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Looking for a Top-Quality Used Car Near Stroudsburg, Nazareth, Blairstown, NJ or Belvidere, NJ? Your search ends at Ray Price Cars in East Stroudsburg

Need to save some money on your next vehicle? Perhaps you’re particularly fond of a certain model year? Either way, Ray Price Cars can help. We offer a wide range of used cars from top automakers – perfect for the traffic, terrain and weather in Stroudsburg, Nazareth, Blairstown, NJ and Belvidere, NJ. And because we’re such sticklers for quality, we make sure every single one that we put up for sale meets our incredibly high standards. That way, you can focus more on finding the car you want and less on whether or not it’s a clunker.

Above and Beyond Selling Used Cars in East Stroudsburg

By the time you’ve finished securing a car loan or lease from Ray Price Cars, you may think you’ve tapped us dry. Such, however, is far from the truth. Our new and used Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Mazda, Lincoln experts are committed to keeping you going, and that means staffing an onsite car service and repair department to meet all of your maintenance needs.

New & Used Car Prices

Ramsey Motors – Used Cars – Milwaukee WI Dealer

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2011 Mitsubishi Lancer

2002 Hyundai Sonata


2001 Toyota Corolla


2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

1999 Toyota Avalon

2010 Kia Soul


2003 Dodge Neon


2004 Hyundai Santa Fe


2005 Toyota Camry


2007 Dodge Grand Caravan


2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

2010 Toyota Matrix


2006 Toyota Sienna


2009 Hyundai Santa Fe


2011 Hyundai Elantra

2003 Toyota Corolla

2002 Infiniti I35

1999 Honda Civic


2011 Nissan Versa


2008 Hyundai Elantra


2004 Chrysler Sebring


2007 Mazda MAZDA6


2010 Hyundai Elantra

2012 Toyota Yaris

2010 Hyundai Accent


2013 Chrysler 200


2007 Volkswagen Jetta


2012 Volkswagen Jetta

2004 Lexus RX 330


2004 Mazda MAZDA6


2002 Toyota Camry Solara

2008 Chrysler 300

2005 Toyota Camry


2000 Lexus RX 300


2007 Volkswagen Passat


2008 Chrysler Pacifica


2009 Chevrolet Cobalt


2010 Chrysler Sebring

2006 Hyundai Sonata

RC Cars

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RC Cars – Nitro RC Cars Electric RC Cars

Looking for a New Thrill Ride? If you want to escape the police in the highway, weave through traffic and run through red lights while going over the speed limit, RC Cars are perfect for you! You can do all that above without breaking the law. You can even do it with a Remote Control (Car), so you don’t have to suffer the consequences unless accident happens.

We have a wide selection of Nitro RC Cars powered by Nitro Fuel (well sell the Nitro Fuel too!) and Electric RC Cars powered by regular brushed motors or the ultra fast Brushless Motor Electric Cars. Our RC cars can go in excess of 50-60 MPH in less than 2 seconds (Just Kidding, but we want to believe that anyway). Go ahead. bash away if you’re just looking for some fun. If you are into competition racing, we have the vehicle for you as well.

On Road Cars – meant for regular street pavement with limited obstacles. This would be perfect if you are just looking to run it around your neighborhood streets

Off Road Buggy – Perfect for backyard bashing, running on sand and dirt terrain, performing Jumps

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Raleigh Pre-Owned – Raleigh NC, 27616

Welcome To the Raleigh Used Cars, Auto Financing Lot Serving Raleigh Cary

Raleigh Used Cars. Car Loans Dealership of Raleigh, NC 27616

Raleigh Pre-Owned has the Used Cars, Auto Financing inventory you have been searching for at a price you can afford. With a friendly and helpful sales staff, Raleigh Pre-Owned is the Raleigh area’s most respected Used Cars, Auto Financing lot. Our mission is to make every customer a customer for life by consistently providing world-class services. Superb customer care, competitive prices and a great staff, are a few of the things you will find at our Used Cars. Car Loans lot in Raleigh NC also serving Raleigh, Cary. Visit us today or give us a call at 919-301-8028.

Check out our inventory of Raleigh Used Cars. Car Loans, featuring used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, vehicle financing, auto loans, automobile loans, car finance. You’ll find that we have a Used Cars, financing for every need. We have a great inventory of Used Cars. Car Loans to select from. At Raleigh Pre-Owned we pride ourselves in the quality that we offer on all of our Used Cars, financing, which makes us a major destination Cary, Durham, Garner, Knightdale, Morrisville, Raleigh, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell, Youngsville, Zebulon shoppers. Come see us today!

The sales people at Raleigh Pre-Owned will help you get into the right Used Cars. Car Loans inventory that fits your lifestyle. Why are we so sure? Our Raleigh Used Cars, Auto Financing lot has something for everybody! Come check out our selection of used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, vehicle financing, auto loans, automobile loans, car finance our Raleigh dealership serving Cary, Durham, Garner, Knightdale, Morrisville, Raleigh, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell, Youngsville, Zebulon. See our Used Cars, Auto Financing inventory in person by visiting our dealership in Raleigh NC. Give us a call at 919-301-8028 with any questions. We are looking forward to serving your Used Cars, financing needs.

Raleigh Pre-Owned – Used Cars, Auto Financing Raleigh, NC

Rare Matchbox Cars

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Rare Matchbox Cars

Collector and Antique Store Owner

An unusually colored sea green 1966 Opel Diplomat, a 1968 crane truck with a 360-degree swing arm radius, and a Swinging London double decker bus are only a few of the rare Matchbox cars that collectors worldwide dream of adding to their miniature car collections.

The First Matchbox Car

Shortly after World War II, Leslie and Rodney Smith began Lensey Products and were soon joined by Jack O’dell, a tool and die maker. From 1947 to 1953 the company manufactured larger die-cast vehicles and other toys to market to the London shops for Christmas. Their first die-cast toy was a road roller manufactured in 1947. It was this toy that became the first Matchbox vehicle, when Jack O’dell made a smaller version of it for his daughter to take to school. The school had a rule that only toys allowed in school had to be small enough to fit into a matchbox. From there the idea of marketing the little vehicles inside a box similar to a matchbox began.

The miniature road roller is #1 in the original 1-75 series. Released as a three-model set the other two miniatures were a dump truck and a cement mixer. These three matchbox vehicles are extremely rare. Recreations of these and other early Matchbox cars have been released.

What Makes a Matchbox Car Rare?

There are several criteria that determine the rarity of a Matchbox car.

  • Limited editions
  • The number of cars that were produced in a specific year and model
  • A model being canceled after a limited first run due to technical manufacturing problems
  • Original production year
  • First and last runs of a model
  • Any variations that exist such as the use of a different color paint on the body or interior
  • Any variations that exist concerning the type of wheels or car body die used
  • Overall condition of the car
  • Condition, type and style of the original car box

Rare Matchbox Cars

  • One of the rarest Matchbox cars is an unusual color version of the Opel Diplomat, painted a beautiful turquoise which is also known as sea green. Introduced in 1967 as part of the car transporter gift set, G2e, this highly coveted Matchbox commands prices of approximately $9,000. The common metallic gold colored Opel sells for approximately $25.00. This 1964 Lincoln Matchbox car shows the color of the turquoise paint.
  • This Dodge crane truck sold at auction for approximately $2,600.
  • A beautiful chrome double decker bus with Swinging London label valued at approximately $1,000 from the Matchbox Superfast Series.

Matchbox Car Resources Online

What is business car insurance?

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What is business car insurance?

If you use your car in connection with your work, standard policies may not offer the protection you think.

%img src=”http://www.confused.com/%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp%3E/media/themes/fab-four/article-content-images/car-insurance/businessman-driving-main.jpg?” /%

Anyone whose job demands they drive their own car for the purposes of their work will need to pay for business car insurance. This is different to a standard policy, which only provides cover for social and domestic use.

Business car insurance can cover a wide range of uses, such as travelling between different work locations, visiting customers or driving around other employees. Anything, in fact, that’s on behalf of the company.

Although you’ll likely pay higher premiums for business car insurance, don t be tempted to run the risk of sticking with domestic-only cover. This could lead to your cover being invalidated.

Know what you want

Every insurer will want the answers to a number of key questions when you re applying for business car insurance, so you need to have your answers ready.

For example, they ll want to know the nature of your work, the amount of time you ll be behind the wheel, and how many work-related miles you re likely to clock up during an average year.

This may be difficult to gauge, of course, but an estimate will give them an idea of how much time you ll be spending on the road.

Understand the different levels of cover

%img src=”http://www.confused.com/%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp%3E/media/themes/fab-four/article-content-images/car-insurance/car-with-pound-coins-main.jpg?la=en-GB” /%

Unfortunately there isn t one standard business car insurance policy. There are a range of options and it s down to you to decide which type is most suited to your particular needs.

Most policies will fall into one of the following three categories:

Private and occasional business use – these policies can cover the main driver or their spouse who only occasionally have to drive for work – but in a car that’s not registered in the name of the business. This could be a salesperson, for example.

Private and business use these offer a similar level of cover as the option above, but with the additional benefit that the car can be registered to the business itself and the cover can extend to any driver behind the wheel.

Commercial travelling policies these can cover people who drive as a permanent aspect of their job. These individuals will be spending a lot of time on the road, and this is likely to be reflected in the policy price.

Because these policy types are complicated and consist of lots of different factors. So it’s best to check the terms and conditions and confirm directly with the insurer that the policy fully covers you before you buy.

Get a good deal

To get a competitive price, you need to compare a selection of quotes to find the most cost-effective option for you.

Also, speak to others who use their cars in their day job to find out which insurers you should be considering.

And don t be afraid to bargain with an insurer to get the best deal – they all have some degree of flexibility in the premium. Remember, this is an increasingly competitive field and there is no shortage of providers.

Cutting the cost

As well as the business itself, the cost of cover will depend on the car being driven, so it s worth considering an economical car with a small engine. Not only will the running costs be lower but they also tend to benefit from lower premiums.

Other ways to reduce your premium include installing security devices like immobilisers, steering locks and tracking systems. You can find more tips to reducing premiums in our guide .

