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Find Your Used Car Trade in Value

If you are considering trading in your old car in order to reduce the price of purchasing a new vehicle, it is important to find out the accurate used car trade in value of your vehicle. Besides helping you decide whether or not you actually want to trade it in, an accurate trade in value will also ensure that you get a fair price from the dealer when it comes time to trade it in. If you’re wondering how much your used vehicle is worth, follow these five helpful steps.

  1. When you are considering trading in your used car, you should know the difference between the trade in value and the loan value or retail value. The trade in value is what a dealer will give you for your car on a trade for another car. The loan value is what a bank will loan you on a car, and the retail value is what a dealer could expect to sell a car for.
  2. Write down the year, make, mileage, and model of your car. Include trim level if you know it. For example: 2002 Chevrolet Impala LTZ with 86,000 miles. Also, include as much standard equipment and options as possible, such as heated leather seats, sunroof, power windows, etc. This will be helpful to determine the best price of your car.
  3. Go online to a website that will allow you to calculate the price. There are several of these sites available to you, such as Autotrader, Kelly Blue Book (, or right here on CarsDirect where you can get a free trade-in valuation. Enter as much information as you know about your car.
  4. When you get the results, you will notice that there are three “condition” quotes. Be realistic in your assessment of your car. No car is “excellent” condition unless a dealer could put the car on the show floor. Therefore, your car would be “good” condition or “poor” condition. Each of the criteria is explained for you. Write down the information that you get so that you can present it to the dealer at the time of the trade in. While the dealer may have a different assessment of the actual worth and value of your vehicle, this information will at least give you a ballpark estimate of how much you should receive in trade in value.
  5. When you know the approximate used car trade in value, you can then determine if you want to trade in your car, keep it and try to sell it yourself, or give it to another family member. Dealers will often compete with each other over the trade in value of your car. The more dealers you visit, the more you will learn about the value of your used car.

Trading in your used car can often be a great way to get compensated for your old vehicle without having to go through the time-consuming process of actually selling it yourself. But before you trade it in, make sure that you have an accurate idea of exactly how much your car is worth.

Facts That Can Hurt Your Car’s Value

Trying to sell an old car to a dealer at a fair price can be tough, moreso if you are unaware of how much your car is truly worth. Consider these aspects that could hurt your car’s trade-in value before you go to make a trade, and keep them in mind when choosing your next car, too.

Color Affects Resale Value

Here’s something you won’t find on Kelley Blue Book: the color of your vehicle affects how easy it will be for the dealer to resell it. Pre-owned cars which are red, blue or silver are in higher demand than cars of different colors. A vehicle which is one of these 3 colors are more likely to be purchased, so a car dealer will be taking less of a risk that the car will not be resold, so the car is worth a little more. Certain colors can also harm the resale value: “irregular” colors like orange or purple tend to be difficult to sell, so cars of those colors will be worth less.

Some Investments Don’t Pay Off

When purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, customers prefer function to flash. Features like heated seats or a navigation system are always great, but flashy extras like spinners or flame decals are not likely to impress a buyer and will not add any real value to the car. Tricking your car out is just fine if it’s for your own benefit, but anything that does not add functionality to the vehicle should not be viewed as an investment.

Service Makes a Difference

There are obvious differences between cars that are well kept and maintainedy versus cars that aren’t brought into a service department until they break down. Especially in older pre-owned vehicles, the care and attention paid to the vehicle will be evident and will strongly affect the resale value. The Kelley Blue Book value assumes excellent condition, which is very rarely the case. Any car which is not impeccably cared for will reflect heavier depreciation.

Dealers Have to Make a Profit

When bringing your car in for a trade, you need to be aware that car dealers must make a profit off of reselling your car in order to keep their business running. They will have to put paid labor into inspecting the vehicle and making it ready for sale, as well as take the risk that nobody will buy it. No matter how perfect your vehicle may be, you will not get the Kelley Blue Book price unless you sell it yourself, without a car dealer as the middle man.

Keeping these facts in mind when trading in your old car for a new one may help you determine a fair price for your vehicle, as well as choose and care for a car which will hold its value well in the future.

How to Increase Your Used Car Trade In Value

Every consumer wants to get the top used car trade in value when they go to trade in their car. Trade in car value can vary widely from each geographic area and is affected by not only the type of car but also the features of the car itself. Getting the best trade in values for used cars can seem to be a tedious process however, it is not really as difficult as one may think.

