Envoy

    The mechanically-similar Chevrolet Trailblazer and GMC Envoy were built with minimal technical changes from their introduction in 2002 until their phase-out after the 2009 model year. They offer a choice of smooth straight-six and V8 engines that provide lots of power and towing ability. While most Trailblazers and Envoys feature five-passenger seating, a long-wheelbase version was available for several model years, offering seating for up to eight passengers. Although new models are no longer available, used examples of these vehicles are excellent values.

    Kia Borrego

    While the Chevy and GMC examples are recently discontinued, the Kia Borrego is a newcomer to the body-on-frame SUV market. Offering smooth V6 and V8 engines paired to an automatic transmission, the Borrego provides three rows of seating and an interior quality uncommon in Kia products. Although few used examples are yet on the market, this is one of the cheapest full-size SUVs, available new for a suggested price starting at $26,245.

    Jeep Liberty

    The Jeep Liberty offers great front seat room and reasonable accommodations for rear seat passengers. If you purchase new, Jeep Liberty models are often discounted heavily by way of employee discount programs and large rebates offered by Chrysler. If you want the absolute best pricing possible, consider the rare manual transmission, which was only offered through the 2008 model year.

    How to Buy Cheap SUVs Online

    To locate the best SUV at the best price, buyers need to take the following points into consideration.

    New or Used?

    Depending on how “cheap” is being defined, buyers should be able to find both new and used SUVs for a cheap price. If shopping for a new SUV, buyers should find that many auto manufacturers are offering significant rebates and incentives. Manufacturers are having a difficult time selling cars in this current economy, let alone SUVs, so buyers should be able to score a good price on a new SUV. If shopping for a used SUV, buyers should have many options to select from that are priced at or below Kelly Blue Book.

    Start your search for a new SUV here

    What Kind of SUV Do You Want?

    Whether purchasing new or used, certain SUVs may offer buyers a better chance at scoring a cheap price than others. For example, domestic SUVs generally have lower prices and, if buying new, higher incentives than comparable foreign SUVs. Domestic options include the Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Trailblazer and Dodge Durango. Many lesser-known foreign SUVs can also be found at discounted prices. Kia’s Sorento and Hyundai’s Tuscon are two examples. Popular foreign SUVs such as the Toyota 4Runner and Honda CR-V won’t usually be priced as low as other SUV options, but discounted models can be found.

    How Cheap Are You Willing to Go?

    Certainly, cheap SUVs can be easy to find if a buyer’s expectations are low enough. Age, mileage and condition are three key drivers of an SUVs price. Accordingly, an older, higher mileage SUV in need of TLC will have a cheap price. Price, however, is not the only consideration. Oftentimes, a cheaper SUV requires some maintenance and reconditioning, which adds to the total cost of the vehicle. Shopping online will provide buyers with plenty of options for any desired price range.

    What Are Comparable SUVs Being Sold For?

    Once an SUV has been identified, use the Internet to shop various dealerships and private parties offering that vehicle. Take one dealer’s advertisement or Internet print-out to a competing dealer to see if they are willing to offer any sort of discount or incentive to purchase the SUV from them. It is possible that dealers will vary widely on their advertised prices, so comparison shopping can only benefit a potential buyer.

    Are You Willing to Walk Away?

    When buying a new or used SUV, whoever wants the deal less will walk away with the better end of the bargain. Buyers should walk away if a dealer or private seller is unable or unwilling to meet your price. An emotionally-attached buyer will usually end up paying too much. Walking away shows the seller you’re serious about waiting for a better deal to come along.

    The Internet can be a powerful tool for buyers shopping for cheap SUVs. Research prices in your area on the CarsDirect website.

    Start your search for a new SUV here

    4 Reasons Not to Buy a Cheap SUV

    Buying a cheap SUV can get you into trouble. Here are some reasons why it is better to spend the extra buck on a better SUV.

    Poor MPG

    SUVs are the biggest gas guzzlers on the road. The fuel economy ratios on some SUVs is terrible. Getting 15 miles per gallon or lower is making people pay more at the pump, and more frequently. Cheap SUVs can have reduced fuel ratings, which ends up being a waste of money. It’s better to spend a little more upfront, in exchange for better fuel economy for the duration of your car.

    Poor Reliability

    Cheap SUVs are more prone to frequent breakdowns. Not to say that the better SUVs don’t break down, it just means that cheap SUVs are likely to break down more often than a more expensive SUV.

    Lesser Warranties

    Cheap SUVs don’t come with as good of warranties as more expensive SUVs. A luxury SUV is covered bumper to bumper, usually with the best warranty. For a cheap SUV, you may be paying a lot of the repair bill, and your car may take extra time to repair.

    Fewer Safety Features

    Cheaper SUVs may not have the latest safety features installed. Luxury SUVs are usually the first to get the newest technologies such as electronic stability control, rollover sensors, lane departure warnings and other advanced safety features. Chances are a cheap SUV may only have airbags and not much else when it comes to the latest safety technology.

    Start your search for a new SUV here

    TEXAS CARS & TRUCKS – Used Cars – FAIRFIELD TX Dealer #car #in

    #used cars and trucks


    TEXAS CARS & TRUCKS in TX has a committed group of sales employees with several years of knowledge about the Used Cars, Pickup Trucks industry and consumer’s needs. Search our online dealership lot, request more information about our FAIRFIELD Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks inventory and request a test drive. TEXAS CARS & TRUCKS is located in FAIRFIELD, TX. As a Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lot near Cayuga, Fairfield who offers great prices for Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory to all of the consumers in Cayuga, Fairfield, Kirvin, Streetman, Teague, Tennessee Colony, customer satisfaction is our main goal.

