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Used Cars Group makes it easy for car shoppers to find the best deal on cars for sale they like with minimum possible time and not visit several websites. Our website is designed so you can minimize your search online for used cars and new cars. Using our website you can connect with one of your local used and new car dealers, car lots and for sale by owner sellers. Shop Safe! All our used and new car sellers and dealers are verified by the third party to ensure the trust you have with us.

We have over 2 million cars including certified pre-owned, used and new listed for sale across the country in over 2000 cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, Dallas, San Diego, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville and more. We update our inventory twice a day to keep the car inventory information up-to-date so you can get accurate and great deal. Our search is kept simple and we use our own search platform tool so you will get the best car matches in shorter time.

At we list all types of high quality used, new or pre-owned vehicles for sale by make, model, year, location, price and by price. It is really that simple to find your dream car here in under three minutes. Our prices are cheap and not our cars! Try yourself and find the car (used or new) you love today!

Notice to visitors: and its affiliates do not sell automobiles, used cars and new cars directly to buyer. We do not negotiate invidual transactions. A participation fee has been paid by the participating dealers and sellers. Actual savings and prices may vary based on car purchased, dealer and location. Actual cost will include but are not limited to local, state taxes, holdback, dealer incentives, advertising fees and other charges, which may vary by the car. Estimated Payment: * – on a approved 2.9% APR auto loan. Estimated Monthly Payment information is an approximate number so it will vary by individual. Apply for loan to find the exact numbers.

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Advice for buying a classic car

Buying a classic car is never an easy ride, from searching cars for sale sections of websites, magazines (like NZ Classic Car) and newspapers through to negotiating a price, there are so many things to watch out for. Whether it’s a newer car that’s recently reached classic status, a vintage vehicle, a private car sale or if you’re buying from a used car dealer a good rule is to never assume anything and if it’s a very cheap car, then be very careful. But like anytime you purchase a used car, if you do your homework and are cautious then you’ll end up with an exciting new toy in your garage.

Firstly, do your research, you have probably already found the model of car you love, but find out what engines were offered, if there were any special editions and at what years key updates were made. Once you’ve been successful in finding an example of the classic car you want, then get in touch with the owner and find out how long they have had the car, if it’s only been a short time they could be passing on a lemon. Next, check the ownership and other details at Checka for a full vehicle history report. If it all checks out, then arrange to view the car and inspect it closer.

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What is the Special Automobile Insurance Policy?

The SAIP is an initiative to help make auto insurance available to drivers who are likely to go uninsured because of limited financial resources.

Who is eligible to get the policy?

People who are currently enrolled in FEDERAL MEDICAID WITH HOSPITALIZATION are eligible for the SAIP. Not all Medicaid programs qualify for the SAIP policy. An insurance producer can determine if you are eligible from the number on your Medicaid ID card.

How do I get the policy?

The SAIP can be obtained at most insurance agencies. If you’re not sure how to get one, you can call the Personal Automobile Insurance Plan (PAIP) customer service number at 1-800-652-2471. or search for a PAIP producer. Effective 01/01/2011, National Continental Insurance Company is the carrier that writes SAIP policies.

What does it cost?

The policy currently costs $365 per year.

Do I pay for this insurance all at once, or can I make payments?

Outpatient treatments such as doctors’ visits covered by Medicaid, damage you may cause to other persons or property (liability coverage), or damages to your own car (collision and comprehensive coverages).

Will my policy be cancelled if my Medicaid benefits are discontinued?

The applicant must demonstrate enrollment in Medicaid when the policy is first written and at each renewal. If the insured is no longer enrolled in Medicaid during the policy term the policy will not cancel, but the insured will receive only the limited benefits of the policy.

If more than one driver in the house is on Medicaid, can they all get the Special Automobile Insurance Policy?

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Used Cars In My Area

If you are in the market for a new or newer vehicle then you have so many options available. No matter if you favor domestic or imported models of vehicles, there is a vast amount of resources to obtain information about vehicles and where you can purchase them. For some consumers, purchasing a brand new vehicle is strictly out of the question either due to financial restraints or even their location; so inevitably, used cars are the next best thing to purchasing a newer vehicle.

