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Welcome to Tom Wood Toyota

At Tom Wood Toyota in Indianapolis, we believe in treating individual customer with the highest respect.  We know that you have high expectations, and we enjoy the challenge of exceeding those expectations on a daily basis.  What you will find from our Indianapolis Toyota dealership is an overwhelming commitment to excellence and professionalism.  We believe in letting our customers have the space to explore our new and used Toyota selection, and encourage you to experience the vehicle; getting to know all the unique characteristics that Toyota has to offer.

Great Selection of New and Certified Used Toyota

One of the things that you will find from Tom Wood Toyota is that we have a great selection of new and certified pre-owned Toyota vehicles to choose from.  Among these are some of your favorites, such as Camry. Corolla. Avalon. 4Runner. Highlander. Prius. Rav4. Venza. Tacoma. Tundra and more.  We have one of the best selections of new Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs in the area.  If you can’t find a certain vehicle that you are looking for, such as a Black Highlander, then feel free to give us a call.  We’d be happy to see if we have it in stock, or give you some options for how to get one for you.

Used Cars in Indianapolis

In addition to our new and certified pre-owned Toyota, we also have a great selection of used cars to choose from.  What you will find from our used cars is that they tend to be well cared for.  Each vehicle is thoroughly inspected, and must pass the quality control that we believe in at Tom Wood Toyota.  If you are looking for a specific make and model of used vehicle, then we also welcome you to contact us.  Our used inventory is constantly changing, so we may be getting what you are looking for very soon.

Toyota Lease and Financing

As you probably already know, Toyota vehicles lease really well.  Thanks to their strong value retention you can often get a lease payment for much lower than a monthly payment would be if you financed it.  For more information about our great Toyota leases in Indianapolis you can call, email or simply stop in.  We’d be happy to talk to you about how leasing and financing works, and what incentives Toyota currently has to offer.

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The AAA Car Loan Advantage

No matter what your credit history, AAA can help you get a car loan, and guide you through the entire car-buying process. AAA offers members exclusive, great rates on car loans for both new and used automobiles. AAA has partnerships with several banks to ensure the lowest loan rates available. AAA car loans offer:

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AAA New Car Loans

If you’re interested in buying a new car, AAA provides a range of financing options for your new car loan. For qualifying members, the loans arranged by AAA feature:

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Used Car Loans are Not All Alike

Choosing the right car loan is just as important as choosing the right car. Luckily, AAA’s car loan service offers the best rates available for a hassle-free experience.

Private Party Used Car Loans

Through its partnerships AAA provides used car loans for private party used auto purchases. These person-to-person used car loans refer to any auto that is being sold by an individual, rather than by a new or used car dealer.

Refinance and Save Money

Refinancing a car loan can be a simple, money-saving process. Like refinancing a mortgage, it may be possible to refinance your car loan to lower the rate.

To learn more about auto loans through AAA at your local AAA website, click “GO.”

For answers to zipcode entry problems, click here. Please direct any questions or comments concerning this site to AAA. For all other inquiries, please enter your zipcode above to access your club site.

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Another Hot News

Finding cheap used cars

While purchasing a used car, all you can do to make your investment worthy is taking care to get all the factors that you are looking for in the vehicle. You must know about what the market has to offer you and all the other options as well to avoid any fake deal. Looking out for all the favorable factors at one place may be quite boring and tiresome, but your little efforts can get you more comfort. Being unaware about the market trend and the tricks played by the frauds may lead to some heavy losses.

Finding a cheap used car that can give consistent performance is really a troublesome task. Teenagers always want their first car to be fresh and the best of the collection available in the market. Youngsters wish a car that is flashy, stylish, fast, expensive, comfortable and accessorized. However, parents think in a way little different from their children and are more concerned about the reliability, safety, and inexpensiveness. Here are some tricks that can help you find a cheap used car:

All the strength, power and durability of a car lie into its engine. So, the next compulsory step is to check the engine. While checking the engine, make sure that the engine is not making any unnatural noise when switched on or running.

Compare these details with the details of cars available with various sellers. Call the dealerships and ask them for the availability of the car that you want to purchase. You can also check on the phone, the price offered by the dealers.

Ask your mechanic to check for any fault or issue in the car. He will tell you about the reliability and durability of the car. He can also check the mileage of the car, condition of the car s interior, doors, tires, etc.

And the last and superiorly important factor is negotiation. Give some extra efforts to it.

You can ask the dealer or the seller for any inquiry that you have regarding the car you are going to purchase. The vehicles available in the showroom are so expensive that one can only desire to have such vehicles.

Freeads Classifieds gives a one-stop solution for all your free ads like second hand car for sale and used cars for sale. The team of free ads Classifieds in India helps you find the right and legal track to the land of your dreams worldwide. Contact us for used cars.

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Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Nationwide

To locate no down payment BHPH dealer, select from a list of bhph dealers states below.

BHPH Car Lots and No Down Payment Dealerships

Buy here pay here dealer, usually selling only used cars, in which vehicle financing is arranged, and you make payments on the loan, at the dealership. You purchase the automobile through an arrangement that’s referred to in some parts of the country as tote the note, in-house or buying here paying here (bhph lots) financing. This differs from traditional car financing which is done through a third party, such as a bank.

The difference between bhph lots and traditional dealerships depends upon which type of BHPH lots you visit. Many used or second hand car dealers have buy here pay here options that operate as a huge part of their dealerships business. In some cases, the best only way to really tell that a local dealer does offer pay here buy here financing might be a “We Finance Anyone” sign out in front or on the showroom floor.

BHPH lots are designed for car buyers that have experienced significant bad credit problems in the past. If you have experienced multiple repossessions, multiple bankruptcies or if you have little or no credit history and you’re unable to obtain financing either through a conventional lender of a bad credit lender, than a bhph lot should be on your list of dealers to visit.

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Ex-police car at center of heated debate

The car, which still has sheriff’s department markings, was towed by Lawrence Police.

Indiana law says the markings must go before the car is sold.

Lawrence – An east side business owner says police are harassing him. Officers say they re enforcing the law on retired police cars.

People often have mixed feelings about police cars. We certainly don t like seeing them with their red lights flashing and siren wailing in our rear view mirror. But we do want them patrolling and responding to crime, and we want them to be seen.

Right now there is a marked sheriff s vehicle sitting in a north side lot. Chief Jack Bailey of the Lawrence Police Department says they towed it. “The reason the car was towed,” Bailey said,” is they were warned a couple years ago.”

The warning dealt with the law and what it says about marked police cars and the public. It is illegal for private citizens to have emergency red-blue lights or drive marked police cars on the street.

We asked store owner James Shelley if he d ever tried to give the impression he was a police officer. His answer: “No, no it s a security thing. Lots all along Pendleton Pike put old police cars out front for the security.”

Shelley, who owns a furniture store, says it is a friend s retired cruiser, bought at auction, and he parks it outside his Pendleton Pike store during tent sales.

“It is never driven on the streets and it s just an old police cruiser,” says Shelley.

But in 2004 police reported seeing Shelley driving the unit on Pendleton Pike which would put him at odds with a state law barring retired, marked police cars on the street. Still, he was not arrested or ticketed then.

The police -ype dash board lights are gone now, and the roof antenna also, confiscated by the police.

But no charges have been brought so far in this case. Shelley, whose car was investigated twice since July 4th when he was on his honeymoon, says that s it.

Shelley: “Three times they harassed me. So I m just getting rid of it.”

MacAnally: “You feel it is harassment, sir?”

Shelley: “Do I feel it s harassment, sir? Oh yeah, it s private property.”

Police Chief Bailey: “We re not harassing anybody. If they re violating the state law they re violating the state law. We just want them to comply with the law.”

You can go to eBay and you ll find old police cars on sale. Most of the police cars we found had all markings removed.

That s the law in Indiana. A company selling old police cars must remove those police insignia.

The car in Lawrence was originally owned by the Delaware County Sheriff s Department which said it makes sure all markings like this one are taken off. However, a few years ago, a private company that was supposed to do that wasn t getting the job done.

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FastCarsUK – Cheap High Performance and Top Marques Sports Cars For Sale

FastCarsUK is a UK Car Broker and like our customers, we are all about Power, Speed and Performance, at an affordable price

As an Car Broker, our main purpose is to help our customers purchase many of the world’s most prestigious, well known high performance and Top Marques sports cars. High performance sports cars are not always as expensive as you think, at FastCarsUK we can help you source cheap sports cars at an affordable price.

Are You Thinking of buying a High Performance or Top Marques Sports Car?

These cars can be described as rare breeds, sometimes built in small numbers, they provide mind blowing acceleration and can reach extreme speeds approaching, and sometimes exceeding 200 mph.

High Performance Sports Cars or Top Marques are normally not very practical, but if you can afford to buy one of these luxury sports cars, you are in a different league and being practical is not why these cars were built. Some High Performance Sports Cars are hard to get into, the ride is often harsh, the boot space is often limited or virtually nonexistent, and they are police magnets, thanks to their exotic styling.

At FastCarsUK we can help you find a cheap used high performance sports car from manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo , Aston Martin. Audi. Bentley. BMW. Ferrari. Ford and many more. Just have a look through the pages below, we are sure you will find a used high performance sports car that’s exactly what you are looking for.

Bugatti Veyron

Koenigsegg CCX

Facts About Cars for Kids #used #car #prices #guide

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Facts About Cars for Kids

Yesterday’s muscle car collectors are today’s video-gamers. Could the future of car collecting be in jeopardy?

Related Articles

Most Ford Model T’s were black. You can make biofuel from garbage. And, automobile emissions are the No. 1 cause of air pollution in the United States today. Who knew? If you’re the parent of a young car enthusiast who has many questions, you probably did.

The First Cars Were Powered by Steam

The first cars invented were powered by steam. They were similar to small locomotives in this respect, and many did not really work very well. Inventors were making steam-powered cars as early as the 1770s, more than 100 years before Henry Ford invented his Model-T, according to the Smithsonian website. Most historians credit an ironmonger named Thomas Newcomen with inventing the first engine to run on fire and steam. He introduced his design in 1712. It was a large and complicated affair that was initially used to draw water out of mines, according to a web page on the University of Dayton website.

The Ford Model T Made Cars Affordable

The Ford Model T was manufactured from 1908 to 1927. It originally sold for $850, but because of advancements in assembly-line production, it had dropped in price to $300 by 1925, and — for the first time ever — average Americans could afford it. The Ford Model T was also called the Tin Lizzie and the Flivver. It was mass-produced mostly in black because, at the time, black paint dried faster than any other color, making the production of black cars quicker and more efficient, according to The Smithsonian Institution has a 1913 Ford Model T on display in its National Museum of American History (

Today’s Car Engines Pollute the Atmosphere

Today, most cars are powered by gasoline engines. This enables them to travel farther than electric cars or cars of old, but it also contributes to pollutants in the Earth’s atmosphere. Emissions from transportation are the top source of air pollution in the United States today. When car and truck engines burn gasoline, they emit by-products such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons — toxins that contribute to smog and global warming. Some scientists think that inventing engines that run on cellulosic biofuels — fuels derived from grasses, garbage and waste products from forests and farms — is the answer to transportation pollution in the United States.

Car-Collecting Could Become a Passion of the Past

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Top 4 Fastest RC Cars for Sale in the World

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fairly used second hand cars for sale in nigeria by owner

Pogue s Posts Blog Technology

The Hurricane Sandy storm damage here in my Connecticut town was fairly extensive — beautiful old trees are down everywhere, 85 percent of our homes are without power, and officials are saying it will take at least 10 days to restore electricity — but at least our homes are standing.

Cars For Sale in Nigeria: BUY, SELL New Used (Tokunbo)| Heavy

Search thousands of new and used cars for sale. Advertise in Nigeria s largest online car portal. Importation of fairly-used cars, popularly called Tokunbo, Magazine Auto magazine in Nigeria

Find Car dealers in Nigeria Cars for sale in Nigeria Compare car prices from private sellers and auto vehicle dealers in Nigeria.

Used Cars for Sale in Abuja | 100% Free Car Ads | Sell Used Cars

Advertise second hand cars for sale by placing 100% free car ads on BUY USED CARS NIGERIA. Find pre owned cars second hand cars for sale. One Owner (22) Home;

Fairly Used Nigerian Cars 4 Sale. 07058200007, 08064552830

Fairly Used Nigerian Cars 4 Sale. 07058200007, 08064552830. Rivers Any, Rivers State, Nigeria. Older: NEED IBM ThinkPad A20M laptop urgently

Tukunbo Cars Vs Nigerian Fairly Used? Car Talk Nairaland

Tukunbo Cars Vs Nigerian Fairly Used? or a Nigerian Used (Second hand) car?


CARS FOR SALE IN MARYLAND BY OWNER USED CARS FOR SALE second hand cars for sale in nigeria fairly used cars for sale in nigeria also a

Nigeria Car Finder Find Nigeria Cars for Sales Online. Buy, Sell

Search Nigeria Cars Auto Classifieds for Used Cars in Nigeria Cars for Sale in Nigeria from Car buy, find cheap secondhand fairly Cars, Car Rentals

Used Cars For Sale in Lagos, Used Cars in Lagos Nigeria West

Used Cars For Sale in Lagos, Used Cars in Lagos Nigeria West Africa Used Cars For Sale in Lagos Nigeria West Africa. Welcome to Nigeria Car Finder .