    We at TEXAS CARS & TRUCKS look forward to serving your Used Cars, Pickup Trucks needs and we hope that we can help you with your used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks needs. We have helped customers from Cayuga, Fairfield, Kirvin, Streetman, Teague, Tennessee Colony with their Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks and Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale needs and we look forward to helping you too. TEXAS CARS & TRUCKS. a FAIRFIELD serving TX is one of the many Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lots that provides Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory to customers in the surrounding cities such as Cayuga, Fairfield. We carry a complete selection of Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory available in our dealership located in FAIRFIELD, TX. At TEXAS CARS & TRUCKS. we like to think of ourselves as the one place to go for all your FAIRFIELD used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks needs.

    At TEXAS CARS & TRUCKS in TX, customer service is our top goal. If you plan to get used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks, you will always find great prices, service. Our FAIRFIELD Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lot near Cayuga, Fairfield has Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory and has lots of satisfied customers. Give us a call at 903-389-9339.

    Because of our outstanding service and great prices, customers travel from all across TX to visit TEXAS CARS & TRUCKS. We have helped many customers with their Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks needs from cities such as Cayuga, Fairfield, Kirvin, Streetman, Teague, Tennessee Colony because they know they won’t find better service when purchasing their next Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale. At TEXAS CARS & TRUCKS we hope that you find our website helpful. Although FAIRFIELD Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale lot in TX doesn’t stay open all day every day, our dealership website is always open!

    TEXAS CARS & TRUCKS – Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks FAIRFIELD, TX

    The 11 Best Used Car Websites and Resources for Car Buying #cheap #second #hand #cars

    #car selling websites

    The 11 Best Used Car Websites and Resources for Car Buying

    One of the biggest ways that the digital age has revolutionized the auto sales market is the ability to browse used cars inventories from the comfort of your home. Instead of driving from lot to lot, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at a used car sales website.

    With over 1.5 million used car listings, CarsDirect is a great place to start your search. There are lots of ways to find the right car. If you know exactly what you want, start with location, make and model, then refine by year, color and features that are most important to you. It’s just as easy if you don’t have a specific make or model in mind — in that case, you might begin your search with a body style and a price range. Start your used car search now.

    You can supplement your research with helpful information and listings at sites like these:

    • The official website of the National Automotive Dealers Association. While it is mainly dealer cars, they also allow private party ads. You can search by make, model and body style as well as price. They also have research tools and a new car search. The site is easy to navigate and has a lot of information.
    • Autobytel was one of the first automotive websites but has lost a bit of its luster in recent years. It is no longer the dominant website but still has a large selection of vehicles to choose from and a lot of research options.
    • This site is owned by a conglomerate of various newspaper groups. It has all the standard features of top notch used car website as well as a lot of research and car reviews.
    • CarSoup started in the Minnesota market but has expanded to almost all 50 states, though it tends to serve smaller cities. Its quirky style and Carsoup radio make it a site worth visiting.
    • Local dealer groups. Often some of the best websites to check for a good used car are your local dealers’ websites. All the cars you see will be nearby and they often offer financing options that may be specific to your market.
    • Autotrader is currently the largest and most popular automotive website. Their listings are often linked to other sites. It has one of the largest inventories of private party vehicles.
    • CarMax is a little different. It pulls its inventory from its 140+ stores across the country, so it is in essence a very large national dealer group. It also has a “no haggle price” and every car gets a 125-point inspection.
    • On eBay you can search for a car locally or nationally. They offer dealer cars and probably have the largest selection of private party ads on the web. You can even buy a car through an auction, which is what eBay does best.
    • is Kelley Blue Book’s website, so you know it is full of researching options and the latest pricing info on most vehicles. They also have a large selection of used and new cars. It is well laid out and easy to use.
    • Though they do have three physical locations, is intended for those who are looking to buy a car online or sell cars online. You can even trade your car in with them for another, or trade in your old vehicle for cash. They also make it very easy to order a car and ship one to wherever you live.
    • Look for used cars near you

    How to Find the Perfect Used Car Online

    Purchasing from used car listings can be a challenging experience and some buyers may end up with a vehicle that doesn’t match their requirements. Researching various online car listings is important — buyers should be well informed about the prices offered by auto websites. Buyers can purchase the perfect car, provided they research minute details and do their homework before making a payment. Here are a few tips to bear in mind before making an online used car purchase.

