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Welcome To BahamasCarsTrade- is one of the leading Japanese used cars portal website in Bahamas for providing information about Used Cars for Sale in Japan for Bahamas from hundreds of trusted Used Cars Exporters in Japan. If you want to import quality used cars at competitive prices from trusted exporters in Japan, please click Japan Used Cars for Sale or submit Inquiry and we will forward to hundreds of used cars exporters in Japan.

We welcome all Bahamas used cars dealers and importers to register their company to advertise among local buyers who are looking for Japanese used cars. For Japanese used cars import procedure and regulation information, please check How to import used cars in Bahamas

Most Popular Japanese other vehicles in Bahamas are: Nissan Silvia, Toyota Celica, Mercedes Benz C-Class, Mazda RX-7, Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan Skyline, Toyota Camry, Honda CR-V,

Nissan Primera, Nissan Sunny.

More than 25,000 Quality Japanese Used Cars . SUV, Vans, Trucks, Buses, Construction Machinery, Forklifts, Boats, Bikes and Spare Parts are ready for export at great prices from trusted exporters.

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Nissan Dualis 2007

If you are looking for a great selection of quality, affordable used cars and want to have the confidence of buying from reputable used car dealer then Easy Driver are the used car trader for you!

Feel free to use our website to search our current stock of used cars for sale, arrange a test drive or even purchase online from this website or visit our used cars sales page on TradeMe.

At Easy Driver you’ll find friendly, knowledgeable staff and a great range of quality used vehicles to suit every budget. We offer outstanding deals on our stock of usually 100 affordable used cars so if you’ve looking for the best used cars in Auckland has to offer check out our listings or visit us today.

Come down to our Auckland car yard or surf our website for your next vehicle. These vehicles are sold at the best possible prices. If you need a car loan or you’re looking for a great deal on car finance, we can help with that too!

Live outside Auckland? No worries! We’ll find you the used vehicle you want at the price you can afford and deliver it to your door. Call us on 0800 EASYDRIVER and we can arrange for you to visit our used car yard in Manukau to see our stock of cars for sale. You’ll find that we’re much more than an ordinary moter vehicle trader.

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What is the Special Automobile Insurance Policy?

The SAIP is an initiative to help make auto insurance available to drivers who are likely to go uninsured because of limited financial resources.

Who is eligible to get the policy?

People who are currently enrolled in FEDERAL MEDICAID WITH HOSPITALIZATION are eligible for the SAIP. Not all Medicaid programs qualify for the SAIP policy. An insurance producer can determine if you are eligible from the number on your Medicaid ID card.

How do I get the policy?

The SAIP can be obtained at most insurance agencies. If you’re not sure how to get one, you can call the Personal Automobile Insurance Plan (PAIP) customer service number at 1-800-652-2471. or search for a PAIP producer. Effective 01/01/2011, National Continental Insurance Company is the carrier that writes SAIP policies.

What does it cost?

The policy currently costs $365 per year.

Do I pay for this insurance all at once, or can I make payments?

Outpatient treatments such as doctors’ visits covered by Medicaid, damage you may cause to other persons or property (liability coverage), or damages to your own car (collision and comprehensive coverages).

Will my policy be cancelled if my Medicaid benefits are discontinued?

The applicant must demonstrate enrollment in Medicaid when the policy is first written and at each renewal. If the insured is no longer enrolled in Medicaid during the policy term the policy will not cancel, but the insured will receive only the limited benefits of the policy.

If more than one driver in the house is on Medicaid, can they all get the Special Automobile Insurance Policy?

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Please place in your subject heading – Used Vehicle For Sale

Provide us with the following information

    1) Model Make – year, transmission, brand

    2) Usage – kilometers consumed

    3) Ownership – 1st owner(?), 2nd owner (?)

    4) Description – Color, Plate number

    5) General Condition – A1 (?), good running condition (?), original color (?) repainted (?)

    6) Asking Price – Fixed (?), Negotiable (?)

    7) Your Contact details – full name, address, Tel #s (pls indicate your area code)

    * For your contact details – we will only publish your first name to maintain your privacy
    Disclaimer. This is a Free Ad Space, as such, we are not involved in the transactions other than publishing the units for sale.

    Potential Buyers please contact the owners directly .

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Used cars: how to cop a bargin



We do the detective work to reveal that ex-police cars make good used buys. They’re well maintained and specced – and very cheap!

Who would have thought canny buyers would now be turning to the boys in blue when sourcing their next car? Well, it’s true.

When searching for a late-plate vehicle that’s been meticulously maintained – for a fraction of the usual forecourt price – buying an ex-police car could well prove the perfect solution.

Paul Kourellias from West Oxford Motor Auctions, which holds regular sales for some of the UK’s biggest forces, agrees.

