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Hawaii Car Rental | Finding The Best Deals

December 10, 2013 by Beat of Hawaii

Finding Hawaii car rental deals, like airline Hawaii travel deals. is becoming more of a challenge. That is especially true given the recent consolidations in the industry. Here are our updated recommendations:

How I just saved $400 on my next Hawaii car rental

Car rentals for Christmas in Hawaii are the most challenging as you may already know. Rentals are either very costly or can be sold out. I needed a car for four days right before Christmas and faced the harsh reality of rentals averaging $150 per day plus tax. Unwilling to pay that price, and nearly ready to jump to Uber  (which is now in Honolulu), I started scouring. I was able to immediately lower the price by 50% by going to Discount Hawaii Car Rental. the company we first learned about from Beat of Hawaii readers. Fantastic. But I decided to continue checking. Most discount codes I found across a plethora of sites yielded little or no financial results. The deal I then found was $220 all inclusive for four days using the Island Air affiliate code at National. Sold!

Make a Hawaii car rental reservation as soon as you know dates and times (especially during peak holidays)

  • Check again closer to arrival to see if rates have gone down.
  • Before changing a reservation, keep in mind the same deal you previously obtained may no longer be available.

Check websites that specialize in car rental discount codes and coupons

  • Discount Hawaii Car Rental  most often has the best deal. Readers told us about them and we use them frequently ourselves.
  • You might try AAA, AARP, Costco, Rentalcarmomma, and Retailmenot.
  • Try booking cars via the Island Air website, as sometimes a good deal as in this case (but not always).

If you book on a car rental company s site, start without any codes

  • Using a discount code can sometimes increase your price rather than give you a better deal.
  • Compare the price with and without your frequent renter number if you should have one.
  • Don t get locked in to a prepaid rental in case prices drop later.

Hotwire and Priceline

  • Check to see if you can change your reservation if need be.

How to avoid extra fees for addition driver and more

  • Fees for an extra driver are permitted in Hawaii. Determine if there will be a charge for this at the point of reservation, rather than getting stuck when picking up your car.
  • Some discount contracts, like Costco or Discount Hawaii Car Rental, include an extra driver.
  • Ask if the company waives the fee if the other driver is your spouse or domestic partner.
  • Frequent renter programs may also include an extra driver.
  • Getting airline miles usually incurs an additional charge.

Join the selected rental company s frequent renter program

  • This is fast, it doesn t cost you anything, and usually saves time when you pick up the car.

Avoid options you don t want

  • Check with your insurance company and your credit card company to determine coverage you may already have. Don t get caught unaware at the counter.
  • I don t like the return it empty prepaid fuel option. Just fill the tank yourself and you won t have to pay for fuel you don t actually use.

Pay attention to grace periods and early return policies

  • Some companies still give you a 59 minute grace period to return your rental, before the next day s charges begin to accrue.
  • Additional hourly charges after the grace period are usually very high.
  • Check to be sure that there are no early return fees which could invalidate your rate.

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Hidden secrets about Importing a car from JAPAN! #search #for #cars

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Hidden secrets about Importing a car from JAPAN.

19 April 2007

Well we all seen Jap Imports on the road in some palce or another, they are taking over the car market and why should’nt they.

Jap Cars are more reliable, have higher spec’s, well looked after and have a lot of life in them (low miles)

Well if you were thinking about importing a vehicle then wait and read this guide which includes hiden dangers of importing a vehicle.

Did you know you must pay TAX VAT when a vehicle arrives in the uk from Japan first you need to pay 17.5% of the cars price you purchased it for, then you must pay a varied fee of around 12% Tax of the price of the vehicle + you have to add the 17.5% VAT on to the cars value and then work out 12% of that. Crazy isn’t it.

  1. Wait it gets even more crazy! If your car is under 10 years old you must get it SVA’d which is normal to test if the car is road worthy, HOWEVER if you import a rare car, for example a one off then you need to pay to creat a report for the car before it is SVA’d which i got a quote for a 2005 Mazda RX-8 report for 3000 from customs and exiles.
  1. Think this is crazy yet. nope it get’s worse, well i am sure the UK has a lot of bangers around without alarms etc. If your car does not have some sort of alarm you must by law get one and get it fitted.
  1. Well now we know why dealers charge a bit extra. Howevr they do save a lot of money as most garages have their own mechnic which can sva all the cars and they can claim VAT back saving them a lot fo money unlike private people importing cars.
  1. Although the costs are a bit more, it is much more easy and hassel free to buy a JAP IMPORT that has already been imported into the UK.