    • Determine the type of car. Avoid making impulsive decisions and purchasing cars that don’t match your lifestyle. Make a list of your routine driving needs and select a car that best matches those needs.
    • Define your budget. Consider the maximum monthly payment that you can afford and look at used car listings with this price in mind.
    • Define the features you need. Just as optional features increase the cost of a new car, they can make a used car more expensive. If you won’t use a navigation system, for instance, it might be cheaper to choose a used car without one.
    • Factor in additional costs. Apart from the car’s selling price, you should also budget for taxes and other fees that often add 10%. Once the total cost of the car is determined, look at your financing options to obtain the best deal available.
    • Cross-reference various online used car listings. To get a quality car for a good price, putting in the extra time to comparison shop is a must. Buyers should also research Kelley Blue Book to determine the actual worth of used cars.
    • Run a vehicle history check. Before selecting any used car online, it’s advisable to run a vehicle history check to find out if the car has been in accidents. A vehicle’s history report also provides information on the number of times the car was previously sold.
    • Use different search criteria. Most used car websites allow buyers to search online listings according to various search parameters. Buyers may research used cars based on vehicle type, vehicle size and mileage. This helps narrow a list to cars that closely match specific requirements. It’s best to shop around for a while before making a final decision.
    • Stay informed about scams and deals. In addition to looking up car listings, many used car websites provide up-to-date news about scams to avoid and certified dealers to buy from. A few good resources for used car listings online include CarsDirect, and CarMax.
    • Read car reviews. It’s advisable to read reviews for the specific type of used car you intend to purchase. is an unbiased resource for reliability. Several websites such as Kelley Blue Book and VEHIX provide information on car features and specifications.
    • Start your search for a used car here

    Once you find the ideal car, it’s important to research insurance rates offered by major insurance companies. Since used cars with a history of theft or damage require higher premium payments, buyers should bear these aspects in mind before selecting a used vehicle.

    Suzuki Cars – Specifications, Prices, Pictures @ Top Speed #used #cars #tampa

    #suzuki cars

    Suzuki Air Traiser

    Minivans are not often thought of as being particularly cool. The result has been a decline in sales as the many image-conscious parents out there flock to crossovers instead. As a result, minivan concept vehicles are often completely bonkers, as carmakers clearly hope that going so far in the other direction will inspire buyers to reconsider the segment. It never really seems to work but it s hugely entertaining to watch, and the new Air Triser concept from Suzuki exemplifies everything that makes wacky minivan concepts so great.

    The concept is being unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, as a part of the “Suzuki Next 100” theme for the carmaker s booth. Since Suzuki s 100th anniversary is coming up in 2020, it is using this opportunity to show off a bit of what is said to make up the lineup for the outset of the next 100 years. The concepts are therefore wild and futuristic, although they are simultaneously retro in their design. This is seen especially in the front fascia of the Air Triser. But unlike the Mighty Deck concept, which is clearly just an updated version of the Mighty Boy kei car, the Air Triser isn t made to look like anything specific from Suzuki s past.

    2015 Suzuki Mighty Deck Concept

    The Tokyo Motor Show is one of the more entertaining in the automotive world. The show concentrates primarily on the Japanese domestic market, so although the cars shown there might not be especially relevant to the rest of the world, they are a great way to see something different from the kinds of concepts that we ll be seeing, say, at the Detroit Auto Show. We also get to see some cars from manufacturers that sell cars in North America, of which Suzuki is now one. The carmaker will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020, and it brought a handful of concepts to the Tokyo show what is planned for the next 100 years.

    Suzuki Parts & Suzuki Car Accessories #car #finance #calculator

    #suzuki cars

    About Suzuki Parts and Accessories

    Date Published : July 30, 2014

    Suzuki and its Latest Green Technologies in Motor Shows

    The introduction of the latest high-end green technologies is the latest fad among international motor shows recently. The car industry answers to the call for global awareness to fight global warming and climate change. Many auto makers including Suzuki are more focused now in developing eco-friendly engines and vehicles. Some of these technologies were presented this year in Geneva and UK.

    Suzuki Crosscage: The Hydrogen-Powered Motorcycle

    The tie up between Suzuki Motor Company and UK’s Intelligent Energy paved the way to the development of this sleek, flashy, and most of all, environmental friendly motorcycle-the Suzuki Crosscage. This motorcycle is equipped with air-cooled fuel cell and a lithium ion battery. It runs swiftly and smoothly without consuming too much energy and without releasing a lot of exhaust fumes that are harmful to human health and the environment. This prototype was first showcased in the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show.

    The Suzuki G70 Concept Car

    The newly incorporated designs in the G70 prototype are engineered to create a car that is compact and light-weight. Compact vehicles can run faster and since their weight is lighter, they do not use up too much fuel. Suzuki aims to produce more cars of this type and the G70 concept car is just the beginning.

    The Suzuki Swift Range Extender

    Just like the G70 prototype, the Swift Range Extender’s design is sleek and small. This car uses an engine0drive generator that enhances the range and speed of the car when it is using the standard, fully charged battery. Another feature that differentiates the Swift Range Extender from the other electrical cars is its fast-charging-lithium-ion batteries. These special types of batteries are way lighter and cheaper than the others. This car and the G70 were both presented by Suzuki in the Geneva Motor Show this year.

    The 2012 Suzuki Kizashi Ecocharge

    The Kizashi Ecocharge is an output hybrid type of car. This is run by a 2.o-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor. Suzuki’s goal for making this car is to improve the fuel consumption of future vehicles. Other fuel-saving techniques that Kizashi use are regenerative braking, fuel cut-off when the car is slowing down, and automatic shut-off of the engine when the car stops. The wheels mounted to it are made of very light aluminum, thus decreasing the overall weight of the vehicle.

    All the latest car and motorcycle models from Suzuki are geared to become compact for that is the best way to make them run faster without using too much gas. Vehicles like these can be the answer to the continuous oil price hike and limited oil reserves.