Used Cars Prices Tokunbo Cars Toyota Honda Nigeria Technology Guide

Find prices of used cars in Nigeria. Used cars or Second-hand The larger proportion of used cars on sale in Nigeria If you are buying from an individual owner

Nigeria Used Cars For Sale, Nigeria Used Cars For Sale

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Exotic Cars: Bugatti Veyron 16.4

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2007 Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

To make other exotics seem cheap, impotent, conservative, and common by comparison, it takes an incredible car. To date, only a handful of ultra-exotics have accomplished such a feat. Cars like the Ferrari Enzo. Mercedes-Benz SLR and Porsche Carrera GT come to mind. Yet one overshadows them all: the Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

To be honest, we were a little apprehensive about evaluating the exotic Bugatti Veyron 16.4. After production delays and a prolonged hype that bordered on tiresome, we had our doubts. It wouldn t be the first time our hopes were dashed over a Bugatti. Since the late 1990s, its parent company, Volkswagen, teased us with exotic concept cars that never reached production. And prior to VW s involvement, the EB110 supercar of the early 1990s was good for some mind-blowing velocity (over 200 mph) before bankruptcy put the brakes on the car and the company s short-lived revival. Once assurances finally became reality and production cars began leaving the factory, it was obvious we wouldn t be disappointed again.

Yes, it s fast. Naturally, it s exclusive; yet how does it qualify as an exotic car above other exotic cars? The following is a look at the Veyron from a critical perspective, with an evaluation for a possible 100-point score on two distinct levels: luxury (for its indulgent power and appointments) and practicality (for its ease of operation, ergonomics and technology). If you re guessing off-the-chart scores for the former and a flatline reading for the latter, read on you might be surprised.

the luxury ride

It would be optimistic to hope that the Veyron will break the tradition of Bugattis existing mostly as stationary pieces in collections. There s simply too much technology and craftsmanship here to hermetically seal and leave idle. However, it s probably a million-to-one shot 1.4 million, that is, if you consider the price of admission.

Upon first seeing the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, a few preconceived notions are dispelled. First, it looks more appealing in person than in photos; the styling is more harmonious to the eye than it appears digitally. Even the signature horseshoe grille and contrasting paint scheme flow much better. On further inspection, one notices the Veyron s exotic exterior details little things like the number of places air flows in and out of the car in the line of duty and the lack of an engine cover.

For an exotic car with such prowess, you d imagine it to be a bear to control from inside a sparse interior. Rather, it s not a bad place to be, with loads of leather and aluminum trim. No-nonsense analog gauges relay the vital stats, including a unique horsepower dial. Rather than contain rows of excessive buttons and switches, the dash and console contain just a few multifunction controls for the essentials. The result is clean and lends itself to a less claustrophobic feel behind the wheel.

When you decide you need your space and separate yourself from your exotic surroundings, the Veyron is a handy tool. With all-wheel drive and the 8-liter, quad turbo, W-16 offering 1,001 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 922 lb-ft of torque at just 2,200 rpm, otherworldly speed is achieved with a mere twitch of your foot. The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 moves from 0 to 62 mph in 2.5 seconds, 0 to 124 mph takes 7.3 seconds and 0 to 186 mph only requires 16.7 seconds of your time. The governed top speed is 252 mph.

Back in the day, car designer Ettore Bugatti is said to have stubbornly defended his use of mechanical brakes, saying his cars were made to go, not stop. Today s car thankfully abandons half that mantra with ABS plus drilled/vented discs in the front and rear, 15.7 inches and 15 inches, respectively. They re good enough to yank the 4,162-pound Veyron to a halt from 62 mph in 103 feet. The car rides on 20-inch by 10-inch rims in front and 21-inch by 14-inch rims in back, with Michelin run-flat tires all around.

It s fitting for a million-dollar plus car to offer a huge palette of exterior and interior color options. Bugatti tradition suggests you choose a primary and secondary paint color scheme, though the Veyron is still quite striking in a single hue. If you re a loyalist, consider less abrupt shades. We feel the Veyron makes enough of a statement without burning bystanders retinas.

The verdict

A $1.4 million car should not disappoint, and the Veyron is one of a few exotic cars that scores high marks for performance, style and comfort alike. We ve even warmed to the retro-styling cues like the grille and contrasting side sweeps.

Luxury score: 48/50

Now take a look at the more practical side of things on this exotic car

Every 2014 And 2015 Hybrid Car In The U. S: Ultimate Guide #used #cars #value

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Every 2014 And 2015 Hybrid Car In The U.S. Ultimate Guide

2011 Toyota Prius

Turn back the clock by one decade, and there were just four hybrid cars on sale in the U.S.

One was the first-generation Toyota Prius . The original Honda Insight was still going strong as the most efficient vehicle on sale (and only plug-in cars still better it today). Honda also offered the Civic Hybrid. And Ford’s Escape Hybrid had just made its debut back in 2004.

Today, including different transmission options that figure has risen by dozens, giving consumers a fantastic range of options for fuel-efficient hybrid motoring.

Our guide to every diesel vehicle on sale in the U.S. has proven popular, so below is our guide to every hybrid vehicle currently on sale. We’ve only featured vehicles that don’t require plugging in, so you won’t find the plug-in Prius or Chevrolet Volt in the list.

Click on any vehicle’s name to go straight to our overview pages, with reviews, news and more.

2014 Toyota Prius C

Small Cars and compacts

It’s business as usual at the top, where the 2014 Toyota Prius C reigns supreme. It tops the list with 50 mpg combined economy, and an impressive 53 mpg city rating.

Next up is a relatively new entrant, the 2014 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid. With a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine VW promises plenty of fun, but a Jetta diesel-beating 45 mpg is also there for the taking. Its closest rival in size, the 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid. matches it for combined economy, beats it in the city (44 mpg versus 42 mpg) and lags 1 mpg on the highway (47 mpg to 48 mpg).

Further down you’ll find the classy CT 200h from Lexus. It’s basically a Prius underneath, and although it manages a lower 42 mpg combined, it has the extra prestige that some buyers may be seeking. It also features a price tag that starts significantly higher, at $32,050.

The 2014 Honda Insight doesn’t have prestige to its name, but manages the same 42 mpg (41 mpg city, 44 mpg highway). If you want one for any reason you’ll have to act fast, as it isn’t long for this world .

The Insight might be on the chopping block but Honda’s sporty CR-Z  has earned a stay of execution. It returns 37 mpg combined with a continuously-variable transmission, or 34 combined with the six-speed manual–the only manual hybrid on the market.

It’s not the most efficient hybrid on the market but it’s peppy to drive–and the recent introduction of a supercharger kit makes it even more fun.

Every Car Under $1, 000 #car #shipping #rates

#usèd cars

Search Cars

Welcome to Cars for A Grand

You CAN buy a used car for $1,000 or even less. Believe it or not, there are thousands of people out there trying to sell a car for under a thousand bucks. We take the hassle out of searching for these bargain cars, putting thousands of cheap cars for sale at your fingertips.

There are any number of types of cheap used cars online. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for old cars, used cars, crashed cars, junk cars, restoration projects, or parts cars we are the place to shop. There are many imitators but don’t be fooled, we are the first and still the best. Cars For a Grand, selling really cheap cars since 2007!

People ask us all the time if you can really buy a decent car for that cheap, and we got tired of answering them so we just showed them. To prove it, we bought a $899 1974 Pontiac Le Mans and drove it from San Diego to Miami. CNN ran a pretty cool clip of that trip. Later that year, we bought a $1,000 1973 Cadillac El Dorado and drove the length of Route 66. from Chicago to LA. All of this driving just to prove to YOU that it is possible to spend under $1,000 on a car and still get where you need to go. Don’t get a car payment, get a car!

The best way to find yourself a really cheap car is to put your zip code in the box above or below, or hit up our local cheap used car search. You’ll be surprised to find amazing deals in your own backyard. If you are looking for tons of cars nationwide, use the navigation to the left to browse by make.

“But can I sell my car?” Absolutely. If you are looking to sell your car. you can list it here for free – as long as you want to sell it for $1,000 or less!

Exotic Cars: Exotic Driving Experiences From Cloud 9 Living #left #hand #drive #cars

#exotic cars

Exotic Car Experiences

What We Offer:

South East

The Gift Of Speed: Why A Day Driving An Exotic Car Is The Perfect Gift

Giving someone a day driving an exotic car has got to be one of the coolest gifts on the planet, hands down.  Here at Cloud 9 Living it’s one of our favorites, because we know every time we send out a gift pack with a Ferrari or Lambo drive tucked inside someone’s year has just been made perfect.

We offer driving experiences in dozens of regions across the U.S. and we also have several types of exotic cars and driving packages to choose from.  All those choices mean you can really pick out the best gift for the lucky person you have in mind for this incredible experience.

Not sure which exotic car to choose for your lucky recipient?

No problem! Many of our exotic driving experiences offer combo pack options, so participants can race an entire fleet of fast ‘n’ flash wheels!

And, of course, a Cloud 9 Living gift certificate is always a great way to let your gift-getter choose a favorite horsepower-packed vehicle for burnin’ rubber. They can easily book their experience directly through our fast and convenient online system, and get behind the wheel of their dream car in no time!

And even better still, Cloud 9 Living experience gifts have no expiration dates and are exchangeable for any other experience on our site. So it’s convenient to pick the perfect moment to experience the thrill of a lifetime!

Which Exotic Car Should You Give?

Let’s face it: all of these cars are sleek, perfectly engineered machines.  They’re all also super fast.  Even better, when you give a Cloud 9 Living driving experience you can do so with complete confidence because if the person you give this to wants to race something else we’ll exchange it for them free of charge .

That said, you still might be wondering which one of these cars would make the best gift for the lucky recipient you have in mind.  This breakdown should help you sort it all out.


The F430

Engine: 4.3 Liter V-8

Top Speed: 196 MPH

0 to 60 in: 4 seconds

The F430 was Ferrari’s flagship model from 2004 to 2009.  It has since been replaced by the 458 Italia, but that doesn’t diminish the speed or sexiness of the car in the least.

The 458 Italia

Engine: 4.5 Liter V-8

Top Speed: 202 MPH

0 to 60 in: 3.4 seconds

The 458 was unveiled in 2009 as a replacement for the 430, and indeed this car improves upon the already unbelievable success of that model.  But the 458 also incorporates new technology developed by Ferrari in its Formula 1 program, and that accounts for this car’s even better performance.


Essex Classic Cars For Sale. Old #used #cars #san #diego

#cars for sale in essex

Latest Classic Cars and Bikes

Listing 6 adverts

1924 Essex Six. Sometimes referred to as the Super-Six , this unusual RHD Essex Coach is fitted with the famous Straight Six engine used by Essex and Hudson motor companies. Finished in dark over

Stock #505-LOU Vehicle is located in Louisville, KY-USA Engine: Straight Six Transmission: 3 Spd Manual Mileage: 46826 (unknown) Body Style: Sedan Exterior

18.500€ This car is just in at Oldtimerfarm, Aalter Belgium. Steenweg op Deinze 51C. Teusday-Saterday 10-17h (no appointment needed) Sunday: closed. Monday strictly on appointment. We specialize

Hi, here we have a very nice motor which I am selling do to a move and have no where to store it.I have had it for five years and in that time I have had the engine completely rebuilt ,new clutch and

Excellent car completely original and restored. All the parts are factory original. It is a second hand with a Super Six engine. It still have the original plaque from the city it was with the number


ELITE CLASSIC CARS – Classic Cars For Sale – Glenarm IL Dealer #car #manuals

#cars sale

ELITE CLASSIC CARS – Glenarm IL, 62536

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Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Early Cars: Fact Sheet for Children #cheap #car #audio

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Early Cars: Fact Sheet for Children

Who made the first cars?

Beginning in the 1770s, many people tried to make cars that would run on steam. Some early steam cars worked well, and some did not. Some were fire pumpers that moved by themselves, and others were small locomotives with road wheels. Beginning in the 1880s, inventors tried very hard to make cars that would run well enough to use every day. These experimental cars ran on steam, gasoline, or electricity. By the 1890s, Europeans were buying and driving cars made by Benz, Daimler, Panhard, and others, and Americans were buying and driving cars made by Duryea, Haynes, Winton, and others. By 1905 gasoline cars were more popular than steam or electric cars because they were easier to use and could travel further without adding fuel. By 1910 gasoline cars became larger and more powerful, and some had folding tops to keep drivers and passengers out of the rain.

How did the first cars work?

A steam car burned fuel that heated water in a boiler. This process made steam that expanded and pushed pistons, which turned a crankshaft. An electric car had a battery that powered a small electric motor, which turned a drive shaft. A gasoline car ignited fuel that caused a small explosion inside each cylinder. This explosion pushed the piston and turned a crankshaft connected to the wheels by a chain or drive shaft.

Who drove the first cars?