Adjust Expectations Based on the Area

Provide Documentation of Maintenance

Documented maintenance schedules indicate to the car dealership that you took care of the vehicle and that it was maintained properly. In large part, the worth of your vehicle will be based on the overall mechanical function. By proving you kept it as up to date on maintenance issues as possible, you have a bargaining point with the dealer. Because of the maintenance schedule, the dealer will get a better price on the car when reselling it and he should pass these profits on to you for your diligence.

Determine a Cutoff Price

Before you even walk into the dealership, know what kind of price you will accept for the vehicle and stick to it. If the dealer simply will not meet your price, don’t be afraid to walk away. Presumably there are other car dealers in your area, and any one of them should be interested in working on a used car trade in value with you, on your terms.

Be Prepared to Negotiate

It’s important to remember that the price Kelley Blue Book gives you, while fairly accurate, is still a ballpark number. You should expect to get within a few hundred dollars of the price given by KBB, and potentially less if a professional inspection turns up some problems which you didn’t know about. For the most accurate price estimate possible, you will have to have your car looked at in person by an auto appraiser.

The online Kelley Blue Book is an invaluable and easy to use resource for finding a trade in value estimate. However, entering information about your vehicle online is not the same as having a professional see it in person. Kelley Blue Book is excellent for making a general estimate, but you should not expect to receive precisely the amount which it suggests when you trade in your car.

Additional Tips

You can add value to your car by having it thoroughly cleaned and detailed (a detailing includes an upholstery cleaning and good carpet and headliner clean, as well as reconditioning for all vinyl and leather surfaces). The body should be cleaned and polished and any nicks or dings should be filled in before the cleaning. The wheels should also be cleaned. This can easily add $500 to the value of your vehicle.

You can also add value to your car by ensuring that there are no telltale signs of body painting, such as overspray, where a fine mist of paint is left on nearby non-painted surfaces. Be sure to check all body panels to make sure they are smooth. Make sure that the wheel wells are also smooth and that your bumper is in good condition (you can have it refinished for less than $100). If done correctly, these simple tips can easily add another $300 to $500 in second hand car value.

Your Used Car Trade In Value Advantage

You may be wondering if you’d be better off selling it or trading it in. After all, you want to try to get as much as possible for your old, trusty friend; but at the same time, you may not want to waste too much time with trying to sell yourself.

Benefits of Selling It Yourself

If you sell your vehicle yourself, you’ll usually be able to get a somewhat higher price for the vehicle–but not always. Furthermore, you will be responsible for marketing the vehicle and showing it to potential buyers. You should know that selling a vehicle is never easy–just ask any used-car salesman. Therefore, always weigh how much more you think you might receive by selling yourself and the time and effort that will be required to sell the vehicle.

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Used Auto Parts from Used Parts Central

Used Parts Central specializes in used auto parts, used car parts and used truck parts. We have several ways to help you find what you need. Our parts request form lets you send out an online request to many recyclers at once to locate the parts to repair your car or truck. Once you send in your request, the junk yards that receive them will contact you by e-mail if they have what you need along with the price and available shipping options. We are a used auto parts locator service and provide this FREE to our visitors. Our programming has filters in place to make sure that your request only goes to the junk yards that have what you need. Your request for a Chevy transmission won’t go to a place that only handles Toyotas. Used Parts Central has a wide selection of auto and truck junk yards that receive your request. We handle almost all makes and models.

We even have some that have only muscle cars, motorcycles, trucks, RV, late model, foreign and domestic parts. If you’re just looking for junk yards close to you, our find junk yards section will let you search by category, state, zip code or even area code. The easiest thing to do is just select the part you need and include your zipcode and we’ll take care of showing you who has the part. With over 4,800 used auto parts dealers in our database, you’re sure to find one close to you.

One of the many advantages to using our service is it allows you to get prices from multiple locations at the same time. You can review the price, shipping amounts, warranty and any other things about the salvage yard you are dealing with. We supply you with their email address and phone number so you can communicate all from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. Different parts of the country have different weather, different economies, different supplies and demand so this all works to aid you in making the best decision and getting the used part you need. An example would be if you live in the northeast and need a part but don’t want it from a yard that deals with snow half the year. You can just look for someone that has the part from the south or out west where the weather is milder. Another example can simply be where there is an abundance of cars in one area but not in another. If you have an abundance of cars outside of your area you may very well get a better price by ordered from someone like that than getting it locally.