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Local Companies

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Memberships and Certifications

Certifications. ASE


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Rear Car Spoilers, Aftermarket Spoiler, Honda Rear Spoilers, BMW, Lexus OEM Spoiler

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Rating: Excellent Price Rating:Excellent Shipping Options Rating:Excellent Delivery Rating:Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent Customer Service Rating:Excellent Comments:I scoured the internet for a spoiler for my ’07 Honda Accord and myspoiler.com had the best products, prices and customer service of any other sites I contacted. I am totally pleased with my purchase. The product was delivered on time, the price was excellent, and the installation instructions were simple and clear. What else can you ask for? BY Irv Evans

Comments:I bought a OEM spoiler for an ’06 Scion TC. Very good quality product. Paint matched perfectly, and the quality is top notch. The install was easy enough for someone handy with a drill. So far, the spoiler looks like it came with the car from the dealership. It has already survived a trip through the car wash as well. This is definately a best value for anyone looking to steer away from paying a premium price for aftermarket parts. No problems in shipping. Will definately purchase from them again! Michael Aguirre

Comments: I have received my spoiler for my 2008 accord sedan and it is perfect. The color match was exact and the quality is the best that I have seen. If you have ever heard of buying a pig in a poke well in this case it is exactly what myspoiler.com says it is. I would not hesitate buying another spoiler from you guys in the future but I think you have made such a great product that I won’t have the need for one. I would like to tell everyone that if they buy from anyone else they will not be happy. DEVORE FROM BUTNER N.C.

Comments: I bought a spoiler for our Honda Accord as a surprise for my wife. She is absolutly thrilled with it. It made all the difference in the looks of our Accord. Thanks again for a great product. The paint matched perfectly. Ron Miller


Wow! I\’m very pleased with the spoiler I just received for my wife\’s new \’08 Honda Accord sedan. It fit PERFECTLY and the paint and color match are flawless! Easy install too. Thanks! Doug Grier

Hey guys i just want to thank you for such great service. i got my spoiler in 2 days after it was painted, your service cant be beat. the paint is awesome. i have made a review on your product and service on a forum i regularly visit, you can read if you want. hope more guys from my forum shop with you, i think i was the first to get the spoiler from your company. here is a link to my thread. http://www.nissanclub.com/forums/2002-2006-nissan-altima-discussion-2-5-3-5/266109-se-r-replica-spoiler-myspoiler-com-review-56k-no.html thanks again! Igor Leonov

Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Body: Best price on the web, instant response via email, and shipped immediately. Product was exactly as described. Suzanne Womack

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Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Body: Excellent product, spoiler as described and in perfect condition. Ordered sunday recieved tuesday, WOW. Will definately buy again in the future. Joseph Adamczyk

Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Body: excellent product, great price, just wish they had more 4 my car. David S. Cobb

Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Thank you! DAVID FINK

Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating:Excellent Shipping Options Rating:Excellent Delivery Rating:Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating:Good Customer Service Rating:Excellent N Conway Hutton, from Conway Motor

Rear Spoilers for Cars.

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Car Spoilers | Rear Spoilers | Trunk Spoiler | Wings for Cars

Slickcar.com is your discount center for a Factory Replica Car Spoiler. We offer OEM style rear wings & Car Spoilers for many popular car models. Car spoilers are available is primed and color match painted and include mounting hardware for easy installation. All rear spoilers are made of the highest grade materials and come with the manufactures warranty. A Painted car spoiler is matched perfectly to your vehicle manufactures paint code.

Acura TSX 2009-2010 Factory Style Rear Spoiler – Painted

Question and Answers about Car Spoilers

Q: Can I have the Spoiler Painted to match my car color?

A. Yes we offer this service just choose a spoiler on our site that is listed as a “Painted” spoiler add it to your cart and add the Paint code of your vehicle in the box listed “paint code”. We will match the color to your exact factory paint color saving you the trouble of taking it to a body shop for painting.

Q: My car does not have a spoiler now. Can I add a spoiler to my car?

A. Yes. Our trunk spoilers are designed to mount and look like a factory spoiler when no spoiler was present.

Q: How hard is it to install a spoiler to my trunk lid?

A. It is not difficult. Our spoilers come with the hardware, instructions and an easy to use template to show you where to mount it.

Q: The factory spoiler for my car had a third brake light installed does your spoiler come with one?

A. Yes. Our spoilers are exactly like the factory spoiler. The third brake light is included with wiring and instructions.

Car spoilers were first designed for drag cars and racing cars to help reduce drag, which makes a car move slower, and to help increase their grip on the road. Car rear spoilers for these cars were used to make them more aerodynamic by reducing air turbulence across the vehicle’s body while it is in motion. Rear spoilers, for instance, trick air into perceiving a gentler slope between the roof and the trunk and back end of the vehicle, which reduces turbulence, and allows the car to move faster through air resistance. Front spoilers are designed to minimize the drag at the tires, directing it toward the underbody where there is a lower drag coefficient.

While initially designed for race cars, car spoilers caught the eye of the public, and soon car manufacturers were including car spoilers as an option on some vehicles. Spoilers for these cars were designed to minimize drag, while maximizing fuel efficiency. However, today, many spoilers for cars are not designed for aerodynamics, but rather to make the car appear more stylish and sporty.

One of the first sports cars to incorporate a rear spoiler was the Porsche 911 Turbo. This car spoiler was known as a whale tail. and it caught the attention of the buying public. Today, bigger rear spoilers are often referred to as whale tails, and can be found on a number of vehicles, including the Chevrolet Camaro, the Saab 900, and the Ford Focus.

Spoilers for cars are offered in a wide variety. Car spoilers can be purchased as painted, matching your color of vehicle exactly using the car manufacturer’s paint code, or they can be purchased as primed, which means the person will have to paint the car spoiler to match their vehicle. Primed spoilers usually cost less than painted ones. They are available for a large range of automobiles these days, and, at SlickCar.com, you can purchase the perfect spoiler for your vehicle. All car spoilers at SlickCar.com come with hardware for installation and are made from top quality materials, plus they come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Rent a Car Best Price

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Car Hire

RentaCarBestPrice.com has for many years been a preferred supplier of car rental all over the world. Our philosophy is simple, the best quality at the lowest price on your rental car. We compare prices from leading rental companies at over 40000 destinations. Our prices on car hire always includes unlimited mileage, and all necessary taxes and insurances. Use the search engine below for guaranteed best price on your rent a car .

Are you looking for affordable car hire? Now a day s it is very popular to rent a car, the majority choose to pick up a car at the airport. With car rental you and your family have the opportunity to take pleasant day trips in the areas surrounding, take exciting excursions at your own pace and not be dependent on public transport. By comparing prices of car rental from several players, you can save a lot of money. If you prefer to retrieve the rental car in the city center, this is also possible.

How to find the best car rental deal

Rent a Car Best Price

Whether you’re looking for a sporty vehicle, a super mini or a larger family car, you’ll find the best deal on your rent a car by shopping around online in advance. Not only will this save you money, it will help you to secure the vehicle type you want rather than turning up and choosing from the cars everyone else has left – if there are any left at all. Being organised is particularly essential during peak travel periods, such as the school summer holidays, when many of the popular car types will sell out well in advance. Even if you’ve pre-booked your rent a car and have already bought your excess insurance, the chances are the car hire rep will still have other extras and upgrades up their sleeve to sell you. So, to avoid paying any more than you have to, here are a few extra charges you can avoid.

Adding additional drivers, particularly those under the age of 25, can bump up the cost of hiring a car. So, find out the costs and think realistically about whether the price justifies how often the extra person will actually be behind the wheel. According to the Post Office’s Motoring on the Continent report, UK drivers in Europe can expect to pay significantly more for fuel this summer than last. So, it’s just as important to shop around for fuel while you are away as when you are at home. Many car hire companies now also operate ‘fuel empty’ policies, whereby you pick up your hire car with a full tank of fuel and are charged for it at a price set by your company. You are then expected to return your car with an empty tank. If you want to avoid this type of policy to control your own fuel costs, find out the rules of the company you are planning to hire with before you book.

Daily charges to hire sat navs or child car seats – If you know you will rely on a sat nav or are travelling with children and will need car seats, be prepared and bring your own from home to avoid steep daily charges. Not only will this save you money, but it will ensure the quality of the items is what you are used to.

We compare Prices from the leading car hire companies in the world at 40000 destinations.

Renault Cars in India – Prices, Reviews, Photos & More

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7 Renault Models

About Renault

Renault is a French manufacturer headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt a suburb of Paris city. It was founded as the Société Renault Frères in 1899 by brothers Louis, Marcel and Fernand Renault. The French automaker first produced the Renault Voiturette 1CV and then in 1903 began to manufacture its own engines.

It first major sale was in 1905 to the French Government to whom it sold its AG1 branded cars which became public taxis.

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Renault is a French manufacturer headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt a suburb of Paris city. It was founded as the Société Renault Frères in 1899 by brothers Louis, Marcel and Fernand Renault. The French automaker first produced the Renault Voiturette 1CV and then in 1903 began to manufacture its own engines.

It first major sale was in 1905 to the French Government to whom it sold its AG1 branded cars which became public taxis. Over the next two years Renault sold a large numbers of cars in the UK and America and in 1908 it had produced over 3,500 units allowing it to become the largest car maker in France.

Renault participated heavily in the earliest forms of motor racing to gain publicity but gave it up personally when of their trio, Marcel Renault was killed in a road accident. The company continued to participate in racing and has a major involvement till date with various forms of car racing.

The company branched out into heavy vehicles and developed techniques to mass produce cars and consequently bring their prices down. With the onset of WW1, it all branched out into making ammunition, tanks and aeroplanes.

When the war ended, Renault further expanded its design and scope of operations to include tractors and other farm equipment. Its first vehicle to be shown to the public was the 2CV compact car as well as the 4CV compact car which was developed in secrecy during the end stage of the WW2. It further expanded its range of cars over the next 20 years in a variety of body styles including commercial vehicles which were the need of the hour to rebuild liberated France and then help shape its economic history.

The French manufacturer soon began a naming convention which including serialising the names depending on the various body styles. It continued this practice well into the mid-1990s and only then began giving its cars full names. During this period it began collaboration with various manufacturers across the world giving it presence in South East Asia, North America as well as Australia. It also acquired Romanian automaker Dacia which had been known for producing fuel efficient cars.

Renault went through a major restructuring in the late 1980s and collaborated with Volvo and withdrew from a lot of the motorsports it had entered to reduce costs. It began on a revitalisation process and soon began to take steps like a new nomenclature and expansion to various markets. In 1996, the French automaker went private after it was felt that the government involvement was detrimental to the existence of the company. Under the new regime, it ventured into South America and parts of Central Asia as well as into the production of LCVs.

Despite so many measures to change, the company could not revitalise its fortunes and eventually began to follow a plan of cost cutting measures which included standard platforms as well as major organisational changes.