In 1900 wealthy people bought cars for pleasure, comfort, and status. Many doctors bought small, affordable cars because they were more dependable than horses and easier to keep ready. Rural Americans liked cars because they could cover long distances without depending on trains. They carried produce to market, went to stores and movies in town, and even used their cars to plow fields. Families in towns and cities liked cars because they were handy for errands, going to the train station, visiting relatives, going to church, and going on drives in the country. A family s house with a car in the driveway has been a common sight since about 1910. Young people liked cars because they could go to movies, restaurants, and other fun places instead of staying at home with their parents.

Why do so many people use cars?

Cars are fast, comfortable, nice looking, and fun to drive. They can go almost anywhere, and they are always ready for use. In many ways, driving is easier than walking, biking, or riding in a train, bus, or airplane. But owning a car is a big responsibility. It takes a lot of money to buy one and keep it running, and drivers must be trained, licensed, and always alert to avoid mistakes and accidents. It takes a lot of space to park cars, and too many cars cause congestion on roads and in parking lots. Some car owners have returned to walking, biking, or riding a train or bus when it s more practical or convenient. For most Americans, cars are a favorite way to travel, but there will always be a need for other types of transportation.

What was different about the Ford Model T?

Ford Model T

Built near the end of the Model-T era, this Model-T roadster came off the assembly line in 1926. Courtesy of the National Museum of American History.

The Ford Model T, made between 1908 and 1927, cost less than other cars, but it was sturdy and practical. It ran well on dirt roads and fields because it could twist as it rolled over bumps. The Model T looked like an expensive car but actually was very simply equipped. From 1915 to 1925, it only came in black because black paint dried faster than other colors, making it possible to build and sell more Model Ts. For all of these reasons, more Model Ts were sold than any other type of car at the time — a total of just over 15 million. Farmers, factory workers, school teachers, and many other Americans changed from horses or trains to cars when they bought Model Ts.

Why do most cars today run on gasoline?

The gasoline engine has been reliable, practical, and fairly efficient since about 1900. It is easier to control than a steam engine and less likely to burn or explode. A gasoline car can go much further on a tank of gasoline than an electric car can go between battery charges. Gasoline engines have been improved by the use of computers, fuel injectors, and other devices. But growing concern about chemicals that gasoline engines release into the air (i.e. pollution) have led to new interest in clean, electric cars and cars that run on natural gas, a vapor that is different from gasoline.

How many cars are in the Smithsonian?

There are more than 60 cars in the Smithsonian collection, but only 12 to 15 are displayed in the National Museum of American History. Some cars are in storage, and some are on loan to other museums. The production years of cars in the collection range from 1894 to 1990. There are experimental cars, cars that families drove, and racing cars. The Smithsonian has been collecting cars since 1899, and almost all of them have been given by people or businesses.

Where else can I see early cars?

Some of the Smithsonian s cars are on loan to the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio, the Onondaga Historical Association in Syracuse, New York, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing in York Springs, Pennsylvania. Major car museums not connected with the Smithsonian include the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada, the Imperial Palace Collection in Las Vegas, Nevada and Biloxi, Mississippi, the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California, the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana, and the Owl s Head Museum in Owl s Head, Maine.

Where can I read about early cars?

Books about early cars are available at most libraries. Some of the books you might look for are:

Automobile Quarterly. The American Car Since 1775. New York: L.S. Bailey, 1971.

Clymer, Floyd. Henry’s Wonderful Model T 1908-1927. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1955.

Dammann, George H. Ninety Years of Ford. Osceola, WI, USA: Motorbooks International, 1993.

Editors of Consumer Guide Staff. Ford: The Complete History. Lincolnwood, IL: Publications International, 1989.

Flink, James J. America Adopts the Automobile, 1895-1910. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1970.

_____. The Automobile Age. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1990.

Heilig, John, ed. Automobile Quarterly’s Directory of North American Automobile Museums. Kutztown, PA: Automobile Quarterly, 1992.

Lichty, Robert C. Standard Catalog of Ford, 1903-1990. Iola, WI: Krause Publications, 1990.

Montagu of Beaulieu, Lord and Anthony Bird. Steam Cars 1770-1970. London: Cassell, 1971.

May, George S. ed. The Automobile Industry, 1885-1920. New York: Facts on File, 1989.

McCalley, Bruce W. Model T Ford: The Car That Changed the World. Iola, WI: Krause Publications, 1994.

_____. The Model T Ford Encyclopedia, 1909-1927: A Comprehensive Guide to the Evolution and Changes of the Major Components of the Model T Ford. [Burbank, CA: Model T Ford Club of America], c. 1989.

Rae, John Bell. The American Automobile Industry. Boston: Twayne Publishers, 1984.

_____. American Automobile Manufacturers: The First Forty Years. Philadelphia, PA: Chilton, 1959.

Schiffer, Michael B. Tamara C. Butts and Kimberly K. Grimm. Taking Charge: The Electric Automobile in America. Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1994.

Sears, Stephen W. The American Heritage History of the Automobile in America. New York: American Heritage Publishing, Co. 1977.

Stern, Philip Van Doren. Tin Lizzie: The Story of the Fabulous Model T Ford. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1955.

Wakefield, Ernest Henry. History of the Electric Automobile: Battery-only Powered Cars. Warrendale, PA: Society of Automotive Engineers, 1994.

Wilson, Paul Carroll. Chrome Dreams: Automobile Styling Since 1893. Radnor, PA: Chilton-Book Co. 1976.

Where can I find out about cars on the Web?

A Brief History of The First 100 Years of the Automobile Industry in the United States:

Car Museums on the Web.

Henry Ford Museum Greenfield Village:

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum:

National Automobile Museum.

Petersen Automotive Museum:

Top 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Car #car #tuning

#buying a car

Top 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Car

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5 Car Buying Mistakes to Avoid

When you re in the market for a new vehicle, the best thing you can do for yourself is be prepared. So here are the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid when purchasing your next vehicle:

  1. Thinking in terms of monthly payment. Not very many people walk into a car dealership and plan on writing a check or paying cash for their vehicle, and the salespeople know this. In fact, many of them rely on this fact in their sales pitch. This also explains why the negotiation almost always revolves around how much you can afford to pay for the car each month. But focusing on a monthly budget is by far the easiest way to spend too much on your next vehicle. When negotiating a price, the dealer can do a number of things to make almost any vehicle fit your budget. They can do this by adjusting interest on the interest rate. offer you a longer term on the loan, or restructure the financing in a way that creates a payment that fits into your budget. It may not seem like a big deal, but even a few extra percentage points or an additional year on the loan can add thousands of dollars to the total cost of the vehicle. When the average car payment in the U.S. has been between $471 and $482 per month for the last few years, it s worth looking at what that money is actually getting you.
  1. Buying new versus used. A vehicle is not an investment – at least not a good one. Vehicles depreciate in value quickly, so when you buy a new vehicle, you can expect it to continuously decrease in value from the moment you take ownership. In fact, a new car typically decreases in value by 25%-40% in the first two years. The best thing you can do is to let someone else take the initial 40% hit by buying a slightly used vehicle that is a year or two old.

Years ago, there was a good reason to buy new and that was for the warranty. Today, most vehicles have longer warranties that can still be in effect even if you buy a car that is a few years old. Additionally, you can often opt to purchase an extended warranty, which is typically far cheaper than the value the car lost in the first year or two.

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  1. Choosing the wrong vehicle. Are you a single person who needs a vehicle just to get you to and from work every day? Then you probably don’t need that $45,000 SUV that seats eight and can tow 5,000 pounds. You want a vehicle that meets your specific needs. Sure, there are a lot of cars and trucks out there that will turn heads, but keep in mind that many of these will come at a premium.
  • Not taking into consideration other costs. The actual cost of the vehicle is important, but what is often overlooked are all of the hidden long-term maintenance and insurance costs that go along with a vehicle. Keep in mind that car insurance premiums typically increase with the value of a vehicle, so buying a more expensive vehicle will increase your annual insurance costs. This can amount to hundreds, if not a thousand dollars or more per year.

    In addition to insurance, you have to take into account all of the maintenance costs. Vehicles need oil changes, new brakes, air filters, tires, and much more. Luxury or performance models are generally going to require higher end replacement parts that can cost much more than their standard counterpart.

    Finally, you need to consider gas consumption. The average person will drive between 10,000 and 15,000 miles per year. A vehicle that gets an average of 30 miles per gallon with today’s gas prices. you can expect to spend between $1,000 and $1,500 per year on gas alone. Now, consider a vehicle that only gets about 15 miles per gallon. Now you’re spending $2,000 and $3,000 each year.

    When you think about it, by the time you factor in gas, oil changes. insurance and regular maintenance, you can expect to spend $3,000 to $5,000 in addition to your monthly car payment each year!

  • Putting $0 down. There are a lot of incentives when it comes to buying a car, and you can often put yourself in a brand new vehicle of your choice with no money down. Sounds great, right? Not so fast. Remember, vehicles depreciate rapidly, so if you finance the full purchase price, you often find yourself upside down on the loan immediately.

    Being upside down simply means that you owe more than the car is worth. Remember, there are taxes and other fees that go into a new car purchase, and they are typically rolled into the loan if you don’t put anything down. That means as soon as you drive it off the lot, you owe more money to the bank or dealership than the vehicle is actually worth.

    This is a very bad idea if you intend on selling or trading the car in before the loan is paid off. If after three years you need to get a new vehicle and you owe $10,000 while the car is only worth $8,000, you will have to either pay $2,000 out of your pocket, or finance that into your new loan. It may feel good to walk out of the dealership with a brand new car without having to fork over a dime up front, but it will cost you.

    Want more tips for saving money? Sign up for the Money newsletter  and get insights from our personal finance experts, delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Empire Auto Sales – Used Cars – Sioux Falls SD Dealer #best #car #battery

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    Empire Auto Sales – Sioux Falls SD, 57105

    Home of the Certified used car and truck store, Low Price Cars and Trucks with a 3 month warranty included in the price.

    We are Family owned and operated. We have the best Vehicles in the Sioux Empire $3000.00 to $20,000.00

    Quality used cars and Quality people.

    Many people come back again and bring there friends and family to buy here. We care.

    Better Business Bureau A+ Rating for many years. Many Public service awards, Only Used Car Dealer ever placed on a Governor’s Task Force to protect the Public and change Laws to do so. Quality Dealer Award from ASC Warranty Company 2013. Former President of The South Dakota Independent Auto Dealers Association.

    Sioux Falls, SD Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks Lot Serving Vermillion, Mitchell

    At Empire Auto Sales in Sioux Falls, SD, we strive to achieve our main priority, customer satisfaction. We do this by providing great Used Cars, Pickup Trucks at affordable prices while making sure our customers are happy. At Empire Auto Sales we have a great staff that will be able to assist you with all of your Sioux Falls Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory buying needs. We’ve helped customers from all over SD including Baltic, Brandon, Chancellor, Crooks, Harrisburg, Hartford, Larchwood, Lennox, Lyons, Renner, Sioux Falls, Tea, Valley Springs, Worthing. If you happen to be looking for Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks inventory around Sioux Falls, Vermillion, Mitchell, SD, stop by and we will do whatever we can to get you the used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks you have always dreamed of. Any questions? Feel free to give us a call at 6053392225.

    At Empire Auto Sales you will find your favorite Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks inventory at competitive prices. Take a test drive at our Sioux Falls Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lot in used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks near Vermillion or Mitchell. The Empire Auto Sales sales people are ready to answer your questions about a particular model and find the Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory in Sioux Falls that meets all of your expectations. For a large selection of Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks inventory in the Vermillion, Mitchell visit our Sioux Falls dealership today.

    Empire Auto Sales has the Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory in Sioux Falls that you have been searching for. With a variety of used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks to choose from and an experienced sales team, we are confident that we can find the Used Cars, Pickup Trucks that was built for you. On our Sioux Falls Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lot we feature vehicles by many of today’s top manufacturers. We have customers driving from Baltic, Brandon, Chancellor, Crooks, Harrisburg, Hartford, Larchwood, Lennox, Lyons, Renner, Sioux Falls, Tea, Valley Springs, Worthing because they know we have a great selection. Have you been unable to locate Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory in Sioux Falls or a Used Cars. Used Pickups For Sale inventory in Vermillion? Fill out our Car Finder form and we will notify you when a matching Used Cars, Pickup Trucks arrives at our dealership.

    More about Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks lot in Sioux Falls near Vermillion, Mitchell. We thank you for visiting our Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks website. We are conveniently located near Vermillion, Mitchell in Sioux Falls, SD, and we look forward to serving your needs!