“In the current climate, buying an ex-police vehicle makes sense,” he told us. “If you want an 05-plate Vauxhall Astra for £2,100, this is the place to come. Ex-police cars are stunning value.” What’s more, buying from a respected source means while the mileage will probably be higher than average, you’re unlikely to end up with a dud. “As well as being significantly cheaper, they will also be better maintained,” added Paul.

“Some are serviced every six weeks, and the workshops only use genuine parts. So, if a car left the factory with Pirelli tyres, only Pirellis will be refitted, and if there is a specific fault, they will declare it.”

Nothing but the truth

There are plenty of myths about ex-police motors, and many are nothing more than hearsay. Firstly, they’re not all white – check out the dark blue Ford Focus (opposite) that sold for £1,950 – and they’re not always low spec. For instance, many cars up for sale are unmarked vehicles, used to catch speeders or driven by the CID during covert operations. Paul even recalls an ex-Royal Protection Squad Range Rover that came up for sale in Balmoral green!

Also, with an increasing focus on end-of-life value, more forces now choose higher spec models to aid resale. Paul explained: “People have the perception that police cars are always white with cloth trim and wind-up windows, but that’s far from the case.

“Spec varies between forces, and to what use the vehicle has been put. Sure, some BMW 530ds we see have cloth trim, but an equal number have leather – and as car firms have improved the overall spec of their models, items such as alloys are often standard.” And if your search stretches beyond an Astra or Ford Focus squad car, there are plenty of more exotic models to choose from.

How does a 63,000-mile ’02 Audi A6 2.5 TDi quattro SE for £4,700 sound? Or an ’06 BMW X5 3.0d with 110,000 miles for £8,600? If you fancy something sporty, another car to go under the hammer at WOMA was a 54-plate Skoda Octavia vRS with 74,000 miles, which went for £2,600 – a fraction of what it would have been at a dealer.

As for the rumour that police cars are ‘chipped’ for extra performance, Paul Kourellias is keen to put the record straight. “While there can be a few subtle differences to the suspension and brakes, tales of police cars being lightning quick are mostly down to the simple fact that they are running well due to proper maintenance,” he said.

Hard labour?

Perhaps the biggest put-off for buyers is that ex-police motors will have covered an above-average mileage when they are sold. Additionally, returning them to civvy use may involve a bit of cosmetic work along the way.

The first point goes back to maintenance. Arguably, a car run 21 hours a day but regularly maintained is likely to be in better health than a low-mileage motor that’s neglected.

Furthermore, as London-based Metropolitan Police driving instructor Damien Finbow confirmed, officers are now instructed to demonstrate ‘vehicle sympathy’ on patrol, which prolongs the life of cars.

“It’s a condition of our advanced driving test that police show that they can be ‘smooth and fluid with the controls’. Also, we’ve been working closely with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to consider green issues and apply ‘eco-safe’ techniques, such as changing up to a higher gear earlier and anticipating road conditions to cut down on the need to accelerate and brake hard. That means there’s likely to be less wear on the drivetrain.”

At decommissioning time, the amount of cosmetic work needed varies according to the vehicle’s use and the force that owned it, adds Paul Kourellias. “Some will have holes in the roof, others won’t. Thames Valley Police, for example, don’t make any holes in their cars,” he said. “None of the vehicles will have radios/CD players, and on some you will need to rewire them directly to the battery. However, firms such as Volvo are working on this, making conversion back to civvy use even more straightforward.”

If you still have the jitters, dealers like will do all the preparation work for you – so much so that you wouldn’t even know the car’s previous occupation. Now you can’t say fairer than that!

Where can I buy a police car?

An auction house is a good bet. Try.

West Oxford Motor Auctions, (; 01993 774413)

British Car Auctions, (; 0845 600 6644)

Both of these have regular police car sales.

Alternatively, specialist dealers such as, Ex Police Cars Direct ( and all supply ex-cop cars from police force fleets from across the country.

Extra Info

Don’t get banged to rights

Follow our useful tips to help you bag the best ex-police car:

• Spec varies, so shop around to find the best models.

• Not all ex-police cars are white – many are silver. But in any case, white is enjoying a bit of a revival as a car colour!

• Look out for wear to the side seat bolster. The big belts worn by officers catch as they get in and out of their vehicles.

• Many motorway patrol cars will have carried heavy loads in the boot, so check for any rear suspension wear.

• Some people are more careful than others when removing police transfers, so look for any scratches to the paintwork.

• Patrol cars may have the occasional knock or bumper scrape, so factor in the cost of repairs when buying.