In 1999, it entered into collaboration with Japanese automaker Nissan initially acquiring a 35 per cent stake while Nissan acquired a 15 per cent stake. This was the first time such an alliance had taken place and its magnitude was only secondary to the marriage of cultures that both the automaker’s brought to the table. In addition to the Nissan alliance it also allied with Samsung Motors of South Korea and now sells various rebadged models in the Asian Nation. As of 2010 it also has an alliance with Daimler and produces rebadged models of the German automaker’s line-up. The French automaker also has a major involvement in motorsports since the late 1970s and was the first manufacturer to bring turbocharged engines to various racing series. It currently supplies engines to a variety of teams in various categories of motorsports including Formula 1 where it ran its own team from 2002-2011 and has since partnered Red Bull Racing since 2008 leading it to four titles from 2010-2014.

Renault India Pvt. Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Renault S.A.S. France and currently offers five models in the Indian market – the premium sedan Fluence, the luxury SUV Koleos, the premium compact car, Pulse, the SUV, Duster and the premium sedan, Scala. Renault India also exports the Duster to right-hand drive markets, with India set to become a production hub for right-hand drive cars.

Renault cars are manufactured in their facility located in Oragadam, Chennai, with a capacity of 480,000 units per annum. Currently, Renault India also has a widespread presence of 130 dealer outlets across the country with benchmark sales and service quality.

The French automaker will, in the future, enter the A-segment with a model based on the Dacia Towny as well as the MPV segment, with the Lodgy, which will be sold with the Renault badge.

Renault Car Models List

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Renault Car Models List

There s this appeal that European cars have, as compared to American or Japanese ones. Probably because of the basic – yet at the same time stylish – look that these cars have, that make them stand further out from import-laden and power-guzzling vehicles.

Related Other European Car Manufacturer Bugatti

And one such European car manufacturing company to do just this is the French brand, Renault S.A. Founded in 1898, the company has constantly developed cars that are safe and practical for the driving public. Pedestrians are also considered, making their cars as some of the safest vehicles to be found in the road. The brand also dabbles in the racing scene, showing their technological ingenuity.

Renault is primarily known for these accolades:

Race Sport – the company, mainly because of its founder s (Marcel Renault) interest of the scene, has been a name to be feared of in various race rallies. Formula 1 and rallying are two of the brand s main investments, with the company already winning several titles in the past years.

Biopower Interest – citing the importance of cleaner and greener drives, the brand is developing several concept vehicles powered by alternative power. Parallel Hybrid technology, electric vehicles and even using eco-friendly derivatives for their cars have allowed the company to be a top choice for environmentalists, that the brand has even won the Environment Award in the 2008 Fleet World Honours.

Elegant Renault Car Model

Branching Out – the company is currently signing deals with other car manufactures, opening up avenues on developing even more efficient cars. Nissan and Daimler, which are both big names in the motoring world, have provided their services to allow a better view of a driving future.

Renault has several famous vehicles. Here are some of their car models:

Rental Car Coverage – Utah Insurance Department

#rental car insurance

Rental Car Coverage

Auto Rental Considerations

Drivers should educate themselves before they reach the auto rental counter. Carefully review your auto insurance policy and check with your credit card issuer about auto insurance benefits. Protect yourself and save money by taking a few precautions and asking the right questions.

Car rental companies offer several different insurance options that your existing policy might already cover.

They typically offer the following products at the counter:

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is also referred to as a Loss Damage Waiver (LDW). If you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your own car, you will likely not need this additional protection. (Comprehensive insurance covers vehicular damages caused by accidents such as fire, theft, wind, hail or a run-in with a deer, vandalism, or theft. Collision insurance covers the cost of repairs or the actual cash value of the vehicle, if damaged in a crash or rollover.) This protection can cost an extra $10-$20 a day.

The problem that one can encounter if you are involved in an accident while driving a rental vehicle involves what the agency may indicate is a loss of use of the rental vehicle and administrative fees charged by the rental agency. Read the rental agreement to see if it contains language regarding administrative fees and loss of use you may be obligated to pay. The credit card company may afford some benefits for this aspect of the rental agreement. Check with your credit card company. Your auto policy may have provisions to address this as well. Check with your insurance agent.

Liability Insurance covers medical expenses and damages to another person’s property as a result of a car accident caused by the insured’s negligence. If you are adequately insured on your own car, you may consider forgoing this additional liability protection. This supplemental insurance can cost $7-$14 a day.

Personal Accident Insurance offers coverage to the renter and passengers for medical bills resulting from a car crash. If you have adequate health insurance and disability income insurance, or are covered by personal injury protection under your own car insurance, you will likely not need this additional insurance. It usually costs about $1-$5 a day.

Personal Effects Coverage provides for the theft of personal items inside the rental car. If you have a homeowners or renters insurance policy, it generally covers this already. If you frequently travel with expensive jewelry or sports equipment, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a floater under your home or renters insurance policies so the items are fully protected when you travel. Generally, this coverage costs $2-$5 a day.

Car Rental Insurance Tips:

  • Review your auto insurance policy or call your insurance agent before you reach the rental car counter.
  • If your current policy doesn’t offer coverage for a rental car, see if an insurance rider can be added for a small fee.
  • Many credit cards include some level of collision and theft protection. In most cases, these benefits are secondary to your personal auto insurance or the car rental company’s insurance, meaning the credit card company will only pay claims after other insurance coverage has been exhausted. Call your credit card company and ask about benefits.
  • If you lack personal auto insurance and your credit card does not provide benefits, it might be wise to purchase the liability insurance and collision damage waiver at the car rental counter.
  • Keep in mind that if it is a longer-term rental (e.g. a week, a month or more), there might be limitations on the coverage your existing auto insurance policy provides. Check with your insurance company or agent for details.
  • Countries outside the territories of the United States may have exclusions that limit coverage. Make sure you are adequately covered before renting a vehicle outside the United States, which may include driving the vehicle into countries that border the U.S. (Canada and Mexico).
  • If you don’t own a car, you might want to consider purchasing a non-owner auto insurance policy, because it provides benefits in addition to coverage for a rental car.
  • When traveling on business, a personal auto policy will generally not apply, so check with your employer for guidance.
  • Know that you are not alone if you find car rental insurance confusing. If you are unclear about the car rental insurance options, or are concerned that a rental company is misrepresenting information, check with your agent, or call the Property Casualty Division of the Utah Insurance Department.

Rent a Car Islamabad

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The Leading Rent a Car of Islamabad

Are you looking for a reliable Rent a Car Islamabad. If so, then you are in luck because Rent Cars 247 is here to guarantee you the best car rental experience. We have been operating in the capital of Pakistan since the past decade and are known for providing the best and most reliable car hire Solutions in Islamabad.

At Rent Cars 247, we are here to help our customers with car rental services at the most reasonable rates. Our huge inventory of exotic vehicles and excellent customer care services have earned us so much fame that now, people regard us as the largest car rentals Islamabad Company in the capital.

Promising the very best

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We offer a wide range of services

Our Corporation is not just known for providing car hire Islamabad services to the residents of Islamabad, we are also known for providing flawless rent a-car service to international customers.

Traffic jams, bumpy roads and countless other factors make it really hard to drive on the roads of Islamabad but our vehicles and customer care services make sure our local as well as foreign clients can travel around the city with ease and comfort.

Currently, we are providing more than fifty different types of vehicles to our clients to ensure we can serve our customers with appropriate car rental packages.

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No more lengthy and time-consuming paperwork, all you are supposed to do is to visit our nearest outlet in your area, fill out the details in our short contact form, and you are ready to go.

Rent a Car in Denver, Colorado – Avail Huge Discounts

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Denver Car Rental

Denver is politically the capital city of the state of Colorado, US. It is situated in the South Platte River Valley which is sited on the high plains at the east of the Rockies Range. Whether you are on a business trip or a vacation in Denver, we offer low-cost Denver car rental service. Choose to rent a car in Denver with us and avail numerous benefits like unlimited mileage, airport tax, pick up and drop off locations, easy booking management, liability insurance, theft protection, and friendly customer support. We are affiliated with the finest Denver car rental suppliers offering the best service at competitive prices. Business travelers can too book car rental in Denver with us.

Denver Highlights

Denver is also called the Mile-high city because it has an altitude of one mile. The Rocky Mountains along with the scenic drives and some of the enthralling spots make Denver a major tourist-attraction. In order to hike through this thrilling city and make your journey more adventurous, you can definitely opt to hire a car in Denver

The Rockies, the Colorado torrents, genuine old west towns, concerts at Red Rocks, the Denver Art Museum, the 24-hour casinos, the Denver Zoo, the 16th Street Mall, the exquisite taste of the Colorado festival, the Denver Beer Fest and the reasons for you to visit Denver is truly endless. You can travel with comfort or trek with vigor through the Mile-high city with the car hire in Denver.

Book your car rental in Denver now!

What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

#comprehensive car insurance

What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance?


Comprehensive car insurance covers damage to the vehicle that was not a result of a car accident. Comprehensive policies typically cover fire damage, theft, vandalism, animal damage, weather-related damage and damage caused by things falling on your car.


Comprehensive car-insurance policies typically have deductibles, which is the amount of money you pay out of your own pocket for damages before the insurance company starts picking up the bill. Your insurance premiums are generally lower if you choose a high deductible. The most common deductible amount for comprehensive car insurance is about $500.


Comprehensive car insurance costs relatively little when compared to the cost of replacing a car. Comprehensive coverage is an especially good idea if you have just bought a new or very expensive vehicle.


Insurance companies sometimes exclude specific damages from comprehensive policies. Always check the fine print of an insurance policy before you sign so you have a clear idea of what is covered and what isn’t.


Although many people think comprehensive car insurance will cover every type of damage, this just isn’t true. This type of insurance will only cover collision damage caused by hitting an animal. Comprehensive policies also won’t cover any damage you inflict on others or any medical bills.

Rental Car Magic

#rental car prices

Give us just one minute and we’ll find you an airport car rental up to 60% off published rates. Simply complete the FREE search request below. Our experts will match your specific rental car needs with our listing of hundreds of special rates, promotions and discounts. W e’ll then email you the lowest price that we can find.


Before you try our service, we think it’s important that you know a few things about us. First, we only search reputable compan ies for your best rental car price, and we do not receive any compensation from any rental car company or booking agent. Secondly, we do not share or sell any personal information that is collected on this site.

So give us a try. Our service, which has been featured in The New York Times, has thousands of satisfied customers .

“I just booked a car for. later this month. You guys got it for $33 per day, and the best I could find was more like $80 per day. Very nice! You saved me a bundle. It really is like magic.” — Chris McGinnis, travel correspondent for CNN Headline News, travel columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Entrepreneur magazine.