    Empire Auto Sales – Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks Sioux Falls, SD

    Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks | Vermillion SD Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks | Mitchell Used Cars, Used Pickup Trucks

    Electric Vehicles News – The New York Times #car #lifts

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    Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

    Chronology of Coverage

    Dec. 1, 2015

    Reluctance on part of American car dealers to sell electric automobiles, perceived as unprofitable and unwanted by consumers, has hampered adoption of technology that could help slow global warming. MORE

    Oct. 17, 2015

    Popularity of electric automobiles has surged in Norway in large part because of generous government subsidy program; effort, which has drawn attention of experts and analysts globally, is particularly remarkable because Norway is one of top producers of oil and gas in world, and comes at time when Volkswagen scandal has revealed issues with Europe’s preference for diesel cars. MORE

    Dearth of electric car charging stations in California is frustrating drivers, in some case cases prompting bad manners and arguments; adding to problem is wide variation in charging power and costs of a full charge at stations across state. MORE

    Tesla Motors unveils Model X, luxury crossover sport utility vehicle that is third model in company’s line; Model X will start at around $132,000. MORE

    Apple hopes to introduce car product of some kind, either self-driving, electric or combination of two, by 2020; project is cloaked in secrecy but closely watched by others in software and automobile industries. MORE

    Porsche unveils Mission E, all-electric four-door, four-seat luxury performance sedan. MORE

    Toyota Motor Corp introduces its next-generation Prius gas-electric hybrid car; revamped model features bolder image. MORE

    Robert Frank Inside Wealth column; Dutch ship builder Feadship’s new 274-foot megayacht Savannah features eco-friendly hybrid engines; it flaunts ultra-wealthy to flaunt their riches while still claiming to have sense of social responsibility, irony some critics label as conspicuous environmentalism. MORE

    Tesla Motors raises its stock sale to $642 million, and figure could eventually approach $750 million; electric car company forecasts it will sell 500,000 vehicles annually by 2020, up from 50,000 in 2015; investor enthusiasm has been significant. MORE

    Tesla Motors will introduce partnership with 24 Manhattan garages to offer higher-speed, 240-volt chargers where Tesla owners can charge and park their cars by hour, day and even week. MORE

    Edmunds Used Car Price Guide vs. Kelley Blue Book #used #cars #miami

    #used car values nada

    Edmunds Used Car Price Guide vs. Kelley Blue Book

    February 28, 2013

    Most people who have either purchased or sold a used car are familiar with the Edmunds used car price guide. the Kelley Blue Book and other used car price guide books as well. These documents present current information about average prices for used vehicles on the market. They can be extremely helpful to both sellers and buyers when attempting to figure out what a fair deal for a used vehicle is. However, they can also be very misleading, and it is important that you know the differences between these two information sources and how to best use the data that they provide. Failure to do so may result in you charging or paying more than you should for a used vehicle, which can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

    See how much your car is worth

    Edmunds Used Car Price Guide

    The Edmunds used car price guide generates car values from a wide variety of sources, including dealership transactions, depreciation costs for unique vehicles and private seller information. The guide splits car condition up into 5 different categories which you can use to help judge the price of your vehicle through comparison. Naturally, a salvage level car will sell for only a fraction of the cost of a like-new model of the same vehicle. Generally speaking, most buyers and sellers agree that Edmunds has a more comprehensive listing of car conditions than Kelley Blue Book does.

    The Edmunds guide attempts to provide you with an overall average price for cars of a particular make, model, year and condition. This average is inclusive of both private sellers and dealers. Generally, private sellers will sell vehicles for significantly less than dealers, so the Edmunds guide price for a used vehicle may be somewhere in between and, consequently, a bit higher than you may wish to offer a vehicle if you plan to sell it privately.

    Kelley Blue Book Price Guide

    The Kelley Blue Book also gathers its data from a number of different sources. Unlike Edmunds, however, Kelley values generally cater more toward the dealer. Many dealers utilize the Kelley Blue Book guide prices for used vehicles, and dealers and customers negotiate the actual price of a vehicle downward from that level. For this reason, the Kelley value tends to be higher than the Edmunds value and also quite a bit higher than what a private seller would charge for a car. Likewise, you should not expect to pay the full Kelley Blue Book value for a car in most cases.

    Ultimately, neither the Edmunds nor the Kelley value of a vehicle is entirely accurate for any particular car. The quality of the car and the various depreciation costs play a much greater role in the overall price than either of these two values do. However, the Edmunds value generally provides a more accurate price for the customer than the Kelley value does. Consult a specialist for more assistance.

    Related Questions and Answers

    Do Dealerships go by the KBB Trade in Value for Trading in a Car?

    Dealerships seldom go by the KBB trade in value (Kelley Blue Book) for cars when you bring your car in to sell or trade it in for another vehicle. Instead, they go by two other values. The Wholesale Blue Book Value and the Manheim Market Report. The Manheim Market Report is a report from the average of cars sold at auctions based on the sales of thousands of cars and trucks all over the U.S. The Wholesale Blue Book value is the most money that a car dealer will pay for a car after they determine how much they will have to spend on it to fix it up so i can be resold.

    What is the Blue Book Value of My Car?

    Many people want an answer to the question of ‘what is the blue book value of my car ?’. If you need the answer to this question, you can find it by going to the Kelley Blue Book website or other websites such as, that help consumers figure out the potential value of their car or truck. Most car dealerships would also have a copy of the Kelley Blue Book publication, but it is probably a good idea to check it out yourself so you aren’t pressured into selling your car to them, or trading your car in for a new one. Another source may be a website for the manufacturer of your brand of vehicle.

    Is Black Book Car Pricing Generally Higher or Lower than Blue Book Values?

    When it comes to selling your car, you want the best price you can get, and studies have shown that black book car pricing. on average, are lower than the trade-in amounts shown in either the Kelley Blue Book or in the NADA and edmunds listings. Black Book gets its prices for used cars based on the weekly amounts that cars sell for at wholesale auctions. Black Book gets these auction price lists from about 50 auctions a week and then averages the prices together to get the price they list for the used vehicles in their weekly publication. They also bounce these auction prices off what the local dealers are charging for cars.

    Top 5 Car Tracking Devices #used #cars #atlanta

    #car tracking device

    Top 5 Car Tracking Devices

    August 20, 2015

    People spend a lot of time in their vehicles, and whether it is a truck, sedan or luxury automobile, cars are an indispensable way of getting around. For something this much a part of modern life, it is important to monitor cars to make sure they are safe. Luckily, anyone can go out and buy a vehicle GPS tracking unit.

    There are many reasons to get such a device. For business owners, it is about keeping tabs on employees or tracking a fleet of vehicles. For families, it is to make sure that elderly parents or their first-time teen drivers are safe. Tracking devices are also used to recover stolen vehicles. There is a wide range of car tracking devices available, suitable to a variety of needs and budgets. When purchasing such a device, buyers should do the necessary research to ensure they purchase one that is appropriate for their needs.

    How Car Tracking Devices Work

    Top 5 Car Tracking Devices

    LoJack car trackers are among the more expensive trackers on the market and require that the original dealer install this particular device. However, it does have some distinct advantages. One of its unique features is that it uses radio frequencies to inform the police directly of a stolen vehicle. While service is only available in certain states, it is a good option for expensive or collectible cars. Edmunds recommends this device because it only has a one-time fee and lasts up to five days on a single charge

    Comparing the Top 5 Car Tracking Devices

    Drifting forum #car #facts #free

    #cars on sale

      Navigation Forum F o r – S a l e / W a n t e d Private Sales Drift cars for sale (private sales)
      If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Hi! welcome to the Driftworks forums

      If this is your first visit to Driftworks, then welcome to the biggest drifting website, community and shop in the world!

      Driftworks has been established since 2004, and is owned and run by a team of friends who played a big part in bringing drifting to the U.K. & Europe. We have 10 staff working from an 11,000 sq/ft property. Our products are used by the majority of winning drift teams around the world, and between our staff, we have won three professional level championships in the UK, so you can be assured our knowledge and customer service is second to none. Please check out our shop here

      When joining the forum please be sure to read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of our forum. Please also use the search feature of the forum before posting a thread, as almost without exception, someone will have asked your question before.


      The Driftworks Team. BUYERS BEWARE – Please note that items sold here by private sellers are not regulated or controlled by Driftworks.

      Please use your common sense and be careful with your money!

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    Search Inventory

    Dynamite Auto Sales is a Phoenix, Arizona preowned dealership. Please check out our complete used car inventory where you will not only find affordable used cars, but trucks, SUVs, and vans as well.

    We are here to help make your car buying experience as simple as possible by providing car buyer s tools to: ask our sales team questions . get a quote . or schedule a test drive – all from the comfort of your home.

    Dynamite Auto Sales also offers financing to almost anyone, so whether you have no credit, good credit, or not so good of credit, give us a call at 602-528-0848.

    When you re ready to come in and kick the tires , our friendly sales team will be ready to serve you. We are located at 3050 E Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ 85008 and within easy driving distance of Glendale, AZ, Buckeye, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ, Mesa, AZ, Gilbert, AZ, Chandler, AZ, and Casa Grande, AZ

    To better serve our customers our Phoenix car dealership sells both domestic and foreign cars including Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Jeep, Mercury, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo and much more.

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    Get Cash For Your Car Today!

    Sell Your Car for Cash! Dollars For Cars

    Welcome to the online home of, Dollars for Cars .   We are a company that does just what our name implies; we pay you for your cars. Most people think that only junk cars can be sold this way, or that your high-end car cannot be sold this way. That is not the case with Dollars for Cars. We are the solution to lease or loan issues and we serve almost every area of the U.S.A.

    At, Dollars for Cars. we realize that today s economy has many Americans re-thinking their options when it comes to transportation. A high-end luxury vehicle that you once thought was affordable and just what you needed, may have become a burden. Or, perhaps your partner is returning to the workplace and you need a second car. Well, at Dollars for Cars. we can help you free up cash and rid yourself of car loan or lease obligations, as well.

    At Dollars for Cars. we believe in being fair and upfront with our customers. Just fill out the form here on our site, giving all the detailed information about your car, and our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff will make you an offer. If you decide to sell us your high-end or luxury vehicles we can give you the cash you need to help you get out of your lease.  We have also been able to help our clients with cash towards paying down their auto loans.

    Contact us for more detailed information. Each car and model is considered when presented to us and we access the value and then make what we believe is a fair offer for your vehicle.

    Donated cars for sale #car #check

    #cars 4 sale

    The Cars 4 Causes Blog.

    Car Donations Routed through Many Charity Channels

    Wondering what happens to dear old Betsy once you donate her? Judging from our phone calls, many people do want to know where their old car goes, so we thought we’d share what happens here when a car donation arrives. Whether it’s a relatively new car or a very old family friend, it gets star treatment at Cars 4 Causes®.

    When you donate, you determine what charity benefits from your vehicle donation. and we make sure we make the most of the donation for both you and your charity. (See our list of over 13,400 charities. ) Some cars not designated with a charity enter our Give-Away Program that directly benefits needy individuals.

    Choosing the Best Route for Your Car Donation

    We have our own sales locations where we evaluate the car to determine its route.

    • When it is cost-effective, we make major or minor mechanical repairs, and then we detail the cars and advertise them for sale. The cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles are sold, and then they move on to their new owners.
    • Some cars go to auction, as this is the best route for them, for the best return.
    • If the cars are not road-worthy, we recycle them through salvage and scrap channels. The scrap is recycled, turning up next in a surprisingly wide array of products – your new bicycles, your new appliances, new cars.

    Your Tax Deduction

    At the completion of any of these sales processes, you receive a tax deduction receipt for the donation. And, because of these evaluation and sales processes, Cars 4 Causes® The Charity That Gives To Charities® receives the highest average return for you in the industry! You benefit from this success in your tax write-off, and your charity benefits with a corresponding donation.

    So, whether it’s old Betsy or that slightly used car in the garage, your donation is honored and appreciated all along the donation route.  Thank you for your generosity.

    Displaying items by tag: Cars #used #cars #columbus #ohio

    #private cars for sale


    Bentley 3-litre / 4.5 litre / Speed Six / 8- litre

    The magnificent machines created by W.O Bentley are among the most recognisable of all vintage cars. Massive, powerful and fast, they are among the ultimate machines of their era.

    The 3-litre arrived in 1921. It was based on a stout conventional ladder chassis frame with huge side members, on which sat an unstressed body fronted by a characteristic rounded radiator. Under the bonnet was a four cylinder fixed head engine with a single overhead camshaft which was shaft-driven from the front of the crankshaft and operated 16 valves.

    The 3-litre developed and impressive 80bhp, while the 4 ½ litre which followed gave 105bhp. Even more was on tap from the famous “blower” 4 ½ and six cylinder. 6 ½ litre Speed Six from 1929. Ettore Bugatti is said to have described Bentleys as “the world´s fastest lorries”.

    W.O Bentley built his cars strong, powerful and fast, and their record in competition shows that the strategy was a success: Bentley´s cars beat the French in their own Le Mans 24-hour race four times in succession, from 1927 to 1930.

    But Bentley´s sporting success was not matched in the marketplace: the Depression arrived just as the firm went into the super –luxury arena with its 8-litre model. Bentley went into receivership in 1930 and was taken over by Rolls Royce.

    Discount Hawaii Car Rental – 18 Photos – Car Rental – Kahului, HI – Reviews #car #starters

    #rental cars cheap

    Get directions

    “On a recent vacation to Maui I had made rental vehicle arrangements a month in advance but stumbled across Discount s website accidentally.” in 18 reviews

    Recommended Reviews

    Excellent customer service.  A+!  And incredible rates.  Finally, I m not the fool paying nearly $600 for a car rental.

    I ve used this company numerous time this past year traveling inter-island. I am a few years short of the rental age so it s nice to have a company that discounts the underage fee or waives it complete altogether. I ve never had any problems whatsoever with my rentals. Also, their customer service line is nothing but helpful. Thank you again!