    Sunday Times Driving: Used Cars For Sale, News – Reviews #4 #wheel #drive #cars

    #automatic cars for sale

    Total Cars:

    1. Choosing the kind of car you want brings you a unique experience in car buying – the best deals on used cars coupled with the latest news and views from our expert panel of motoring journalists. If you’ve been inspired by a car we’ve written about and would like to see for yourself, you can start by searching our extensive range of used cars for sale.

    Firstly, consider the kind of car that will suit your needs – do you want a car to that you can squeeze the whole clan into or will you only need a little extra room for your own luggage? What sort of budget do you have for your next purchase? Our used cars search allows you to specify your preferred make and model.

    If you have more specific requirements for your next car, and want to quickly find something that has the luxuries you’d expect within your budget, our Lifestyle Search can help. You can pick from a wide list of requirements such as sat nav, leather seats, age and mileage, number of doors, number of seats – even the insurance and road tax! – To get the best matches for your tastes and needs.

    3. The history check

    Suv @ Top Speed #cars #for #sale #ireland


    McLaren Special Operations Could Build An SUV After All

    When you’re an automaker like McLaren that has a small lineup and limited production numbers, it’s only natural that some people out there will want more. According to Robert Melville, McLaren s Chief Designer, most people at McLaren have been asked about things like McLaren building an SUV, or even motorcycles. It doesn’t mean that McLaren is going to jump into building an SUV, bike, or four-seater any time in the foreseeable future, but Melville did have something to say about it.

    “With MSO, we did a car a few years ago that was harking back to coachbuilding. If you come to MSO, we could design you an all-new body. We can design you whatever you want, if you have the money for it.”

    Melville agreed that MSO could indeed build a four-seater SUV. To do so, however, McLaren Special Operations would have to design a whole new carbon fiber tub, which would cost millions. A new architecture would have to be created because McLaren s current platform just wouldn’t work for something like an SUV. For the right price, though, MSO sure would put in the work. Aside from the price, one really has to wonder just how long it would take for MSO to design and build such an SUV.

    Continue reading for the full story.

    Tax – Tags Calculator for New – Used Cars #car #supermarket

    #used cars in

    Tax and Tags Calculator

    Find Your State’s Vehicle Tax Tag Fees

    When purchasing a vehicle, the tax and tag fees are calculated based on a number of factors, including:

    • The county the vehicle is registered in.
    • The vehicle weight.
    • The type of license plates requested.
    • Whether or not you have a trade-in.
    • The state in which you live.
    • New car sales tax OR used car sales tax.

    Calculating Sales Tax Summary:

    Auto sales tax and the cost of a new car tag are major factors in any tax, title, and license calculator. Some states provide official vehicle registration fee calculators, while others provide lists of their tax, tag, and title fees. Find your state below to determine the total cost of your new car, including the car tax.

    NOTE : Not ALL STATES offer a tax and tags calculator. (See below for states that do and don’t offer these services.)

    In addition, CarMax offers a free tax and tag calculator for some states only. This calculator can help you estimate the taxes required when purchasing a new or used vehicle.

    Anytime you are shopping around for a new vehicle and are beginning to make a budget, it’s important to factor in state taxes, titling and registration fees, vehicle inspection/smog test costs, and car insurance into your total cost. After calculating sales tax (depending on the new car sales tax rate), you may find your total fess have increased significantly.

    A major part of the final cost of a new vehicle purchase can be the taxes you’ll need to pay and the registration/titling fees you’ll owe to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), Department of Revenue (DOR), Secretary of State (SOS), or local county clerk’s office.

    States with Online Tax Tag Calculators

    The following states offer FREE calculators to help you determine sales and/or registration taxes:

    To use the calculators above including the car payments calculator NJ, you’ll usually need to enter some basic information about the vehicle you plan to purchase. The information you may need to enter into the tax and tag calculators may include:

    • The vehicle identification number (VIN).
    • The make, model, and year of your vehicle.
    • The date that you purchased (or plan to purchase) the vehicle.
    • The date the vehicle entered (or will enter) the state you plan to register it in.
    • The type of license plates/registration you need for the vehicle.

    If you experience any issues with any of the free tax and tag calculators above, please contact your state’s DMV. MVD, MVA, DOR, SOS, or county clerk’s office directly.

    States with Tax Tag Charts Only

    The following states provide TAX CHARTS INFORMATION (no calculators) to help you determine sales and/or registration taxes:

    Generally, these lists/charts will be organized and broken down by:

    • Vehicle model years and weight classes.
    • Sales tax percentages.
    • Vehicle types and classification.
    • Titling procedures.
    • Duration of the registration.

    If you need help interpreting your state’s chart or have questions about which category your vehicle will fall under, please contact your state’s DMV. MVD, MVA, DOR, SOS, or county clerk’s office directly.

    Other Costs to Consider When Purchasing a Vehicle

    In addition to your state’s sales, use and property taxes, and any DMV, MVD, MVA, DOR, SOS, or county clerk titling and registration fees, you’ll need to consider the cost and fees for the following aspects of a vehicle purchase:

    • Ordering a VIN check or vehicle history report.
    • Getting a vehicle inspection, smog check, or emissions test.
    • Buying car insurance.
    • Performing any maintenance or upgrades.

    For more information about some of those topics, please visit our pages on:

    Which 2013 cars (not SUVs) have all-wheel drive? #car #mats

    #awd cars

    Which 2013 cars (not SUVs) have all-wheel drive?