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Automobiles – Domestic Trucks Classifieds in Savannah (Nov 26 – Dec 2, 2015)

The Internet has numerous used trucks for sale. However, it takes a little blood sweat and tears to find trucks for sale in Savannah, GA. The good news is you have landed on the right page. If you’re looking for trucks for sale in Savannah, GA, we invite you to search through our domestic trucks listed below. When you’ve found the perfect listing at the right price, contact the buyer directly.

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Purchasing a used truck is highly beneficial for various transportation requirements. With the advent of the internet, it has become easier to search for a suitable domestic truck online and buy it in your fixed budget from an excellent network of Tell-n-Sell. Most of the times, the available used domestic trucks for sale are found to be in good conditions as well as are hardly used by the previous owners. You can purchase them at nearly half of the original price. Such a purchase offers you good chances of saving great amount of money.

For the individuals, who tend to have a tight budget, opting for purchase of suitable truck from used trucks for sale proves to be the beneficial choice, specially, if you require truck for your own business. Tell-n-Sell is a unique network of buyers and sellers of the domestic trucks. This network can be utilized by small and large businesses as well as home based businesses in order to reach the customers in Savannah and offer them the best used trucks at an affordable rate. Here you can check out for various domestic trucks from reputed manufacturers such as Ford, Mercedes Benz, Chevy, Renault, Ford, Nissan and many others along with specifications and high-end aspects to make the best possible choice.

For small and home based businesses, it is beneficial to buy one among the available used trucks for sale that offers good insurance. You can even get warranty on some of the used trucks. Going for domestic truck with such benefits allows you to protect your business, if anytime the purchased trucks happen to suffer from accident or breakdown. You can even find used trucks with insurance policy that covers charges when you borrow another truck on rent for your concerned business mobilization.

Tell-n-Sell is an excellent place to make a good choice of suitable used truck from domestic truck for sale in Georgia, Savannah and South Carolina. You can check for all essential truck details such as pricing, mileage, engine efficiency along with all features and characteristics to strike the best deal of domestic truck from here.

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FastCarsUK – Cheap High Performance and Top Marques Sports Cars For Sale

FastCarsUK is a UK Car Broker and like our customers, we are all about Power, Speed and Performance, at an affordable price

As an Car Broker, our main purpose is to help our customers purchase many of the world’s most prestigious, well known high performance and Top Marques sports cars. High performance sports cars are not always as expensive as you think, at FastCarsUK we can help you source cheap sports cars at an affordable price.

Are You Thinking of buying a High Performance or Top Marques Sports Car?

These cars can be described as rare breeds, sometimes built in small numbers, they provide mind blowing acceleration and can reach extreme speeds approaching, and sometimes exceeding 200 mph.

High Performance Sports Cars or Top Marques are normally not very practical, but if you can afford to buy one of these luxury sports cars, you are in a different league and being practical is not why these cars were built. Some High Performance Sports Cars are hard to get into, the ride is often harsh, the boot space is often limited or virtually nonexistent, and they are police magnets, thanks to their exotic styling.

At FastCarsUK we can help you find a cheap used high performance sports car from manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo , Aston Martin. Audi. Bentley. BMW. Ferrari. Ford and many more. Just have a look through the pages below, we are sure you will find a used high performance sports car that’s exactly what you are looking for.

Bugatti Veyron

Koenigsegg CCX

Field of thousands of classic car dreams for sale #wesbank #car #finance

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Field of thousands of classic car dreams for sale

Are you in the market for a hard-to-find, vintage car?

Try an online auction site.

Interested in a slightly larger quantity of vehicles? Say, 8,000 or so?

Well, then L L Classic Auto may have a deal for you.

The Wendell, Idaho, salvage yard is selling its stock of thousands of cars, as its 79-year-old owner considers finally retiring after over a half-century in the business.

And he’s throwing in the 80 acres of land they’re sitting on for free.

Or, maybe it’s the other way around.

“I will miss this place, but I won’t miss the stress of running it,” Larry Harms tells

Harms’ daily driver is a chunky, cerise 1937 Ford Coupe with thick whitewall tires, but he keeps a small collection of domestic gems for himself.

L L, owned and operated by Harms and a staff fiercely loyal to vintage cars, began life as a body shop in a much smaller location close to town.

As the accumulated assortment of classic metal began to grow, the outfit moved to a more accommodating location that is large enough today to strike an impressive pose on Google Earth’s satellite view.

The land is populated with vehicles of all sizes and shapes. from derelict, parts-car specials to classics in running condition, some nearly a century old.

Conservative estimates put the total number between 8,000 and 10,000 vehicles, but the shop’s staff admits that it has been unable to catalog all of them.