    Update:  I ve just received several emails from Discount Hawaii Car Rental (discounthawaiicarrental.… ) stating/proving that they are not directly affiliated with Hawaii Car Rental Discount (hawaiicarrentaldiscount.… ).  So I want all readers of my review to understand that Hawaii Car Rental Discount is a separate company although not on Yelp.  But apparently Hawaii Car Rental Discount utilizes Discount Hawaii Car Rentals infrastructure to book rentals.  It is confusing.  Need proof?  Click on both sites and try to distinguish. I also want to state that I had no problems using one of two of my bookings with Hawaii Car Rental Discount.  It was confusion on my part that apparently caused all the issues below.

    Here is my original review.

    I discovered my reservation was cancelled when I spoke with the Dollar Representative.  I was shocked because I didn t cancel it.  The Dollar representative wasn t surprised after they read I reserved through Discount Hawaii Car Rental.  So I ended up having to rent directly from Dollar because I was intent on having a good vacation.

    Well my vacation is over so I decided to call Discount Hawaii Car Rental and spoke to Frank.  Right off the bat, Frank was unable to pull up my information even though I provided him a confirmation number.  I forwarded the confirmation email to Frank in hopes that he would be able to help solve the issue of how my reservation was cancelled.  Unfortunately, all Frank could say is that they (Discount Hawaii Car Rental) do not cancel reservations.  They only make them.  I assured Frank that I didn t cancel the reservation and asked to see if he could gather additional details that could potentially help us solve the mystery.  Again a big disappointment because all Frank could say is we don t cancel reservations .

    I pleaded with Frank.  There has to be additional information on their system to figure out this mystery.  Frank assured me that there is no way and then accused me of just wanting to argue with him.  He asked me what he could do to satisfy me in which I replied try to help solve this issue .  Frank again replied We don t cancel reservations and again accused me of trying to give him a hard time.

    Let me assure all readers of this review that I had absolutely no interest in taking time out of my day (I just got off work and arrived at home at this point) just so I could aimlessly argue with some stranger on the phone.  I tried to help Frank understand that I m just trying to see what happened so we could possibly prevent it from happening again.  Frank had no interest in this logic because (you guessed it) we don t cancel reservations .

    My confidence in this company is extremely low.  If Frank is a new employee, then perhaps I would feel a little better because then I would give the benefit of the doubt and figure he just needs customer service training.  But for a company to have a reservation system that does not provide any information about creation or cancellation of reservations seems absurd.  How do you survive audits?

    Anyhow, let all readers of this review please be aware.  I m not an angry consumer.  It appears though that Discount Hawaii Car Rental does not have a reservation system that can properly track/audit reservations.  So reserve at your own risk.  I see there are others that had positive reviews and hopefully you will too.  But know that going directly to the rental car company provides the same rates as Discount Hawaii Car Rental.  And I know for a fact that all rental car companies can track reservation activities such as creation, modifications, and cancellations.

    Was this review ?

    1984 Datsun 300ZX #used #dealerships

    #value of used car

    1984 Datsun 300ZX – Classic Car Price Guide

    History of the 1984 – 1989 Nissan 300ZX

    Datsun made its reputation with its Z cars, launched in 1970 with the 2.4-liter 240Z sports coupe. The company followed the 240Z with a string of successes, including the 260Z and 280Z. The product line became decidedly more middle-aged at the end of 1978 with the arrival of the GT- and comfort-oriented 280ZX, so Nissan brought the Z car back to a more sporting model with the U.S. introduction of the 300ZX in 1984.

    Known internally as the Z31, the initial Nissan 300ZX would run until 1989. From a design standpoint, the car was a modernized interpretation of the 280Z. Whereas the former was an interpretation of lines made famous on the 1960s Jaguar E-type, the 300ZX was wider and squarer, and carried color-coded bumpers, smoked taillights, flat-black louvers and trim, and covered headlights. The car was more sophisticated, too, with full power equipment, a digital dash, and a speech synthesizer used to deliver warning messages to the driver.

    The 300ZX was powered by Nissan’s first V-6 motor, which displaced 3-liters and developed 180 hp in normally aspirated form. The 1984 300ZX 50th Anniversary Edition was turbocharged, with a silver and black color scheme. Electronic adjustable shocks, speakers in the seats, cruise and radio controls in the steering wheel, mirrored t-tops, embroidered leather seats and floor mats, 16-inch aluminum wheels and modified front and rear fenders completed the package. The only option was an automatic or 5-speed transmission. More than 5,000 were initially produced for the U.S. market.

    Intercooled, turbocharged models debuted in the States in 1985, while the turbocharged Shiro Special debuted in 1988. This limited edition model included pearl white paint, stiffer springs and shocks, heavy-duty sway bars, a unique air dam, color-coded wheels and Recaro seats. It was the fastest car from Japan, capable of 153 mph (as tested by Motor Trend), and 1,002 were produced for the U.S. market.

    The 300ZX was redesigned following the 1989 model year, and the Z32 carried the name into the 1990s. Today, interest in the Z31 300ZX is not as great as with its predecessors, which can be good news for buyers—prices remain affordable. The cars have a robust reputation as well, which means there are plenty of quality survivors on the road. On the flip side, their low cost of entry and strong performance means these cars have typically been vigorously driven, and modified cars abound. From either vantage point, however, the Z31 remains an important evolutionary bridge between the pure sporting 240Z and the more sophisticated later Zs.

    1986 Nissan 300ZX Coupe

    Image is general in nature and may not reflect the specific vehicle selected.

    Diesel Cars @ Top Speed #car #value #guides

    #diesel cars

    2015 Audi SQ5 By ABT Sportsline

    ABT Sportsline has released an updated program for the Audi SQ5 made up of some of the company’s famous aerodynamic kits and improvements on its existing engine modification for the crossover. Back in 2013, ABT Sportsline released a similar kit for the SQ5 that featured many of the same components included in the new program. It may be recycled from a technical standpoint, but since the SQ5 has undergone stylistic changes of its own, this new kit is all about giving the SUV a different and a more up-to-the-times presentation than its predecessor.

    As usual, ABT Sportsline focused its attention on three things: the body, engine, and the suspension of the SQ5. Each section of the crossover received its own upgrades. The body, for instance, gets an aero kit that improves the SQ5’s appearance. Likewise, improvements on the suspension provides enhanced driving dynamics. Even the crossover’ s new 3.0-liter TDI diesel engine has its own engine modification that pushes its power output past the tuner’s previous modification for the SQ5.

    All together, the new tuning kit puts the SQ5 in a totally different light. It may still be Audi’s resident high-performance diesel crossover, but all the aftermarket add-ons given to it by ABT Sportsline shows that there are still enough ways to bring more out of the SQ5. The kit itself isn’t going to turn the crossover into something radically different or out of its character, but with all the pieces in place, that might as well have been the reason for the kit.

    Continue reading to learn more about the Audi SQ5 By ABT Sportsline.

    Discount Auto Company – Used Cars – Houston TX Dealer #aftermarket #car #parts

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    Discount Auto Company – Houston TX, 77077









    Houston Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars 77077 Serving Alief Cypress

    We carry a complete selection of Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars inventory available in our dealership located in Houston, TX. At Discount Auto Company, we are your place to be for all of yourHouston, Alief, Cypress Used Cars. Bad Credit Car Loans lot needs.

    At Discount Auto Company in Houston TX, customer service is our top goal with all our customer interactions. If you plan to buy used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, by here pay here, bad credit auto loans and used car financing, you will always find great prices at our Houston Used Cars, Used Cars business. Our Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars dealership in Houston TX sells many Used Cars. Bad Credit Car Loans and has many happy customers.

    Because of our terrific customer care and prices, customers travel from all across TX to visit Discount Auto Company. We have helped many customers with their Used Cars, Used Cars needs from cities such as Alief, Barker, Bellaire, Cypress, Houston, Katy, Missouri City, North Houston, Richmond, Stafford, Sugar Land, Alief, Cypress because they know we are a reputable dealership with honesty and decent prices. When purchasing used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, by here pay here, bad credit auto loans and used car financing in Houston stop by and look at our inventory or view our current inventory online.

    We hope that you find our Used Cars, Used Cars Houston website helpful to your needs. Although Discount Auto Company of Houston in TX doesn’t stay open every hour of every day, but our dealership website is always open! You can also give us a call at 281-870-8889. On our website which serves Houston area customers, you can research all Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars inventory that you would like to purchase, search our inventory of all the Discount Auto Company Used Cars. Bad Credit Car Loans that we offer at great prices, request a price quote, view pictures and data about used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, by here pay here, bad credit auto loans and used car financing.

    Discount Auto Company is proud to be your Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars dealership. Stop by today and take a look at our stockpile of Used Cars. Bad Credit Car Loans inventory and used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, by here pay here, bad credit auto loans and used car financing. At Discount Auto Company, your Houston Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars, Alief Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars, Cypress Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars dealership, we are sure of the quality of our used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, by here pay here, bad credit auto loans and used car financing. We’re determined to making sure your Used Cars, Used Cars shopping adventure is both problem free and happy. Our dedication to quality, our experience in the Used Cars. Bad Credit Car Loans industry, and the companionable way we do business is important to us; see the difference here at Discount Auto Company, serving Houston Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars customers as well as Alief Used Cars. Bad Credit Car Loans, Cypress used cars for sale, used vehicles, usedcars, pre-owned cars, by here pay here, bad credit auto loans and used car financing AND Alief, Barker, Bellaire, Cypress, Houston, Katy, Missouri City, North Houston, Richmond, Stafford, Sugar Land customers in the area.

    Discount Auto Company – Used Cars, Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars Houston, TX

    Discount Auto Sales – Used Cars – Wichita KS Dealer #car #hire #italy

    #discount cars

    1995 Ford, E-350

    1993 Chevrolet, C/K 10 Series

    1998 Freightliner, FL 70

    2005 Sterling, day cab tractor

    2010 Ford, Expedition

    2010 Ford, F-150

    1993 Chevrolet, Cavalier

    1996 Cadillac, Fleetwood

    2000 GMC, Yukon

    2005 Pontiac, Grand Am

    2003 Ford, F-450 Super Duty

    Determining the Trade-in Value #car #games

    #car trade in value

    Pricing Your Car

    Online ads make it easy to see what other people are asking for the same type of car.

    В­TВ­he most important thing you must remember before you decide to sell your car is that you generally can get a lot more money by selling the car yourself than by trading the car in at the dealership. If you do decide you want to trade in your car at a dealership, beware of two things: a very high trade-in value and a very low one.

    According to when a dealership offers you a high trade-in value for your vehicle, it will most likely use the price against the purchase of your new car. The dealer will cover the loss on the used car by making you pay a higher price for the new car. Thus, you won’t be saving any money. If the dealer offers you too little for your trade-in, it may suggest that you’re getting a low price for the new car. Remember that you can negotiate a fair trade-in price at a dealership, but know that you will probably get a higher price selling the car on your own.

    The best way to price your car is to know what other sellers are asking by looking at online ads as well as print ads.

    You can also find the suggested retail value for your car. The best way to find out this information is by using a common reference guide such as the Kelley Blue Book or the NADA Gold Book. which are available in the reference section of most libraries as well as online (including at ). These books include domestic and foreign cars that are 21 years old or newer.

    Another good way to determine a car’s price is to find out what wholesale price dealers are paying for your car at auction. The Black Book is one of several guides that provide this information. Black Book features wholesale prices on used cars and motorcycles from as early as 1946 to the present. With all this information in hand, you will be able to determine a fair and reasonable asking price for your car.

    Finally, be sure to leave a little room in your asking price. In other words, ask for slightly more money than you are actually willing to accept. For example, if you want to get $15,000 for your car, you can list the car at $15,500. Then, if you have to go lower in price, it won’t be a big loss. After you’ve decided on your asking price, it is time to make your car attractive to buyers.

    Dealer Protection Group #car #show

    #dealer car

    Dealer Protection Group

    Partner with Experience.

    Dealer Protection Group (DPG) was formed in 1999 specifically to focus on the insurance needs of franchised New Automobile Dealers. Our home office is located in Irvine, California, and along with our other branch locations in Los Angeles, Northern California, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona, we have developed and implemented insurance solutions for over 300 dealers. Our locations position us well to service the needs of California dealers whose operations extend beyond the state and the Southwest, including Hawaii, Oregon, Texas, and Illinois.

    As a full-service broker we not only provide a customized suite of competitive industry specific Property and Casualty insurance and Workers Compensation products to our clientele, we also offer Surety Bonds, Employee Benefits. and Financial and Insurance (F I) programs, in addition to a number of key services, such as training, loss control, and much more. We have access to a number of top-rated insurance companies, service providers, and ancillary programs to offer a fully loaded, top-of-the-line package for dealers. You can come to DPG for all your insurance and related needs, so you can keep your focus on sales and servicing your customers.

    What’s more, DPG is a member of Arroyo Insurance Services, providing us with the ability to offer personal insurance products for you and your employees – everything from Auto insurance to Homeowners and Medical, Dental, and Life, etc. We also offer Commercial Lines insurance for all types of businesses, such as retail, wholesale operations, manufacturers, etc.

    High performance is our policy.

    DPG understands that responsiveness is key to the success of your business, and our staff is dedicated to providing you with superior service so that you can do the same for your customers. We invite you to take a close look at what we can offer your dealership and how we can help drive your success with a comprehensive insurance program that has extremely competitive prices in the marketplace along with products that provide the proper coverage. Give us a call at 949.208.8550 .