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My name is Lina and I just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy I am with the service that I have received at your dealership. Rusty Colvard consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that my car is fixed correctly and on time. He even ensures that I have transportation to work. He is punctual, professional, and I feel very fortunate that he is my Service Advisor. From the moment I walk into your dealership until the time that I pick up my vehicle, Rusty and your staff is always so courteous and I feel confident that the repairs that have been made to my car are necessary and done properly. Customer service is key in retaining customers to ensure a successful business. In my opinion, Rusty and your staff at Helfman Dodge has proven that time after time. Thank you for treating me so well. your attention to detail and attention to my needs will always keep me coming back.


I would like to take this opportunity to commend the staff at Helfman Dodge. I have purchased two vehicles from this dealership. “

Just bought another new truck. Brian treated me fair and without the usual hassles I’ve come to expect from other dealerships. This wont be the last vehicle I buy from Helfman.


Just wanted to let it out that I received great customer service from the service dept. at Helfman Dodge. They fixed my car when no one else could. It was done quickly and even came back clean. Thanks so much for the great communication and quality service.


I am very pleased with this car dealership. I have bought 2 vehicles from here, one new and one used. I received GREAT deals on both. I still get my vehicle serviced there on a regular basis and I have been very pleased with each visit, everyone is polite and willing to help. I would recommend this dealership to everyone.

Mopar man

Just a shout out to Helfman Dodge. They really took care of me with my new 2010 Dodge Challenger. Every other dealer wanted to charge me over sticker. Not only did Helfman not do this, they gave me a great discount.


I have bought a new and used car from Helfman Dodge and I had a great experience from start to finish both times. Everyone is polite, courteous and professional. I highly recommend this dealership.


We have bought several trucks from Helfman Dodge since they first opened. They are in a great location and the facility is well run. The whole ownership experience from sales, service and warranty to parts and the body shop has been very positive. They are not just another “car dealer”.


I have purchase 5 Cars from The Internet Dept. Brian and Randall. I have my Car serviced by Lonnie. All of these guys are Pros. I would not purchase a Car anywhere else. I will always have my car Serviced by Helfman as well. I have reffered Freinds and Family and they are very happy as well.

History of the Volkswagen – The Peoples Car #car #brokers

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Volkswagen – The Peoples Car

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Ferdinand Porsche had already been in the design stages of an affordable small car years earlier, but had never been able to bring it into production. Between 1935 and 1937 Porsche built a total of 50 Volkswagen prototypes with the flat four air cooled engine designed by Franz Reimspeiss – a unit very similar to that used throughout the car’s production.

Politically, an affordable car such as the Volkswagen, was a strong platform for Hitler to win the public support that he desperately needed for his military adventures.

Hitler wasn’t about to let anything get in his way, and he clamped down on iron and steel allocations to other manufacturers and used Nazi financing for the project. He also took over the private estate of Earl Von Schulenberg at Wolfsburg to build a factory. This became, and still is, the biggest car factory of automobiles in the world.

The Wolfsburg Factory never produced a production Volkswagen because by the time the factory was completed, Hitler had already annexed Austria, and invaded Czechoslavakia and Poland.

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Consequently, the factory was redirected and taken over by the German air traffic ministry and the total production was converted to meet the war demand.

It was only after the war in 1946 that the Volkswagen finally became the “Peoples Car”. The Wolfsburg plant was located in the British zone of occupation and became a repair depot. The British selected Major Ivan Hirst as responsible for the factory. He wanted to start producing Volkswagens since the war had created a huge demand for a small cheap car. Using the discovered blueprints, they put the Volkswagen into production – but this time it was really for the people and now we, the classic car hobbyists, to use and enjoy.

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Grasping Green Car Technology

NRDC’s Green Car Pages



We are witnessing the launch of a new era of more fuel-efficient, less-polluting vehicles powered by technologies that aren’t always familiar. If you’re considering buying one of the new vehicles, you may well be concerned not only with how it handles but with how well it will hold up over time, what it might cost to maintain and if it really will be as good for the environment (and your wallet) as claimed. Fortunately, with a little information, the brave new world of greener alternative fuels and drivetrains is easy to grasp.

Use the overview below and the accompanying new vehicle slideshows to guide your purchasing decisions as you look for the best car that suits your needs.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid gas-electric cars, which have been on U.S. roads for more than a decade, really aren’t that complicated. Add an electric motor and rechargeable batteries to the conventional gas engine and see your efficiency increase by as much as 50 percent, with similar levels of reduction in emissions.

