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Edmunds Used Car Price Guide vs. Kelley Blue Book

February 28, 2013

Most people who have either purchased or sold a used car are familiar with the Edmunds used car price guide. the Kelley Blue Book and other used car price guide books as well. These documents present current information about average prices for used vehicles on the market. They can be extremely helpful to both sellers and buyers when attempting to figure out what a fair deal for a used vehicle is. However, they can also be very misleading, and it is important that you know the differences between these two information sources and how to best use the data that they provide. Failure to do so may result in you charging or paying more than you should for a used vehicle, which can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

See how much your car is worth

Edmunds Used Car Price Guide

The Edmunds used car price guide generates car values from a wide variety of sources, including dealership transactions, depreciation costs for unique vehicles and private seller information. The guide splits car condition up into 5 different categories which you can use to help judge the price of your vehicle through comparison. Naturally, a salvage level car will sell for only a fraction of the cost of a like-new model of the same vehicle. Generally speaking, most buyers and sellers agree that Edmunds has a more comprehensive listing of car conditions than Kelley Blue Book does.

The Edmunds guide attempts to provide you with an overall average price for cars of a particular make, model, year and condition. This average is inclusive of both private sellers and dealers. Generally, private sellers will sell vehicles for significantly less than dealers, so the Edmunds guide price for a used vehicle may be somewhere in between and, consequently, a bit higher than you may wish to offer a vehicle if you plan to sell it privately.

Kelley Blue Book Price Guide

The Kelley Blue Book also gathers its data from a number of different sources. Unlike Edmunds, however, Kelley values generally cater more toward the dealer. Many dealers utilize the Kelley Blue Book guide prices for used vehicles, and dealers and customers negotiate the actual price of a vehicle downward from that level. For this reason, the Kelley value tends to be higher than the Edmunds value and also quite a bit higher than what a private seller would charge for a car. Likewise, you should not expect to pay the full Kelley Blue Book value for a car in most cases.

Ultimately, neither the Edmunds nor the Kelley value of a vehicle is entirely accurate for any particular car. The quality of the car and the various depreciation costs play a much greater role in the overall price than either of these two values do. However, the Edmunds value generally provides a more accurate price for the customer than the Kelley value does. Consult a specialist for more assistance.

Related Questions and Answers

Do Dealerships go by the KBB Trade in Value for Trading in a Car?

Dealerships seldom go by the KBB trade in value (Kelley Blue Book) for cars when you bring your car in to sell or trade it in for another vehicle. Instead, they go by two other values. The Wholesale Blue Book Value and the Manheim Market Report. The Manheim Market Report is a report from the average of cars sold at auctions based on the sales of thousands of cars and trucks all over the U.S. The Wholesale Blue Book value is the most money that a car dealer will pay for a car after they determine how much they will have to spend on it to fix it up so i can be resold.

What is the Blue Book Value of My Car?

Many people want an answer to the question of ‘what is the blue book value of my car ?’. If you need the answer to this question, you can find it by going to the Kelley Blue Book website or other websites such as edmunds.com, that help consumers figure out the potential value of their car or truck. Most car dealerships would also have a copy of the Kelley Blue Book publication, but it is probably a good idea to check it out yourself so you aren’t pressured into selling your car to them, or trading your car in for a new one. Another source may be a website for the manufacturer of your brand of vehicle.

Is Black Book Car Pricing Generally Higher or Lower than Blue Book Values?

When it comes to selling your car, you want the best price you can get, and studies have shown that black book car pricing. on average, are lower than the trade-in amounts shown in either the Kelley Blue Book or in the NADA and edmunds listings. Black Book gets its prices for used cars based on the weekly amounts that cars sell for at wholesale auctions. Black Book gets these auction price lists from about 50 auctions a week and then averages the prices together to get the price they list for the used vehicles in their weekly publication. They also bounce these auction prices off what the local dealers are charging for cars.

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Top 5 Car Tracking Devices

August 20, 2015

People spend a lot of time in their vehicles, and whether it is a truck, sedan or luxury automobile, cars are an indispensable way of getting around. For something this much a part of modern life, it is important to monitor cars to make sure they are safe. Luckily, anyone can go out and buy a vehicle GPS tracking unit.