    Determining the Market Value of a Classic Car #car #camera

    #market value of cars

    Determining the Market Value of a Classic Car

    By Tony and Michele Hamer. Classic Cars Expert

    Whether you’re buying or selling a classic car, you will want to determine its fair market value. Publications such as the Old Car Buyers Guide, Hemmings or NADA s Classic, Collectible and Special Interest Car Appraisal Guide Directory are a good place to start. Their price guides rate a car s value using 6 categories according to their conditions that range from “pristine” to “basket case”.

    To appraise your car and determine what category it fits into, rate each of the following items on a scale of one to five, using five as the maximum value.

    Continue Reading Below

    Then total your points for all 20 categories. Compare the points you have given the car to the 100 point maximum. Use this six category valuation to determine the car s market value.

    • Category 1 would be a 90 point car
    • Category 2 would be a 80-89 point car
    • Category 3 would be a 70-79 point car
    • Category 4 would be a 60-69 point car
    • Category 5 is would be a 40 – 59 point car
    • Category 6 is any car under a 40 point car

    Inspect and Rate the Exterior

    • Stand 2 to 3 feet in front of each headlight and taillight individually so that you can view the side panels at an angle to inspect for waves or bulges or any signs of poorly done body repair .
    • Check for paint blisters for signs of rust, especially over wheel wells, along rocker panels and around headlights.
    • Use a magnet over various parts of the body to check for body filler. signs of previous damage and those typically known for rust.
    • Check for uniform gaps between the body and the doors, trunk and hood.


    • Check to see if the doors sag when they are open, particularly the driver-side, as this will be a sign of worn hinges.
    • Look for signs of aging and cracking in the weather seals around the doors and windows.

    Continue Reading Below

    Hood and Trunk

    • Inspect the hood for any rippling, denting and underlying rust.
    • Check under the carpeting in the trunk and around the wheel housings for rust.
    • Are the hood and trunk aligned properly so they close and latch easily?


    • Originally convertibles built prior to 1950 had canvas tops, vinyl tops appeared in the 1950s. Is the top made from original-type material?
    • Is the material worn or discolored, is the stitching coming apart?
    • Convertibles built from 1965 into the 70s usually had glass rear windows. Is the rear window of the convertible top of the original type?
    • Check the condition of the convertible top mechanism, does it lower and raise easily and does it fit snugly in place.
    • Check for dents on vehicles with metal tops.
    • On vinyl covered metal-topped cars, inspect its condition and assure it s sealed tightly without rips or other damage.


    Top 10 Best Used Cars for Sale under 5000 Dollars in 2015 #glass #car #guide

    #best used cars under 5000

    Top 10 Best Used Cars for Sale under 5000 Dollars in 2015

    In today’s world, the vehicle riders love to buy only the best and most outstanding cars . trucks, motorbikes, and other transports for themselves. They, no more, rely upon something that has come from a cheap brand. At the same time, the demand of the global customers is cheap cars, whether they are zero-meter or used ones.

    Let us check the list of top 10 best used cars for sale under 5000 dollars in 2015.

    10. Ford Focus

    No doubt, Ford Focus is one of the best buy cars under $5,000. Overall this car has received high rating. Its most remarkable specifications are great gas mileage, reliable design, durability, and the car’s ability to run nearly 150,000 miles with great speed. Other than this, it has lovely colors you can choose from.

    9. Subaru Impreza WRX

    Subaru Impreza WRX was firstly launched in 2004. You can easily have this used car at reasonable cost. The car is capable to run almost 75,000 miles. It also features 227 horsepower, 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, and four-wheel driving capacity. The car’s manual transmission system will make your riding experience wonderful.

    8. Honda CR-V

    Honda CR-V is yet another impressive car to have at low price. The fuel mileage of this vehicle is very awesome, even if you get a used one, you won’t have to regret. It is very easy to find 2002 CR-V used at or under 5000 dollars. The car comes in a number of attractive colors, and is scored highly by worldwide customers.

    7. Chevrolet Aveo

    Here is another attractive car. It was firstly launched in 2005. The car is loved due to its flexibility, and beautiful design. With the mandatory legwork and limited budget, this is a must have vehicle. It features 4-cylinder, powerful engine, and attractive design. It is an ideal family vehicle.

    6. Mazda Miata

    Mazda Miata is a wonderful car to have at reasonable price. If you were looking for an affordable deal, then why don’t you consider this particular vehicle. Trust me it is worth your amount. The car was originally launched in 1997, and has the running capacity of more than 100,000 miles.

    5. Volvo 740 Sedan

    Volvo 740 Sedan is one of the regular choices of the used car lovers. It is known to have been manufactured for tough rides, and has rust-resistant body. This used car can be bought under 5000 dollars, so you don’t need to spend high amounts on any of the expensive cars. Performance wise, this car has a turbocharged engine, rear wheel drive, and manual transmission system.

    4. Subaru Legacy Outback SUS

    The Subaru Legacy Outback Sport Utility Sedan (SUS) has been one of the finest used cars to have under five thousand dollars. This is a highly featured car that is both durable and attractive. It is known for its rare design and high running speed on the road. The car has a flat boxer engine, an all-wheel drive system, and a raised suspension system for better stability.

    3. Volkswagen Jetta GLS TDI

    The Volkswagen Jetta GLS TDI is a well-equipped car. This is best known to have a somewhat round body, and is suitable for daily uses. The car features five-speed manual transmission, and fuel-efficient engine. The car’s engine is high productive, and it comes in several beautiful colors to make you a fan.

    2. Acura Integra GS-R

    The Acura Integra GS-R is an extremely gorgeous car, having a responsive transmission. The car has many wonderful specifications, and is highly rated by its users. It is known to be a fuel-efficient car, having spacious indoors, comfortable seats, and is good for long rides.

    1. Hyundai Elantra

    According to many reviews I just read online about Hyundai Elantra, this is one of the most demanding and well-versed cars. It is recommended to those who are looking for used cars under 5000 dollars. This car has gorgeous interior, spacious and wide seats, and powerful engine, in addition to solid body and high capacity of running on the roads.

    Would you love to buy any of these cars?

    Top 10 Best Gas Mileage Compact Cars, Best MPG Coupes, Fuel Efficient Small Cars #modified #car #insurance

    #best small car

    Top 10 Best Gas Mileage Coupes and Compact Cars

    #10 – 2016 Chevrolet Cruze Limited

    The standard features of the Chevrolet Cruze Limited ECO Manual include ECOTEC 1.4L I-4 138hp engine intercooled turbo, 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), side seat mounted airbags, curtain 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags, rear side-impact airbag, driver and passenger knee airbag, airbag occupancy sensor, air conditioning, 17 forged aluminum wheels, cruise control, ABS and driveline traction control, StabiliTrak electronic stability.

    #9 – 2015 Toyota Prius c

    #8 – 2015 Chevrolet Cruze

    The standard features of the Chevrolet Cruze Diesel include 2.0L I-4 151hp engine intercooled turbo, 6-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), side seat mounted airbags, curtain 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags, rear side-impact airbag, driver and passenger knee airbag, airbag occupancy sensor, air conditioning, 17 aluminum wheels, cruise control, ABS and driveline traction control, StabiliTrak electronic stability.

    #7 – 2015 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive

    The standard features of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Base include 177hp engine 1-speed automatic transmission, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), integrated navigation system, side seat mounted airbags, curtain 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags, rear side-impact airbag, driver knee airbag, airbag occupancy sensor, THERMATIC air conditioning, 17 aluminum wheels, cruise control, ABS and driveline traction control.

    #6 – 2015 smart fortwo electric drive

    #5 – 2016 Nissan LEAF

    The standard features of the Nissan LEAF S include 107hp engine 1-speed automatic transmission, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), side seat mounted airbags, curtain 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags, airbag occupancy sensor, automatic air conditioning, 16 steel wheels, cruise control, ABS traction control, electronic stability.

    #4 – 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf

    #3 – 2016 FIAT 500e

    The standard features of the FIAT 500e Battery Electric include 111hp engine 1-speed automatic transmission, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), integrated navigation system, side seat mounted airbags, curtain 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags, driver knee airbag, airbag occupancy sensor, automatic air conditioning, 15 aluminum wheels, cruise control, ABS and driveline traction control.

    #2 – 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV

    Delicious: days #buy #junk #cars

    #cars uk for sale

    Thanks to our dear friends Hande and Theo we discovered the beauty of Lake Neusiedl in Austria six or seven years ago. Ever since we made it a habit to annually meet there during late summer, to indulge in the world’s best tomatoes. some fab wine and seriously good food .

    May 29th, 2015

    Isn’t it funny how the same thing that made you dread one subject can make you love another? When I think about my time at the university – I studied law – what I had hated most was the fact that law seemed so inexhaustible, like I d never be able to conquer the complete discipline, knowing and understanding it all. Many years later, the sight of ever-changing loose leaf law collections like Schönfelder  still gives me a feeling of reluctance and creeps. But what does that have to do with cooking and baking?

    RECIPE OVERLOAD. That would be an apt description of what s going on in my Evernote to cook  folder. The dilemma: I can never just visit the virtual kitchens (aka blogs) of fellow food blogging friends, inevitably one or two tempting recipes get added to my Evernote folder each every time I m out there. And I m fairly certain I will never get around to cooking or baking them all. Sadly so.

    2015-16 New Car Buyer s Guide – Kelley Blue Book #second #hand #car #dealers

    #car buyers

    Auto News

    2015-16 New Car Buyer s Guide

    Posted: 11/18/2015 11:28:28 AM

    Our New Car and SUV Buyer’s Guides make it easy to become an instant expert on a variety of segments, from small cars to luxury cars and all the SUVs, minivans and trucks in between. Find out what’s new, what’s next and see all your options together in one place.

    The 10 popular segments below account for more than 70% of all new cars sold in a year, so there’s a good chance your next car is just a click away. Our Buyer’s Guides are updated weekly and make it easy to become an instant expert on all your choices, including a valuable look at what’s new and what’s next. They’re listed here in order of average transaction price.

    They’re as quiet and comfortable as yesterday’s midsize cars, while packing even more cool features.

    Average price: $20,000

    The biggest vehicle segment in the country and arguably the most car for the money.

    Average price: $25,000

    Versatile and high-riding but not too big or thirsty, the small SUV segment is growing fast.

    Average price: $26,000

    These purpose-built people movers are addictive to the whole family.

    Average price: $32,000

    Three rows of seats, available all-wheel drive and a place in history as the quintessential family car of our generation.

    Average price: $33,000

    Fun to drive, well-appointed and a satisfying sense of exclusivity.

    Average price: $39,000

    An increasing focus on fuel-efficiency and creature comforts is broadening the appeal of pickup trucks.

    Average price: $41,000

    Another growing segment, offering an appealing combination of luxury and practicality.

    Average price: $42,000

    Most offer three rows, all offer varying levels of opulence inside.

    Average price: $51,000

    Significantly more attainable than their flagship luxury sedan big brothers, and luxurious enough for anyone.

    First Pics: New 2016 Models

    Top 10 Best Value Cars for 2010 #japan #cars

    #best cars 2010

    Top 10 Best Value Cars for 2010

    Page 1 of 2

    Top 10 Best Value Cars for 2010

    If the recent recession taught consumers anything at all, it was the value of their current car. 2009 saw more and more consumers hanging on to their current vehicles, and 2010 is set to follow the same route. However, while you might decide to wait a bit longer to make that new car purchase, you’ll still need to know how to get the most value for your money.

    What is value, then? You must feel that you are getting more than “your money’s worth,” but the car also has to meet (and preferably exceed) your specific needs. In other words, it needs to match your lifestyle. The value of a car cannot be determined by comparing any single component or criteria – it takes a studied comparison of various areas to arrive at an informed conclusion.

    Ranking the Top 10 Best Value Cars for 2010

    We selected only 10 cars from the 2010 lineup for their value. To make this decision, we factored in several different areas, all of which are of vital importance. You’ll find that each of our 10 picks excels in areas such as MSRP purchase price, reliability during ownership, warranty coverage from the manufacturer, available features on the model, the fit and finish of the vehicle, and the various driving characteristics that make each of these cars “a keeper.”

    Ease of ownership was one of our most important factors, because a vehicle that has a high degree of reliability is certainly easy to own (and easy on the wallet). Warranty coverage is another important decision, as this has an enormous impact on the total cost of ownership. We’ve also rated the relative comfort and ease of drivability for you.

    • Initial Purchase Price (MSRP)
    • Reliability
    • Warranty Coverage
    • Fit and Finish
    • Overall Ease of Ownership
    • Cost of Ownership

    More Articles Like This

    Top 10 Cars for First Time Buyers in 2010

    Top 10 Cars for Senior Drivers in 2010

    Top 10 College Cars for 2010

    Top 10 Executive Cars for 2010

    Top 10 Family Cars of 2010

    End Nears for Pontiac with Final U.S. Made Vehicle

    Dealer Invoice Prices – by #leaf #car

    #invoice price for cars

    Dealer Invoice Prices

    How to Find Car Invoice Prices to Get the Best Deals

    Car dealers buy wholesale and sell retail, the way most businesses work.