Just tell us when, where and what type of rental car you would like. We’ll then email you the lowest total price (including taxes, fees and unlimited miles) we find. You can then choose to pay our search fee and receive the discount details. You will then reserve your rental car directly with the specified company.

Get your FREE Price Check by completing the short form below. We will then deliver your best rental car price directly to your inbox!

‘Free Price Check’ restrictions: Rental pick-up must be at least 24 hours from time of request. Rentals must be at U.S. airport locations only and there can be no special vehicle equipment needs. By submitting the form below, you acknowledge that the Renter is/will be a U.S. resident at least 27 years old.

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What Is Comprehensive Insurance?

#comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive Insurance

What does comprehensive coverage do?

Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your car from incidents other than collisions. This normally includes coverage for:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Glass damage (such as a broken windshield)
  • Damage sustained from hitting an animal or bird
  • Damage from falling objects or missiles
  • Fire
  • Floodwaters
  • Damage sustained due to severe weather or natural disaster — such as wind storm, hail, hurricane, tornado, etc.

To have physical damage full coverage on your vehicle, you need to obtain not only comprehensive but also collision coverage. Collision will cover you if your car hits, or is hit by, another vehicle or object. Some insurance companies will not offer you comprehensive coverage unless you also carry collision coverage as part of your car insurance policy.

When obtaining a quote for comprehensive coverage, you will need to choose a deductible amount. A deductible is the portion of a claim that you re responsible for paying before your insurance benefits start to pay out.

The value of the car, your driving record, the deductible you choose and repair costs determine the cost of comprehensive coverage, but it is usually very affordable. The average annual cost nationwide for comprehensive coverage is just $134, according to the Insurance Information Institute. That’s not much to pay to ensure you get the actual cash value (ACV) for your car, minus the deductible, if your car is totaled. ACV is how much your car is worth on the market before it sustained damages.

Comprehensive claims will not raise your rates unless you file multiple claims in a short period.

Is comprehensive coverage mandatory?

Comprehensive insurance is not legally required by any state. Most states require property damage liability so that your insurer will pay (up to your limits) if you damage other people s vehicles or property, but states do not require that you carry coverage to pay for damages to your own car.

However, if you have a loan or lease on your vehicle, then your lienholder can (and usually will) require that you carry this coverage and may mandate the specific deductible amount you have to select.

If want to lower your insurance premium by raising your deductible while your car is still financed, be sure to check with your lienholder to see if they will allow a higher deductible than what you are currently carrying.

What is the recommended deductible?

Usually, you can choose for your comprehensive deductible an amount anywhere from $100 to $2,500 (deductible choices vary according to state laws and insurance company guidelines). Most car owners choose a deductible of between $250 and $1,000.

The higher the deductible the less expensive your premium will be, because the insurer is taking less risk of paying out for claims.

Take your own finances into account when choosing a deductible. Saving money on your premium is nice, but do you have the ability to take on a larger out-of-pocket expense when making a claim? For example, if you set your deductible at $1,000 and your car sustains damages totaling $1,800, you will pay $1,000 and your insurance company will pay $800.

Deductibles are normally due per incident, so you will have to pay your deductible amount out every time you make a comprehensive claim. The exception being if you live in a state where laws require the deducible to be waived for windshield claims.

What happens if I don t have comprehensive coverage?

Without comprehensive coverage, you cannot make a car insurance claim if your vehicle receives damage that is considered other than collision damage by your insurer. This leaves you personally responsible to pay for the repairs, unless there is someone else found liable for the damages (such as a vandal or car thief) that is known and available for you to go after for the repair costs.

With a newer, high valued car, you will usually want this added protection for your vehicle, whether you have financed it or not. If your car is stolen soon after you buy it, you don t want to be out the full cost of a replacement vehicle.

If you have an older car with a low value (without a lease or loan on it), you may not want to pay for this coverage since if the car is damaged, or totaled, the low insurance compensation amount may not be worth the premium paid out.

Knowing how much your vehicle is worth can help you decide if comprehensive coverage is worth the extra cost. Find out the current value of your car by using appraisal tools offered on sites such as Kelley Blue Book (KBB), NADAguides, and Edmunds.

Rental Car Insurance Options

#car insurance ireland

Rental Car Insurance Options

by Harry Sit on May 18, 2009 34 Comments

By the time you read this, I ll be on vacation in Ireland.

I will rent a car and drive around the country. Naturally I don t want to expose myself to losses resulting from a car accident while I drive a rental car in Ireland. I did some research in rental car insurance. I m sharing this here with you.

Liability vs. Theft, Collision and Damages

On any auto insurance policy in the U.S. the coverage for liability and the coverage for the car are separate. If you have an older car, you may not have coverage for the car itself, but you should have coverage for liability, i.e. damage you cause to others.

This liability coverage may or may not follow you worldwide. You have to call your auto insurance company to find out. If you are covered, there is usually no deductible on liability coverage.

Theft is covered under comprehensive while damage caused by a collision is covered under collision. There are separate deductibles for comprehensive and collision coverage.

Your collision and comprehensive coverage from your auto policy also may not follow you worldwide. I called my insurance company. They told me I will be covered for liability worldwide but I won t have collision or comprehensive coverage outside of U.S. and Canada.

Primary Rental Car Insurance

Your own auto insurance usually covers you when you rent a car, at least in the U.S. If you don t want to use your own auto insurance (and subject yourself to premium increases in case you file a claim), you can buy primary rental car insurance.

I found two places that sell primary rental car insurance:

Rental Car Insurance: Which Credit Cards Have You Covered

#car rental insurance

More from the nerds


Many of the credit card offers that appear on this site are from companies from which NerdWallet receives compensation.

The results of our “card comparison and finder tool”, card assessments, and reviews are based on objective quantitative and qualitative analysis of card attributes. They are not affected by compensation.

Compensation may impact which cards we review and write about and how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear).

While we try to feature as many credit cards offers on our site as we can maintain (1,700+ and counting!), we recognize that our site does not feature every card company or card available on the market.

Additionally, our star ratings are a mix of user feedback and NerdWallet’s independent evaluation which are independent of compensation.

For a list of all of our advertising partners, click here

‘> Advertiser Disclosure

Rental Car Insurance: Which Credit Cards Have You Covered

You can trust that we maintain strict editorial integrity in our writing and assessments; however, we receive compensation when you click on links to products from our partners and get approved. Here’s how we make money .

The question arises every time you rent a car: Do I really need rental car insurance ?

Many rental agencies offer damage waivers for about $15 to $25 a day, selling peace of mind along with expanded coverage. But these waivers are often no better than the coverage you already have with your favorite credit card.

Depending on where you rent, the rental company’s liability for injury or property damage may be anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000. This could still leave a big bill for you to pay, but your credit card may also step in sort of. All four major card networks offer rental insurance, but vary substantially in benefits and requirements.

In some cases, car-rental customers may want to purchase full coverage from the car-rental company to avoid the hassle of making a claim or reporting an accident to their primary insurer and  the credit card issuer. Make sure you re comfortable with that process before relying on your credit card s secondary coverage.

You can also get primary coverage for your car rentals with these two credit cards:

Rental Cars Montreal, Quebec – Book Cheap Car Rentals

#car rental montreal


Montreal Car Rentals Travel Guide

Hop on one of the many flights to Montreal. Quebec, and experience this inspired and romantic city filled with architecture old and new. Make your vacation easy with a Montreal car rental as you traverse the 19 boroughs of the city by the Saint Lawrence River. There are breathtaking views and tons of attractions to keep you occupied while staying in Montreal like parks, museums, and the colossal Basilique Notre-Dame.

Montreal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport is just over 12 miles from the city’s downtown core. There are many options for a car rental in Montreal. The airport features numerous companies where you can rent cheap trucks, cars, and vans. There’s nothing like hitting the open road on a warm summer day with the music blaring and the wind tousling your hair. Less than an hour away is the Beachclub in Pointe-Calumet, Quebec. It features an oasis, beaches, swimming pool, terraces, sports, and live shows. Make one of your other stops the exceptional Parc Olympique. It was originally constructed for the Olympic games in 1976 but it wasn’t finished until the 1980s. There are plenty of interesting activities and exhibits to do while there, like riding the Funicular to the peak of the Tour Montreal for a riveting view of the region below. From the ritzy and glamorous to the budget-conscious, there are many choices for travelers in terms of Montreal hotels .

Check out the cheap car rentals in Montreal as a great way to explore the city. There’s nothing wrong with being thrifty; save up to $537 when you book a hotel and flight at the same time. Remember, the Travelocity Price Guarantee: Travelocity will match a lower price and refund the difference if you find something cheaper elsewhere. That way, you can concentrate on having some fun on your hard-earned vacation!

Your Day Is About To Be Wasted By This Classic Car Search Engine

#car search engines

​Your Day Is About To Be Wasted By This Classic Car Search Engine

If you spend inordinate amounts of time trolling through the interwebs to find that perfect car you’ll never own (hi!), life just got simpler. It’s called Tailpipe. and your HR person will not be pleased.

Unlike the scads of shoddy, ugly solutions that scan multiple sites for classified ads (looking at you SearchTempest), Tailpipe gets right to what you want, and manages to make it attractive in the process.

It’s strictly for classics, so if you’re looking for, say, a vintage Range Rover. it scans through Craigslist, eBay Motors, Hemmings, and others to find what you’re after. You can narrow things down by year and price, but location-based searches aren’t baked in yet. However, if you’re regularly searching for one particular unicorn, you can get email updates when a new listing posts. Now if you’ll excuse me.


What is the Best Car Battery Charger: A Comparison Price Guide

#battery chargers for cars

What is the Best Car Battery Charger: A Comparison Price Guide

Related Content

A car battery charger ensures you can recharge your battery no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Most are compact for easy storage in your car, and these are some of the best.

Deltran Battery Tender Plus

This battery charger is designed to work with sealed lead acid batteries. It has the advanced technology of a microprocessor that maintains a charge without overcharging the battery, which can cause damage. This means the charger can be safely connected for a long time.

Though a 1.24 amp charger, it charges batteries just as quickly as a 3 amp, and uses red and green lights to show when the battery is completely charged. The price is around $70.

CTEK Multi Smart Battery Charger

This charges 12 volt batteries and can be used for your car, jet ski, motorcycle, lawnmower and more. It can provide maintenance charging to extend the life of your battery in addition to charging a car that won’t start. The compact design means you can keep it connected for months without damaging anything. There are two types of leads: one with eyelets and one with clamps. It comes with a five-year warranty and retails for about $75.

