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Mar 24 2017

10 Cheapest Cars of 2010 #cars #for #sale #in #kent

#2010 cars

The Top 10 Cheapest New Cars of 2010

Update: I’ve also put together a list of this year’s cheapest new cars. in addition to 2014. 2013. 2012. and 2011. What follows is for the 2010 model year

I m not an advocate for buying new vehicles versus used. However, there is some merit in buying an extremely cheap new car and driving it until it s time to take it behind the woodshed and put it out of its misery.

That being said, below is a list of the 10 cheapest vehicles of 2010 (from most to least expensive), based on MSRP. If you only buy used, go out and get one of these models in 3 years as their resale values are typically only about half of MSRP.

Foreign Automakers Dominate The List of Cheapest Vehicles

You ll find that foreign automakers swept the list: Nissan (2), Scion (2), Toyota (1), Hyundai (1), Kia (3), and Honda (1). At these prices, the 2011 Ford Fiesta would jump in at the #5 spot next year at a price of $15,065 for the automatic s sedan model. It would also be the most fuel efficient with 30 mpg city and 40 mpg highway.

I decided to include only the automatic transmission versions of the models to compare apples to apples (sorry stick shift lovers). All associated costs are included. Sources include Vincentric,,,, and each automaker s website.

My Picks for Best Cheapest Vehicle of 2010

Based on price, aesthetics, and reputation, my money is on the Kia Soul, Nissan Versa, or Honda Fit. I d stay away from Toyota and any of their brands, including Scion, at the moment. Next year, I d put my money on the Fiesta. I ve really been impressed with the quality of vehicles that Ford has been putting out lately.

10. Nissan Cube S 4dr hatch

Suggested retail price: $16,750

Dealer cost: $16,181

Total 5-year service cost: $3,126

9. Scion xB 4dr hatch

Suggested retail price: $16,420

8. Honda Fit 4dr hatch

Suggested retail price: $16,410

7. Scion xD 4dr hatch

Suggested retail price: $16,270

6. Kia Rio LX 4dr

Suggested retail price: $15,390

5. Kia Forte LX 4dr

Suggested retail price: $15,390

4. Kia Soul 4dr hatch

Suggested retail price: $13,995

3. Toyota Yaris 2dr hatch

Suggested retail price: $13,905

2. Hyundai Accent GS 2dr hatch

Suggested retail price: $13,715

1. Nissan Versa 4 Door

Suggested retail price: $12,710

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