    They buy vehicles from the car manufacturer (all car dealers are independent businesses, not owned by a manufacturer) for a specific price (invoice price) and mark up that price (sticker price) when selling to customers.

    It s the same way that JC Penney, Walmart, and most other companies work.

    However, there seems to be a certain mystique about automobile invoice prices that isn t there when dealing with department stores and other kinds of businesses.

    It stems from the fact that dealers often advertise will sell at invoice or below invoice prices and have brought the attention on themselves.

    Automotive customers are more aware of the fact that car dealers sell at different prices to different customers. and that it is actually possible to buy a car at or below wholesale price (because dealers say so). Customers want the best deal possible, and expect to get the same kind of deal that other customers are getting.

    What is invoice price?

    Invoice price is the price a car dealer pays to the manufacturer for each vehicle he buys. The price is the same for every dealer across the U.S. for the same car.

    Invoice price is only one of a number of costs that dealers pay.

    Destination cost is also charged to dealers. It is a transportation and delivery fee that is also the same for every dealer, even if the dealer is next door to the manufacturing plant. Dealers simply pass this fee along to customers without markup or profit.

    Dealers may also be charged advertising fees. although these may not come directly from the carmaker. Often, these fees come from a regional dealers organization, and may be passed on to customers as a distinct line item in sales contracts.

    Dealers borrow money, usually from the car company, to finance the cost of buying vehicles for their showrooms and new-car lots. There are finance costs (interest) on those loans, called floorplanning. The longer a car sits on a dealer s lot, the greater the floorplan cost.

    Built into dealer invoice prices are what are commonly called holdback. This amounts to about 2%-3% of MSRP but can vary by carmaker. This fee can be returned to dealers after vehicles are sold, as compensation for floorplan costs (finance fees for loans that dealers use to buy vehicles from manufacturers). Automotive consumers sometimes think that this is simply added dealer profit that should be passed along to them.

    How can a dealer sell at invoice price or below invoice price?

    The answer: With a great deal of financial help from the manufacturer of the cars he sells.

    Dealers sometimes build up large inventories of unsold vehicles due to slow sales. Carmakers don t like this situation because dealers then do not order more cars from the factory. Therefore, the factory helps dealers sell cars by offering incentives to customers to buy more cars (0% loans, employee prices, rebates, special lease deals).

    A manufacturer might also provide hidden factory-to-dealer rebates and sales bonuses to dealers in monthly promotions. Although these dealer incentives are not directly seen by customers, dealers can pass them along, in whole or in part, to customers as price discounts .

    With a combination of customer incentives added to hidden dealer incentives, along with direct price discounts, dealers can easily sell vehicles at below-invoice prices. Both the dealer and the carmaker contribute to the deal, and usually sacrifice much of their usual profit. Incentive programs usually exist for a short period of time — a month or two. Then those incentives are removed or possibly replaced by another new incentive program for the next month.

    Car buying customers often expect dealers to sell at or below invoice prices even when incentives are not being offered. This is not reasonable.

    The only time a dealer can sell at or below invoice price is when he is getting help from his manufacturer. The key to smart buying and leasing is to watch for manufacturer-incented ( subvented ) deals. These are usually heavily advertised on TV, in newspapers, and on car makers web sites. Most are genuinely good deals. although usually limited to certain models and styles for a limited time period. See Best Car Deals for current incentive programs.

    Something else to consider

    Car dealers make much of their profit not on the car sale itself but on what is sold in the F I (Finance and Insurance) manager s back office.

    This is the guy who draws up all the paperwork for you to sign, takes your down payment, and gives you your car keys. However, a big part of his job is to sell you something before you leave. He ll talk to you about extended warranties, credit insurance, paint sealant, security systems, gap insurance, fabric protectant, rust proofing, and other options. He ll explain how little these products add to your monthly payment.

    Understand that these are high-profit items for a dealer. A dealer can often make more profit off such sales than on vehicle sales. Just make sure that you actually need the products or services offered and that you can t get them for a better price from another source.

    Where do I find invoice car prices?

    Easy. Go to or . You ll have to dig a bit, but current invoice prices can be found on these and other automotive web sites for free. It s good to know invoice price, but don t expect dealers to sell at or below invoice price if they aren t getting help from their parent car company.

    What is more realistic is to understand what current market prices are for the car you are interested in. If there are current incentives and dealers are getting help from their factory, it will be reflected in the market prices — what other people are actually paying.

    A new and different way

    A relatively new company, , is providing a unique free service to automotive consumers. They not only show you sticker prices and dealer invoice prices, but also show you what other peope are paying for the car you want — market prices — and tell you how much you should expect to pay.

    They even give you a guaranteed low price that includes any current incentives and is good at selected dealers in your area. This could be the future of car buying.

    For more details about car pricing, see our article, Car Pricing Secrets .

    Dealer Auto Auction #used #cars #value

    #auction cars for sale

    Dealer Auto Auction

    Whether you want to add new vehicles or sell your surplus, the incredible dealer auctions at BSC America allow you to craft the perfect fleet of cars for your dealership. Our wholesale auctions are conveniently located in Bel Air, MD and Tallahassee, Florida and you can also take advantage of these great deals without leaving your home by bidding on several cars for sale online. A dealer auto auction is the perfect place for dealers to buy, sell, network and, of course, enjoy the show. Contact us for information on our upcoming dealer auctions.

    Speed into Savings

    Whether your lot specializes in a certain make or offers a little bit of everything, sometimes your fleet just seems to be missing something. A dealer auction offers a wide variety of both new and used cars that can fill in the gaps on your lot, making your fleet more complete and appealing to your clientele.

    While licensed dealers are the only ones who can purchase vehicles at a wholesale auction. they are not the only ones who sell. Banks, rental car agencies, financial institutions, the government, and several other businesses often have vehicles for sale at a car dealer auction or used car auction. This means that you can find everything from used car repos to a brand-new Mercedes-Benz. Better yet, the vehicles at car dealer auctions often sell for less than they do at car auctions that are open to the general public, which translates to even more savings for you and your dealership.

    Refine Your Fleet

    In addition to buying at a used cars auction. many dealers often use the opportunity to rid their lots of any cars that are not selling. You know that the cars on your lot require costly maintenance and care. Wholesale car auctions are a convenient way to turn that slow-selling car on your lot into fast cash! If you have a surplus of a certain make or model, you can easily liquidate it at a wholesale car auction. Many dealers also auction the trade-in cars they receive from customers, especially if the trade-ins don’t match the style or quality of cars they normally sell.

    BSC America knows that one dealer’s slow-seller is another dealer’s hot commodity; our fleet car auctions present the opportunity for everyone to win. Contact us to register for our next dealer auto auction. Whether you want to drive to our Tallahassee auction site or browse our website for used cars for sale online. we have a venue for you!

    2013 Nissan Leaf Hatchback Review #car #hire #uk

    #leaf car

    2013 Nissan Leaf Hatchback

    Edmunds’ Review

    Edmunds Expert Review of the 2013 Nissan Leaf Hatchback

    Although there are a handful of choices now for an electric vehicle now, the 2013 Nissan Leaf is still the most established. It’s a smart choice for an EV.

    Spacious, quiet cabin; ample features; established in terms of reliability and availability; affordable base price.

    What’s New for 2013

    The 2013 Nissan Leaf receives a new 6.6-kW onboard charger that cuts charging times in half. There’s also a new “B-mode” driving mode that increases regenerative braking during deceleration. Finally, Nissan has added a more affordable S model to the lineup.


    One of the first full-electric vehicles marketed to American buyers, the Nissan Leaf enters its third year of production with a handful of refinements that should keep it foremost in the minds of EV shoppers. Now assembled at Nissan’s Tennessee plant, the 2013 Nissan Leaf features a new 6.6-kW onboard charger that can replenish the battery in about four hours using a 220-volt electricity source. That’s about half the time it took previously.

    The bigger news, however, is the introduction of the more affordably priced entry-level S trim level. With it, Nissan has made the Leaf one of the most accessible electric cars on the market. The S is not a bare-bones stripper model either, as it features power accessories, keyless entry, heated front and rear seats, Bluetooth and USB/iPod connectivity. The Leaf’s older 3.6-kW charger is used here to keep costs down, but the new, quicker charger — standard on the upper trims — is an option.

    There’s a lot to like about the Leaf, including a spacious cabin and a tall, airy greenhouse that comfortably seats four full-size adults and provides excellent visibility. For 2013, increased cargo capacity makes the electric hatchback even more useful. On the road, the Leaf offers peppy acceleration and, were it not for the lack of engine noise, you might think you were driving any number of gas-powered compacts.

    If you’re an EV shopper, 2013 is a good year, as there are now more choices than ever. The 2013 Ford Focus Electric is the most formidable challenger, with a slightly more powerful electric motor and sharper handling. The 2013 Fiat 500e is smaller than either, but offers shoppers in California (the only state where Fiat plans to sell it) another urban-friendly alternative. Honda is also in the game now with its competitive Fit EV .

    For long-distance commuters, the Chevrolet Volt, Ford C-Max, Toyota Prius and Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid all offer a combination of gas and electric power and greater range. Still, if a full-electric vehicle makes sense for your lifestyle, the 2013 Nissan Leaf is a smart choice.

    No Video Content

    Body Styles, Trim Levels, and Options

    The 2013 Nissan Leaf is an all-electric four-door hatchback available in S, SV and SL trim levels.

    Standard equipment on the S includes 16-inch steel wheels, heated exterior mirrors, a battery heater, keyless ignition/entry, full power accessories, automatic climate control, a heated tilt-only leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated front and rear seats and 60/40-split-folding rear seats. Also included are a 4.3-inch LCD information display, Bluetooth, an advanced trip computer and a four-speaker sound system with a CD player, satellite radio, a USB/iPod port and auxiliary audio jack. A rearview camera and upgraded 6.6-kW charger are optional.

    The SV adds the upgraded 6.6-kW charger, 16-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a hybrid heater system, cloth upholstery made from recycled material, a six-speaker sound system with Pandora radio streaming, a 7-inch touchscreen, a navigation system and Nissan Connected, a remote vehicle access system that reports battery recharging data and can activate the climate control via a smartphone. The SV’s LED Headlights and Quick Charge Port package adds, as you can likely guess, automatic LED headlights, foglamps and a quick-charge port that facilitates charging to 80 percent capacity in 30 minutes at high-voltage public charging stations.

    The SL tops off the lineup with the SV’s optional features as standard plus 17-inch alloy wheels, a spoiler-mounted solar panel (used for powering the Leaf’s accessories) and leather upholstery. A premium seven-speaker Bose sound system, packaged with a 360-degree-view monitor, is optional on both SV and SL trims.

    Powertrains and Performance

    The 2013 Nissan Leaf is powered by an 80-kilowatt electric motor (107 horsepower and 187 pound-feet of torque) fed by a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. In Edmunds performance testing, a Leaf accelerated from zero to 60 mph in 10.2 seconds, which is a bit slower than the Fit EV and Focus Electric.

    EPA estimated range with a full charge stands at 75 miles, a couple miles better than last year thanks to improvements to the Leaf’s regenerative braking and aerodynamics. Of course, real-world range varies due to driving style, traffic conditions, cruising speed, battery age and ambient temperature. In terms of efficiency, the EPA says the Leaf will typically use 29 kWh per 100 miles driven (remember that the lower the number here, the better). Converted, that’s an energy efficiency equivalent rating (MPGe) of 129 mpg city/102 mpg highway and 115 mpg combined.

    The 2013 Nissan Leaf comes standard with antilock disc brakes, stability and traction control, front side airbags and side curtain airbags. A rearview camera is optional on the base model, while SV and SL trim levels can opt for a 360-degree-view monitor. In Edmunds brake testing, a 2012 Leaf came to a stop from 60 mph in 130 feet, which is a bit longer than average for a compact hatchback.

    In government crash testing, the Leaf received five out of five stars for overall protection, with four stars for total frontal-impact protection and five stars for total side-impact protection. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Leaf its highest rating of Good in frontal-offset, side-impact and roof-strength tests.

    Interior Design and Special Features

    The Leaf’s battery pack is located under the floor beneath the seats. This space-efficient placement is partially responsible for the car’s roomy rear seats, which provide comfortable accommodation for adults. There’s no shortage of headroom in the first row, though taller drivers may find their legs a little crunched. Nissan relocated the onboard charger to the front of the 2013 Leaf, increasing rear cargo space to 24 cubic feet behind the rear seats. Folding the rear seats yields 30 cubic feet of space.

    A split-level instrument cluster dominates the cabin. The center control panel features a touchscreen, which controls the navigation system and shows special displays for parameters like cruising range and energy efficiency readouts. You can even program the start time for the recharging system to take advantage of lower electricity rates. Interior quality is similar to other compact cars, but overall fit and finish is a cut above.

    While you can charge the Leaf on a standard 110-volt household outlet, this is best reserved for when you can park the Leaf overnight. For most owners, a 220-volt home charging station is almost a necessity. At around $2,200, it’s a practical investment that can fully charge the Leaf in four hours if your car has the 6.6-kW charger.