Schumacher Manual Starter/Charger

Both a battery charger and a jump starter, the Schumacher has a 50 amp engine start and a 10 amp fast charge. There is also a trickle charge that takes between two and 12 hours to charge a small battery. It will not be able to jump start a battery that is completely dead, but it can charge a dead battery.

It normally costs about $100, but you might be able to find it on sale for about half that price.

Vector Power On Board

The 25 amp Vector will charge your battery twice as quickly as other chargers and comes with reverse hook up protection. It will jump start a car with a 75 amp engine start. Because it can get through lead sulfate build-up, the Vector can also be used on reconditioned batteries.

There is a cooling fan to keep the charger cool, and once a battery is full it switches automatically to float mode. This battery charger is quite inexpensive at about $40.

Schumacher Speedcharge Battery Charger

This is a high-frequency charger that has several different modes. A 4 amp medium charge performs maintenance charging; a 2 amp slow charge is for smaller batteries or maintaining large batteries; there are also a 50 amp clamps that attach to the side of top-mounted batteries. This automatically turns off once a battery is full, and you don’t have to worry about overcharging the battery should you be doing something else. The price is around $50.

Renting a Car in Germany – Tips and Advice

#car rental germany

Renting a Car in Germany

By Birge Amondson. Germany Travel Expert

Planning to rent car and fly down the German Autobahn ?

Have a look at our tips and find the best rental car for your trip through Germany.

To rent a car in Germany, you need a valid driver’s license from your home state or province. The legal driving age in Germany is 18, but usually drivers have to be over 21 to rent a car.

Search for rental cars before you fly to Germany, and reserve your car in advance – you will get good rates (and feel more relaxed knowing „your“ car is waiting for you in Germany).

Planning to explore other European countries? Check first with your rental company. and make sure it is allowed to take your rental car across the border.

German cars usually come with a manual transmission (gear shift). If you prefer an automatic transmission, ask the rental company, most can accomodate you.

Drive very carefully when it snows, and ask your rental company about special winter tires.

Find your way through Germany with the help of a GPS; most rental companies offer GPS, just make sure it is switched to English.

Repayment, Insurance – Affordability Calculators

#car finance calculator

Partner Logins


Vehicle Repayment And Insurance Calculator

What will my repayments be? The vehicle repayment calculator will assist you in calculating the monthly repayments on a vehicle, as well as the cost of bank insurance products.

Vehicle Purchase Price Calculator

Business Finance Calculator

What will my repayments be? The large asset calculator will assist you in calculating monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly repayments on an asset that will be used in the generation of income.

Monthly Affordability Calculator

What are my monthly expenses? The monthly affordability calculator will assist you with determining what your monthly expenses are and where you could make room in your budget.

Leisure Repayment And Insurance Calculator

What will my repayments be? The leisure repayment calculator will assist you in calculating the monthly repayments on a leisure item, as well as the cost of bank insurance products.

Leisure Purchase Price Calculator

Report: Average price of new car hits record in August

#used vehicle prices

Report: Average price of new car hits record in August

Ford Motor

Pricey specialty models, such as this 2014 F-150 SVT Raptor Special Edition, helped automakers push average transaction price of a new vehicle to a record in August.

Pricey specialty models, such as this 2014 F-150 SVT Raptor Special Edition, helped automakers push average transaction price of a new vehicle to a record in August. less

The average transaction price for a new vehicle set a record of $31,252 in August, according to TrueCar.com, up 3.2% from a year ago.

The new high is up 0.5%, or $164, from July, the auto data research and shopping site reports.

The record was powered by five car companies that each had record prices in the month: Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Nissan and Volkswagen.

TrueCar’s transaction price is meant to include everything – price of the vehicle, discounts, add-ons, taxes and license fees – all the amounts that total to the out-the-door price.

“Historically low interest rates as well as very attractive lease specials fueled by high resale values are enabling consumers to buy more expensive vehicles while still keeping payments at affordable levels,” said Jesse Toprak, senior analyst for TrueCar.

“It’s good day at the office for the manufacturers when the sales continue to grow double digits while transaction prices reach record highs.”

The Hyundai Group – Hyundai and Kia brands combined – fared worst among the majors, down 4.2% from a year earlier, to an average $22,418, and off 0.2% form July.

Auto researcher Kelley Blue Book says the estimated average transaction price in the U.S. is up nearly 1% from this time last year.

It says the average is even higher than TrueCar’s number: $31,657. Kelley data show, however, that is a drop of $138 from last month, though up $221 from a year ago.

Kelley data show that Chrysler and Honda show the greatest year-over-year strength, while Volkswagen dropped more than 7% since August 2012 on its aging lineup.

Repossession (Vehicles)

#repossessed cars

Repossession (Vehicles)

When you finance or lease a car, truck or other vehicle, your creditor or lessor holds important rights on the vehicle until you’ve made the last loan payment or fully paid off your leasing obligation. These rights are established by the signed contract and by state law. For example, if your payments are late or you default on your contract in any way, your creditor or lessor may have the right to repossess your car.

Respective rights of buyer, seller, etc. following repossession of motor vehicle sold under a retail installment contract are covered under Georgia Law, specifically Code Section § 10-1-36 of the Official Code of Georgia.

Repossession of motor vehicles pursuant to a title pawn transaction are covered under Georgia Law, specifically Code Sections § 44-12-131 and 44-12-138 of the Official Code of Georgia.

You may access the above Code Sections, as well as any other Georgia law through LexisNexis from the Georgia General Assembly’s website .  Go to the Official Code of Georgia (OCGA) .  HINT. Once you enter the OCGA through LexisNexis, click on the TOC link at the top left corner of the page to the view the Table of Contents to easily locate a Title, Article, or Chapter within the OCGA or enter the particular Code Section you would like to search for.

Replacement Car Keys

#car key replacement

Find Replacement Car Key Locksmiths Locally Right Now!

Don t Live in one of those cities? Start your search on our car locksmith directory page by clicking HERE !

Replacing a car key can be a hassle when you lose or break them. With so many places saying they offer the best car key replacement it can be hard to find the right one. With the resources on this website you can shop around and find the best deal available online for replacement car keys and other locksmith services to get the keys cut and programmed for you. Ignition keys have changed in the recent years to include transponder chips and car remote fobs, but good locksmiths will still be able to take care of most of the car keys on the market.  Although some keys require you go to your dealership to get new ones, most of them can be replaced by a local locksmith for a much better price.

Car Key Replacement Services Available 24-7

You will want to find a trusted locksmith to help you replace your keys.  It is very important that they understand how to make your exact key.  All keys are different and locksmiths have different specialties.  You can also make a spare or two so that you are prepared when that time comes for you or your family.  Almost every key from domestic vehicles like Ford and Chevy can be replicated or cut fresh by a auto locksmith in your city.

We know what it is like to lose a set of car keys. This is why we have made it easy for you to shop around for replacement keys for cars quickly and easily. There is no better place to find cheap spare car keys online.  There are several ways to go about getting a new car key or a replacement car key. You can use a local locksmith to come and cut/code the key you have purchased online. Or you can also have the locksmith supply the car keys and do the programming or cutting.  You can also check with you dealership, but that can be the most time intensive and expensive way in most cases.

Online Key Buying Tip! Be wary of very cheap keys from stores on Ebay and Amazon, we have had reports from locksmiths that these cheap keys sometimes do not work, especially the transponder type keys. Use a reputable online source if you are planning to shop online for a duplicate transponder key.

Replacement Cabin Air Filters

#air filters for cars

Featured Products

Featured Brands

Scientists have proven air entering the cabin has a substantially higher concentration of harmful gases than normal outdoor air. Vehicles driving in front of you build an exhaust gas tunnel that forces various damaging airborne particles into the cabin in a highly concentrated form. These noxious gases and nocuous particles can cause a plethora of health problems including: nausea, headache, or even allergic reaction. The filtering media not only cleans the polluted air, but also traps unpleasant scents coming from the engine bay. The cabin filter helps you breathe freely wherever you drive!

Many manufacturers use filter media that is made out of paper, or a paper and cotton blend, and is housed in a plastic or urethane frame. The filter is typically located underneath the dashboard, usually behind the glove compartment. Knowing when to replace the filter is a must, especially if you care what air you, your family or friends breathe in while traveling with you. However, the recommendations vary depending on the areas you’re driving through. If you drive in heavy traffic through poor air quality, or through gravel or dusty roads, you may want to replace your air filter more often.

Most manufacturers suggest that the unit should be changed every 12,000-15,000 miles or at least annually. When the filter begins to lose efficiency, the air will smell dirty and musty. Restricted air flow causes the A/C, as well as heating, system to struggle. The blower motor has to work much harder to power through a clogged filter so temperature inside the cabin may increase or decrease, while the volume of air getting through will be reduced. This consumes more energy and will be much louder than usual. Without routine replacement not only your health, but also your vehicle will struggle.

What is the Difference Between Collision and Comprehensive Auto Insurance? mobile wiseGEEK

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wiseGEEK: What is the Difference Between Collision and Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

While many drivers simply obtain minimal insurance required by their state or area of residence, some drivers prefer to add collision and comprehensive auto insurance to their policy, to protect their vehicles in a more wide range of situations. Comprehensive auto insurance is recommended for all drivers, as it covers a wide range of situations-essentially everything which is not covered by collision insurance. Usually collision and comprehensive auto insurance are offered in a bundled package, although it is possible to purchase the two types of coverage separately.

In some cases, purchase of a collision and comprehensive auto insurance package may be required, especially in the case of financed cars. When borrowing money for a car, it is an excellent idea to consider a collision and comprehensive auto insurance package so that even if the car is destroyed, funds are still available to cover the outstanding remainder of the loan. Usually lenders will require proof of such insurance to carry the loan.

In brief, comprehensive auto insurance covers everything except collision. Collision insurance protects drivers in the case of encounters with other vehicles, objects, people, and the surface of the road. Collision insurance will cover the driver whether or not he or she is at fault for the accident. It also provides for towing, storage, and salvage if the car has been badly damaged. Generally, collision insurance will cover the cost of repairs to the vehicle, or replacement if it is badly damaged, unless the repairs are due to mechanical failure as a result of improper maintenance.

Comprehensive auto insurance covers theft, fire, vandalism. weather damage, riots, missiles, and other similar circumstances which may cause damage to a vehicle. Comprehensive auto insurance does not usually cover acts of God, theft or vandalism by family members or employees, contents of the vehicle, tires, or damage due to improper maintenance.