Nevertheless, it maintains a thorough running tally of available parts for sale on its website.

As much as Harms is looking intently toward retirement, he’s not in a hurry to unload his trove.

Instead, he is firmly determined to find a buyer who is interested in preserving L L’s cadre of historic vehicles, rather than someone who would prefer to destroy the cars and keep the land.

“I won’t [piecemeal] sell it,” Harms said. “I don’t want it crushed. I could do that myself.”

That’s right, unless you are planning to take – and take care of – the whole kit and caboodle, you’d better sit this one out.

The sum for the whole lot, including the land and the myriad cars scattered upon it, is listed at $3 million.

That’s anywhere between $300 and $375 per car, if you ever get around to counting them one by one.

“Is [that] a fair price? No, it’s low,” says one L L employee. “It’s a great deal.”

L L currently lists prices for some of the cars individually, including a gobsmacking 1974 AMC Matador Oleg Cassini Edition at $8,500, and what appears to be a pristine 1961 Pontiac Bonneville two-door for $29,000.

Most others are well picked-over and clearly past their prime.

Harms’ staff says it has already had several serious inquiries into the property, in addition to frequent calls from interested parties from as far away as South America, England, Norway, Australia and New Zealand.

Despite the apparent demand, Harms remains adamant that the cars end up in the hands of a serious buyer who understands their mettle.

“This is stuff you can’t get new,” he said. “Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

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Every 2014 And 2015 Hybrid Car In The U.S. Ultimate Guide

2011 Toyota Prius

Turn back the clock by one decade, and there were just four hybrid cars on sale in the U.S.

One was the first-generation Toyota Prius . The original Honda Insight was still going strong as the most efficient vehicle on sale (and only plug-in cars still better it today). Honda also offered the Civic Hybrid. And Ford’s Escape Hybrid had just made its debut back in 2004.

Today, including different transmission options that figure has risen by dozens, giving consumers a fantastic range of options for fuel-efficient hybrid motoring.

Our guide to every diesel vehicle on sale in the U.S. has proven popular, so below is our guide to every hybrid vehicle currently on sale. We’ve only featured vehicles that don’t require plugging in, so you won’t find the plug-in Prius or Chevrolet Volt in the list.

Click on any vehicle’s name to go straight to our overview pages, with reviews, news and more.

2014 Toyota Prius C

Small Cars and compacts

It’s business as usual at the top, where the 2014 Toyota Prius C reigns supreme. It tops the list with 50 mpg combined economy, and an impressive 53 mpg city rating.

Next up is a relatively new entrant, the 2014 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid. With a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine VW promises plenty of fun, but a Jetta diesel-beating 45 mpg is also there for the taking. Its closest rival in size, the 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid. matches it for combined economy, beats it in the city (44 mpg versus 42 mpg) and lags 1 mpg on the highway (47 mpg to 48 mpg).

Further down you’ll find the classy CT 200h from Lexus. It’s basically a Prius underneath, and although it manages a lower 42 mpg combined, it has the extra prestige that some buyers may be seeking. It also features a price tag that starts significantly higher, at $32,050.

The 2014 Honda Insight doesn’t have prestige to its name, but manages the same 42 mpg (41 mpg city, 44 mpg highway). If you want one for any reason you’ll have to act fast, as it isn’t long for this world .

The Insight might be on the chopping block but Honda’s sporty CR-Z  has earned a stay of execution. It returns 37 mpg combined with a continuously-variable transmission, or 34 combined with the six-speed manual–the only manual hybrid on the market.

It’s not the most efficient hybrid on the market but it’s peppy to drive–and the recent introduction of a supercharger kit makes it even more fun.

Expert reviews of popular used cars, SUVs and minivans #car #painting #prices

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2007-2008 Honda Fit

If you are OK with a firm noisy ride, Honda Fit is an excellent choice for a practical fun-to-drive subcompact. Nothing can beat the Fit on space efficiency. What is interesting about this car is that the rear seat cushions flip up allowing you to fit even a flat-screen TV between the front and rear seats. The Fit is reliable and good on gas. The 2007 Honda Fit is rated at 27/35 mpg city/highway (8.7/6.7 L/100 km). Full review

2007-2011 Nissan Versa

The Versa is spacious and fuel efficient subcomapct. It comes as a sedan or hatchback, with a 1.6-liter or 1.8-liter engine. The most common trim level on the used car market is the 1.8S with a 4-speed automatic transmission. It’s rated at 24/32 MPG (9.8/7.4 L/100 km) city/highway. The Versa is simple and easy to maintain. Read more

2006-2010 Toyota Yaris

Another fuel-efficient subcompact, the Yaris is available as a three- or five-door hatchback or four-door sedan. It rides comfortably and is surprisingly roomy, although you won’t be impressed with the interior quality. The 2009 Yaris with an automatic transmission is rated at 29/35 mpg (8.1/6.7 L/100 km). It is very maneuverable and easy to park. Toyota Yaris is rated above average for reliability and with proper care, it shouldn’t give you too many problems. Maintenance costs are pretty low too.

