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Apr 10 2019

13 Best Plumbers – Englewood FL

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13 Best Plumbers - Englewood FL, NEF2.COM

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Plumbers in Englewood, FL

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Englewood Plumbers

Englewood is a unique community located on the Sarasota/Charlotte county line on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Splitting its local government between the two counties, Englewood is still a community within itself that offers residents pristine beach access as well as local eating and shopping opportunities.

Located along one of the many mini-peninsulas that extend along the west coast of Florida, Englewood real estate includes a number of waterfront properties in the form of both condos and single-family homes, including a number of seven-figure-priced estates along Lemon Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. For homeowners in Englewood, it is therefore highly important to keep properties in pristine condition in order to take advantage of the sought-after views and vibe of this unique community. This includes maintaining and immediately addressing issues with major systems such as plumbing.

Local Cost Information

Englewood is a unique community of only about 16,000 people, and it lacks community-specific data on home repair costs. Instead, residents often choose contractors from a number of nearby cities to complete home improvement and repair work including North Port, Florida, which is a city of about 57,000 located approximately 12 miles away.

In general, it costs a bit less to hire a plumber for common jobs North Port, and hence nearby Englewood, compared to the rest of the nation. Here’s a look at some common plumbing jobs and their cost comparisons between North Port and across the country:

License and Insurance Requirements

The state of Florida requires all individuals practicing the trade of plumbing to obtain a license. This includes sitting for exams in both business and finance as well as plumbing topics specifically. In addition, licensed plumbers must have documentation of four years of experience and produce a credit report and financial statement showing a net worth of at least $2,500. Licensed plumbers in the state of Florida must also maintain liability insurance that covers at least $100,000 for bodily injury and $25,000 in property damage.

Florida homeowners can check the status of any plumber’s license at the state’s website.

How Plumbing Affects the Value of a Home

Plumbing is a basic function in a home. Though most people don’t notice it working, they notice when it does not. In addition, a small leak can become a big problem in a matter of hours, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Therefore, maintaining the plumbing as well as immediately addressing any issue with it is just as necessary in an Englewood home as it is in any other home in America. Failure to do so will not only devalue your home substantially lowering the value by up to 20 percent when it comes time to sell but could completely ruin your investment.

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