There are many reasons to get such a device. For business owners, it is about keeping tabs on employees or tracking a fleet of vehicles. For families, it is to make sure that elderly parents or their first-time teen drivers are safe. Tracking devices are also used to recover stolen vehicles. There is a wide range of car tracking devices available, suitable to a variety of needs and budgets. When purchasing such a device, buyers should do the necessary research to ensure they purchase one that is appropriate for their needs.

How Car Tracking Devices Work

Top 5 Car Tracking Devices

LoJack car trackers are among the more expensive trackers on the market and require that the original dealer install this particular device. However, it does have some distinct advantages. One of its unique features is that it uses radio frequencies to inform the police directly of a stolen vehicle. While service is only available in certain states, it is a good option for expensive or collectible cars. Edmunds recommends this device because it only has a one-time fee and lasts up to five days on a single charge

Comparing the Top 5 Car Tracking Devices

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    If this is your first visit to Driftworks, then welcome to the biggest drifting website, community and shop in the world!

    Driftworks has been established since 2004, and is owned and run by a team of friends who played a big part in bringing drifting to the U.K. & Europe. We have 10 staff working from an 11,000 sq/ft property. Our products are used by the majority of winning drift teams around the world, and between our staff, we have won three professional level championships in the UK, so you can be assured our knowledge and customer service is second to none. Please check out our shop here

    When joining the forum please be sure to read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of our forum. Please also use the search feature of the forum before posting a thread, as almost without exception, someone will have asked your question before.


    The Driftworks Team. BUYERS BEWARE – Please note that items sold here by private sellers are not regulated or controlled by Driftworks.

    Please use your common sense and be careful with your money!

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Search Inventory

Dynamite Auto Sales is a Phoenix, Arizona preowned dealership. Please check out our complete used car inventory where you will not only find affordable used cars, but trucks, SUVs, and vans as well.

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To better serve our customers our Phoenix car dealership sells both domestic and foreign cars including Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Jeep, Mercury, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo and much more.

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Get Cash For Your Car Today!

Sell Your Car for Cash! Dollars For Cars

Welcome to the online home of, Dollars for Cars .   We are a company that does just what our name implies; we pay you for your cars. Most people think that only junk cars can be sold this way, or that your high-end car cannot be sold this way. That is not the case with Dollars for Cars. We are the solution to lease or loan issues and we serve almost every area of the U.S.A.

At, Dollars for Cars. we realize that today s economy has many Americans re-thinking their options when it comes to transportation. A high-end luxury vehicle that you once thought was affordable and just what you needed, may have become a burden. Or, perhaps your partner is returning to the workplace and you need a second car. Well, at Dollars for Cars. we can help you free up cash and rid yourself of car loan or lease obligations, as well.

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The Cars 4 Causes Blog.

Car Donations Routed through Many Charity Channels

Wondering what happens to dear old Betsy once you donate her? Judging from our phone calls, many people do want to know where their old car goes, so we thought we’d share what happens here when a car donation arrives. Whether it’s a relatively new car or a very old family friend, it gets star treatment at Cars 4 Causes®.

When you donate, you determine what charity benefits from your vehicle donation. and we make sure we make the most of the donation for both you and your charity. (See our list of over 13,400 charities. ) Some cars not designated with a charity enter our Give-Away Program that directly benefits needy individuals.

Choosing the Best Route for Your Car Donation

We have our own sales locations where we evaluate the car to determine its route.

  • When it is cost-effective, we make major or minor mechanical repairs, and then we detail the cars and advertise them for sale. The cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles are sold, and then they move on to their new owners.
  • Some cars go to auction, as this is the best route for them, for the best return.
  • If the cars are not road-worthy, we recycle them through salvage and scrap channels. The scrap is recycled, turning up next in a surprisingly wide array of products – your new bicycles, your new appliances, new cars.

Your Tax Deduction

At the completion of any of these sales processes, you receive a tax deduction receipt for the donation. And, because of these evaluation and sales processes, Cars 4 Causes® The Charity That Gives To Charities® receives the highest average return for you in the industry! You benefit from this success in your tax write-off, and your charity benefits with a corresponding donation.

So, whether it’s old Betsy or that slightly used car in the garage, your donation is honored and appreciated all along the donation route.  Thank you for your generosity.

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Bentley 3-litre / 4.5 litre / Speed Six / 8- litre

The magnificent machines created by W.O Bentley are among the most recognisable of all vintage cars. Massive, powerful and fast, they are among the ultimate machines of their era.