There can be many advantages to purchasing a used car over a brand new vehicle. You will have to do your research in order to obtain the very best deal around when you are in the market for a newer vehicle. Benefits such as the manufacturer’s or purchasing an extended warranty, as well as additional options that are not included in the base models can help you make your final decision when browsing for a newer vehicle.

One of the most common choices that a consumer makes when searching for a used vehicle is examining the 3-year lease end models at the local dealership in their area. Having a 3-year lease gives the consumer a chance to see if they wish to purchase the vehicle permanently and if they don’t, they can return it to the dealership to try a newer model or something entirely different. Typically these lease buy-back vehicles have been used as either fleet vehicles, for rental cars or even for someone who has decided not to purchase their brand new vehicle after their lease has terminated.

When you are deciding on a used car, be sure to take a look at the extended warranty options that are available to you. Most used vehicles will not have much time left on their original manufacturer’s warranty and you may wish to purchase an extended warranty for your own security. For many used cars you will have an individualized warranty that guarantees your purchase from any large defects in the near future, but when looking for long-term security, obtaining an extended warranty may be your best bet.

If you find that time is against you and it is hard for you to travel from dealership to individual sellers, you can utilize the Internet as your largest resource for seeking out the used vehicle that you need. Being able to browse many websites such as local dealerships or even Ebay for your newer vehicle can help cut down the time you would spend running around in search of the vehicle you want.

Ebay has been dealing with online vehicle sales for quite some time now, and with fantastic success. Although just as anything you would purchase online, making a large vehicle purchase should be carefully considered. You can obtain information about vehicles both in your area as well as outside your local residence during your search. Depending on how you wish to proceed with the sale, for some, finding a vehicle close to home is the better choice in order to have a mechanical inspection conducted and all the necessary paperwork completed. No matter how you search for and purchase your vehicle, whether you use the Internet or just your local newspaper, be sure to check out all the available options for the best used car for you. Find a “used car in my area” here.


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Used cars: how to cop a bargin



We do the detective work to reveal that ex-police cars make good used buys. They’re well maintained and specced – and very cheap!

Who would have thought canny buyers would now be turning to the boys in blue when sourcing their next car? Well, it’s true.

When searching for a late-plate vehicle that’s been meticulously maintained – for a fraction of the usual forecourt price – buying an ex-police car could well prove the perfect solution.

Paul Kourellias from West Oxford Motor Auctions, which holds regular sales for some of the UK’s biggest forces, agrees.

“In the current climate, buying an ex-police vehicle makes sense,” he told us. “If you want an 05-plate Vauxhall Astra for £2,100, this is the place to come. Ex-police cars are stunning value.” What’s more, buying from a respected source means while the mileage will probably be higher than average, you’re unlikely to end up with a dud. “As well as being significantly cheaper, they will also be better maintained,” added Paul.

“Some are serviced every six weeks, and the workshops only use genuine parts. So, if a car left the factory with Pirelli tyres, only Pirellis will be refitted, and if there is a specific fault, they will declare it.”

Nothing but the truth

There are plenty of myths about ex-police motors, and many are nothing more than hearsay. Firstly, they’re not all white – check out the dark blue Ford Focus (opposite) that sold for £1,950 – and they’re not always low spec. For instance, many cars up for sale are unmarked vehicles, used to catch speeders or driven by the CID during covert operations. Paul even recalls an ex-Royal Protection Squad Range Rover that came up for sale in Balmoral green!

Also, with an increasing focus on end-of-life value, more forces now choose higher spec models to aid resale. Paul explained: “People have the perception that police cars are always white with cloth trim and wind-up windows, but that’s far from the case.

“Spec varies between forces, and to what use the vehicle has been put. Sure, some BMW 530ds we see have cloth trim, but an equal number have leather – and as car firms have improved the overall spec of their models, items such as alloys are often standard.” And if your search stretches beyond an Astra or Ford Focus squad car, there are plenty of more exotic models to choose from.

How does a 63,000-mile ’02 Audi A6 2.5 TDi quattro SE for £4,700 sound? Or an ’06 BMW X5 3.0d with 110,000 miles for £8,600? If you fancy something sporty, another car to go under the hammer at WOMA was a 54-plate Skoda Octavia vRS with 74,000 miles, which went for £2,600 – a fraction of what it would have been at a dealer.

