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Press Releases

30 July 2014

Bank of Ireland launches Personal Contract Purchase for second hand cars

Bank of Ireland Finance today (Wednesday, 30 July 2014) announced that, together with its franchise partners, it is launching a new Personal Contract Purchase* (PCP) product for second hand cars from Friday, 1 August 2014, the first Irish Bank to offer this product for the purchase of second hand cars. This is an extension of their current PCP offering on new vehicles and will enhance and support the growth of the PCP product through its franchise dealers.

The Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is a customer friendly product that allows consumers to drive a new car without the associated costs of ownership of same. Traditionally only available for the purchase of new cars, the extension of the PCP to second hand cars significantly expands the reach of the product across the market. Qualifying second hand cars will include vehicles up to 18 months old. Bank of Ireland has established itself as the market leader in the motor finance industry, partnering with 14 leading motor franchises in the Irish market.

Pat Creed, Managing Director, Bank of Ireland Finance, said: Conditions in the motor industry have been very challenging since 2007 when new car sales decreased from 152,830 to 74,300 in 2013. Consumers postponed the purchase of a new car which in turn led to a much older car pool in Ireland. It also means that the cost of purchasing a new car is now much greater with less equity in the older trade in.

However, Bank of Ireland s range of products including PCP and low rate subsidised offers are helping customers get their new car with affordable repayments and rates from as low as 0% APR.

With more than twice as many 142 cars registered on the first day of the new registration plate compared with the same day last year, it is evident that a significant number of consumers are returning to the market. The growth in the popularity of PCP and low APR rates has been such that over 71% of all new cars purchased by consumers are now selecting these forms of payments. We are seeing very strong approval rates for PCP and low APR rates, with 90% of applications being approved for finance.

2014 is proving to be the best year for new car sales since 2008 and looks set to achieve sales of 90,000 vehicles by year end. This strong performance, whilst coming from a low base, tends to be a lead indicator and reflective of the re-emergence of consumer and business confidence. This is the second year of the dual registration plate, which has also helped change the traditional seasonality where vehicle purchases would be frontloaded in the first quarter. This has ensured that there is a more steady flow of business throughout the summer months which historically would not have happened prior to the 132 plate launch last year.

Another impact of the recession was the shortage of used cars for the industry to sell which has resulted in a significant number of cars being imported to supply the demand. It is estimated that the importation of second hand cars will reach 50,000 by the end of this year. The growing popularity of PCP will now ensure that there is a strong supply of good three year old second hand cars coming back to the market on an ongoing basis.

Interestingly, we are seeing a slightly younger customer profile on our PCP deals. Industry research supports this as it shows that younger customers prefer the lower monthly payment and are also very used to the tariff type concept where they pay for the use of an item and upgrade as with their mobile phones.

New business in the commercial motor market has seen strong growth in the first six months compared to the same period last year, again a positive indicator of renewed confidence amongst SMEs. The agri sector is also buoyant with a 6.8% increase in tractor sales year to date.

The C02 changes implemented by Government in July 2008 have been instrumental in influencing consumer purchasing decisions. The last seven years have also seen a significant change in the shift from petrol to diesel purchases and this is reflected in that 71.7% of vehicles purchased in 2007 were petrol and this compares with 73% of cars purchased in 2014 being diesel. Similarly the level of low emission purchases in C02 Band A has increased from 1.42% in 2007 to 67% in 2014.

The introduction of a PCP product for second hand cars should further drive growth in this market for the second half of the year. , concluded Pat Creed.


Note to Editors

A Personal Contract Purchase is a form of vehicle finance for individual consumers who are looking to pay a fixed, relatively low monthly payment for a set contract period of somewhere between 24 and 36 months with the right to drive the vehicle while ownership is retained by the funding company. It is similar to contract hire or leasing, however, in the case the customer has to option to ultimately acquire the vehicle at the end of the finance term for a previously agreed amount which is set at the outset of the contract.

Bank of Ireland Finance provides motor finance to the following motor distributors; Toyota, Ford, Lexus, Hyundai, Opel, Kia, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, Suzuki and Mitsubishi.

Beach Ford

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Beach Ford Service

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True Car Dealer Cost and Calculating Your Offer

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True Dealer’s Cost and Making Your Offer

Last Modified: November 08, 2015 by Jeff Ostroff | Originally Published February 26, 2000 will show you how to figure out how much the dealer paid for the car. To help do this, we will make use of some great free sites. I have also created a free Offer Spreadsheet that will calculate a fair offer for both you and the dealership. Once you fill it out you’ll be able to use it during your negotiations.

How Much is Fair to Offer the Dealer?

In order to calculate your offer, the first thing you have to do is find out how much they paid for the car. Then you will be able to offer them a deal that gives them a fair profit.

Don’t just make up a number for the offer, make an educated offer based on the dealer’s actual cost. It will take some time and research so you must be patient.

At the dealership, one of the first things you should do is ask them to show you the factory invoice for the car. If they refuse your request, I will show you how you can get the information online.