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Used Cars for Sale from Essex Car Company

Welcome to the home of Essex Car Company, one of the largest independent used car dealers within the UK today with over 300 used cars for sale throughout our showroom in Rainham, Essex. Despite our size, we remain a family-run business priding ourselves on a high level of customer service driven by our knowledgeable and friendly team, leading Channel 4 to approach us to appear in their documentary The Dealership .

Whether you re looking for sports cars, saloons, manual drive or automatics, we have a wide range of used cars for sale including BMW. Ford and Mercedes available to either buy or part exchange. Each of our used cars are also verified by an independent HPI report, undergo a rigorous 75-point safety check and are fully-valeted before they reach our forecourt, so you can relax with the peace of mind you re buying a used car you can rely on from a dealer you can trust.

From the moment you walk through the door to fantastic customer aftercare packages, we believe in supporting our customers every step of the way with a range of services and finance packages through high-street names including Barclays, Santander and Motonovo. It s no wonder we receive such great reviews from our customers for our used cars. for more information please call one of our friendly team on 01708 865 578 or visit our showroom .

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1.5 dCi 106 Expression 5dr ( 2010 )

Second Hand Cars from CarShop

CarShop offers one of the largest selections of used cars in the UK. With up to 4000 cars and 500 vans in stock, it?s not surprising that since we were established we?ve grown to be one of the UK’s leading car supermarket groups. We?re proud to offer such a wide range of second hand models. from speedy BMWs through to reliable Kia cars and sturdy Fords, we have a vast range of second-hand cars guaranteed to suit your needs.

Browse our complete range of second hand cars on sale today.

Why Choose Us?

At Carshop you can browse used cars in comfort and style – and with our superior selection of cars you won?t want to go anywhere else. We realise how important having a wide range of choice is to our customers, and that?s exactly why we pride ourselves on having one of the largest second hand car collections online. Our site is updated daily to bring you the best quality and prices in terms of second hand cars; we even have a live updates section on our site that shows exactly which used cars are reserved or reduced. All of vehicles are HPI and safety-checked with a 3 month guarantee. At CarShop we won?t be beaten on price, we?re proud to offer all our customers the Price Match Promise, and are confident we can provide all our customers with the right car at the right price.

Talk to CarShop Today

Reserving used cars at CarShop is simple. Browse our complete range here and reserve your chosen car online within seconds. Have the choice of home delivery or collect from your nearest CarShop. You can shop in complete confidence knowing we offer a 7-day money back guarantee on all our vehicles.

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Used Cars for Sale

Affordable Rent-A-Car And Sales, located in Salt Lake City. Utah. has a large variety of used cars. vans, and other vehicles for sale. In fact, every rental vehicle in our fleet can be purchased by our customers. Stop in for a test drive, or contact us at (801) 266-7368 for more details about any vehicles that are up for sale.

Contact Our Sales Department

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Benefits of Purchasing Rental Vehicles

Purchasing a used vehicle is, of course, much more budget friendly than buying a new one. At we understand that finances can be tight, which is why we offer each vehicle in our rental fleet for sale. Every one of our vehicles—whether it is a cargo van or an economy or compact car—has been expertly maintained and serviced regularly throughout its life by professionals. Inside and out, our vehicles are in as pristine a condition as a used vehicle can be.

Our Guarantee

As professionals in the automotive and rental industry, we know that honest practices and excellent customer service is of the utmost importance. When searching for the best used cars to purchase, you can expect our salesmen to be honest and forthright in disclosing any and all issues with our vehicles. We don’t sell lemons; we sell lemonade.

Contact Our Sales Dept.

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Search Our Inventory

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Quality Used Car Sales

Buying a car can be an exciting and rewarding process, if you choose wisely. At Value Van, we’ll help you find the right vehicle at the right price. Read below to see why our used vans and cars for sale are the best choice and check out our helpful reviews from past customers:

  • Good Quality — Since we maintain our rentals so well, our used cars for sale have a great bill of health. They are clean and ready to hit the road running. Our high standards of quality ensure you can have the peace of mind that the car you’re about to buy has been cared for well.
  • Low Miles — Most of our rentals are in commission for less than two years before we upgrade to newer models, so many of our used car sales have less than 70,000 miles on them. We don’t sell lemons; our vehicles have several years of quality road time left.
  • Incredible Prices — If you’re looking for cheap used cars for sale near Newark. you’re in luck. We don’t overcharge and up-sell like many dealers do, and we certainly don’t pressure you to buy outside your price range. We treat you fairly and help you find a great deal.

Buy or Rent From Value Van and Car Rental

At Value Van, we take pride in the great condition of our used vehicles for sale, as well as our rentals. The availability, makes, and models of our retail-ready vehicles change constantly, so make sure to browse our online listing frequently and contact us to get the latest updates.

Get a Great Deal on a Used Car

Contact Us to Learn More: (908) 851-9595