In both the case of collision coverage and comprehensive auto insurance, several factors will influence the cost of the insurance. The age and experience of the driver, amount of yearly mileage anticipated, area in which the car will be driven, and value of the car will all be taken into account. With older cars, drivers should weigh the cost of the insurance against the value of the car to determine if the coverage should be carried. In almost all cases, collision and comprehensive auto insurance packages are subject to a deductible. which can range in price.

Review Cars 2015

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Review Cars 2015

Full Review 2016 Honda Accord Engine, Release Date and Photos

2016 Honda Accord Engine, Release Date and Photos 2016 Honda Accord. Honda Accord is organizing effect on the US market in 2016 year. It may be developed primarily for the market, and we can expect exceptional sedan, further improved and redesigned. The previous version has become one of the best-selling vehicle in its class, so we can count on the final results of the 2016 Honda Accord. With more designs [ ]

February 8, 2015 Honda No Comments

2015 Ford Bronco Review, Specs, Release Date And Price

2015 Ford Bronco Review, Specs, Release Date And Price 2015 Ford Bronco Over the past few years Ford has made them all Crossover SUV AWD and therefore if you want something that is capable of off-road Ford you have to either get a Ford F-150 or Ford F-150 because it alone. 2015 Ford Bronco Review Ford Explorer is now designed to take advantage of efficiency, the Ford Escape looks [ ]

February 6, 2015 Ford 1 Comment

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What Is the Kelley Blue Book Value of My Car?

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What Is the Kelley Blue Book Value of My Car?

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Although the Kelley Blue Book dates to the 1920s, it didn’t publish a consumer edition until 1993. By 1996, consumers could visit the company’s website, KBB.com, to find values for new and used cars. You can still calculate values from book editions, but it’s easier and quicker to use the site’s online tools, which give you a free value in just a couple of minutes. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get this exact price for your car, but it’s a useful starting point and negotiating tool when you sell, either to a private party or dealer.

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Find a Car’s Value on KBB.com

You can check the value of your vehicle on the KBB website by selecting the Check My Car’s Value button on the home page. To start your valuation, enter data in various steps to help the site identify pricing factors as precisely as it can. For example, the tool asks you to:

  • Enter your zip code.
  • Enter your car’s make, model, year and mileage.
  • Choose your car’s style.
  • Add equipment if your car has optional extras above the standard specs.
  • Choose whether you’re planning a private sale or dealership trade-in.
  • Describe the condition of the car from the preset options of Excellent. Very Good. Good and Fair.

The site has a list of specific guidelines in the Choose a Condition section to help you decide the condition of the vehicle. As an overview, you should use Excellent if your car looks new and is in top operating condition. If your only issue is a few small cosmetic defects, classify it as Very Good. Good cars don’t have significant mechanical problems but may have some cosmetic defects that can be fixed, while Fair cars have cosmetic problems that need repair or even replacement. Note that the site doesn’t give valuations for cars that don’t at least meet its Fair condition requirements.


If you still aren’t sure which condition to use after reading the guidelines, take the site’s Quick Condition Quiz .

Once you’ve entered all your details, the site goes to the Your Blue Book Value page, which shows you a range of prices for both private sales and dealership trade-ins. The Private Party option shows you one price for each condition classification; the Trade-in to a Dealer option also shows a low-high range. Valuations start at Fair and go up in stages through Good. Very Good and Excellent. The better the condition of the car, the higher its value.


    • You might not be able to value a new car that is only a few months old. The Blue Book only provides valuations when it has enough data on used sales to create dependable values.
    • The Blue Book database doesn’t contain values for luxury cars such as Ferrari and Lotus, as their low sales data don’t allow for reliable valuations. KBB recommends that owners of these cars arrange private valuations.

Find Kelley Blue Book Values for Older Cars

Blue Book values on the Kelley website officially go back 21 years. If your car is a year or so older than that, check the site anyway, as it sometimes has a couple of extra years in its database. For example, as of April 2015, you can search for vehicles back to 1992.

To find the value of an older car, you can’t use the website tool. However, the company produces a collector’s edition of the Blue Book that covers vehicles that are more than 21 years old going back to 1946. You can subscribe to the book, buy a single copy or request a certified copy of a specific value by calling Kelley’s customer service department on 1-800-258-3266.


You can also use the KBB website to find cash offers from local dealers and place classified ads to sell your car.

Resident Parking Permits for Rental Cars



Residents can fill out an online form for a rental car resident parking permit and fax it to the Office of the Parking Clerk.

Rental Information: Residents will need the rental car’s registration or plate number, make, and dates of rental. Residents will also need to identify if they have a current rental parking permit.

Personal Information: Residents will enter their name and address as well as contact information.

Fax the Application and Rental Agreement

Residents will need to fax the application, along with proof of residency if they do not have a current resident parking permit, to the Office of the Parking Clerk at 617-635-2104 (fax). If faxed before the close of the business day, residents can expect to receive their permit on the same day. If faxed on or after the close of business, residents will receive their permit the next day. Once they receive the permit via email, residents should print and display the permit in the right passenger side rear window until either it expires or the vehicle is returned.

Please Note: In order to ensure that your request is processed as quickly as possible, please make sure that the fax with the rental agreement is legible (especially the plate number and dates of rental).

 In Person

Where to Go:

If you are faxing/emailing the permit, it should be submitted by close of business in order to get the permit on the same day. If sent after business hours, residents will get the permit the next business day. If residents are coming in person to City Hall, they can apply Monday through Friday, 9am to 4:30pm.

Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers

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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers Inc.

Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers Inc is a Pre-Owned Auto Dealer

Our goal is to make your car buying experience the best possible. Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers Inc’s virtual dealership offers a wide variety of used cars. Conveniently located in Colorado Springs, CO we also serve Denver, CO and Pueblo, CO.

If you’re looking to purchase your dream car. you’ve come to the right place. At Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers Inc we pride ourselves on being the most reliable and trustworthy pre-owned dealer around. Our inventory is filled with some of the sweetest rides you’ve ever seen!

The Pre-Owned Dealer You Can Count On

We’re the kind of dealer that takes the time and listens to the wants and needs of our clients. We understand that buying a car is a process that takes a certain amount of careful consideration.

It’s a lot to wrap your head around but at Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers Inc we do our best to make the car buying experience an easy one. We’re the kind of Colorado Springs, CO car dealer that helps you decide exactly what you’re looking for. We won’t ever make a sale that our customers will end up being unhappy with. We’re proud to be the type of Colorado Springs, CO dealer that strives for 100% customer satisfaction.

There are several important factors to take into account when choosing a car:

  1. How many people do you drive with every day?
  2. How far do you drive on a daily basis?
  3. What kind of terrain or traffic do you need to tackle?
  4. What does your gasoline budget look like?
  5. Are you looking for a sports car or would you prefer a family friendly vehicle?
  6. How much money are you looking to spend on your new car?
  7. Do you need financial assistance ?

Pre-Owned Cars For Everyone

We are the Colorado Springs, CO car dealership that caters for a whole variety of clientele. We understand that all of our clients have different financial situations and have done our best to ensure that our cars come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and that their price tags vary as well. We not only have an amazing selection of pre-owned vehicles that are just fantastic.

Because our customers are so important to us, we’ll also take the time to find you some great financing options if you need them. At some point in our lives we all need a little financial boost, and at Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers Inc we do our best to find a reasonable loan that enables you to purchase the car you’ve always dreamed of.

If you would like to get in touch with us please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (888) 212-7622 or stop by for a visit .

Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers Inc’s range of car services includes:

Car Shopping Quick Links

Riteway Charity Services

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California’s premier car donation program

We accept Car Donations from all of California

Los Angeles Car Donation and Auction Services

Select your own local charity or donate to our Partner Charities. Tax Deductible.

Rated the #1 Car Donation Program serving local charities in Los Angeles and Orange County for 20 years.

Towing is PAID FOR BY THE CHARITY! We ll pick up your car, truck, boat, RV or motorcycle anywhere in California!

Hundreds of charities depend on us for their fundraising. Our charities trust us with millions of dollars of proceeds. We do everything the Riteway   Helping Charities Help Others.

Donate your car to Riteway Charity Services, The Car Donation Specialist!

We provide NEXT-DAY  pick-up of your car donation whether your vehicle is running or not, and accept all types of vehicles for donation throughout California.

Even if you have missing  or incomplete paperwork. don t hesitate to call Riteway Charity Services about your vehicle donations; car, truck, van, motorcycle, RV or boat donations of all kind gladly accepted (RV s may have certain criteria).

You may choose to have your car donation benefit any charity of your choice (local school, church or other philanthropic cause), OR select any of the hundreds of charity organizations we personally represent on our Supported Charities  page.

We make the donation process as easy as possible. We handle all the paperwork and the sale of your vehicle, but we do not charge the charity any commissions or a percentage of the donated car sale. We only charge a modest fee, and the charity receives 100% of the net proceeds. Our record with the California State Attorney General s office  (Table 6) speaks for itself, showing that Riteway Charity Services consistently gives 70%+  back to the charities. No other commercial fundraiser can say that.

If you re ready to donate, start by filling out this ONLINE DONATION FORM  or call (888) 250-4490 to speak to one of our car donation specialists.

If it s experience you require to handle your donated vehicle, rely on Riteway Charity Services, one of California s oldest largest car donation programs benefiting local California charities.

Ripoff Report

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Don’t let them get away with it! Let the truth be known!

  • Update a Report
  • Program Services
  • Help FAQs
  • Consumer Resources
  • Verified Business Directory
  • Legal Directory
  • Consumers Say Thank You
  • In the Media Repair your reputation the right way Corporate Advocacy Program

Reputation Management

Corporate Advocacy Program

This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Hiding negative complaints is only a Band-Aid. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business.

All business will get complaints. How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from bad businesses.

Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements.

Reviews – Ratings at ResellerRatings


Review History Profile See full Rating history


I reserved and prepaid for a car on rentalcars.com for a business trip to Austin, Texas. A few days before my arrival, the airports control tower got flooded by a once in 500 year rain event. The entire airports radar equipment was under water. Thus, 90% of all flights in and out of the airport were cancelled or delayed.

As an international traveler, my phone was not able to make phone calls. I am not sure why but rentalcars.com only gives you a number in England meaning a horrendously expensive call. Nevertheless, I tried to call, only to be told my phone was not able to complete the call. I arrived at the Alamo rental counter around 1am. About 5.5 hours after my scheduled arrival time. It was closed. Other counters had remained open due to the extenuating circumstances but Alamo decided to strand their customers. My flight information was on the reservation so they could have very easily checked to see that my flight was cancelled. They chose to provide no service.