As for the rumour that police cars are ‘chipped’ for extra performance, Paul Kourellias is keen to put the record straight. “While there can be a few subtle differences to the suspension and brakes, tales of police cars being lightning quick are mostly down to the simple fact that they are running well due to proper maintenance,” he said.

Hard labour?

Perhaps the biggest put-off for buyers is that ex-police motors will have covered an above-average mileage when they are sold. Additionally, returning them to civvy use may involve a bit of cosmetic work along the way.

The first point goes back to maintenance. Arguably, a car run 21 hours a day but regularly maintained is likely to be in better health than a low-mileage motor that’s neglected.

Furthermore, as London-based Metropolitan Police driving instructor Damien Finbow confirmed, officers are now instructed to demonstrate ‘vehicle sympathy’ on patrol, which prolongs the life of cars.

“It’s a condition of our advanced driving test that police show that they can be ‘smooth and fluid with the controls’. Also, we’ve been working closely with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to consider green issues and apply ‘eco-safe’ techniques, such as changing up to a higher gear earlier and anticipating road conditions to cut down on the need to accelerate and brake hard. That means there’s likely to be less wear on the drivetrain.”

At decommissioning time, the amount of cosmetic work needed varies according to the vehicle’s use and the force that owned it, adds Paul Kourellias. “Some will have holes in the roof, others won’t. Thames Valley Police, for example, don’t make any holes in their cars,” he said. “None of the vehicles will have radios/CD players, and on some you will need to rewire them directly to the battery. However, firms such as Volvo are working on this, making conversion back to civvy use even more straightforward.”

If you still have the jitters, dealers like will do all the preparation work for you – so much so that you wouldn’t even know the car’s previous occupation. Now you can’t say fairer than that!

Where can I buy a police car?

An auction house is a good bet. Try.

West Oxford Motor Auctions, (; 01993 774413)

British Car Auctions, (; 0845 600 6644)

Both of these have regular police car sales.

Alternatively, specialist dealers such as, Ex Police Cars Direct ( and all supply ex-cop cars from police force fleets from across the country.

Extra Info

Don’t get banged to rights

Follow our useful tips to help you bag the best ex-police car:

• Spec varies, so shop around to find the best models.

• Not all ex-police cars are white – many are silver. But in any case, white is enjoying a bit of a revival as a car colour!

• Look out for wear to the side seat bolster. The big belts worn by officers catch as they get in and out of their vehicles.

• Many motorway patrol cars will have carried heavy loads in the boot, so check for any rear suspension wear.

• Some people are more careful than others when removing police transfers, so look for any scratches to the paintwork.

• Patrol cars may have the occasional knock or bumper scrape, so factor in the cost of repairs when buying.

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At Visitcars we have many used cars for sale. Use the search options above to find the right used car. Or select a popular used car from the list below.


Used Audi A3 (218)

Used Audi A4 (142)

Used BMW 3 Series (363)

Used BMW 5 Series (101)

Used Ford Fiesta (614)

Used Ford Focus (654)

Used Ford KA (108)

Used Ford Mondeo (231)

Used Honda Civic (135)

Used Nissan Micra (116)

Used Peugeot 206 (73)

Used Renault Clio (216)


Cars for sale in Bournemouth (130)

Cars for sale in Bristol (43)

Cars for sale in Cardiff (40)

Cars for sale in Coventry (102)

Cars for sale in Derby (843)

Cars for sale in Leeds (433)

Cars for sale in Leicester (159)

Cars for sale in Liverpool (138)

Cars for sale in Luton (143)

Cars for sale in Manchester (498)

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We also have a 10 bay full service and repair facility with one of the lowest labor rates in the area. With over 33 years experience, we are well known for our honesty, and quality of work performed.

Click for service center details


We offer rentals for as low as $14.99 daily or $99.00 weekly.

Click for rental details

We inventory late model lower mileage vehicles, as well as solid running good looking vehicles for the budget minded buyer. Check out over 100 cars, trucks and SUVs.

If you cannot find a vehicle in our inventory, we specialize in locating specific pre-owned and new vehicles, saving you $100’s, even $1,000’s of dollars while buying based upon your specifications.

Click to submit your request

We secure bank financing for all credit needs, and work to find the best financing rate and term available for our customer. Click to arrange bank financing

We offer extended warranties that can save our customers hundreds of dollars on vehicle maintenance. Even if you didn’t purchase your vehicle from us, ask us about our extended warranty programs.