The 3-litre arrived in 1921. It was based on a stout conventional ladder chassis frame with huge side members, on which sat an unstressed body fronted by a characteristic rounded radiator. Under the bonnet was a four cylinder fixed head engine with a single overhead camshaft which was shaft-driven from the front of the crankshaft and operated 16 valves.

The 3-litre developed and impressive 80bhp, while the 4 ½ litre which followed gave 105bhp. Even more was on tap from the famous “blower” 4 ½ and six cylinder. 6 ½ litre Speed Six from 1929. Ettore Bugatti is said to have described Bentleys as “the world´s fastest lorries”.

W.O Bentley built his cars strong, powerful and fast, and their record in competition shows that the strategy was a success: Bentley´s cars beat the French in their own Le Mans 24-hour race four times in succession, from 1927 to 1930.

But Bentley´s sporting success was not matched in the marketplace: the Depression arrived just as the firm went into the super –luxury arena with its 8-litre model. Bentley went into receivership in 1930 and was taken over by Rolls Royce.

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Get directions

“On a recent vacation to Maui I had made rental vehicle arrangements a month in advance but stumbled across Discount s website accidentally.” in 18 reviews

Recommended Reviews

Excellent customer service.  A+!  And incredible rates.  Finally, I m not the fool paying nearly $600 for a car rental.

I ve used this company numerous time this past year traveling inter-island. I am a few years short of the rental age so it s nice to have a company that discounts the underage fee or waives it complete altogether. I ve never had any problems whatsoever with my rentals. Also, their customer service line is nothing but helpful. Thank you again!

Update:  I ve just received several emails from Discount Hawaii Car Rental (discounthawaiicarrental.… ) stating/proving that they are not directly affiliated with Hawaii Car Rental Discount (hawaiicarrentaldiscount.… ).  So I want all readers of my review to understand that Hawaii Car Rental Discount is a separate company although not on Yelp.  But apparently Hawaii Car Rental Discount utilizes Discount Hawaii Car Rentals infrastructure to book rentals.  It is confusing.  Need proof?  Click on both sites and try to distinguish. I also want to state that I had no problems using one of two of my bookings with Hawaii Car Rental Discount.  It was confusion on my part that apparently caused all the issues below.

Here is my original review.

I discovered my reservation was cancelled when I spoke with the Dollar Representative.  I was shocked because I didn t cancel it.  The Dollar representative wasn t surprised after they read I reserved through Discount Hawaii Car Rental.  So I ended up having to rent directly from Dollar because I was intent on having a good vacation.

Well my vacation is over so I decided to call Discount Hawaii Car Rental and spoke to Frank.  Right off the bat, Frank was unable to pull up my information even though I provided him a confirmation number.  I forwarded the confirmation email to Frank in hopes that he would be able to help solve the issue of how my reservation was cancelled.  Unfortunately, all Frank could say is that they (Discount Hawaii Car Rental) do not cancel reservations.  They only make them.  I assured Frank that I didn t cancel the reservation and asked to see if he could gather additional details that could potentially help us solve the mystery.  Again a big disappointment because all Frank could say is we don t cancel reservations .

I pleaded with Frank.  There has to be additional information on their system to figure out this mystery.  Frank assured me that there is no way and then accused me of just wanting to argue with him.  He asked me what he could do to satisfy me in which I replied try to help solve this issue .  Frank again replied We don t cancel reservations and again accused me of trying to give him a hard time.

Let me assure all readers of this review that I had absolutely no interest in taking time out of my day (I just got off work and arrived at home at this point) just so I could aimlessly argue with some stranger on the phone.  I tried to help Frank understand that I m just trying to see what happened so we could possibly prevent it from happening again.  Frank had no interest in this logic because (you guessed it) we don t cancel reservations .

My confidence in this company is extremely low.  If Frank is a new employee, then perhaps I would feel a little better because then I would give the benefit of the doubt and figure he just needs customer service training.  But for a company to have a reservation system that does not provide any information about creation or cancellation of reservations seems absurd.  How do you survive audits?

Anyhow, let all readers of this review please be aware.  I m not an angry consumer.  It appears though that Discount Hawaii Car Rental does not have a reservation system that can properly track/audit reservations.  So reserve at your own risk.  I see there are others that had positive reviews and hopefully you will too.  But know that going directly to the rental car company provides the same rates as Discount Hawaii Car Rental.  And I know for a fact that all rental car companies can track reservation activities such as creation, modifications, and cancellations.

Was this review ?