Due to the cost of the batteries and other systems, hybrids tend to cost a little more than conventional cars, but the so-called hybrid premium is constantly coming down. For high-MPG hybrids, most studies show that you’ll recoup the extra cost during the course of ownership. The number of hybrid choices will grow to 55 models in the next five years.

Plug-in Hybrid Cars

A plug-in hybrid car is similar to a conventional hybrid vehicle — both use a gasoline engine as well as an electric motor. However, a plug-in hybrid uses larger battery packs that can be recharged by connecting to common household electricity. Plug-in hybrids can be driven for long distances — from a few miles to as much as 40 miles — without using any gasoline. The Chevy Volt is the first mass-produced plug-in hybrid, but more models are on the way from Toyota, Ford, Hyundai and others.

Plug-in hybrids have many of the benefits of electric cars, without the biggest drawback: limited driving range. When the juice runs out of the battery in a plug-in hybrid, it’s no problem. The car will drive just like a conventional hybrid, until your next opportunity to plug in.

Electric Vehicles

Unlike a hybrid car — which is fueled by gasoline and uses a battery and motor to improve efficiency — an electric car is powered exclusively by electricity. Electric cars produce no tailpipe emissions, reduce our dependency on oil, and are cheaper to operate.

EVs have fewer moving parts and systems and therefore have lower maintenance costs. They also come with generous warranties to provide consumers maximum comfort with adopting unfamiliar technology.

Of course, the process of producing the electricity moves the emissions further upstream to the utility company’s smokestack. Yet on average electricity can cut carbon pollution to half that released by a gas-powered car — even less in areas with cleaner generation, though more in areas that rely more on dirty coal power plants.

Besides driving range — which can vary between 60 and 120 miles — the biggest concern with electric cars these days is cost. The purchase price of electric cars can run quite a bit higher than similar conventional cars, but between generous government incentives, fewer maintenance costs, and the lower cost per mile for electricity compared to gasoline, the new breed of electric cars have a lower cost of ownership. Remember: no tailpipe emissions and no trips to the gas station.

High Fuel Efficiency, Conventional Gasoline Engine Cars

A car with a smaller engine will almost always use less fuel. The good news is that gas-sippers are no longer stripped down econoboxes lacking comfort, amenities, safety, and performance. Thanks to advances in gas-engine technology — like direct injection, turbocharging and variable timing — press reports indicate that this new breed of fuel-efficient cars is comfortable, stylish and fun to drive. They often can be more affordable than the better known hybrids, and require no compromises in terms of driving behavior or safety. A growing number of them are breaking past 40 mpg on the highway, giving hybrids a run for their money.

Diesel Vehicles

Diesels operate more efficiently by igniting fuel with high compression ratios and high combustion temperatures. As a result, diesel vehicles attain better fuel economy than their gasoline counterparts. In addition, a gallon of diesel fuel contains about 10 percent more energy than a gallon of gasoline. These factors help modern diesels achieve roughly 25 percent higher fuel economy than their gasoline counterparts.

The cleanest of the current crop of diesel vehicles are now available in all 50 states, thanks to innovative new pollution control equipment that meet EPA’s strict pollution standards. Diesel vehicles now account for nearly half of all new vehicle sales in Europe, and a small but growing market share in the U.S.

Ethanol Flex-Fuel and Biodiesel Vehicles

Biofuel are a tricky subject. In theory, cars that run on fuel that is grown in the ground — rather than drilled and extracted from it — should be better for the environment. But most studies show that corn ethanol, the most common form of biofuel in the U.S. is a net loser of energy, has questionable emissions benefits, and has a negative impact on food prices. Then, there’s the problem of finding a station that offers E85 — a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline — and the fact that E85 carries less energy in a gallon and therefore can end up costing more for a mile of travel.

Biodiesel, which runs in diesel-engine vehicles, can have a better eco-profile — that is, if it comes from recycled sources, like used restaurant oil. But new diesel cars cannot use high blends of biodiesel because the pollution control equipment is too sensitive and biodiesel pumps are few and far between.

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Grand Caravan vs Toyota Sienna #lease #a #car



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FCA US Vehicle means Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, SRT, FIAT or Alfa Romeo brand vehicles only.

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Government Fleet Sales – Kansas City MO, 64120

Welcome to Government Fleet Sales Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars lot! With a large selection of Kansas City Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars inventory and Used Cars. Bad Credit Car Loans inventory for Kansas City area residents to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the right Used Cars. Bad Credit Car Loans inventory for your needs. Searching our Kansas City for Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars inventory? Kansas City residents know you’ll be happy with a purchase from Government Fleet Sales Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars lot. Our friendly sales people will make sure your Used Cars, Used Cars will provide you with everything you expect and more.