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More info about Carvana

Carvana is the only place where you can buy a used car online and have it delivered to your home. Our goal is to create a better way to buy a car by putting the consumer back in control of the buying process. We do this by providing a no-pressure and transparent way to buy a car. You can search, finance, purchase, and enjoy pick up or home delivery of high quality, late model used cars or trucks without ever having to go to a dealership! People love our online car buying experience. Take a look at our unfiltered customer reviews .

We promise to bring the joy and excitement back into the used car search and buying experience by removing the dealership, negotiating, and high-pressure salesmen. Carvana is dedicated to providing an honest, transparent, and customer-centric used car buying experience.

How does online car buying work?

At you can browse through and view detailed 360-degree photos of the interior, exterior, engine, and trunk of every used car in our inventory. Once you find the used car you are looking for, you can call a Carvana Customer Advocate or continue through the financing and purchasing details online. You can then pick it up or have it delivered. Then take your used car for a 7-day test drive, provide your final signature, and enjoy!

Can I talk to an actual person?

How do I get the car delivered?

We offer a better way to buy a car, regardless of location!

**Local Delivery: If you are located within our local service area, you are eligible for free delivery of your vehicle. (Available within 100 miles of our Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, Charlotte,NC, Birmingham, AL, Houston, TX, and Dallas, TX hubs)

National Delivery: If you are located outside of our local service areas, you can have your vehicle delivered by a reputable third-party delivery company for a fee. You can see this cost when choosing delivery in the purchase process.

Where can I come see the car?

Carvana sells used cars 100% online, meaning we don t have a physical showroom available to the public. This is why we get up close and personal by providing a 360-degree tour that highlights every little detail of the vehicle, including special features and any potential imperfections, both inside and out. We guarantee, what you see, is what you get!

What about the car vending machine I heard about on the news?

Carvana Vending Machine Pickup Center

1026 Marietta Street NW Suite A Atlanta. Georgia 30318

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2012 Chevrolet Impala LTZ


Latest reviews

2010 Land Rover Freelander – very powerful engine I would narrate my humble review in terms of improvements which Land Rover designer’s done in the last version of the car.

Changes in the interior is pure symbolic from the old one. Preserved and.

2007 Chevrolet Epica Chevrolet Epica has turned out to be surprisingly beautiful and harmonious: body shape, the structure of the brain and the rear optics, things like repeater indicators built into the hull exterior mirrors, crea.

2009 Chevrolet Cobalt -dynamic and stylish Cobalt is available as a coupé and a more practical sedan. Design the coupe version was developed with an eye on one of the most popular U.S. sports car nines – Chevrolet Corvette. Sedan, despite its inherently.

2002 Chevrolet Camaro -very powerful and quick car Interior Camaro consistent with the concept of how to be a sports car and much more “Lux” Inside: concise, informative dashboard, deep leather armchairs with great lateral support, convenient steering wheel wra.

1989 Buick Park Avenue out-of-date design Very old-fashionable and decrepit car which didn’t lose its credit with time of heavy use. It was our family car and every member loves it without any disdain.

Car Buick Park Avenue c 1975 to 1990.

2009 Infiniti QX 56 – luxury car Infiniti QX56 interior creates a cozy atmosphere of luxury. The instrument panel with soft lighting, which the company experts called Fine Vision, looks very impressive. It is worth noting the unusual placement.

2009 Hyundai ix55 Good motion SUV looks very solid: cruise control, excellent sound system Infinity, dual-zone climate control, tinted rear windows, rear spoiler, leather interior beige or black colors to choose from, wood trim, heated wipe.

2008 Cadillac STS The car is built on the base of the same rear-drive platform Sigma, as presented earlier CTS and SRX, and as an option STS comes with permanent all-wheel drive SRX from a center differential and torque distribu.

2005 BMW M6 – low clearance Got a new car from the usual coupe sixth series, it is elegant and stylish, you might even say – sophisticated style.

Aerodynamic details that improve stylish car making even more aggressive. Cont.

Audi TT impressive coupe Design of Audi TT has a classic sporty style. Clean lines and simple shapes, cute tinted headlights – eyes, low landing, like nothing on.