    More than 60 all-wheel-drive cars are available for 2013, though all but six have base prices more than $30,000. Only one, the $18,665 Subaru Impreza, starts below $20,000. With the demise of Suzuki in the U.S. two of the less-expensive all-wheel-drive cars (the SX4 and Kizashi) are no longer produced, so there are fewer lower-priced choices.

    More than half of the all-wheel-drive cars are priced at more than $40,000, and the Lamborghini Aventador tops the price chart at $400,495.

    Below are 2013 all-wheel-drive cars broken down by price range (all prices include destination charges).

    Less Than $20,000

    • 2013 Subaru Impreza: $18,665

    $20,000 to $30,000

    • 2013 Subaru Legacy: $21,065
    • 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer SE: $21,090
    • 2013 Toyota Matrix: $23,210
    • 2013 Subaru Outback: $24,290
    • 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX: $26,565

    $30,000 to $40,000

    • 2013 Ford Taurus: $31,545
    • 2013 Audi A3: $31,745
    • 2013 Dodge Charger SXT: $32,490
    • 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium: $32,995
    • 2013 Chrysler 300: $33,640
    • 2013 Audi A4: $34,295
    • 2013 Volvo S60: $34,795
    • 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution: $35,490
    • 2013 VW Golf R: $35,590
    • 2013 Volvo XC70: $36,495
    • 2013 Buick LaCrosse: $36,930
    • 2013 Cadillac ATS: $37,795
    • 2013 Lexus IS 250: $38,240
    • 2013 Lincoln MKZ: $38,710
    • 2013 Audi A5: $38,745
    • 2013 Audi TT: $39,545
    • 2013 Chrysler 300C: $39,640
    • 2013 BMW 328: $39,745
    • 2013 Infiniti G37x: $39,855
    • 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class: $39,855

    $40,000 to $50,000

    • 2013 Acura TL: $40,350
    • 2013 Cadillac CTS: $41,700
    • 2013 Volkswagen CC: $42,660
    • 2013 Lexus IS 350: $43,675
    • 2013 Volvo S80: $44,045
    • 2013 Audi A6: $45,295
    • 2013 Lincoln MKS: $45,760
    • 2013 BMW 335: $46,045
    • 2013 Audi TTS: $48,245
    • 2013 Audi S4: $48,495

    $50,000 to $60,000

    • 2013 Lexus GS 350: $50,695
    • 2013 BMW 528: $50,995
    • 2013 Infiniti M37x: $51,755
    • 2013 Audi S5: $51,795
    • 2013 Cadillac XTS: $51,835
    • 2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class: $54,405
    • 2013 BMW 535: $56,595
    • 2013 Audi TT RS: $58,095

    $60,000 to $70,000

    • 2013 Audi A7: $60,995
    • 2013 BMW 535 Gran Turismo: $61,495
    • 2013 Infiniti M56x: $64,605
    • 2013 BMW 550: $65,895

    $70,000 to $80,000

    • 2013 BMW 550 Gran Turismo: $70,995
    • 2013 Audi A8: $73,095
    • 2013 Mercedes-Benz CLS550: $75,405
    • 2013 Lexus LS 460: $75,830

    $80,000 and beyond

    • 2013 Porsche Panamera: $81,425
    • 2013 BMW 740: $81,495
    • 2013 BMW 750: $90,695
    • 2013 Mercedes-Benz S350: $93,905
    • 2013 Nissan GT-R: $97,820
    • 2013 Mercedes-Benz CL550: $116,205
    • 2013 Lexus LS 600h: $120,805
    • 2013 BMW Alpina B7: $131,995
    • 2013 Porsche 911: $138,450
    • 2013 Bentley Continental Flying Spur: $186,925
    • 2013 Bentley Continental GTC: $196,025
    • 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggara: $241,395
    • 2013 Bentley Continental Supersports: $294,625
    • 2013 Lamborghini Aventador: $400,495

    Sports Cars @ Top Speed #used #car #value

    #sports cars

    2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG By Loewenstein

    In line with its past works, the German tuner focused its attention on giving the CLA45 AMG improved performance capabilities. That’s the focus of the program, although a new wide body aero kit, a new set of wheels, and a carbon fiber-dressed interior are also part of the checklist. Overall, its a relatively comprehensive kit that touches on a lot of important aspects of the CLA45 AMG. There are no suspension modifications and that’s a little bit disappointing. But, given the variety of options it had on how best to approach the CLA45 AMG, I’d say that Loewenstein did a really good job at improving as much as it could on the car without disregarding its “AMG-ness”.

    Loewenstein didn’t offer any pricing information about the program so prospective customers are advised to contact the tuner directly to get a quote on the tuning kit.

    2016 Mazda MX-5 By BBR

    The popular Mazda Miata has received several aftermarket upgrades throughout its life time, but very few companies can brag about having pumped more power into the Japanese roadster. One such firm is Britain s BBR, which in 2015 celebrated 25 years of MX-5 upgrades. And it did so by releasing three separate updates for the fourth-generation ND model.

    It s been nearly a year since BBR unveiled a 200-horsepower MX-5, and the British tuning company is finally accepting orders for its brand-new packages. Like in the past, BBR won t meddle with the roadster inside and out, but its upgrades will give the engine up to 190 horsepower to send to the rear wheels. The packages enhance both the 1.5- and 2.0-liter engines available in Europe, while various chassis options help keep the uprated sports car on its best behavior on both the road and the track.