1998-2002 Toyota Corolla

Despite its age, this model is still popular as a low-priced fuel-efficient commuter. It’s a very simple and reliable car that is easy to maintain. The Corolla rides softly and has a comfortable interior. The EPA rates the 2001 Corolla with a 4-speed automatic transmission at 26/36 mpg or 9.0/6.5 liters per hundred kilometers. Full review

2001-2005 Honda Civic

The seventh-generation Honda Civic is another good choice for a simple inexpensive starter car. It’s good on gas and has a comfortable interior. The ride is firm, but not punishing. The Civic has a very good engine and is very reliable. It also scored well in the government crash tests. The EPA rates the 2003 automatic Honda Civic at 26/34 mpg or 9.0/6.9 L/100 km. Read more

2003-2008 Pontiac Vibe

Pontiac Vibe is a GM twin of the Toyota Matrix with the same reliable Toyota powertrain. The Vibe is very economical, practical and easy to maintain. It offers plenty of headroom and a flat cargo floor. The 2006 Pontiac Vibe with an automatic transmission is rated at 25/31 mpg or 9.4/7.6 L/100 km by the EPA.

2005.5-2010 Volkswagen Jetta

2009-2014 Toyota Matrix

The Matrix is a practical wagon with a roomy interior and easy handling. With good headroom in the front and back, It is a great car for tall people. It also offers plenty of cargo space and the rear seats fold flat. The cargo floor is covered by the easy-to-clean plastic. Fuel economy is good for a wagon. The 2012 Matrix auto is rated at 26/32 mpg or 9.0/7.4 L/100 km The base 1.8L engine is not very strong, but adequate for daily driving. Read full review

2008-2011 Subaru Impreza

2004-2008 Nissan Maxima

The Maxima is a sporty firm-riding sedan with good handling and a powerful V6. Rare for a V6 car, the Maxima is also available with a stick shift. With the 2004 redesign though, the reliability dropped; automatic transmission problems in the 2004-2006 Maxima are fairly common. For 2007, the CVT became the only transmission option. Overall, it’s a fast sporty car, but repairs are expensive. Opt for the 2007 or newer model. The 2007 Maxima is rated at 19/25 mpg or 12.4/9.4 L/100 km.

2004-2007 Chevrolet Malibu

2004-2012 Mazda RX8

Mazda RX8 has a rotary engine that readlines at 9000 rpms. The RX8 handles very good, but to get to the power, you have to rev the engine very high. Overall it’s a nice, very unique car, however, it’s not a very good choice to buy used, especially with high mileage. The rotary engine is not very durable and is picky to the maintenance and oil quality. Fuel economy is a big minus too. The 2009 Mazda RX8 manual is rated at 16/22 mpg or 14.7/10.7 L/100 km city/highway.

2008-2012 Chevrolet Malibu

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BERLIN–Growth in new car sales in top European markets in October eased to the slowest pace in five months, as Volkswagen AG’s diesel crisis hit the region’s largest manufacturer and sales growth in the big five markets weakened, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association said Tuesday.

New car registrations, a reflection of sales, in the European Union rose 2.9% in October to 1.1 million vehicles. Major volume manufacturers Volkswagen, PSA Peugot Citroën, Renault SA and General Motors Co unit Opel/Vauxhall lost ground, while sales of rival Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV surged on strong sales of its namesake Fiat brand and a 74% jump in sales of its Jeep brand. Ford Motor Co.’s European unit eked out a small increase.

Premium car makers shrugged off the weakness seen in the mass market. Daimler AG posted a 21% increase in new car sales, pushed by surging sales of its Smart luxury compact brand. BMW AG sales rose nearly 14% and sales of Volkswagen’s Audi and Porsche brands rose 4.1% and nearly 14% respectively.

The impact of Volkswagen’s diesel scandal still seems limited to the German car maker. Volkswagen’s share of the EU new car market fell slightly to 25.1% in October from 25.9% a year earlier.