    Driving Impressions

    If you’ve driven a hybrid, you know how silent they are in electric-only mode. The 2013 Nissan Leaf cruises with this kind of serenity at all times, with only a vague high-pitched whine detectable under heavy throttle. Even the high-pitched noise the Leaf generates to alert pedestrians at low speeds is largely undetectable in the cabin. The downside is that wind and road noise are more noticeable at highway speeds, but overall Nissan’s EV is impressively quiet.

    Due to its all-electric nature, the Leaf offers brisk acceleration from a stop, though getting up to freeway speeds can feel a little belabored. Many newer EV or hybrid competitors are a bit quicker. The Leaf’s brake pedal feel is firm and sure, though, without the strange, vague feel of many regenerative braking systems. With its battery pack mounted low in the body and a well-tuned electric power steering system, the Nissan Leaf is surprisingly steady around turns. It responds pretty much like other well-engineered compact family cars, and in most ways it feels very normal to drive.

    2015 Nissan Altima Reviews, Pictures and Prices #vintage #cars reviews

    Nissan Altima Review

    Research Other Years

    Auto journalists report that the 2015 Nissan Altima’s nimble handling makes it a more engaging car to drive than most affordable midsize cars, and they note it is very fuel efficient.

    The 2015 Nissan Altima is ranked:

    The 2015 Nissan Altima’s standard four-cylinder engine generates ample power for passing or merging onto the highway. They add that the optional V6 engine delivers peppy acceleration. An automatic transmission comes with both engines. Most critics report it is smooth and responsive, but some say it makes the engine whirr loudly. The four-cylinder 2015 Nissan Altima gets an EPA-estimated 27/38 mpg city/highway, which is outstanding for an affordable midsize car. Most automotive experts say the Altima has a comfortable ride, though a few think it s too stiff on rough roads. However, critics agree that curvy roads are easily conquered in the 2015 Altima thanks to its nimble handling. Some reviewers write that the Altima s steering is accurate, while others report that could provide more road feel.

    More Photos

    Test drivers think the 2015 Altima has one of the nicest cabins in the class, with a handsome, contemporary style and top-notch materials. They note that the Altima has several standout features, such as the Zero Gravity front seats, that make it an appealing option. Automotive writers find the Altima’s rear seats have liberal legroom, although headroom is less generous for taller passengers. Trunk size is on par for the class. Standard features include Bluetooth and push-button start. Available features include a USB/iPod input, satellite radio, hands-free text messaging, leather upholstery, proximity key, a rearview camera, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic detection and a 7-inch touch-screen navigation system with NissanConnect smartphone app integration. Automotive experts note that the navigation system has a bright screen and straightforward system menus, and they like how it responds quickly to user inputs.

      “The 2015 Nissan Altima continues to be a top choice among family sedans, delivering excellent fuel economy and a rare blend of comfort and agility.” — Edmunds “With its Maxima-like good looks, and unique features such as its NASA-inspired zero-gravity seats, the Altima really does give shoppers a viable alternative to the Camry and Accord.” — AutoTrader “The 2015 Nissan Altima offers all the best-of benefits of a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord, but without the midsize-sedan me-too factor that inevitably comes with buying one of those cars. The fact that it delivers excellent fuel economy and subtly cool styling is icing on the cake.” — Kelley Blue Book “The new Altima remains one of the most engaging family sedans, and now its fuel economy approaches 40 mpg on the highway. At that level, Nissan should have no problem attracting the most frugal family-sedan buyers. If you can get hybrid fuel economy without the cost of the battery packs and electric motors, why pay for them?” — Popular Mechanics (2013)

    Other Cars to Consider

    Like the Altima, the Mazda6 gets great fuel economy and, according to test drivers, is one of the best-handling affordable midsize cars available. Reviewers also report that the Mazda6 has more rear-seat head- and legroom than many of its rivals.

    The Ford Fusion also earns praise for its athletic handling and spacious back seat. The Fusion has a larger trunk than the Altima, and is available with all-wheel drive, which is unusual in this class.

    Details: 2015 Nissan Altima

    The 2015 Nissan Altima sedan seats five and comes in seven trims, ranging from the base 2.5 to the top-of-the-line 3.5 SL. The Altima comes standard with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, a continuously variable transmission and front-wheel drive. A 3.5-liter V6 engine is available. The Nissan Altima sees few changes since its redesign for the 2013 model year, so this overview uses applicable research and reviews from 2013 through 2015 model years.

    Review Last Updated: 11/12/15 by U.S. News Best Cars

    Research Prices: 2015 Nissan Altima

    2015 Hyundai Genesis Reviews, Pictures and Prices #used #cars #by #owner

    #which car

    Hyundai Genesis Review

    Research Other Years

    Reviewers say the 2015 Hyundai Genesis boasts powerful engine options, a smartly-designed cabin and top-notch features at a lower price than most class rivals.

    The 2015 Hyundai Genesis is ranked:

    The 2015 Hyundai Genesis gets plentiful power from its standard six-cylinder engine, according to test drivers. They add that the available eight-cylinder engine is smooth and responsive in addition to providing more power. Both engines are paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission that test drivers applaud for its smooth, responsive shifts. The Genesis gets up to 18/29 mpg city/highway, which is slightly below average for the class. Automotive journalists report that the Hyundai Genesis offers a comfortable ride over rugged roads, sharp steering and well-controlled handling in turns. Still, some reviewers say that rivals like the BMW 5-Series are a bit more athletic.

    More Photos

    Critics praise the 2015 Genesis for its roomy, comfortable front and rear seats and for the high-end materials adorning its luxurious interior. The navigation, phone and audio controls operate much like those of Audi s MMI infotainment system, reviewers say, and they are easily reachable. Standard features include a rearview camera, dual-zone automatic climate control, an 8-inch touch-screen navigation system, Bluetooth, Hyundai s Blue Link telematics system, proximity key, push-button start, satellite radio, HD Radio and a USB port. Lane departure warning, blind spot detection, automatic emergency braking, an HD 9.2-inch LDC screen navigation system, a panoramic sunroof, a head-up display, a power rear sunshade and two Lexicon sound systems are available. The Genesis has average cargo space for the class.

      “The Genesis sedan’s niche is currently ruled by the BMW 5-series, Lexus GS, Cadillac CTS and Mercedes-Benz E-class. The new car has just about everything those competitors offer, including a thorough connectivity package, thumpin’ good sound system, a suite of safety and convenience features that’ll keep the car between the lines and away from fixed objects, luxo-interior, swoopy exterior, and a choice of adequately powerful powertrains. All for, as they say, thousands less!” — AutoWeek “This time around, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis looks like an expensive luxury car, both inside and out. More importantly it feels like a more refined sedan behind the wheel. It’s still not Germanic in the way it handles itself, but that’s a good thing. The Genesis is better off with a mix of comfort and performance that appeals to the average buyer.” — Edmunds “There is a strong emphasis on connectivity and infotainment, which should appeal to a younger affluent audience. What may be most impressive about the new Genesis, though, is the amount of standard equipment you get for a notably lower price than its competitors – and even if you check every options box, the car is still a relative bargain.” — Kelley Blue Book “While buyers of the first one may have been surprised it was a Hyundai, this version feels like more of a competitor in the fierce, $50,000-sedan market. At the lower end, Genesis delivers significant value-for-dollar, though it may be a tougher sell as a specced-up model in the $60,000 range, where its tech lags a bit behind (albeit pricier) competitors. Still, the Genesis is becoming more comfortable in its own skin. As a luxury car, it splits the difference between BMW-style sport luxury and Lexus-style pampering.” — Popular Mechanics “Starting at $38,950 and arriving loaded up with features, the Genesis remains a great near-luxury purchase with all of the trappings of much more expensive cars. It’s understated in all of the right ways and still a deal. Who doesn’t like a deal? BMW owners? Add to that all of the enhancements this car undergoes, the Genesis sedan has matured very nicely.” — Motor Trend

    Other Cars to Consider

    Test drivers praise the Cadillac CTS for its performance, noting that its nimble handling and strong brakes make it fun to drive. Additionally, the CTS sedan earns slightly better fuel economy estimates than the Genesis.

    The Lexus GS has supportive seats and an upscale cabin, according to reviewers. They are also pleased with its agile handling and say it’s a pleasure to drive.

    Details: 2015 Hyundai Genesis

    The 2015 Hyundai Genesis seats five and comes in two trims: the V6-powered Genesis 3.8 and the V8-powered Genesis 5.0. An eight-speed automatic transmission and rear wheel-drive are standard, and all-wheel drive is optional on the Genesis 3.8. The Hyundai Genesis has been fully redesigned for the 2015 model year.

    Review Last Updated: 9/24/15 by U.S. News Best Cars

    Research Prices: 2015 Hyundai Genesis

    Top 10 Canadian Car Review Sites – Unhaggle Blog #awd #cars

    #car review sites

    Top 10 Canadian Car Review Sites – Unhaggle Blog

    If you’re in the market for a new car and still researching which one is right for you, below is Unhaggle’s Top 10 Canadian Car Review Sites that may be helpful to you.


    Many of you might remember, which has recently been rebranded In our opinion, provides new car buyers the best resource online for research. It contains a large amount of reviews and previews on the newest vehicles, industry news, consumer advice, and an active forum. Contributors to the site include some of Canada’s best known automotive journalists.

    #2. Globe Drive

    #3. Autos

    #4. / Driving Television

    These sites are great for video reviews on new model cars and more. They offer up easy to understand information by hosts, Zack Spencer and Lacey Elliot. You can catch the latest episodes of Driving Television on Global.

    #5. MSN Autos Canada

    Rounding out the bottom five, these sites are definitely worth visiting but may not be as fulsome in their number of recent reviews or other features as compared to the top five review sites.

    2015 Ford Mustang potentially leaked by Car and Driver #car #wash

    #car and driver

    2015 Ford Mustang potentially ‘leaked’ by Car and Driver

    Few upcoming debuts have been as eagerly anticipated as the all-new Ford Mustang that’s expected to debut shortly as the Mustang’s 50th anniversary year approaches. Well, Car and Driver magazine would have us wait no longer as it claims to be leaking Ford’s new global pony car early.

    Of course what you’re looking at is just as likely to be a composite rendering based on what C/D projects the new Mustang to look like, but to our eyes it looks spot on. Combining design traits from the Evos Concept with classic Mustang signatures and Ford’s Aston-inspired grille treatment, C/D’ s images including a complete 360-degree digital navigator show a Mustang not only for the modern era, but also for global distribution, taking a quintessentially American car to markets its predecessors were never designed for.

    Those global considerations are expected to spell the demise of the outgoing Mustang’s holdout live rear axle in favor of an independent suspension, and a slight constricting of the exterior dimensions. And thanks to a separate leak, coming from a digital survey, we have apparent confirmation of what will power the new pony car. While the existing 3.7-liter V6 and 5.0-liter V8 engines will apparently carry over with only slight adjustments in output, the survey confirms a new 2.4-liter turbo four will be positioned in between them, offering slightly more power than the V6 but markedly improved fuel economy for a manageable $560 premium over base.

    Car and Driver reports that Ford could replace the base V6 with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost from the Taurus SHO. slot the current supercharged 5.8 into the new GT500 and an all-new twin-turbo V8 into a new GT350. The successor to the Boss 302. however, could go with the new engine or stick with the previous one. We’ll have to wait a little longer, but hopefully not much, to see how this all plays out. In the meantime you can head over to C/D to delve into their project details and play around with the virtual navigator.

    2015 Nationwide Review #economy #cars

    #nationwide car insurance

    Nationwide Insurance Review

    With excellent coverage options, exceptional policy management tools, and great claims support, it’s easy to see why Nationwide auto insurance ranks among the best auto insurance companies in the market. Though its mobile app is a bit behind the curve and it misses on several common discounts, there’s a whole lot to like about what Nationwide offers.

    The Good

    Great coverage for mechanical problems

    Easy to file a claim

    Live chat support

    Most people probably have a basic understanding of how auto insurance works, but when it comes to navigating an auto insurance policy, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. In addition to getting your questions answered by phone and email, Liberty Mutual also offers a live chat option. Similar to most other top auto insurance companies, the live chat option is only available during the quote process, but it is still a great resource that can help you have more confidence in your auto insurance purchase.

    Access to GAP insurance

    If you have a large car loan, GAP insurance is an important coverage option to have access to. Though not all major auto insurers provide GAP policies, Nationwide auto insurance does. With Nationwide GAP insurance, you can trust that your loan will be paid in full in the event that your car is damaged beyond repair or if it’s stolen and unrecovered, even if your loan balance exceeds the car’s fair market value. This option offers great peace of mind, especially in the early years of car ownership when the market value of your car falls far faster than your loan balance.

    Easy-to-navigate website

    Vanishing Deductible

    Nationwide’s Vanishing Deductible program is a pretty cool option to take advantage of. Essentially, the program credits you $100 per year just for driving safely. These credits will accumulate in your account to a maximum balance of $500. If you do get into an accident, your credit balance is automatically applied toward your policy deductible. So, for example, if you have a $500 deductible and your Vanishing Deductible program credit stands at $400, you will only have to pay $100 out of pocket for your accident repairs. It’s pretty tough to complain about that kind of deal. If you do need to use your credit, your Vanishing Deductible will start back at $100 rather than zero.

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