    All upgrades keep the engine naturally aspirated, but if previous BBR-tuned Miatas are any indication, a turbocharged model should also be underway. Until that happens, let s have a closer look at the program that will likely make many ND-generation MX-5 owners very happy.

    Continue reading to learn more about the Mazda MX-5 By BBR.

    Standard Presumptive Calculator #car #dealerships

    #used car value calculator

    Standard Presumptive Value

    Texans who buy a used vehicle from anyone other than a licensed vehicle dealer are required to pay motor vehicle sales tax of 6.25 percent on the purchase price or standard presumptive value (SPV), whichever is the highest value.

    SPV applies wherever you buy the vehicle, in Texas or out of state. A vehicle’s SPV is its worth based on similar sales in the Texas region. The Texas Legislature passed the law in 2009 to raise additional revenue to fund Texas schools. Black Book, the national guide that provides the values, uses an average wholesale used vehicle value based on Texas sales data. You can preview the full SPV of a used vehicle by entering the vehicle identification number (VIN) and odometer reading (not needed for motorcycles) in the boxes below.

    • Values are updated weekly.
    • SPV should be used for estimation purposes only.
    • Actual sales tax due is calculated at the county tax office when the title transaction is submitted.
    • If a value for a late-model vehicle is not available, tax is based on the purchase price.
    • This SPV calculator does not contain mileage adjustments for vehicles older than 2005.

    If you paid less than the standard presumptive value for your vehicle, you may pay sales taxes on an appraisal amount provided it is certified by a licensed insurance adjuster or a licensed motor vehicle dealer; and obtained within 20 working days of the date of purchase.

    Standard Presumptive Value Calculator

    Sport cars #car #insurance #groups

    #sport cars

    Sport cars – Homepage

    Welcome to Sport-Cars.Org!

    We serve our visitors, sport cars fans, those who are enthusiastic, and everyone who visits our site since early 2006. Continuously updating and adding new reviews and high resolution pictures of top sporty cars, we have become one of the most trusted sources for visitors from almost every country. This hard work wouldn’t be possible without all of you, our visitors. Because as traffic thrives, it moves our activities on this site to new dimensions and our effort raises. Let’s take a quick tour through the rest of this page, so you will understand our goals and will find what we offer you on

    Which manufacturers do we list?

    Focusing on latest concepts, racing news, all exotic cars, our goal is to bring you the freshest models and latest news. Of course, we list Italian, British, as well as other top cars manufacturers who sell their cars worldwide. Companies which can be found in the menu on the right side include Ferrari. Koenigsegg. Lamborghini. Maserati. Pagani. Mercedes-Benz. Jaguar. Porsche. BMW and much-much more! Additionally, our reviews focus on concept-cars and prototypes.

    Generally speaking, every car model can be characterised by it’s engine, performance, torque, maximum speed, wheels, body, if it’s turbocharged or not, design, price, brief history and numerous details which are already mentioned in our free-to-use reviews.

    Who is behind and what is our goal?

    People behind are just like you! As you may notice, we do not sell any new or used cars, their parts, we don’t offer you car insurance, we aren’t even affiliates. We built this site because we love high-speed vehicles as much as you do and we share our experiences, ideas and feelings with you. Naturally, some sport cars are austere and relatively inexpensive, some are luxury and they cost much more in general. But pictures or reviews are available to large masses at no cost! We have tested various cars and this site is the result!

    And because we don’t limit our interactivity with visitors to �writer-reader� position only, everyone can post a comment, or ask a question on every published article! Our professional staff will answer your in 48 hours after receiving your comment. Moreover, we give you an opportunity to vote in our polls which change from time to time.

    Pictures and content make us different!

    We became tired of low-resolution pictures, we became tired of officially pictures which can be found on almost every site devoted to sport cars. Who is interested in same pictures on each site? That’s why we keen on quality photos along quality content. Every review is a handy work.

    Why should you visit us later?

    Since we regard all visitors, we also like your feedback. Not only suggestions, positive or negative ideas, but articles are welcomed too. Our site gives you a chance to publish your own reviews at no cost! Becoming a worldwide-known is now easy with, because the number of potential visitors is innumerable. In addition, reasons for further visits include but don’t limit to new reviews and pictures. However, we are not an article directory, because our content must be unique.

    Bear in mind that we welcome every feedback and we evaluate all of them.

    Do you like this site? Link to us!

    We will appreciate if you spread a word about our site on your own pages! Help people find our and definitely your by using one of these HTML links:

    a href=”” Sport Cars /a

    a href=”” Sport Cars Reviews /a

    a href=”” Sport Cars with Pictures /a

    We won’t change our content, so your link will be accurate and will point to where it can point to now for decades!

    Storm causes Hail Sale at Tomball dealership #rent #a #car #for #cheap

    #hail damaged cars for sale

    Storm causes Hail Sale at Tomball dealership

    The storm caused about three and a half million dollars in damage at the Tomball dealership. (Photo: KHOU 11 News)

    TOMBALL— A car dealership is planning on holding a “hail sale” in the coming days, slashing prices by thousands of dollars to help move some of the inventory after a hail storm damaged vehicles.

    Cleanup at the dealership is still underway from the hail damage that took place one week ago.

    Mechanics at Parkway Chevrolet of FM 249 are working around the clock to hammer out the dings that resulted from the hail storm.