Your Offer Should Be 3% – 5% Over Actual Cost

To be fair for both sides, you should make an offer of 3% – 5% over the actual dealer’s cost, not above the invoice price. Dealerships will gladly accept a 5% profit. In fact, many dealers survive on 3%. I have done extensive research with auto industry insiders and have verified this to be true.

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Bel Air MD Auto Auction

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Bel Air Auto Auction

Bel Air Auto Auction manages the flow of more than 100,000 vehicles each year, handling consignments from new and used car dealers and private business fleets as well as those from public service and government agencies. Bel Air Auto Auction sells on six dealer auction lanes every Thursday.

The auction is strategically located in Bel Air, MD just 17 miles from Baltimore and 80 miles from Philadelphia and provides a wide range of auto-related services, including floor planning, storage, transportation, Internet sales, full vehicle reconditioning, and certification. We even assist in the selling of donated vehicles to help raise funds for many charitable organizations. Contact us today at (410) 879-7950 to learn more about our dealer auto auctions in Bel Air and Edgewood, MD .

Continued Dealer Auction Growth

Over the last 60 years, Bel Air Auto Auction has grown and evolved to become one of the most respected, efficient marketplaces for buyers and sellers in the mid-Atlantic. In addition to weekly dealer auctions. we offer public auctions . salvage auctions . powersports auctions . and real estate auctions (via our Atlantic Auctions ). More remarketing options means auction cars move quickly, and at the best possible prices.

We ve built long-standing relationships with our clients over the years, ranging from small local dealers to large financial institutions. We are happy to tailor our services to provide just the amount of support our dealers need from auto auction transportation and reconditioning, to promotion and inventory management, to marshaling and other specialty services. Our clients are our priority, and we strive to grow and maintain our relationships with them. Contact us to learn about how to get involved in our Bel Air dealer auctions .

Benefits of Online Auctions

Bel Air Auto Auction offers cutting-edge simulcast online sales, electronic payment, and even custom online sales programs for banks and credit unions. Our auto auction data management system is driven by industry-leading technology that integrates seamlessly with This capability allows our auto auction company to truly offer the best of both worlds our superior, local customer service backed by the most powerful data systems in existence. In addition to expanding markets geographically, our online database allows pre-sale vehicle searches that match buyers and sellers exactly, driving even greater dealer auction success. Come see for yourself!

The Bel Air Auto Auction Difference

We provide numerous dealer auto auction services for the convenience of our dealers, including:

  • Transportation Vehicle pickup and delivery
  • Automated Vehicle Check-in
  • Electronic Condition Reporting
  • Full Reconditioning and Repairs
  • Complete Paperless Block Sale Administration
  • Settlement Reporting within 1 Day
  • All Lanes Simulcast Online bidding from anywhere
  • Secure Storage
  • Recovery and Remarketing Services

The satisfaction of our auto auction buyers and sellers is always our top priority. Contact us with any questions or to learn more about our Bel Air auto auctions. and we look forward to serving you at an upcoming dealer auction. Learn more about Maryland auctions and begin buying or selling today.

Bank Repossessed Cars For Sale, Click Here!

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Bank Repossessed Cars

Are you thinking of buying yourself another car? Are you thinking of buying a car that you have always wanted? Well, you have to know that buying a brand new car is not the only way to get the car of your dreams. One way to get the car you want without having to pay as much is by purchasing bank repossessed cars .

Bank repossessed cars are usually sold off at auctions so you must know a thing or two before you start bidding with your own money. Read on to know some important facts as well as common but crucial advices when dealing with various kinds of sales and auctions for repossessed cars.

1. Where do bank repossessed cars come from?

Repossessed cars are used cars. When we say used cars, it does not necessarily mean that the vehicles involved have too much wear and tear on them. In fact, vehicles which are repossessed by banks are often near their brand new condition. The previous owners of these cars have probably not met their payment terms despite the chances to pay given by the banks. Now, as part of the agreement, a buyer will have to give back his car if he cannot abide by the sale terms. In essence, these repossessed cars are almost new and are in good running condition but they have to be sold off to other interested buyers who can pay for them even at much lower prices.

2. How much can you save when buying a bank cars from repossessed?

Buying a repossessed car either from the bank or the government can usually give you an amazing slash off the retail price. In fact, you can get as much as 30-70% off the car’s retail price. For this reason, being able to bid for a car in an auction is considered to be a great opportunity to buy an excellent (even a luxury) car with the best deals.

3. Where can you know about bank repossessed car auctions and sales?

The first place that you should rely on is the bank. Banks often have their own form of announcement whenever they will be holding repossessed car auctions. Despite these announcements, do not expect it to be widely advertised as banks do not need to go into great extents of advertising such events. It would be better if you have direct contacts which can provide you such sale or auction information. Another way to get updated auction or sale schedules for bank repossessed vehicle is by using online resources. There are several websites which specialize in repossessed or seized car auctions. You simply have to go online to know the car auction and sales schedules in your area.

4. What’s the big deal with repossessed cars?

The answer to this is quite simple: bank repossessed vehicles are great car deals which should never be allowed to pass on. You can buy the car you want for yourself or you can also buy a car that you can resell for profit.

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