Sales of Volkswagen’s volume car brands declined. Sales of the namesake VW brand in the EU fell 0.2% in October, while sales of its Skoda brand declined 2.6% and SEAT dropped 11.4%.

Despite the weaker sales in October, analysts don’t see signs that Volkswagen’s emissions scandal is hitting the broader industry.

Although year-on-year growth slowed slightly in October, the European recovery still looks on track and relatively undented by the VW emissions scandal, said Arndt Ellinghorst, an analyst at Evercore ISI.

Mr. Ellinghorst predicted that Volkswagen would continue to suffer from the emissions scandal and sales in the 12 months following the Sept. 18 disclosure would fall 8.5% from the previous 12 months.

The European manufacturer’s group couldn’t say whether Volkswagen’s diesel crisis is causing a shift toward gasoline-powered vehicles in the EU.

It’s still too soon to say, a spokeswoman said. We still don’t have that level of detail from the market for October.

Sales growth weakened in the EU’s Big Five car markets–Germany, the U.K. France, Italy and Spain. The U.K. slipped 1.1%, the first monthly decline in Europe’s second-largest car market since February 2012.

The core Western Europe region grew 2.5% to 1.06 million vehicles in October and rose 8.1% to 11 million vehicles in the first 10 months of the year.

The rate of growth in the EU in October was the slowest since May, when new car sales rose 1.3%, and follows 9.8% growth in September. New car sales in the EU rose 8.2% to 11.5 million in the first 10 months of the year, slowing slightly from the 8.8% increase in the first nine months.

European car sales were hit by fewer shopping days than the year before and weakness in the biggest European markets. Sluggishness in Germany, France and the U.K. couldn’t be offset by stronger growth in Spain, Italy and Portugal, which are still recovering from low levels during the euro crisis.

Nevertheless, the recovery of European new car sales remains on track, Peter Fuss, automotive analyst at Ernst Young, said.

Thanks to the continued positive economic environment, low financing costs, low fuel prices and high discounts, the European new car market will remain on the growth track in the mid-term–though at lower rates of growth than in the first three quarters of this year, he said.

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Access Investor Kit for Daimler AG

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Access Investor Kit for Volkswagen AG

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Search Cars

Welcome to Cars for A Grand

You CAN buy a used car for $1,000 or even less. Believe it or not, there are thousands of people out there trying to sell a car for under a thousand bucks. We take the hassle out of searching for these bargain cars, putting thousands of cheap cars for sale at your fingertips.

There are any number of types of cheap used cars online. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for old cars, used cars, crashed cars, junk cars, restoration projects, or parts cars we are the place to shop. There are many imitators but don’t be fooled, we are the first and still the best. Cars For a Grand, selling really cheap cars since 2007!

People ask us all the time if you can really buy a decent car for that cheap, and we got tired of answering them so we just showed them. To prove it, we bought a $899 1974 Pontiac Le Mans and drove it from San Diego to Miami. CNN ran a pretty cool clip of that trip. Later that year, we bought a $1,000 1973 Cadillac El Dorado and drove the length of Route 66. from Chicago to LA. All of this driving just to prove to YOU that it is possible to spend under $1,000 on a car and still get where you need to go. Don’t get a car payment, get a car!

The best way to find yourself a really cheap car is to put your zip code in the box above or below, or hit up our local cheap used car search. You’ll be surprised to find amazing deals in your own backyard. If you are looking for tons of cars nationwide, use the navigation to the left to browse by make.

“But can I sell my car?” Absolutely. If you are looking to sell your car. you can list it here for free – as long as you want to sell it for $1,000 or less!

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Latest Classic Cars and Bikes

Listing 6 adverts

1924 Essex Six. Sometimes referred to as the Super-Six , this unusual RHD Essex Coach is fitted with the famous Straight Six engine used by Essex and Hudson motor companies. Finished in dark over

Stock #505-LOU Vehicle is located in Louisville, KY-USA Engine: Straight Six Transmission: 3 Spd Manual Mileage: 46826 (unknown) Body Style: Sedan Exterior

18.500€ This car is just in at Oldtimerfarm, Aalter Belgium. Steenweg op Deinze 51C. Teusday-Saterday 10-17h (no appointment needed) Sunday: closed. Monday strictly on appointment. We specialize

Hi, here we have a very nice motor which I am selling do to a move and have no where to store it.I have had it for five years and in that time I have had the engine completely rebuilt ,new clutch and

Excellent car completely original and restored. All the parts are factory original. It is a second hand with a Super Six engine. It still have the original plaque from the city it was with the number