    Officials say all 600 vehicles on the lot got hit. The only vehicles that were spared any damage were beneath the overhang or parked in the dealership’s showroom.

    Andrew Clark has been Parkway’s finance manager for 10 years. He recorded cell phone video of the hail from his nearby home and immediately headed over to the dealership.

    “It was devastation,” said Clark. “All the salesmen were looking at all the cars. And everyone was in shock of how bad it really was.”

    In all, the storm caused about 3 and a half million dollars in damage.

    Read or Share this story:

    Smart Express Trademe Delivery Service Auckland Door to Door from $45 #how #much #is #my #car #worth #free

    #trademe cars

    Trade Me Delivery Service Auckland and North Island

    Call Smart Express Auckland Movers for your Trademe delivery service in Auckland Today!

    Smart Express Movers are your ideal solution for your Trademe orders.

    No packaging required, no address labels, no courier tickets, no documentation all you need to do is call us on 0800 MOVESMART.

    You can use us to manage the whole trademe delivery service process without even having to leave your home or office, we do all the work for you!

    Our office hours are Monday to Saturday, and we provide call out services on Sunday. So if the weekend is more convenient, then call us on 0800 MOVESMART to arrange delivery.

    Our fleet range from small vans to large furniture trucks, and provide both one and two man vehicles to pickup and deliver any item across Auckland. Our service replicates your own vehicle, and once the item is picked up, it is driven directly across Auckland. Ideal for delivery, providing a service that is quick and convenient.

    We have the capability to move any Trade Me order from a single box to a house lot of furniture.

    An allocated vehicle can do multiple pickup and deliveries for you en route, so if you bought something on Trademe, then wanted to pick up something else from your mum’s or mate’s, with final delivery to you. We make trademe delivery service simple. In this case we recommend you send us an email with everyone’s contact details and address locations to ensure we manage this for you as efficiently as possible.

    If you want to reduce your trademe delivery service costs, find out if the seller is willing to assist in loading.

    Which means we can provide you with a one man vehicle, making even shipping small lots of furniture really cost effective, and cheaper than hiring a rental vehicle and with no effort.

    We provide Carriers Insurance, as per the Carriage of Good Act, with each item insured to a maximum value of $1500, and a full load value to $100.000. All items are valued at market value. Please review our full terms and conditions page for full details.

    We provide no obligation, free quotes and online bookings, and have a variety of payment options for all services provided.

    Use our Quick Enquiry Form  or phone us for free on 0800 MOVESMART (0800 668 376) .

    Smart Buy: Second-Hand Car Leases #car #leasing #companies

    #2nd hand cars

    Smart Buy: Second-Hand Car Leases


    If you’re in the market for a new car (new to you, that is), now may be the best time to take over someone else’s lease. a popular online service that helps drivers swap leases, recently crunched some numbers and found that more drivers are turning in their leased cars with extra miles. For example, the average number of miles left over on BMW 3 series vehicles had increased from 856.7 in 2008 to 972.1 this year. Similarly, the miles left over on Cadillac CTS cars had increased from 960.3 in 2008 to 1,104.1 this year.

    The typical lease allows drivers to get 12,000 miles a year, which means that based on these stats, many are foregoing the equivalent of a month’s worth of miles. According to LeaseTrader, the primary reason that people are exiting their leases early is because of job loss.

    “Right now on there are lots of people looking to get rid of a lease they’re no longer driving much because they’ve lost their job or have been unemployed for a while,” John Sternal, vice president of marketing communications for LeaseTrader, told MainStreet. “For these people it makes sense to try and unload their lease.”

    LeaseTrader offers users the option to buy and sell off the remaining portions of a car lease. So if a driver has signed up for a two year lease and decides to give it up after 6 months, users can buy up the 18 months leftover.

    It’s a sad world when people don’t feel financially secure enough to drive their own cars, but there is a bright side to this trend. “This also means these vehicles are available with the unused miles still left on the contract,” Sternal said.

    Consumers can log on to sites like LeaseTrader and Swapalease to search for specific car models based on how many months are left on the lease. Sternal recommends looking at the number of months left and how many miles have been used to determine if the driver has driven more or less than 1,000 miles per month. “If the number of miles remaining averages out to more than 1,000 for each month, odds are this person has not driven the vehicle as much as he or she thought they would.” Not only does that mean you might end up getting more miles for the money, but the car itself probably has suffered less wear and tear.

    Shopping Online for New – Used Cars #used #cars #by #owner

    #buy a car online

    Buying a Car Online

    Shopping for a Vehicle Online

    The Internet has revolutionized car shopping. More and more car purchases are now completed online. It offers convenience, lightning-quick comparison shopping and, best of all, savings. Dealership Internet sales departments garner their commissions based on volume rather than price, making the Internet a car-buyer’s market.

    Even if you don’t end up buying a vehicle online, shopping for a car online will allow you to get an idea of the current price ranges and exactly what you are looking for in a car.

    On this page you’ll find a general overview of online car shopping and some things to think about before you buy.