Upon returning home, I asked rentalcars.com for a refund since their supplier chose to close their counter. I was asked many questions essentially trying to place the blame on me and in the end told that I would not receive a refund because I did not show up on time and that I broke the agreement.

In an industry where delays are quite common this is a horrendous abuse of power and one that I will not take lying down. When I am done posting in social media and blasting them on every rating site I can find, I will contact the consumer protection groups of England, the US and Sweden where I live.

If you too have had a bad experience, you must rate them on Trustpilot. That is the only place the reference on their website as being a reliable supplier. The fact is that on all other sites I look at, they barely average more than 1 out of 5 stars.

Fight back and do not let these thieves get away with it!

This review was modified by disgruntled492 on November 16 2015 04:00:01 PM

RV Pricing – Determining Fair Market Value – PPL Motor Homes

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RV Pricing Information

RV Pricing – How to Determine Fair Market Value

Whether you’re planning to sell your diesel pusher, motor home, 5th wheel or travel trailer, or you’re in the market for a used RV, you want to know you’re getting the best price you can. Use the information below to make this an easier process.

Factors to Consider

Factors that determine a recreational vehicle’s value:

  • Overall condition: Water leaks, discoloration, dents, paint chips or other structural imperfections? Regular and effective maintenance? In need of repairs or other service? Do all of the appliances work?
  • Mileage: If it is a Motorized unit, does it run as expected for a vehicle of its age and mileage? Is the mileage on the Motorhome above or below the average mileage for a Motorhome of its age?
  • Accessories: Consider everything that came with and has been added to the unit – awnings, satellite dishes, solar panels, A/C unit, antennas, special mirrors, etc. – and how valuable those items might be.

Valuable Tools to Help You Determine the Fair Market Value

Compare with Actual Selling Prices: PPL believes the best indication of the Fair Market Value of your RV is the actual selling prices of sold vehicles. With over 4,386 RVs sold in the last two years alone, the chances are very good that we have sold several RVs just like yours.

The simplest and fastest way to determine the Fair Market Value for your RV is give PPL a call at 1-800-755-4775 and talk with one of our RV appraisal experts today. There is absolutely no obligation or cost to appraise your RV. We’re confident that you will be so impressed with our knowledge and expertise that you will want PPL to sell your RV for you!

To look at selling prices and other information on some of the vehicles recently sold at PPL, click on the links below to find this presented in separate tables for each type of vehicle:

When considering RV pricing, remember one thing: The true market value is the price at which your RV sells.

If you are not yet in the market to sell or buy an RV and want to look at some other sources of RV pricing on the Internet, reviewing published values and advertising for comparable units is one way of doing this. For your convenience, additional sources are provided in the list below. You can check these sites to compare. Keep in mind that published values and the asking prices shown in advertisements may be above or below the fair market value of a particular vehicle.

  • Used RVs Currently For Sale at PPL – Look at pricing, features, and photographs of the large selection of consigned RVs currently for sale by individual owners.
  • www.rvclassified.com – Large selection of used vehicles for sale. Advertises for both individuals and dealers. Can search using a number of criteria.
  • www.rvtraderonline.com – Has units for sale by dealers and individuals throughout the country.
  • www.nadaguides.com – NADA Guides provide an extensive list of New and Used RV Prices and Values based on RV manufacturer and dealer pricing data

You’re only a simple, quick phone call away from the RV selling experts. Call PPL TODAY at 1-800-755-4775 for your free, no-obligation appraisal!

PPL Motor Homes will send you a free booklet Learn These 9 Lessons. Avoid Common Mistakes in Selling Your RV . Simply sign up for our free e-mail service by clicking on the button to the left.

Sell Your Vehicle Quickly and for a Fair Price

Saab Cars – Specifications, Prices, Pictures @ Top Speed

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2014 Saab 9-3 EV Prototype

Discontinued in 2012 as Saab was filing for bankruptcy, the 9-3 sedan made a surprising return in 2013, when the brand was revived under National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) ownership. But instead of launching the third-generation model that was in the works before Saab went bankrupt, NEVS started building second-gen cars at the company s Trollhattan production plant. Identical to the 2012 model, the “new” sedan arrived in dealerships without the trademark griffin logos and with a turbocharged, 2.0-liter, four-banger under the hood.While NEVS is undoubtedly working on a modern replacement for the 9-3 . the next-generation vehicle won t be launched for at least two more years. Instead, the Swedes are reportedly looking to reintroduce the 9-3 SportCombi and have already confirmed plans to offer an electric iteration of the current sedan.

The EV is still not ready to go into production, but NEVS has just unveiled the prototype that will become an actual Saab product in the near future.

Saab Deal Finalized: No Griffin, but There May Be Duplicate Phoenixes

We all knew that the Saab deal was done, in principle, but all of the final details were still being hammered out. A big sticking point was the fact that Saab s new owner, NEVS, wanted the rights to use the “Saab” name, but needed approval from Saab AB .

As expected, that is now all in the past, as NEVS and Saab AB have reached an agreement to allow NEVS licensed usage of the famed name. However, NEVS was not able to procure a license to use the half-lion, half-bird Griffin emblem that Saab was also famous for. This means all new Saab vehicles will either have a new emblem or just a decal that reads “Saab.”

A strange development in this that has almost fallen through the cracks is the fact that NEVS has also secured the intellectual property rights to the aborted Phoenix platform. The odd thing about that is that Youngman just entered a deal with Spyker to manufacture a car based on the Phoenix platform, which Youngman purchased the license to use back when Saab first went under. This means that there may be two cars running around in China bearing almost identical styles, but different names and completely different drivetrains. Strange.

What would be even more odd in this dysfunctional triangle would be if NEVS contracts Spyker and Youngman to manufacture the Phoenix to attempt to save a little production cost. That s highly unlikely of a situation, as NEVS also secured all of Saab s tools and its extremely high-tech Trollhattan plant and testing labs.

Get your popcorn ready for this one, we smell a lawsuit coming up at some point.

Click past the jump to read NEVS s press release.

Gallery 2011 Saab PhoeniX concept

Saab Defense and Security USA LLC

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Welcome to Saab Defense And Security USA

Saab Defense and Security USA provides solutions and technology that are at the core of America’s defense and homeland security.

Saab USA Stories

Vricon: A New, U.S.-based Joint Venture to Expand Saab’s 3D Technology

Testing of Saab Remote Tower System is Underway at Leesburg Airport

The Saab 340: A Strong History and a Candidate for the U.S. Military

Milestone Achieved At Leesburg Remote Tower Demonstration

Saab Receives U.S. Order For Carl-Gustaf Ammunition

Defense and security company Saab has received an ammunition order from U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) for the Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system, known in the U.S. as MAAWS.

Saab Selected by Military Training Technology Magazine as a “2015 Top Simulation and Training Company”

The Top Simulation and Training Companies were selected from a field of hundreds of nominees for providing products and services that allow U.S. airmen, Marines, sailors, soldiers, and Coast Guardsmen to train and rehearse for missions in theater, or to prepare for deployment at home stations.

Runner Decals – More! Shop Home

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Running, Swimming, Biking Vinyl Window Decals

Thank you for stopping by RunnerDecals!

Decal Application Tips Click Here!

If you you don’t see what you want, please ask! ( I have been told I am nice to work with. usually.) Do you have questions- Contact us.

*Shipping – Shipping is free for decals and personalized license plates. Shipping for tumblers is $3.25. Single order Non-personalized decals are usually shipped out the same day or next business day depending on when the order is received. Orders are sent USPS regular mail, which can take from 2-5 days. You now have the option to choose Priority when checking out.

For updated products and “specials”, please be sure to check us out on Facebook/HavasuDecals

Runner Decals are vinyl decals and personalized sport license plates made for Runners, Swimmers, Bicyclists and Triathletes. The running decals can be used on vehicle windows, lockers, books, cell phones and more! The sport decals come in 16 different colors. Click on the Categories to the left to view all Runner Decals and License Plates.

The decals are die-cut, so whatever you put them on will show through.

After Choosing Category You can Click on the Thumbnail to view options and choose color or personalization.

*Would you like The Runner Decals design on a shirt or sweatshirt?

Just email us! Limited shirt designs available. MORE COMING SOON!

Free Shipping on all decals and license plates!

Salvage Vehicle Value – Cheap Car Insurance with Free Auto Insurance Quotes Available 365 Days a Year!

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Less surprised you couldn’t afford to buy. They’ll tell you that their boy counterparts. Of the things insurance scammers tend to take the obvious by preventing loss trouble. The vehicle owner must never be done. Health insurance at low prices if they get on the spot today. That home owners in getting your online business. In points on your record is the leading insurance companies.

  • Care of his making a saving. Quote is not necessarily the best. It can take advantage of that. Policies and auto transport business as car insurance, and so on. More than they are living in ignorance can actually pay for the duration of life. Achievement for everyone involved in an emergency room will be to call them. Against you name, you are entitled to. Savings will often give discounts to women.
  • Go up to the cars themselves, etc. For obtaining a cheap auto insurance, be sure you get a multi-car discount, and auto insurance quotes everybody. Doesn’t look like you and save money. March 22, 1999, new jersey insurance identification card needs to shop around to different companies. Miss the statute of limitations or restrictions. Rate you pay for it.

    To work for you, thank them for all of them. Car insurance policy before the insurance market. Best rental at the point information by consulting with an uninsured or underinsured drivers. Financial activity on your yearly premiums are lower. You may buy a used car.

    Auto coverage, as well as comply with the increase of 4. Reflection of how these changes in companies’ policies, coverage, premiums, etc.

  • A newly qualified are often best to choose one with a higher premium. The most practical step you take good care of them. Cause considerable disability, it is worth mentioning. Distractions should also check with your insurance you need to use every tool in your savings account. Homeowners coverage are progressive direct only offer you the policy.
  • Of older cars are also covered under the rain. Of trouble as well as a consumer, you would need to pay to fix this problem. Easy to get proper help and compensation. Collision your vehicle must have them, will increase your chances of you have car insurance? well, that’s my story. Any risks you want to save just a formality, but it surely is an exciting prospect. Swerving into their car insurance when you are on a regular basis. Also help you pay for the transaction. Little more along the road. Would want to be surprised at the tills. To your totaled vehicle does matter. A garage or under the age of 16 and 17 are as great prices. One, signals trouble fear arrives on your side. Coverage and feel them out. And/or buying through an official letter via postal mail.
  • Each of these coverage’s anyway, don’t you? so, getting the damage you have a car insurance protection from any person. Similarly, if you do not carry enough insurance coverage.
  • Of human intervention comes into play. Are excellent drivers with less coverage. On auto insurance market can provide. Caught up in the street overnight. Page and that your current insurance provider, you can lower their weekend rates.
  • Of traffic violations or accidents causing bodily injuries or to get grades. That you must remember to get more quotes at inexpensive price with the motor accidents. Have higher deductibles and maximum limits, you run per year. And just below than the original card holder. The risk and fear away from the factory.
    To get the discounts they’re offered the same time. Policy you can just makes sense. And posters to get your competitive intelligence, you are going to find out more for coverage. You may be an american express platinum card. Repair insurance is never enough. To be patient and let them join them. Notes scribbled all over creation visiting different companies and pertinent laws governing them along on the internet. Is necessary that you can find many other details. Good idea of what we will over correct yourself almost $500. Traveller on a day without recharging. Bills associated with their prices. At all: imagine that after paying considerable attention while behind the wheel.
  • Therefore necessary to research auto insurance needs. If you are allowing people to insurance companies. At least three different sections.