Government Fleet Sales Kansas City Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars lot also has a great Used Cars. Bad Credit Car Loans inventory to help you find the Used Cars, Used Cars you have been searching for. With a variety of Used Cars, Used Cars to choose from paired with an experienced sales team, we are confident that we can find the right Kansas City Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars inventory for you. Our Kansas City Used Cars. Bad Credit Car Loans lot features many excellent used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, by here pay here, bad credit auto loans and used car financing.  Have you been unable to locate a Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars inventory in Kansas City?

For many years, our Kansas City Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars lot has been serving customers from all around including Blue Springs, Independence, Kansas City, Leawood, Lees Summit, Lenexa, Liberty, Mission, Missouri City, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Riverside, Shawnee, Shawnee Mission, Waldron. Pick up the phone and call 816-842-2525; or stop in to look over our inventory and say “hi!”

All of the employees at Government Fleet Sales Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars lot would like to thank you for your interest in our dealership. Call us anytime at 816-842-2525 or visit us in person. We look forward to having the opportunity to earn your business.

Government Fleet Sales – Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars Kansas City, MO

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Is The “Hagerty Price Guide” For Classic Cars Accurate, Useful Or Worthless?

by Mike

Recently I wrote about the “Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide”. Today I discuss the “Hagerty Price Guide” (Hagerty car value) which was originally called the Cars That Matter Price Guide .

The “Hagerty Price Guide” is published three times per year, the three issues are: Jan-Apr, May-Aug and Sept-Dec. The latest issue which I am quoting from here is May-Aug 2013 (issue 21).

The Hagerty Guide does not opine on Investment Grade and Appreciation Rating like the “Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide” but the Hagerty Guide does provide four value numbers for each model from Condition 1 to Condition 4 where the “Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide” only provides a high and low value based on a Condition 2 car.

The Hagerty definition of these Condition levels are at the end of this article and are printed in every issue. I will report the Condition 2 numbers from the Hagerty Guide to be consistent with the Sports Car Market Guide.

I have selected four cars to review: the De Tomaso Mangusta, the Jensen Interceptor, the Lamborghini Miura and the Apollo GT Coupe.

Let s get started.

De Tomaso Mangusta

De Tomaso Mangusta (photo by Jonathan Root )

Hagerty Guide: 1970 Coupe $131,000 302 Coupe $117,500

There are very few Mangustas that have sold recently at public auctions so actual recent sales results are hard to come by.

A 1969 De Tomaso Mangusta was for sale on eBay last November with a buy it now price of $119,900. It sold to a My Car Quest reader and I think we can assume that the actual price was not much different than the asking price.

Here is a Mangusta for sale in France for 159,500 Euros ($210,713). This may be an unrealistically high price but it is significantly higher than the Hagerty Guide.

Another Mangusta was for sale after just completing a beautiful restoration last year for $139,995.95 in Southern California. I do not know the actual sale price but the seller certainly had a high expectation much higher that the Hagerty Guide.

De Tomaso Mangusta

Jensen Interceptor

Jensen Interceptor Coupe

Hagerty Guide: 1976 SIII Coupe $31,600 Convertible $57,300

A 1972 Jensen Interceptor Series III sold for $16,252 at the Bonhams Auction, Harrogate on November 14, 2012. Based on the description it sounded like a condition 3 or 4 car.

The Jensen Interceptor convertible pictured below did not sell at auction in Monterey in August 2012 for a high bid of $72,000 .

Tiny Toy Car #muscle #cars

#toy cars

When children look at a tiny toy car, they see more than a product. They see a story. When we look at a real car, we see the same thing.

We’re Tiny Toy Car, a creative studio specializing in digital content and advertising strategy for the automotive industry.

Founded in 2013, Tiny Toy Car provides automakers, publishers and brands with customized advertising content designed to entertain, inform and engage car shoppers and automotive enthusiasts.

Founder Ray Wert brings a decade of automotive storytelling experience to the table. Most notably, Wert served as editor of automotive lifestyle site Jalopnik for six years. In that time, site traffic increased from 2 million page views per month to 32 million page views per month with annual traffic growth of nearly 100 percent each year.

With presences in New York, Detroit and Los Angeles, Tiny Toy Car is wherever you are. By partnering to create authentic, insightful content, Tiny Toy Car will help your brand create stronger relationships with consumers by crafting deeper, more meaningful experiences in the digital space.