    Online Car Shopping is Easy

    Shopping for Used Cars Online

    If you’re looking for a used car, here’s what to do:

    1. Visit an online car sales website.
    2. Depending on the site, choose your preferred vehicle by make, price, or category (compact, pickup truck, convertible, etc.).
    3. Make your selection and type in your zip code.
    4. A list of vehicles matching your choice will appear, displaying photos, usually several from different angles, and pertinent information like make, model, mileage, price, and contact numbers.
    5. After choosing a vehicle, you’ll be given the choice to either call or e-mail the dealership, expressing your interest.
    6. If you’re certain the vehicle is right for you, you can purchase it online. Although, it is highly recommend to visit the dealership and test drive the car before making a final decision.

    Shopping for New Cars Online

    The process for shopping for a new car online is identical to buying a used car, only you have more websites to choose from. In addition to car dealership websites, you can also directly shop and order from a car manufacturer’s website, allowing you to customize color and accessory choices. You can find more information on our Buying Online or at the Dealership page.

    Once You Choose a Vehicle―Order a VIN Check

    After deciding on a vehicle, make an arrangement for a test drive. While doing so, ask to inspect the vehicle’s service records. If the seller refuses, interpret it as a warning sign and walk away.

    Regardless of how certain you feel about the car, it’s imperative you run a vehicle history report before signing your name to a used car deal. A vehicle identification number (VIN) check, or vehicle history report, should show any problems with the vehicle, such as odometer tampering, accident history, and how many people have owned the vehicle.

    Auto Financing Options

    If you need help financing your car purchase, most online car buying sites also offer online car loan applications. It’s a user-friendly process, allowing you to easily calculate potential loan-amount scenarios. This way you can confidently decide if your car of choice meets your budget or if leasing would be a better option.

    Or, to ensure finding the best loan at the best rate, consult This site allows you to research the current rates local and national lenders are offering.

    The Pros of Shopping Online

    Advantages of shopping for a car online include:

    • No shadowing by trained sales teams.
    • You can shop at your own pace from the convenience of home or work.
    • No closing hours.
    • You can compare prices from a number of sellers.
    • You can define the size of your search area.
    • Save yourself some money on gas.
    • Empowers you with market knowledge.
    • Online prices are generally lower.

    Showdown Muscle Cars – Metro Detroit s leading Muscle Car Dealer #car #hire #spain

    #cars dealers

    Welcome to Showdown Muscle Cars. We specialize in 50’s, 60’s and 70’s American muscle cars, classic cars, street-rods and late model highline and luxury vehicles. From GTO’s, Chevelles, Roadrunners, Camaros, Mustangs and Grand Nationals to late model Cadillacs, BMW’s and Mercedes. If you are looking for your favorite Chevrolet. Ford. Mopar. Olds. Pontiac. Mercury. Buick. Cadillac or DAILY DRIVERS. Showdown Muscle Cars is the place to shop.

    Showdown has been in business since 1990 years with owner, Sonny Gandee, having over 40 years of experience and products knowledge behind him. We are a family owned and operated, licensed dealership with two locations. Florida and Michigan. Our NEW Florida Facility is located in Port Charlotte, Florida, 40 minutes north of Fort Myers and 40 minutes south of Sarasota. Our original Clinton Township, Michigan facility is currently run by our son and nephew. Both locations, Florida and Michigan, are separate entities with separate licensing regulations and restrictions.

    Showdown has over 100 cars in inventory and available at all times. We travel coast to coast, North to South and into Canada to purchase our inventory. If we do not have what you are looking for please email us and we will try to help you find it.

    Delivery is available and trades are welcome.

    ** Financing is available, terms and interest rates vary, some restriction apply, call for details.

    (c)2000-2005 Showdown Muscle Cars

    Small 4×4 Cars #daewoo #cars

    #4×4 cars

    Small 4X4 Cars

    Welcome to  small 4X4 cars. We offer information and reviews of popular 4 4 cars, helping you decide which is a good choice.

    The main advantage of the 4X4 system is that the engine powers all four wheels independently, which gives greater grip and traction. Under  normal road conditions, the extra traction eliminates wheel slip to ensure greater control and a safer journey.  But these vehicles really come into their own on difficult or challenging driving surfaces, like slippery roads, mud, snow, sand, and so on. If one wheel gets stuck – no worries. You won t need to send for the tow truck  because you ve got three more wheels working at the same time to power you out of a sticky situation.

    Its not just the off road capability of your 4wd that excites potential owners. These cars are chunky and generally bigger than your average family car. Not only does this mean you can fit a fridge in the back, but as a driver you are sitting quite a bit higher giving a much better all round view. As 4 4 s become more refined we are now starting to luxury vehicles that offer a good alternative to your family estate or saloon. It s no wonder that four-wheel drive vehicles are not only favoured for off-road action, but are also serving familys large and small as good all round cars. Parts and running costs are no longer as high as they used to be, especially when coupled with modern clean efficient diesel engines .

    Yet it isn t only rugged individualists and off-road adventurers who appreciate the benefits of four-wheel drive vehicles. Increased power and safety makes these vehicles a popular choice for those of us with growing families to consider. Plenty of motorists are now looking out for cheap 4X4 for sale .  Under ordinary driving situations, small 4X4 cars have a number of safety advantages. Their greater ground clearance ensures a good view of  your surroundings and the road ahead.  Features such as  anti-lock braking systems and better traction give greater control to ensure all-round safer driving. And another great benefit to families is the spacious and comfortable interior of SUV s which means no  more cramped, uncomfortable journeys.

    Also, dont forget to check out our Car Tax tables if you are looking for a low emission 4wd car then our stats on fuel consumption will help keep an eye on those running costs.