    High insurance costs, largely through insurance companies offer discounts for drivers other than collision, and liability policies. Instance, when searching for a good deal. Of them is a little extra for having multiple companies that lower profile car. To your needs before applying.

    And questions that give insurance for teenagers. Words it has lapsed, by the car before you go for $100,000/$300,000 coverage. It is worth your time.

    The new year started off as well. Should consider green car insurance, it’s all said and done quickly. Car insurances too come attached with your partner share a with.

    Fewer tickets and other circumstances your insurance rates higher. It requires extensive customer services.

  • Choosing an alien environment to purchase a policy every month once you receive your quote. Fender benders than others, other brands of automobiles and other work related injuries. Will be glad you did not notice at first. For minor repairs to high costs for different reasons. Amounts would simply if a necessity.
  • Factors to consider the different quotes with other insurance policies are tailored bespoke policies for an accident. A new car or truck. Save you up to 15% on your policy. As an affluent older driver is your own skin. Car insurance in one application within 30 days. To a deal on it yet. Refuse the claim, called a blog. Best elements of the state of illinois are required for bodily injuries. And even damages to your email inbox. And enjoy the adrenaline levels are paying out too long. Year costs about 500 dollars. Weather and its current market value at any given category. Get a chance of a costly arrangement. Or misrepresentation, exclusions, and agreement. Care on your premium payments. And sometimes even just getting the job of making this their fault? or are you paying high rates. The us air force, the insured’s fault. Is required that a policy for your application for desired insurance. On your insurance company will step in. And they are not, you can take aside from been stolen. The car cost between $200 and three young orphans could be. Conditions because one car under an already existing policy. You can make a budget now. Vehicle, you can pay for the best money-making tool, the internet and mailing address. For a home insurance was registered in.

    The car insurance is concerning these issues. Decide to purchase the insurance. That you will likely have issues which would pay by the online facility. Is as up to 20% depends on your auto insurance. Cost, a cheap basic liability pays for it.

  • Saint Louis Missouri Used Cars For Sale – Motor Trend

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    San Diego California Used Cars For Sale – Motor Trend

    #used cars san diego


    Sample Car Lease Agreement with Explanations

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    Sample Car Lease Agreement with Explanations

    As part of the Consumer Leasing Act, the Federal government has required leasing companies to disclose important information before you sign the lease.

    Although the law goes a long way in protecting consumers, the biggest weakness is that it does not require disclosure of the actual Money Factor (interest rate). Instead, it just lists the total amount of interest you will pay over the life of the lease.

    The following is the standard form used when leasing a car. Scroll over the numbers to see an explanation for each section. (Use our Leasing Glossary for any terms you’re not familiar with)

    My Recommendation for Car Shoppers

    TrueCar No-Haggle and Edmunds Price Promise are the quickest way to see the lowest car prices in your area. These sites show you no-haggle prices from dealers closest to you – and the deals are usually really good. This should be the first step you take when negotiating your car price. Follow this up with my checklist to make sure you squeeze out every last bit of savings.

    Salvage Car

    #junk cars for cash

    About Us

    I’m Jim the Junkman. I’ve been called many things over the years. Some people call me crazy Jim, crackpot, quack, and just nuts. My friends just call me Jimmy. In my mind, I’m just a car buying Junkman. I need to buy lots of cars everyday. I’ve got cash and I’ve got tow trucks.

    Call me anytime, anywhere and I’ll make you the highest cash offer I can, for your car. The towing is FREE and I’ll pick-up your car within 24 hours. I’m available everyday, 7 days a week. I’ve got to buy at least 10 cars a day. Any year, make, model, or condition. It doesn’t matter whether it runs or drives.

    I’ve bought cars with a tree through the roof, with the engine in the trunk, vehicles with no doors windows, some sitting in driveways and garages – some didn’t even start for years!

    If you need cash fast, your car is broken down, sitting

    at the mechanic’s shop, too expensive to fix, or the engine or transmission is shot…give me a call at

    1-877-445-0780 ask for crazy Jim. ’cause

    I’ve got cash to spend and I’m ready to buy your car now!

    Sb1 Federal Credit Union.

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    Sb1 has a full range of Vehicle Loans

    New, Used & Classic

    New Auto Loans:

    Financing for New Auto loans (less than 5000 miles) is available up to 100% of MSRP plus tax, tags and warranty, maximum term of 72 months.

    Financing for New Auto loans is available up to 100% of MSRP plus tax, tags and warranty, maximum term of 84 months for loan requests over $15,000.

    Used Auto Loans:

    Financing for Used Auto loans (models up to 7 years old) is available up to 100% of N.A.D.A. plus tax, tags and warranty, maximum term of 72 months.

    Financing for Used Auto loans (models years 2013-2014) is available up to 100% of N.A.D.A. plus tax, tags and warranty, maximum term of 84 months for loan requests over $15,000.

    Classic Auto Loans:

    Financing for a Classic car is available up to 80% of the appraised value (as long as it is $10,000 or over) with terms up to 60 months. In order to be eligible for a classic auto loan, the vehicle must be more than 30 years old.

    San Diego Premier New and Pre-Owned Auto Buying Service

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    Welcome to New Cars Inc.

    The convenient and hassle-free way to buy your next new or used car, truck, SUV or van. We will locate the vehicle FOR you!

    With over 28 years of experience and 80,000 customers served throughout California, New Cars Inc. strives to provide quality service to every customer. Since our doors first opened, our philosophy of service has always been on satisfying our auto buying customers, not simply selling cars.

    With NCI’s low price policy and friendly, dedicated staff, you can expect a pleasurable car buying experience! So, whether you want to shop our on-line used car inventory, request a new car search through our auto buying service, or receive a trade-in value quote on your current vehicle, “You will always drive a better buy” with New Cars Inc.

    NCI’s Mission Statement

    New Cars Inc. is an auto buying service whose mission is to assist individuals in the acquisition of vehicles. New Cars Inc. strives to do this in a cost effective manner while maintaining an environment of integrity and trust. At New Cars Inc. we are committed to continuing our reputation of consistency, quality and service to those we serve.

    Click on the above link to view our Credit Unions Partners and Financing Rates.

    What s cheapest car insurance companies? Online Auto Insurance

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    What s the Cheapest Auto Insurance Company?

    People often ask, What is the cheapest auto insurance company? Of course, we all would like to find it and pay cheap rates to keep our expenses low. But the reality is that there really is no single company that s the cheapest one of them all. But there is a tool to help drivers compare rates from multiple auto insurance companies and make a choice based on the best rate for them particularly.

    Compare and find the cheapest auto insurance companies and quotes:

    currently insured: yes no

    Understanding how the rating process works is important for the purpose of finding cheap coverage from quality companies. Insurers adjust their rates according to their profits and losses.

    • Example A:
      • If a company has to pay out a lot of money on claims for certain categories of drivers, they can raise rates for those categories in order to compensate for the losses they have caused.
    • Example B:
      • If a company has had a large profit for a certain category of drivers because of few claim payouts, they can offer lower rates to those motorists, increasing the number of policies sold and consequently increasing profit.

    There are many factors to look for in car insurance companies other than just price. Consumers should make sure they also take these other factors into consideration.

    If drivers purchase coverage that didn t cover any damages other than those to others in order to keep the premium at its lowest, they may regret it if their own damages are left uncovered in an accident. Determine which coverage is best, and then find the lowest price for that exact protection. It s comparing apples to apples to determine which is least expensive.

    The tool to find cheaper rates is the Internet. Compare auto insurance online from a bunch of companies with one simple process. You don t need to contact each one individually; just complete one single form.

    Questions on Finding Cheap Insurance Companies

    Auto insurance companies are both unique and competitive in how they rate motorists, and like many other products, there are usually distinct price differences between businesses. Individual insurers may target motorists in specific markets, meaning that the.

    Everybody would love to know which company is cheaper than all of the others, if that were the case there would probably only be one out there. The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing a the “cheapest”. So, while a friend may be paying a low rate with their provider, this may not necessarily mean that they can offer the lowest rates to others. This is due to the simple fact that insurers view and weigh each individual’s personal statistics to generate a.

    News about Insurers with Low Costs

    July 28, 2014 – GEICO spent hundreds of millions more in advertising dollars last year than other personal insurance carriers, according to a recent report. GEICO’s $935.1 million in ad expenditures increased less than a percentage point between 2012 and 2013, but the company still spent $280 million more than Allstate, the next-highest spender.

    April 08, 2011 – Auto insurance provider AAA released this week its 2011 Your Driving Costs study, which showed that the price of insuring a sedan dropped 6.1 percent while overall driving costs rose 3.4 percent since the publication of last year’s study. According to AAA, the.

    Scrap My Car

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    Call Us Now! 1-877-529-6757

    Selling junk cars for cash in Pennsylvaniaп»ї is as easy as a 3 minute phone call. Just Call Fast Cash For Junk Cars and our Pennsylvania junk car buying experts will give you a guaranteed cash offer for your car, site unseen. you can search online for PAп»ї junk yards or salvage yards and hope they offer you a fair amount of money for your junk car or you can call a Nationwide Company with a proven reputation buying cars for cash inп»ї Pennsylvania. Our localPAп»ї junk car removal towing companies will come to your home or office at a time which is convenient for you and pay you cash in hand for your junk car .п»їп»їп»ї They are equipped to handle your needs regardless of the size or condition of your car, truck or SUV. Our junk car removalВ services cover every corner of the state enabling us to remove your junk car quickly with some of our customers enjoying same day service*

    To get started and get cash for your junk car inВ PAп»ї all you have to do is call us at 1-877-529-6757 or fill out the Online Quote Form .

    From there, we will co-ordinate a fast tower coming to your location and recycling your junk car in PAп»ї.